Naruto's Jade Crash System

Nanghae Crack System Chapter 417

But the sand crocodile, Crowd Darole did it. 'Dancing powder, incident, pretending to be the king army, and then use the hero's image to achieve the people's trust. Especially the ideal hometown combat plan, kidnapped king, the king destroyed the town, providing weapons to the rebellion.

The perfect plan makes the kingdom and the rebel battle, even if the chess pieces in the hands of Crokdal, the entire courage is deducted, so that the opponent has no force. What is even more rare is that this set of plans almost seamless, almost all details are considered by him


If it is not an intervention of the protagonist of the protagonist, and now its own intervention, with Crowddal's conspiracy and strength to capture the country of Alabastein almost a piece of nail.

"About the invitation, I'm thinking about the second chance, I only give this time ... less

Recovered his own thoughts, the eyes of the blue blood gradually focused on the Klock Dalgles under his feet, but the tone is flat, "is to join my god Empire. Still now ??"

I heard the final card spit in the moment, the original Crowd Daltal conditions reflected the general instinctive want to refuse, but I don't know why, the mysterious double of his soul is, it has been spit with the words of his mouth. He is hard to breathe

go with.

After a long time, it seems that the memories of the past have passed the scene of the scene from the heart of Klock Dar, and I only see that he is looking for a while, and finally the sound of the sound: "I want to know what the purpose of the An Empire is ?? "

"The latest in the next two or three years ... conquer this world ...

The top-level look -_g air cave learned all the ideas in the heart of Klock Dar, the moment I didn't want to answer the way, in fact, this is a ready-made goal in the morning. "I want to conquer the whole world in three or two years."

After listening to the answer, I was a bitter smile on the Crokdal's face in the Ground's bloody. "It's a crazy idea. There is only you in this world."

"What I said ... I naturally have power to turn into reality ...

I found that there is still a trace of unbelievers in the heart of Klock Dar, I don't care, and the tone is placed on an upcoming fact, '. Now tell you that there is no other than you. ... In the seven Wuhai, the emperor, BA Han

Cook, 'Eagle. Joracill Michac, Moon Moria and. Hai Xia, have already acceded to my god Empire, two,.


I suddenly heard that I have exploded such a raw material, I originally in the ground, weak, weak Crok Dalton, two eyes, unbelievable look at this kind of man, like the gods, generally unbeatable men, "them. time,'

"It turned out

Then Ke Luk Darr suddenly realized that self-speech is generally muttered: '. It is no wonder that the next seven Wuhai will be a few attitudes so abnormal,'

After a long time, the face of Clock Darr has finally streaming RE, "" According to this situation, I don't agree to join. "

If I refused, I'm afraid my next field will immediately be the same as those rebels? "

11-square-foot ...

See the sand crocodile. Klkdal finally succumbed to his own obscenity, and the sigh shook his head and looked at him, '. I would like to have a lot of bitterness.

After that, I will just glimpse the Luqi, '. Lu Qi! Come and put this guy! "

"Yes, BOS"

I heard the lottery, next to Lu Qi suddenly walked over, the Klock Darr that will fall in the ground is in his hand.

"Light, you are 890 baubles!"

When I was in my hand, I had a huge sword to tear the huge sword in the Yunnanese, and the painful Klock Dar can't help but survive.

, 'Close your stinky mouth, this stupid crocodile ...

It seems that he reports on the previous rejection of Clock Dar, and I saw that Lu Qi had a little malicious to raise his entire person with an extremely uncomfortable posture. Wine ...

Just in the noise of the two people of Luchi and Clock Darr, a group came out of the palace that broke into the ruins of ods.

"Sorry, Brazza ._". Drash your entire tweet.

A group of sisters have come out of the palace that completely turned to the cryetles, and there is some sorry. I seem to have a king of the King Brun.

"Nothing to install Mr..

I apologized to myself. When I walked in the king of him, I saw some sincerity. I saw him gently reaching forward to another biased palace next to it. "Please follow me to move to Extremely go to the second "

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Chapter 237 is separated from the World Government (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 237 of the One Piece is separated from the World Government (seeking rewards and automatic)

Under the road of King Brun, a group is slowly moved to the side of the palace next to it.

Just just a door to the Qian Dynasty, I suddenly heard a big voice in an angry.

, A! Some people come over 7 Some people come over !! "

I only heard some familiar voice came. I just walked into the temple. They saw a huge black iron cage in the hall, and I was in the grass, and there is Upopo, and there is one. Reindeer Qiao, who speaks people.

"Actually you! I am a babard !!"

After seeing a group of people in the moment, I have been shouting in the iron cage, I have seen the moment, and I suddenly grabbed the iron cage, and the mouth was booked to my own head. Barna is replaced with us! Let us go out soon !! "

"It turned out to be your few bons.

I didn't think that I would like to meet the fascinating guys in this case, and some of them have a strange slightly, the blue blood red eyes slightly, the gram of their hands. Lock Darr.

, 'They are a unknown small pirate called the straw hat.

Seeing the eyes of the moment to look at myself, Kroddal swept the straw road that was closed in the iron cage, flying a group of disdainful, and before, he ran to the Royal Palace before, and said. What to save the Royal Palace of Alabartan from my hands

Go out of two ''

"I put all them after defeating them here. The second original intention is intended to get two of the banana.

It turned out

After listening to Klock Dar, a little funny looks at the straw road that is closed in front of this huge iron cage, and the coconut shakes his head. It seems that the road fly a few still The same is the same as the sand crocodile bar.


'Let me come out soon.

Listening to the dialogue between the huge iron cages and the two people between the Clock Darr, I saw the road flying in front of the iron cage in front of them, making it hard to scream: '. ! There is also a fertaisa! You are actually one

Bang !! "

"I will never give Named and Alabastan to your two guys !!"

"If you don't have to manage these few bons.

I didn't pay attention to it in front of myself, I yelled that there was a straw hat, and I was free to follow the next Klock Dal. '. Crokdal, etc., I will lose them. I feed the banana crocodile in the crocodile pool.

After that, I didn't pay attention to the road to fly, and the princess and Bowl with the side walked to the deep side of the Demon Palace. I negotiated the Kingdom of Allabast to join the World Government. The identity of the country, joining the god empire


A few days later.

An unparalleled message seems to be like a 9-wind, invading the whole world.

Located in San Tin Island, the original World Government, one of the Alabartan, which issued a statement that shocking the world, announced that the identity of the World Government franchisees today, refused to participate in the next World Conference, and select

Unconditional joins the Arono Empire.

Face, this is a naked face ...

After listening to this exciting news, the first reaction of all the people in the world's large sea is to control the entire world, including more than 170 franchisees, the world's largest international organization world government being faced , and it is

The kind of hit.

And as Arabastan announced that the incidents of the World Government were promoted, no matter the new world or the first half of the great navigation, some of the princes that were not swinging in the god Empire, suddenly changed their minds, have chosen to join the god emperor.

The country has formed a vast trend.

One time, the whole world of sea is changing. The original surface calm and rush, the big sea, the wind, this wind is completely pending.

New Navy's Base.

Geographical location of the new world of the original Navy G1 branch.

After this Arabastan kingdom announced that the entire Navy's part suddenly moved to the head of the Navy.

In particular, the talls of the Navy's Marshal Warring States Office are almost exclaimed.


Looking at the phone in front of his desk, the Warring States had some headaches to make their own temples, and eventually had to reach out.

Because it can be hit through this phone, in addition to the top of the world's highest leaders, there is only the world government's generals' steel.

'Hello, here is the Warring States. "

After helplessness, after the call in front of him, the Warring States sullenly opened, and the tone appeared deep.

"Warring States, in just three days, more than 20 kings have announced the addition of the god Empire ...

The Warring States just received a phone insect, the phone worm (Nor Zhao) suddenly came from the World Government's head of the whole army 'siki' empty familiar, only heard that the tone of this moment is very embarrassed, '. Holy place Mary Joa's three five old stars are now estimated.

I am crazy ._ ... no matter how this event, you have to figure out the way ...

"Shuai, the impact of this incident is not small, the navy is already trying to calm down ...

After listening to the empty voice, the Warring States couldn't help but sigh a sigh. As the Marshal of the Navy, he didn't want to pay the impact of this incident. "But I think this time needs the world government to stand out, otherwise Those kings

Once the head is shaken, the consequences are unimaginable.

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Chapter 238 World Conscription Plan (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 238 World Construction Program (seeking rewards and automatic).

'These days, I have negotiated many times many times ...

The head of the phone is too low, and the sound of the voice is passed. "We can absolutely can't sit still like this, after ten years ago, the accumulation of the war is, the expansion of the Shenlu Empire is superficially beyond everyone's imagination."

, 'If you develop in this situation ... ~ The World Government's 800-year base is going to be destroyed once ...

After listening to it, the Warring States, of course, in front of the situation, but whenever I think of ten years ago, the World Government Navy's part of the World Government, the world of the gods, remembered that seems to be the gods, and the war of the Warring States Not allow

Sigh in your own heart.

After a suppression of the extreme silence, the Warring States finally sorted their emotions, and the sound of the sound: "But with the power and force of our hands, plus the new world of the three emperors of the three emperors, we It is impossible to install at all.

The opponent of the Arono Empire

"and so!"

I haven't waited for a 943 country to finish the words, the air of the phone is interrupted. "In order to cope with this ability to respond, I have discussed a proposal yesterday. ...

"What plan ??" The Warring States is slightly smashed, and immediately asked.

"The name of this proposal is the second world conscription plan ...

Atmosphere, a quiet naval part of the Marshal, only to hear the air and sorrow of the phone, "I decided to make the Navy's part of the world," Expanding the Navy's current war and troops

At the same time, you can also compensate for the macro disappearance of Poluasolino ....

"Publicly concert through the world ...

I heard the world's world conscription plan, the Warring States should nodded, 'This is a good idea ... Just a new force and the strength of the force loyalty, also strictly take care of it.:. Less

"That is also a thing that has no way. We must only take this approach very much (BGAI) at a very moment.

Empty also understands that there are some helpless explanations in the Warring States Heart: '. After all, now, the situation in this situation is too stressful to us.

"Yes, there is also the short-term Tinna, which is about the Navy's part, turned to Na," she is from so many people's eyes. Eternal, moment of Pluto down the second and instant The relationship is definitely non-common.

"You take a time to find her and ask questions." After that, the air of the phone is cut off.

In the office, the Warring States and empty calls have just ended, and they have been sitting next to Kaputon who listened to silently talking, 'World conscription plan? Can those people who bring reliable? "

"There is also a binna is the disciple of the Zemifer's guy ...

I saw that the card was said, and the voice couldn't help but gradually. "Although the guy with Zemifa is not too pair. ... But Na, which gave a lot of credits to the navy, and the loyalty to the Navy Suspected, why should I charge her ?!

, 'There is no way, Kapu, this is the indication of the head ...

Looking at my eyes, I have a little exciting card, the Warring States a headache and helpless, I have to explain with him: "And Na, her independence, the relationship is unclear ... This time I went out with her. Many naval soldiers also have warships

Going to the falling ...