Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 419 of Hueding Crack System

It is our black beard, the thief group first discovered! If you know, you will pay it quickly !! "

Room !!

I saw Tro Farga Roh once again launched his ability to surgical fruit, and the countless powerful shells of the back black beard pirates were changed. '. Black Beattich ...

"I also want to take it back by the Iron Empire ... You are in the search !!"

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Chapter 241 War outbreak (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 241 Wars outbreak (seeking rewards and automatic) "damn ...

I saw that the shells bombarded on their pirates were transferred from Luo to change, standing on the boat doctor. Death, poison. The black beard in the body suddenly sinks, 'This tricky fruit capability is two.

"If the guy of Oka is still more convenient ... At this time, the black beard Tiqi can't help but miss the top sniper 'supersonic, Van Oka.

However, since the event of the Kingdom of Alabarton, Van Oka and Bagas were evaporated at the same time, and Tiqi speculated that they had suffered from the poisonous hand.

Thinking of this, I heard that Luo, who is now on the pihydracet, the arms of the Pirace, and pressing the god Empire, and the black beard Tiqi even fishes to the power of the shampoo, and the heart is inevitably aroused. An anger.

And once carefully studied the black beatti of all devil fruits on the whole devil fruit map, when he took a loss of 16 out of the red heart, he recognized the identity of the two devil fruits.

The clear record of the devil fruit and the powerful power of sparkling fruit and Mo Mo Guo, although it is possible to eat two devil's black husband Tiqi, the goal is to design white beard Edward New Gate Superman is the strongest shock

The abilities of the shock, but if you get sparkle or mimo, you are also a very good choice.

, 'Black beattich ._ ... You are playing! "

When you see the black beard of the black beard, the ship is still chasing, Luo Station will threaten on the side of the boat: '. I have already contacted us with a phone insects. Boss. I must not know him. How horror is it? "

"Hey ... Float Temple Raffarga Luo ._" If I didn't guess the wrong words ...

Under the double drive of hatred and interest, the black beard Tiqi temporarily pressed his own fear, and saw him strongly bowed all the anger. "The emperor of your god Emperor 'is eternal, the guy Now people should be in Sheng Tin Island

Alabasan, two, his hand, no longer reach here !! "

"Yes ?! Just ask our boss personally to shoot ?!".

'How is an idiotic dream !! "

At this time, a strange voice suddenly sounded over the top of everyone.

'This idiot is finally coming ...,' I heard this some familiar voice, I was originally chased by the Black Beard Pirates.

"If you add him. ... Hey. ..." The Roh's face suddenly revealed the smile of the negative measurement to the black beard of the black beard, '. It is our counterattack !! "


I suddenly heard the strange voice delivered down in my head, and everyone who suddenly looked up his head to the sky.

30 million volts 8231; Thunder!!

Just all the people of the entire black beard, all the people just looked up, I saw a violent lightning lightning in the sky, turned a mad rainy beast, and the Zhang Dynamic claw fell into the entire black beard. Boat!

This is here!!

"Amo, Ah !!"

The infinite electro-optical lightning sparking between, and the crew of almost all the black beards, the crew members were suffered from this violent, and the open mouth broke out a series of screars.

"Is the black beard aphid group two, '

The violent glare lightning dissipates, I saw a tall naked body, and the head of the white head is carrying three hook jade. The strange man appeared on the ship of the Black Beard, holding a purely by the hand. Corruption of gold

The black beard Tiqi on the bow is "" Is your second to work with Shen Luo Empire ...

"Reminding 550 million Raytheon, the head of the thief group, 'Rayt God. Ai Ni Road ?!"

It is clear that the identity of the people coming, some of the eye-catching thieves on the Black Beard will recognize the identity of Ai Ni Road, and the sound screams, 'How is this possible ?! It is also a gratu The people of the empire?! "

In recent years, he is famous in the sea.

Actually, eternal, moment people?!

Some unbelievable stares at the eyes suddenly appeared on their own rumors, and the black beard Tiqi's heart did not have a fear.

Not for the enemy in front of the enemy, but thought of the god Empire, I thought of the terrible man, the black beard Tiqi huge body, I couldn't help but tremble.

That man, Shen Luo Empire 2

How much terrible power is not revealed

"Accept sanctions !!"

On the occasion of the black beard, the energetic is nowhere to vent the Ai Ni Road 810. When the whole person, the whole person will make a violent Lei Zi lightning bombardment.

Dark hole!!

It was a violent rapidly rampant black beard Tiqi, which was violent on the boat on the boat, and suddenly broke out all the hidden strength. The whole world's largest mysterious dark fruit capacity was launched. Shady

However, it covers the Ai Ni Road.

Bang !!!

One time, in the no-sea area near Panan Island, 'Thunder, Ai Ni Road, the death surgeon Trafalga Luo and the Black Beard One Piece broke out a sensation.

A few days later.

Raytheon Thieves jointly coupled the news in the sea area of ​​Panani and the black beard, the news of the Water War and the Black Beard One Piece, caught a small turmoil in the sea.

No one knows the cause of this war, only knows that both parties have destroyed all the islands nearby, and finally take the battle with the results.

But soon, several more sensational messages spread in the world's big sea, suddenly covering the hairdressing caused by this war.

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Chapter 242 Storm will start (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 242 Storm will start (seeking rewards and automatic)

World conscription plan, finally started!

When the World Government and the Navy, the Department issued a statement publicly to consulate troops worldwide, the whole world's sea was shaken.

But no matter who is appreciating, it is a helplessness that the World Government and the Navy should have resistant to the huge stress from the Shenlu Empire, whether it is the same expansion of the gods of the gods. Still it seems to hang

The sword of the top of all the people is always in the forefront, and it has brought endless compression and crisis to the World Government and Navy.

at the same time.

It seems to be in order to hit the world government and the Navy's part of the world conscription plan, and one of the great routes of Qi Qiqiaon · Queen's Queen Seven Wuhai, Baya Hancock announced the preceding king And unconditionally joined the Arono Empire

A shocking message seems to be like a heavy bomb, the head of the world, 'Emperor, Baya Hancock actually dare to stand this to give the World Government and the Navy.

Although the world's big sea about the Emperor. BA Hancark is the emperor of the god Empire. The rumors and rigid woman's rumors of the woman's woman have been taking a boring, but now she suddenly passed by her. On the face, it is clear that it is quite in the world.

The government and the navy's face have a slap.

Is there any big move to the god empire and the World Government?

In a consecutive day continuous shocking news, everyone is uneasy.

Just in this Bulk cloud, it was so dark, three months of time passed.

This day, the shampoo island.

This original wind and calm beautiful island today is no longer calm.

There is often a dragon person, there is a largest effort to the No. 29 island on the No. 29 of the venue. Today, today, he will not only usher in the top of the top of the sea, and it seems to have any more serious things. .

I saw a blue coast, and I can see the top 30 Island GR Terrier, the top of the top 10 huge battleships, all of the Navy God seem to be welcoming an upcoming huge storm.

Bang !!

Just at this time, a wall of the wall was unsatisfactory, and the pedestrians were shocked by the road.

A shadow is flying over the air. Then, then steadily landed, I saw this man in the world's first generation, and the Yunnan embroisted one. Tone, word, wearing headphones and black glasses, have a piano teeth, And a pair of hands is more than one

A lot of people have to grow.

, The veteon is two words or other words to the mountain! Hello, you still don't know how much I / // t 11

I saw him talking about the sound of the sound, wearing a red robes, taking a long black scorpion, is one of the hundred pirates' supernovators. Haimen, Skolaceman Ap.

On the other side of him, there is a big red hair, a big red hair, a goggles, a man wearing a ship's long coat, walk coming out: '. Who let you keep staring at me ?! You This disgusting guy. I will let you from this world.

Disappeared in the world! "

It is now the high-grade wind and the "captain of Yushis Kide, one of the rough, one of the rodds.

"No, boss! Can't play here !!"

At this time, I saw my captain Kide and another 'Super New Star, Apu played, Kidd's hand of the crew suddenly moved:' This is the land of the dragon! We will bring a general of the Navy !! "

"How ?! Are you in the navy?!"

Who knows that it is okay, this kind of advice, the Kidd, the Kidd, who is reminded, is, and the whole person will be raised by the character of the character.

"We still converge points, Kidd, I'm not our site., '

This Kidd's side is completely unsatisfactory with a blue-white face mask. The same is a 'kill Wuwei, Kilra, which is also open to persuade Kid, and he is the only known to the Kids. The name of the crew.

Obviously, the strong Kira persuaded is useful than others, and only see the crew in his hand.

Just at this time.

"Come to 7! The man is coming !!"

All the Navy issued a burst of huge battleships on the top 30 island GR Terminal.

"What happened?!"

Seeing the appearance of all the Navy on the No. 30 Island GR Pier, as if to welcome a monster that can devour the entire shampoo island, Kide and Ap's face have emerged on a confused look. What kind of person is to come in today?

Wavest Islands ... This navy actually even even our "Super New Star 131, the zone is not asked ...

"The three emperings of the new world? Can't (good money)

The same voice sounded, only the rest. Super New Star, the pirates also went out from the auction venue, one was conspicuously looked at all Navy's abnormal reactions on the No. 30 Island GR Terminal , 'They are impossible

I have been running to the second half of the great route to the great route.

, 'What is it? I'm helping the navy, I can't afford it.

I saw a pink long straight hair, wearing a cowboy strap shorts, white half-sleeved shirt, dark red boots, a heart-shaped young woman, "connected women" Joe Eli Bini Some uncomfortable hands hugged ourselves Before the Hungarium, "We are 'super new star,


"No! Say! There is a boat !!"

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Chapter 243 Super New Star (ask for reward and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 243 Super New Star (ask for reward and automatic)

"Fast two quick look! Good boat !!"

I only see that the grass hat in one of the supernovasters is surprised to open the mouth, and the huge battleship slowly overlooked in the distant sea.

After three months ago, I was rescued from the Alabattan's homios, although I didn't experience the king's seven Wuhai 'sand crocodile, Crokdal's incident, but zero fragments added Lu Fei or reached it. More than 100 months. Become a big sea 'super new

Star, one

, 'Idiot! You look at it !! "

At this time, the Solaron next to the road suddenly downs, reached out to the road to the road, because he has gradually seen the banner of the huge warships in the far, '. In the past three months, you forget the look.