"How? Do you still want to do it?"

Capturing the movements on the Big Lord in the distance, the eyebrows on the moment are slightly raising, the blue-blue deep and the bloody monsters are inexplicably flashing.

Just want to shoot a spike of this bounty for 300 million Bailey in 'Super New Star, when the first Super One Piece is new, the blind eye of the left eye is sudden, but suddenly a blue light flashed. .

A series of golden laser beams suddenly shot from the warships on the No. 30 island GR pier.

Suddenly, the god of the moment captured these fierce laser ray attacks, gently pulling the Hancock seeming to the Hancock seemingly avoided, and the moment of the moment is the danger of the danger of all. Laser rays.


I saw that there were several ways to be attached to the blotting laser rays avoided, and she bombarded the distance from the distance. She suddenly triggered a dramatic explosion, and even several hundred pirates were directly hosted.

"Is the venchmal number of the Navy to shoot?

Seeing these laser exaggerated power, the 'Haiming in the pirates' supernova. Apton called the monster blame, but the eyes were full of precipitance.

Such power

It seems that the Navy should dispatch the powerful battle. "That is it ?!"

At this time, there seems to be the most timid clown Pakistan eye, the fifteen naval top battleships on the sea, and the hands are squeezed with their cheeks.

"This is two, '

With the side of Hancark, it is easy to avoid the attack of the golden laser ray. The blue blood of the blue blood is light. I saw the fifteen naval top battleship on the No. 30 Island GR Terminal. Stopped in Island, No. 29

Shore of the hammer.

"Peaceist ...

I saw the beginning of the flashlight, from the 15th naval top battleship, the top of the nine stomatics is very incomparable, the appearance and the original king's seven Wuhai 'tyrants, Basas Mimi Bear, no two robots.

It is the World Government Naval Branch, is known as surpassing human becomers 500 years of scientist Bergamo, according to the 'tyrant, Basas Mimi Bear, human weapon, peacefulist

'Tyrants, Basas Mimi Bear has voluntarily be a research object of the world government?

The blue blood red eyes focused on the nine body talls of the fifteen naval top battles, and the heart of the moment has been confused, '. However, Huanghuo has already been used by me. Kill ... Why is peace-mine?

The surface is also able to display the laser light of the flash. ... less

Moreover, tyrants, Basobi Bear is a person of the revolutionary army, and it is said that it is extremely hated the world government, but voluntarily sacrifices the research object of the World Government and Navy. This is certain to have something. ...

Is there a key thing in the revolutionary army. Panjun, Basas Mimi bears in this, what is the key thing in this? "Attached to the peacefulists who gradually came to the eyes, and thought about it.

"This is not, tyrant, Basas Mimi Bear. ...."

Looking quietly in front of a group of white robes wearing a colorful wearing a color, the amazing gentleness and the cold texture of the german are gradually close, and the Hancark next to the moment is crying.

Hancark, which once in the Queon Seven Wuhai, is of course clear, 'tyrants, Basas Mimi Bear's appearance, watching a lot of a big pile in front of you,' Jijun, Basu 3.6 Romi Bear The replica is naturally a little surprised.

"These are the latest version of the tongue human weapon, peacefulist of genius scientists of the World Government Navy." Basobuli Bear should be dead. ":.

While explaining, the foot of the body does not have a sound, and the body is blocked in front of Hancark.

Although these. Truna. Basas Mi Xion's replica, the strength of the peacefulists. Written Jun. Barzori Bear, but so many numbers are absolutely not smashing, at least Let this present the golden golden hundreds of millions of pirates in the present, payable

It is still quite effective.

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Chapter 246 Hand (ask for reward and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 246 Hand (ask for reward and automatic)

"PX-1 to PX-1." How is your quotation? Two, '

Some thick voice sounded, I saw a red belly, and the fat brunette who was printed on three hooks gradually came down from the warship, and the hand put a huge ax, "I know to make you Peaceist two

People can have invested in the cost of making a warship! "

, 'This guy is two less

I saw this man from the far warship. Some of the hundred thieves above the No. 29 is already recognized his identity. The crowd gradually began to disturb the turmoil, '. The Navy's War Tolera Pills, two he is not special Responsible for protecting genius scientists Bega Pen

How can I come to the shampoo?! "

"It's noisy!"

The ear of Wat Toleuma seems to be keen to hear a group of pirates in the distance. There is a scarred face, "I thought it was very much," I thought it was very good for yourself! You are garbage! "

"Although I didn't have a grievance with you

On the one side, I saw that the War Tao Pill left the huge war ax in his hand, pointing to the distant group of hundred pirates' super new stars, "But the order on the head is going to make you all the Internet !!"

"What did I hear ?!"

I heard the words of the farmulus pills. Here, a helpless super new person who is not tamed. Super New Star, suddenly face an angry, '. Actually, I want to take us all the Internet ?! "

Having said, but seeing nine of the nine things in front of him, felt the danger of dangerous breath from above, a group of "super new stars in the distance, and the ficeps are still awkward.

Round looks · Vientiane Tianxiang !!!

Just at all the pirates were in front of the Wat Toreneous Pills and the Peaceful Legion, the round of the gods of the right eye suddenly flashed the endless light, and the endless pupil was crazy, and gently Ten of all beach before the eyes

Five navy's top battleships reached out to open their hands.

Among all the pirates and War Tunguads, the shocking gravitation of the brakes broke out, only the fifteen naval top warships of all docking in front of the sea, all of which were suddenly lost, all flew from the sea .

The palm of the moment suddenly held, and fifteen, the naval warship that was pulled into the half-air, and he hit together, and he was smashed into a group.

This is here!!!

Steel distortion torn harsh sound came out, I saw the broken naval warship components and the flesh and blood of the countless naval, and the shocking rain was shocked, and the whole sea surface was dyed.

As if dementia is generally seen in front of the disaster scene, all the hundred pirates' super new stars, all of them have a big mouth, this is the scene that they didn't expect in these pirates. "So many navy and warships have been all being all by him at all.

I saw a group of pirates on the edge of the pirates, all of them widened their eyes, some couldn't believe so many navy's top battleships and troops even suddenly been easily destroyed, especially the pirates. The supernova is just attempting to

The Kidd of the moment, as if it was suddenly used in a cold water from the head, and the heart was thrown out of endless chill.

"Oh. Although I arrested your navy's super new star, there is no interest in the battle."

I saw a shocked expression on the battle of the war, and I laughed and wrote a laugh, and smiled in the moment of Bai Zhe 's flawless perfect noodles. It seems to have a faint light,'. But since I shot two Do you have to pay some costs? "

"You actually!"

Some signs of the sudden disaster occurred in front of them, although shocked in the power of the moment, but the face of Wat Tolera Pills couldn't help but show an incomparable expression, and the eyes of the eyes were in front of their eyes. 'Part of all warships and soldiers

At this moment, the brakes are now in his eyes. I can't help but I can't help myself.

The killing of the heart, I can't help but scream, "There is a Busabarino's old man! Today, a chassis !!"

Spatial transfer!!

Under the order of the war, I saw a slight fluctuation in the air in front of the moment, and the peacefulist PX-1 uses the ability of the "tyrant, Basobuli bear fruit, and instantly popped up. The air surrounding the body, the huge figure is actually

I made a speed of instantly, and I came to the moment!

Pressure gun!!

I saw that the air instantaneous transients that bounced the surrounded by the superman meatball fruit capabilities appeared in the moment of the peacefulist PX-1 around the moment, and the huge treasure of the 700 huge bear is taken. A powerful impact wave, heading!

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

Even if the speed of speed, the transient moves, but the blind eye of the moment, the future of the future and the dynamic capture of the gods. I saw the blushing of the left eye of the blush. In the same place!


Bang of loud noise.

When the figure of the moment appeared in everyone's eyes, it has been transiently moved to the peaceful PX-1 in the shuttle space, and even the armed colored domineering did not use a boxing in huge peaceful PX-1. Pounds of huge distance

When you crush this world weapon!

"PX-1 is scrapped in a sudden"! "

I saw the Kung Fu, nine. The PX-1 in the human weapon, the peacefulist, and the PX-1 in the peacefulists were suddenly opened, and the eyes of Wat Tolera Pills came out quickly.

Although I don't expect such a peacefulist to deal with 'eternal, I'm

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Chapter 247 INDUSTRAPA (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 247, Chapter 247, Union, Peaceful Forces (seeking rewards and automatic)

But this is even more easy to solve it ?!

This can be the World Government and the Navy's part of the strategic weapon that has not been created in countless blood and energy.

Just in the moment, the next second of the PX-1 in the moment, the air was once again fluctuated, and several other peacefulists around them suddenly surrounded the two of the flash and Hancu.

Aromatic feet!!

Next, I saw the Hancock of the brakes and elegant and elegant swing. The whole person gently jumped up, and a pair of long-in-one Bai Zhe's legs instantly broke the two peaceists next to the side. "If you have these ridiculous toys, you will not be able to shoot it.

In the moment, the petrochemical crushed two peaceful Hancark, and gently fell to the side of the moment, and the whole

Beautiful and unparalleled looks, powerful power, will rebuild the world's first beauty. The strength and charm of the strength and charm, know that Hancu's strength and talents are also very amazing.

"Good two good ...

I saw Hancuki, I'm going to show such a powerful force, a group of pirates in the distance. Super New Star, just see the treasure fan, shocking and looked at the distant view of Zhu Xiangfang, a woman, a woman, a woman, '. Even the women around him are more than

We strong so much.

"Be evil ... Yield Emperor. Bay Hancuk!"

I saw Hancark, I destroyed two peacefulists. When the remaining six peacefulists were suddenly biting his teeth, he said: "You are the traitor in the seven Wuhai! World Government and Navy Will you let you go !! "

Still dare to put it?!

I heard the Wat Toreneus Pills in front of him even dared to put the words of her woman, and the blue blood of the blue blood was a cold.

Renovation of eyes, repulsive!!!

Suddenly, a crisis of a heart is floating in the heart of War Tung Pill. I saw a moment of Directly towards the six peaceism around him


As a sword of the sheath in the hands of the moment, suddenly there was a natural disaster that had a dissearable natural disaster occurred in the island of the shampoo in front of everyone.

An eye-catching voice blade shunning in the hands of the fire broke out, and the speed quickly made the war of Way Tolerane did not have time. In an instant, I saw the two people before the feet began to distort the collapse.

As the island ground under the foot begins to collapse, all all all of the eyes before the eyes of Hancu are bent into distorted shapes, and the blade is blowing in the hands of fire. Bended by strong repulsion


Seeing the War Tao Pills and several peace letters to be hit by the moment, just at this time, the god of the left eyelid of God suddenly saw some unexpected scenes.

Gravity knife · Tiger !!

I saw a huge horizontal gravity, and all the way destroyed all the terrestrials and things around them. He twisted all the scenes on the way, and suddenly bombarded the moment.

It turned out to be a very similar attack on the ability of the ability to use his own god to revive the eyes of the eyes.

The two intangible giant stunned together, two invisible natural disasters continued to tear in the air, broke out the dramatic sound of the entire shampoo island.

"What is this?

I saw some of the relatively close pirates around him, and suddenly the two shares shocked the pounds and intimate tear into pieces, flying out, forming a chaotic scene.

However, it is apparent that the use of the use of God's reincarnation eye is more winning.

I saw that this inexplicable intangible gravity was suddenly smashed when I was suddenly smashed, and I didn't reduce the six peaceists who were defending around the War Torenger.

"Ample !!"

Foot empty!!

Feel the momentum of the moment, taste a fatal crisis, and the War Tore Pill suddenly broke all his strength and potential.

I saw him using his own armed colors, and the bokeh has been launched forward. He claims to be the most tight man in the world, the strongest man in the world, usually use this trick. Tell any opponent to bounce.

But at this moment, when his hands handed his hand, he found himself, and it was wrong.