Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 418 of the Crash System

"In accordance with the Navy's system and procedures, we have it necessary to talk to her.

I saw that the Warring States hands took their own chin, and the eyes were condensed with a wisdom of wisdom, and they would like to be wisdom, the original, "and I saw the meaning of the other. I still want to take Tina to be a article ...

"I want to find a chance to test the weakness of the guy in the moment.

Listening to the deep tone of the Warring States, the card is slightly smashed, and it seems that suddenly understand the meaning of the Warring States, and I can't help but take a sigh of breath. "Try out the weakness of the guy in the moment ?? ...

I saw that Kapu had already understood what I meant. The Warring States behind the work desk nodded. The world government and the Navy should have a big move.

Alba, Albama, Alabasan, Capital.

Albama is a country, naturally, is very voices, very lively.

At night, this ancient city than the pearls known as the desert, but also the landscapkers in Tongming Street, and all kinds of shops are open.

Especially after the turmoil is completely calm, the sky of the entire country in the Kingdom of Arabastan has begun to have normal rain, which naturally makes all the people in the whole country feel happy.

"Ah !!"

At this time, I suddenly made a sneeze.

"Isn't it possible? Is it possible to catch a cold in my current physique?" I have some inexplicable self-speaking self. "What happened? Mr. I am?"

Seeing the movement of the moment, walked at the princess of Wei Wei, who was a little concerned about her water blue big eyes.

, 'Nothing. Thank you for bringing me to visit such a wonderful night scene.

Feeling the sight of the princess of Wei Wei, the moment is gently smiled, and the opening is thankful to her.

Under the invitation of the princess of Wei Wei today, they came to Alba's most famous night market, Wei Wei was naturally unattended here as the princess of the Kingdom of Alabastton, and no one did not know.

At the moment, since the end of the end of the end of the end, Kabla announced that the Kingdom of Alabastton was from the World Government to join the god Empire, the people of the entire country also met the emperor of the god Empire.

All the way is constantly saying to the moment, and then in one of you two. The eyes sweeping the two people, the warmth of the warmth of the eyes, let Wei Wei can't help but have some blush.

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Chapter 239 Fruit Drop (ask for reward and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 239 Fruit Drop (ask for reward and automatic)

If Wei Wei is together with other pirates, it is estimated that the people of Albama will be unacceptable. After all, Wei Wei is a princess of the princess, how can it be with the fice?

However, it is different. As the world's strongest man and the emperor of the god Empire, 'eternal, moment is spread throughout the world's sea, especially in this young man, the people who are naturally Alba nature look at his Eyes


Two people welcomed the gaze of the surrounding streets

Wei Wei came to a barbecue shop in an instant, and said to the moment: 'This is my usually like the barbecue store. Since you have come to Alba, you will have to taste the most features here. Grilled meat! "

"The His Royal Highness of Wei Wei is coming!"

The boss of the barbecue shop is also very happy to see Wei Wei and the moment: "Haha II Our barbecue has the most unique flavor of the world and inherits the special secrets of the hundred years of special secrets of the special secrets of Evai Weiwei, I hope you will like it. You will like it. ! "

After the seat, the boss in the store personally stood next to the secret barbecue in front of the eyes and Wei Wei. After passing the seven-nature of the rush, they were gently sent to the two people.

Gently dipped this barbecue store to pass through the special sauce for hundreds of years, and as a meat animal, it was sent to his mouth in his mouth, and suddenly it could not help himself.

Savory and delicious, sour, a fragrance of a fragrant fragrance suddenly bloom in the taste buds in the moment, the unique flavor makes it in the moment, even the birthday of the past is incorporated from the moment, I can't help but I ate a few pieces.

After all, there is a variety of ingredients in the Ming Pirace, and each world has a unique food in every world. If you can experience different winds and food in this endless second-year world trip, it is not a life. A pleasure

"How ?!" Wei Wei looks like a moment in front of the moment, it seems very much in his evaluation and feelings.

'Although I tasted countless food...................................

"Too good! '. Seeing moment is very satisfied, Wei Wei seems to be loose," I am still worried about you, you will not like this taste. "

"How can it be ...

Seeing Wei Wei in front of him carefully, something in the heart seems to be softly touched, "Just I have never thought about your appearance, such a girl, two girls, two, will be so love to eat the meat.

"Yes. A! You don't know ... less

Wei Wei smiled, suddenly flashing his beautiful water blue big eyes, fell generous smile: "My father has always said that I am like a boy!"

I didn't know how to hide my own, and I couldn't move again when I went to hide my own.

I saw Weiwei, who took himself out to visit him, and wore a white pattern. The princess dress, the water blue wavy hair shawl fell, with her impeccable white, it is really beautiful. .

I have to admit that this kind of girl is really like a goddess.

, '$ Mr. Mr. ...

It seems that I have a little gaze, Wei Wei is sorry, I am sorry, my head, whispering: '. The journey on the sea must be very interesting ....

When it is said that Wei Wei's eyes are gently, she is a princess of a country, although there is such an open father, but this noble identity brings her average life to the world, the glory and wealth, But it is also a kind of bumbler, limited

Made her freedom.

If possible, in fact, Wei Wei is even more willing to be a general girl, which is free to pursue all the lives and methods of all your favorite.

, 'The sea. Wind. How to say it, two.

Seeing the slight direction in front of you, the moment is gently lamented, "I have been binding like you. ... I naturally pursue the free two of the sea, I will have a long time, you will naturally want to set it down."

· ... seeking flowers ····· ......

"This is a human condition ...

Looking at the big eyes of Wei Wei's blue, it seems to grow out of the wings of freedom, and the heart moves in the heart. "If you yearna, the two, then you will go out with me!"

"Going to you with you?"

I heard the invitation of the moment, Wei Wei's eyes were bright, but soon, I was too dark, '. Can you really? But two "


It seemed to see the in Wei Wei, and there is some naughty to her gently, '. Do this, two, your father, I will convince his ...

"Really?! Too good!"


At the time of Wei Wei's hot, the phone in the instant was rang at this time.

"What? ''. At the moment, the micro eyebrow picked up the phone, and it was able to contact his torse, only the god Empire and Jiu Snake Island.

"BOSS!" Yin Qianyou louces the phone, and then the voice of Trafalga Luo Luo, "You are looking for the two devil fruits we are looking for us !!".

'Found ?!' I heard the voice of the phone, I'm slightly, he went to let the gods of the gods to explore the god Empire, exactly after he killed the yellow and Bondi Wald Rebirth of sparkling fruit and Mo Mo Guo in this world


"Great, you don't miss!" The face is slightly happy, getting the two powerful demon fruits is indeed a good news.


However, the voice of the phone is suddenly sinking, and the tone seems to be a little cold, "our pirates are now staring at the black beard.

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Chapter 240 Support (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 240 Support (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Black Beard One Piece ??"

I heard the voice of Luo, and the flash is gently, '. Where are you now? How can I entourse with them? "

"We are now in the waters of the great route, we have found sparkling fruits at the same time and Mo Mo fruit at the same time.

The Luo of the phone is slightly paused, continue: '. I used the ability of the surgical fruit to get the two devil fruits, but the black beard of the thieves have been chasing it..,.

"Pana Island is not far from our god empire.

I heard the geographical position of Luo, I made a slight turn, and I made a decision immediately. You don't have to worry about it again. I let the speed, '/ seven zero "The fastest Ai Ni Road Support you! "

After that, I suddenly cut off and talking to Luo.

Immediately broadcast the insects in his hands to the Ai Ni Road in the Aronte.

Arono Empire.

It is bored to sit on the top of a building on the gods, and the apple looked at the Aii Road in the undergraduate soldier training. The phones between the month suddenly sounded.

"Boss? Is there anything? '. The most afraid of bored Aii Road is nowhere to vent, suddenly picking up the phone, two eyes are shining,'. Is there a mission to send me to fight? ? "

"It seems that you are idling this time, I'm just a task, I need to send you out now ...

Ai Ni Road took a phony, immediately heard the phone in a small sound, '. The sea near Panani Island ... Luo's Red Heart, the thief group is now being black beard 100 pirate Entangly, you will now support him now! "

"Luo's stinky boy is on the black beard pirate punch ?!"

Hearing the news and the order of the moment, the order of the next command, I was bright when I was bright, and my face was frost, '. Good BOSS! I will rush now !! "

"Wait an Aii Road!"

Just when the Aii Road is doing the whole person, the sound of the phone is once again sound, so that the movements in his hand are not allowed to stop. "Don't underestimate the black beard Tiqi, the second, his dark fruit, the two" The moment of the phone is good, and there is a saying.

Although Ai Ni Road is completely equivalent to the general of the Navy, the black beard Tiki's guys hides very deep, and dark fruit is capable of restraining all demon fruits.

Therefore, even the strength of Inei Road and Luo Roh, if the heart is mostly possible, it is possible to turn the boat in the ditch, so the moment has to spend a speech here to remind Aii Road.

"Dark fruit power?

In my heart, I will miss the reminder of the Ai Ni Road, I will answer: '. Don't worry BOSS! I will never let you down! "

This is here!!!

After the end and the moment of the moment, I saw the Ai Ni Road at the top of the god Empire building. The whole person suddenly made a bunch of blue Thunder lightning, shot toward the sea area of ​​Panaba!


In the barbecue store, I broke the phone in my hands. I couldn't help but show a helpless smile. "It's a bunch of guys who don't worry, '

"But with the strength of two people in Ai Ni Road, Rosa ... should be black beard Tiqi's entire hundred pirates. _ Thinking thinking.

"What happened? What happened? Mr. I am now?"

At this time, I have been quietly sitting opposite, silently watching Wei Wei princess in the moment and the phonetic conversation, and the blue-blue shearing double flashed a shame. Look.

, 'Nothing to have some little things ...

It is pulled back to the sickness of the princess of Wei Wei, and she has a smile. "I have sent a hand to handle it ...

"That's good…

Wen Yan Wei Wei is light. Immediately whispered: '. I believe that there should be no such thing as you can't solve this world ...

, 'From a certain extent, the second should be yes ...

The dining cloth that reached out and gently wiped his mouth. The moment of Zhan Lan Xiaoxue red monster is closely staring at the face of Wei Wei Bai Zhe, and suddenly a sudden opening: '. Wei, you don't mind, eat a very difficult to eat.


"It's hard to eat fruit ?! 'I heard what I said, Wei Wei faces, and she knows that she is a little unclear with the evil fruit. ......

Give Wei Wei eat a powerful devil fruit to make her own capacity ...

It is not a good choice.

It is very simplewitt of Wei Wei in front of his eyes, and it is dark in the heart.

Great route.

Power in the wind near Panani Island.

At this moment, I played a fierce chase battle. I saw the two teams of the 100 pirates were chasing them.

,. Death surgeon Trafalga Luo! Your red heart is not can't escape !! "

I saw the pirates of the Black Beard One Piece in the breeze of the sea, and a hundred pirates, a horse, a horse, which tried to chase the red hearts of the red heart, the nickname, the dead, the poison. Q standing in the sea The leader of the thief is yelling, "The two devil fruits