Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 420

"A ah" and the road of nerve rods is still the same as that of understanding, and obviously did not understand the meaning of Soron.

"That is ._.

"It is the ship of the god Empire !!"

"How can I come to the shampoo Islands today ?!"

Perhaps Lu Fei has not reacted a 203-, but the surrounding 'super new stars, but it has already seen the banner of the huge battleship on the huge battleship in the distance, and suddenly surprised.

"It's no wonder that the Navy will meet with the ghost ....

Looking at the huge pound warships that gradually beat in the far, 'Haiming, Apribo thoughtfully nodded.

"Is it 'eternal, ?" I turned out our limelight. "Some of the somewhat uncomfortable Kid somewhat uncomfortable.

The other side is another side.

With the huge pounds of the pounds under the feet, the moment of standing on the head deck has seen the familiar shampoo is already in front of themselves.

"Shampoo Islands.. It's the first time I'm here for the first time.

The voice of the mysterious fairy sounded, I saw a pair of repairing Chang Bai Zhe simply ticking the beautiful legs of all men's soul and gently roses to the moment.

Tall the perfect impeccable graceful body, the wilderness of Bai Zhe, a long hair of the black and black, combined with a raw hair, and the casual look will attract everyone's soul, exactly. Emperor, BA Hancu Gram.

"Don't say this first ..."

However, at this moment, the attention of the moment seems to have nothing to linger on the beautiful people of this unreasonable, but asked the problem of unrelated windy moon, '. Hancark second, fire. Es is caught by black beard Tiqi Message you are sure? "

"Well, the news from Panaba Island is already determined ... Fire, Es has been caught by black beards, '

I heard the moment, and the Hancark next to him recovered his eyes that were sturdy, and the tone was very affirmative. The big prison is not known.

I heard the exact answer to Hancark around him, and the moment fell into a deep silence.

It seems that the plot is also pushed back to the original trajectory ...

But with your own existence

The World Government and Navy should always pick this time to let go of white beard ...

0 !!

Grinding a hundred pirates on the shore of No. 29, No. 29, No. 29, is finally landing on the shore of Hancu feet.

"Damn! That is Laozi ...

Seeing the huge pounds of the wars on the edge of the coast, they crushed their own hundred pirates, and the temper was most cruel (BGDo's Kidton, the whole person jumped.

At this time, his mouth was beside him. The kills, Kira died, even if it was completely unfolded, it was able to feel that the foundation of Kira is a must. Unpaired expression.

"It's an eternal. At the moment." The appearance of the Kira undergive.


On the words of Kira, I saw the huge exaggeration in the shore on the shore. The two slender figure gradually came down, and the men's silver is in the wind, the woman is black and the long hair laughs.

"These pirates are ??"

After flying with Hancark, the color of the blue blood color did not look at the Navy on the coast of the coast, but fell to the thief to gather together on the shore. Super New Star, on, some surprised rising

The eyebrows, "The straw road fly that good luck is it ... less

"If you don't guess the wrong words"

The Hancark around the moment has recognized the distant Kidd's identity, and it's the same arrogant and gently gently, 'This helper guy should be the most powerful pirates in the big sea. Super New Star, it ._ 2


I heard Hancark's introduction, I nodded in my heart, but when his line of sight fell to the distilled cowboy hat with a fluff jewery, she was covered with Liu Hai, and the handsome elegant aristocrat dress up, hands Holding a high close to yourself

The man of the Western Changjian, there is another one-size pirates as the croquet of the circus, and the eyebrows are crying.

Pirates. Cavalli Xu and Clown Pakistani 2

Why can't these two can't appear here ?!

This kind of original plot is a bit beyond the feeling of inexplicably, but the absolute power you have, but the absolute power you have is not a change in the future.

"This guy is the famous' eternal, moment?

After seeing the abilities in the distance, the gas field and the whole are all different. It seems that Junmei is more faint and more than the face and style, good. The pirates. Covendi can not help but bite tooth I have a few words from my mouth, "It looks also

Not very good ... less

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Chapter 244 Battars Super New Star (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirates 244 Chapter 24 Chapter Super New Star (seeking rewards and automatic)

, 'There is also his side is ...:'

When I saw it clearly after the peer of the peer of the beautiful beauty, the two eyes of Cavin Deli spurtled the flames, "actually is the world's first beauty emperor, BA, Hancuk !!".

'Close your mouth of your mouth! "

Next to the "Magician" Barzer Hawkins said coldly: "I don't want to be stared by 'eternal, flashy. One

"You actually call me cabbage ?! You are actually dare ...

The most taboo others take the gorgeous blond jokes to kid, and I don't agree with Bawl Hawkins.

, 'What is ... is called a monster by everyone in the sea.

Seeing the distant moment is completely different from yourself, "take the woman" Joe Eli Bini is a bit dissatisfied, "It is like this little white face. It is much better than us."

Although this is said, although this is said, the cheeks of Pi Hen are inexplicably red.

, 'This damn guy two "

Kidd, who was killed by Kira by the side, staring at the figure in the distance, and the eyes were full of crazy and tyrannical look, "I didn't get my pirates!" ! "


At this time, I just saw the moment I came down with Hancark, I seem to be aware of a wonderful eyes, and the blue-blue deep and blood red monsters were all emotions. past.

"What ?! This guy !!"

I suddenly saw the line of sight in the distance, I was bullied by the fierce expression, and I only felt that myself had a soft knee acid softness to the ground.

It seems to see a horrible picture of a scene.

There is something like something like something

At the moment, I just took back my eyes in my eyes. However, the Kidd, but the whole person was in the original place, and there was an exaggerated fine scorpion on the forehead. There were some can't be confident in the mouth. Ruth: '. Good and terrible people ._ ... just now just

I am free to glimpse a glance, I have generated my illusion I have killed countless times.

No one can know two

Just in the moment it seems to be casual, it has fallen into the illusion of horror. "It's a moment! It's a babard !!"

I heard this familiar voice, I have some helpless headache, gently put my forehead, can send such a big door, there is no other person in addition to the nerve strip.

"Let's return Named to us !!"

I pulled my own iconic big voice, with the pirates of Wang Luo Jie used a straw hat, and only the road flying a group of pirates from the distance straight into the moment and Hancock.

, 'Damn! Don't impose the road !! "

Seeing Lu Fei is still so impulsive. If you don't care about the gap between the two sides, the gap is rushing to the cartoon, and Soron can't help but distress, and suddenly rushed.

"Rude guy !!"

I haven't waited for it, I have seen that Hancark, who is disgusted, I have seen someone who is the most careless person, and the delicious eyebrows are gently frozen.

Aromatic feet!!

In front of the moment, I just wanted to make the rubber rocket of the rubber rocket, I only felt a flower in front of my eyes, and I have already had a Bai Zhefang's legs.

The woman's move is simple and incredible !! The blood of the nerve bar is flying in the sea and has never seen such a wonderful woman. The whole person is not awkward.

At this time, the moment is not open to stop. After all, there is nothing in the third, even if there is no emotion in the protagonist of the grass hat, I can't accept someone actually, I don't know this again.

Next moment, I saw that the golden iron of the golden iron sounded. I didn't know when I have already arrived at the Lu Fei. I have already cut out the temper in my hand, and I might for the road to blocked Hancark's aroma!

· ...... seeking flowers ...

"Lufei you fool !!"

I saw that Soron died biting his teeth. It is clear that his strength to resist Hancark is still very boring, '. This woman is a big one of the king's seven Wuhai! You think she is so good Is it deal with? "


The sound of the stone smashing, and the horizon of the horror of his eyes.

"Is there a sword spot in the district still want to block the aroma of the body ?!"

With Hancar's cold drink, I saw the ability of Hancock sweet sweet fruits. Soon's hand is extremely sharp, one of the fifty-one workers, it is petrified into gray. Stone, bombing is kicked by Hancark into a broken block!

"Let me come on the second Hank ...

Just when Hancock was smashed into a stone, the hand palm was gently placed on the wise arrays of Hancock.

Round retraction · gods!!!

I only see that there is no action on my body, the bottom of the right eye is flashing in a layer of bloody light!

There is no breathability, a lot of vastness has no shocking, suddenly explosing in the moment of the body, and a circular huge pit on the floor is instantly diffused.

Bang !!!

The deafening sound came out, and only two of the two reactions of Lu Fei and Soon did not have the same time, and the god of the gods was blown out. The straight arrow entered a group of hundred pirates in the distance. Among them.

"These two idiots! Put us in !!"

Looking at the road to the front of the top two, like the Luo, the rodon, the pirate 'super new star rushed, and the pupil is suddenly shrinkage. It is difficult to extend the two. The majestic giant strikes, and two people were flying together.

I have out!

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Chapter 245 Peaceist (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirates, Chapter 245, Peaceist (seeking rewards and automatic)


"There are several idiots of the straw cap! Eternal, the kind of guy ...

I saw the road flying in the flash of the sky, and the shells got a bunch of hundreds of pirates, and suddenly caused the call.

"The evil two is this strange ability.

The brain rushed up, and didn't touch the body of the moment, I was blown by a blow. The whole person was killed in Kidd, even if it was a superman rubber fruit, by this pound of dilute I can't help but spray a blood, splash

The Kidd in the body is a face.

"Damn! You guys ...

Kidd, who was hit by the road, only felt that he had a violent pain, "923. ', put the cold, the road flew down the blood, suddenly angry, and cooperated with him The blood is more likely to be extraordinary.

"Available green algae head"

And the other side is also in the Sauon. The pirates. Ca Wendi is the same as the wolf, does not restore the gesture of this elegant.

"I must kill this guy !!"

I saw Kidd of the distance, I pushed the grass road on my body, stood up with a full-eyed look, and he had been completely angry with a cruel violent violent violent violent.

Just now, the Pluto shore was crushed on the shore, and now I do my own wolf, and his Kidd is not a good temper guy.


Everyone only saw Kidd of the distance, leaving his left hand, in his ability to launch the ability of magnet fruit, all the metal weapons and objects on the thief surrounded by each other were separated to his hand, formed A huge metal arm!