Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 416 of Hueding Crack System

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Chapter 234 ends turmoil (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 234, Chapter 234, endless (seeking rewards and automatic)

I saw that the flow blade in the hands of the moment, if the fire in a moment, there were countless swords, and all the .

A drastic metal rib sounds through the entire ice palace, I saw the four huge sand blade in front of the people, and the horror swordshed hit in front of them were broken, and they did not even hit the Krock in the distance. Dar. "Everything is over 2"

With the floating black coat jacket gradually fall, the slender figure of the moment is standing in front of Klock Dar, slowly incorporating the dragonflies in his hands, and the shackles can't say. And lonely. "There is no two"

"I lost.

Klock Dar is a bit unbelievable, and some shocking and dead eyes are their own eyes. It seems that the Short a few breaths, I will lose ...

"In front of your majesty, you will find yourself like a fine dust in this desert ... instantly be crushed ...

Suddenly, when I was in the rain, Luqi once said with him, I was embarrassed in the heart of Clockdal.


The collapsed bitter smile gradually floated, and the Klock Darl looked at the golden poisonous hooks that he gently blocked the golden poisonous hooks that suddenly broke down on the ground, and the huge wound in the Yunnanese was constantly spreading. Suddenly swear

On the frozen ground.


At this time, the other side, Lu Zi also easily put the last demon fruit power in the last Baroque Try.

"You have to explain the incident with the rebel army!"

The blue blood red eyes glanced over the two eyes, there was no godside on the ground, saw the blood of the Hungar, the blood of the hunar, reddish the entire frozen ground, did not go to him again, while talking while crossing His body is on the high platform

The wall is walking.

"it is good

I heard the reminder of the moment, I stood in the wall of the power of the wall, I suddenly turned over the gods, I took the high platform to the feet of the desert tens of thousands of rebels, '. Everyone listened to me! About this The times' dancing powder, resulting in things that the whole country has not rained three years.

Piece ...

The sun is gradually skewed in the desert.

It took about a few minutes, and Bribra explained the whole incident of the Alabartan kingdom and the conspiracy of Klkdal originally explained the tens of thousands of rebels under the city.

I saw that tens of thousands of rebels were gradually quiet. After all, in addition to this incident of the Kingdom of Arabastan, in the minds of everyone, Brazza has always been a competent king.

"Did we really have the monster ?"

"The whole country has no next drop in rain, and it is really a conspiracy of the sand crocodile."

Similar to this shake sound begins to gradually echoing tens of thousands of rebels in the desert in the city, seeing these rebels to convince.

At this time, there was an unexpected change.

A shoute gun ring.

I saw a few soldiers on the side of the kingdom of the city. I didn't know who didn't have no reason, and a fierce bullet was exactly in an instant to explode the head of the rebel leader in the city.


" !!"

" let people kill 7 our leaders !!"

Suddenly, the rebel army's leader's death, plus the ignition of the people who had the heart in the rebel army, and the explanation of the Brazza will persuade tens of thousands of rebels that have been quietly moved, and suddenly ignited all. Anger.

"Kill Brah !!"

"Overturning this country! Event this decaying regime !!"

At a time, all the rebels under the city suddenly became excited, and started to raise the weapons in their hands and began to attack all the kingdom of the city.

· ...... seeking flowers ...

, 'Damn ... Who?! Who opened the gun ?! "

When I saw it, I was going to be turned to calm down. I was destroyed by this sudden bullet. I looked at the number of hi-stipeds of the Royal Palace. When I was angry when I was angry.

" ...... is killed by people ...

At this time, I saw the scene of the rebel army in the scene of the rebel army, and the whisper of Wei Wei whole people were all. After all, she was a partner of her hour, '. Why is this ?! "

At this time, tens of thousands have begun to attack the rebels of the palace. The shackles of the blue blood red, and when you are so sensitive, the kingdom of the king of the king suddenly lost the fire and killed the rebels. The leader is sand, the moment

Smell a conspiracy of a conspiracy.

Boom! Bang!.

The constant guns sounded, and only the raging rebels under the city had completely lost ingredients, began to crazy offensive Wang Palace, the entire Royal Palace of Alabast has become rushing. "Forget it ._ .: '

After receiving all the guess, the bang of the countless rebels immediately, suddenly gradually embarked on the high place of the city wall, "It is the fight against the internal rights of the rebels, which is the conspiracy of other forces. I am not interested in knowing ...

, 'Let Kaibaba ... less

Gradually walked to the height of the Wangong City Wall, the flash of King Brun, the blue blood of the blue blood is overlooking tens of thousands of dense rebels under their feet, and the young handsome face does not take a touch of emotions.

Overlord, shaking, shaking, talents!!!

Bang! Thunder's roar sound!

A burst of infinite pounds came out from the moment from the moment, and a piece of intangible territory that only belonging to the neighborhood was suddenly caged. All the rebels under the city.

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Chapter 235 The rebels are completely lowered (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 235 Rebels Complete Dinner (seeking rewards and automatic)

It seems that it is not enough to launch the cats.

Among the eyes of tens of thousands of rebels looking up in the desert, I saw that the whole person flew out from the tall wall, came to the top of tens of thousands of rebels in the desert.

"He. What should he do ?!"

Standing in the edge of the edge of the palace city, Wei Wei's princess, looked at the whole person flew into the top of the countless rebels from the city wall, and could not help but exclaimed.


I saw that in the cage of the horses of the moment, the sky in the sky was flying in the past, flying in the past, and the rebellion was attracted. All the rebellions were in the moment.

"He fly over!"

"Fast guns! I will kill '. Two" he !! "

I saw the sky flew to the sky of all the people's heads, and all the rebellions at the feet were panicked and immediately launched the guns in their hands.

At a time, the eyes were locked to fly to the bottom of all the people's heads. All the rebels were shot together at the feet, tens of thousands of guns guns shot almost a piece, the intensive bullets seem to have formed. A secret reverse

The stream waterfall is from the bottom to the sky.

Since everyone doesn't know how to live ...

Then I will give me death.

Looking at the countless bullets that broke the air strike under his feet, the shackles of the blue deep and bloody monsters were slightly condensed, and the perfect Junxiu's face was blocked. This is a smile of evil.

In the eyes of all people who die, I saw the moment in the sky gradually extended their own hands, as if the never endless infinity, from his right eye, the blood of the gods, I went back into my eyes. come out.

Round retraction · gods!!!

It seems that it seems that time is still in general, I saw all bullets that will hit the moment, all are still in the sky, and there is a burst of intangible ripples in the air.

Suddenly, a big shock of the vastness did not have a shocking, suddenly broke out with the body of the moment, instantly shifting all the bullets around him, all the air and ground desert, all of all the objects all bombarded.

Everyone is clearly seen in the sky in the sky, and a circular huge pit under the boundless desert under his feet is constantly spreading.

"what is this?!"

I saw the pounds of sculpture from the top of my own head, all the rebels in the desert have not come and struggled, and suddenly I was instantly in the endless god of gods, and I fate out.

". Ah, I. !!"

As the gods of the moment, the gods of the ostrich is constantly spreading. All the sand in the desert is constantly rolled out. A huge unparalleled pit is rapidly enlarged. All rebel soldiers are all crushed by this pound. African powder!

Human life is the most worthless of this moment.

Boom, not only the desert of countless rebels, at this moment, the Royal Palace of the Desert Alabastan kingdom has suffered from the royal palace. It has been attached to the extremely frozen frozen, the royal palace, which has been bombing all the moment. collapse

"A! Be careful! The palace must collapse 7 !!"

In the palace, Wei Wei, the princess and Ziplai and others in the palace saw their entire Royal Palace, and suddenly crushed the collapse under the blushing of the huge repulsion circle, and could not help but appear.

A black figure brushed, I saw the month and shaving in the road of the road, and everyone saved all of them in an instant.

In fact, it has been abrupt to surpass the definitely zero-free frost freezing atom, even if it collapses, it will not cause what too much damage to them.

The endless flying fluttering dust and smoke gradually settled, and the people in the ruins of odorous are looking at it. I saw the moment in the sky in the distance, as if it seems to be a king of all beings, Zhang opened his own Hands with your own feet ...

I saw the entire desert under the foot disappeared. A huge pit appeared in the desert in front of everyone, all the materials were excluded from the moment of gods.

"The rebels are all disappeared ...

After the dust settled, Wei Wei printed with his eyes, the uniqueness of all his eyes, and the unsecured power of a god of the gods was repelled as a temple powder.

"He killed all the rebels ?!"

Brazza almost completely can't believe his eyes, although they all resist the rebels of the regime attempting to overthrow his regime, no matter how these people have been his people, the benevolent love of the people cannot be Accept this

Just in front of him, "That is tens of thousands of life !!"

"Heaven and earth, take all things for their own dogs. ',

With the cold and indifferent sound, the moment from the distance gradually flew back to everyone, and the blue blood red double-pupil precipitated the color of the Cangsheng, " ... If not what I have," less

"Your regime has already been overthrown by the rebels, and will fall into the hands of Clockdal ...

Standing in front of everyone, I ignored the width of Brula and Weiwei. The eyes of the knife stared at the king of his eyes, said: '. Even Wei Wei also can't escape the end of the luck ... You are a diligent love

The king is right ...

'But if you should work hard, you can't do a qualified king. "

After that, I won't go to the fade in the anti-provincial, and gradually came to the Crokdal, which was unable to fall in the ruins of the croci. "If you want to see the words I like the tail, I'm.

It seems that it is a bit unbearable to look forward to the eyes of the eye, and only the anti-Daddal broke out in the ground.

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Chapter 236 ends (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 236, Chapter 236 (seeking rewards and automatic)

"I still kill me happily!"

I saw that Klock Dar, who fell on the ground, shouted in the moment, but he was so angry that his roar was so angry.

At the same time, Crokdal fierce faces, this moment, the color of Dangdan, half-opened in half, looked at the moment of standing in front of him, and the movement outside the palace did hear it all.

Tens of thousands of rebels are killed and kill them.

In front of this man's bones, it is absolutely more than yourself to be a mustard.

After reading the power of the moment and the power of one level is not at a level, the heart that has lost any struggle in the heart of Crokdal at this time.

At the same time, while Klock Dar is looking at the moment, it is also playing him.

Flatherapy to the king of Alabastton, King Brula is definitely a king, and even the leader of the rebel army is very trusting the king. How to make such a national murder of the country is definitely a problem.