Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 422 of Hueding Crack System

The hands have a pain, and a manpowing unable to stop the pounds of the pounds. The moment of filling is on the war of Wat Tung Pills.

In all the alarm of all the pirates of the entire shampoo, the island of the island, I saw the fire of the war, the whole person, the whole personnel made a bright comet disappeared in the original place, and they were directly slammed to the far-rectification. On the blue sea, it disappeared in everyone's dependence.

Among the lines.

'So many big guys are all destroyed. Wind.

The guys in the pill were taken to fly.


At this time, a warship has gradually brought a warship in the far sea, and a dark purple belt is tied to a dark purple belt, wearing a purple cloak. I have passed a very surprised voice.

sound,'. Didn't you block it?

I saw that he had a huge figure, and there was a scar above his eyes. The knife in his hand was scabbard. The whole person stood in the boat head. The posture of the boat, the posture of the sword, just trying to be obstructed of the brakes The horizontal gravity of the pill is obviously what he is emitted.

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Chapter 248 New Navy General (seeking rewards and automatic)

Pirates 248th New Navy General (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Even the husband of the husband can't stop it, and it can't stop it.

The first stage of seeing is clear. 'See the scene, the scene in front of you, seeing your gravity, there is no stop, this blind uncle wearing purple bathrobes gradually stood up,'. Is' eternal, moment ...

It is nature two, '

At this time, a burly man wearing a white Navy's general coat coat gradually came to the blind uncle of purple bathrobes, and he had a low tone. "If he has such a good deal, the second World Government and the Navy Part will not

It is suppressed to be so two "

, 'These two guys ...

The warships on the sea are gradually close to the sea, and the blue blood of the blue blood is slightly smashed, and the heart has guess the identity of the two.

"It's just two:.: '

At this time, a group of hundred pirates in the distance, it seems that some people have recognized the identity of the two men above the warship, causing a small turmoil, "is the first time the World Government and the Naval Party World Conscription Plan. Broken to become the Navy

Two two folk masters, two people.

"The new general of the Navy, the two, 090 and green cattle, two I heard that they are all powerless monsters.

Looking at the two pangata of the distance from the naval battleship, the pirates on the island of Zhulangdi Islands have begun to be uneasy. "It actually sent two new generals, just to Come to grasp us ?! "

"I actually put the battle of Taineneu and the entire Peaceist army ...

With the gradual beach of the naval warship, the new leaders of the two Navy's parties slowly walked from the warships. I saw that the rattan of the Big Tiger was staring with his double eyes. '. It is too much to do too much.

"It turned out to be the new leader of the Navy's new generals and green cattle.

I recognized the identity of the two, and I was unable to laugh. Previously, the world government had just opened to the world's survey to recruit two folk masters to improve the news, he also said slightly, '. How to have two yellow After the Pacon, Busasolino died

Look now to find alternative (BGAA) ...

Although the strong pressure brought about by his own, the World Government and the Navy's department launched the world conscription plan in advance, and recruited two new Navy's general level of the highest power, but this seems to destroy disaster in the eyes of ordinary people. level

The war is obviously not enough in the eyes of the moment.

I heard that there is no ridicule, the rattan is not angry. Instead, the generals around him seem to be slightly slight, '. About the former Navy's general Huangqi Bucusasolino and black wrist You will naturally have a matter of your hand.

A pair of two '.

"But we came today, not for the two 'eternal, moment of fighting you,'

It seems that there is also a variety of rumors that have a lot of people in front of them. As the new year of the Navy, there is no need to pursue things just now kill the peach pills and destroy the peacefulist troops, '. Come over today

The shampooland island is for other things ...

"What is the purpose of your two here? I am not interested in II.

A pair of blue blood is quietly staring at the new Navy's general of his eyes, smiling and green, seeing two seems to have no hostile, and the moment seems to have a relaxed hand, the world is the world's first beauty. Cook's waist

There is no more power to go to the eyes between the two new Naval's parties in front of you. "But if you want to hinder my words, I don't mind, let the Navy's parties will be less than two generals."


Although strength is not inferior to the predecessor of the Navy, after all, after all, it is a new navy newcomer. I don't experience the power of the moment. There is a more horrible green cattle you want to attack, but suddenly a smile by the rattang. Down.

"Don't impulsive green cattle two, '

I saw the vine tiger around the big green cattle stretched out his arms, stoping his intention, the sound is deep, "Don't forget the purpose of the goal today and two".

'Although I am very reluctant to say, I'm not right, I'm not his opponent,'

On the side of the mouth, the vine tiger smiled secretly using his exquisite, he spoke, peeking with his eyes, and suddenly shocked.

With he has reached the second phase of the sense of view, it is usually in the sky, and the meteorite in the sky can capture, but it finds that he can't accurately inspect the moment in front of his eyes. If you don't hear the moment, it is constantly passing. Speech voice

Even the vine tiger should doubt that there is no one in front of his eyes.

I have a sense of self-knowledge.

Looking at the two new Navy's generals that were afraid to have their own prestige, there was a little bit of funny laugh.

There is nothing impression on the green cattle, but the priest of Fuji will not hate him with the master of justice and principles. This guy is a bit similar to the bold dog and the combination of red, and there is only the sense of responsibility of the red dog. The sense of justice.

At this time, I will wait quietly in the other side, a group of super new stars, one pirates, and listen to the dialogue between them, I have had a bad feeling, and I already have a quiet retreat to escape. Idea.

Because whether it is in front of it. Eternal, moment or the Navy's vine tiger green cattle ....

It is not their helpless super newcomer.

It seems that this helpless' Super New Star, L B is planned, and only the generals of the generals who are originally and the generals of the Great Burgur are disappearing in the original place.

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Chapter 249 Pluto (seeking reward and automatic)

One Pirates 249 Chapter Pluto Lear (ask for reward and automatic)

"Where do you want to go ?!"

I saw that the big burly burly body appeared again, I was already in front of the clown base that I was quietly escaped, and I suddenly scared the clown Pakistan's entire body quarter five cracked.

,. Eternal, "" "

I am sinking in the mouth, the big green cattle is a burly body like a huge shadow, which is a hundred thiefs who have a bount to the golden. The top of the new star. '. You are running out today. You will come to the big sea, you can become

I got the trouble ...

Clown Pakistan.

How can this guy's bounty will over 100 million?

The distant clown in the distance caused the attention of the moment, and the blue blood red gaze quietly looked at this far-reaching, the fierce clown, and the bottom of the moment flourished.

The graphics said that he became the incense crew of the priest of the passenger, and now people have dominated one in the new world, and become the three emperings of the four emperors.

The guy from the Pirate Group has no one is a simple goods. Is it really hidden in this guy?

Looking at this funny and smiling cowardly clown, I really didn't see what kind of strength can I hide this guy.

"Don't we all have to finish the easter today?

Seeing that the big green cattle in front of him is like a mountain, it is like a mountain, and there is still a big boy, but also a big leader, and then this is a super new person. The color of a layer of dead gray is covered.

"Just start with you !!"

I saw that the line of sight of the big green cattle fell to the body of the nearest clown, and suddenly launched his own special demon fruit capabilities.

"Come on the clown. Let me see if you really have the so-called 'overlord color.

The corner of the mouth with a smell of the cruel, and the fashioned hands, the moon, Hungary, and the Navy's head of the leader, the drama of the Navy, the drama of the pirates, can not be seen everywhere.

But very quickly, the smile on the face is gradually solidified, because his left eye predicts the unexpected scene.

It's a strong breath, and I have to smash the big green cattle in front of the clown.

In addition to the other people in the field, there is no view, I don't know when I saw a seemingly ordinary legs, I suddenly appeared to stop his killing.

A seemingly ordinary white-haired old man, wearing a loose and free beach shorts, the ridiculous is the foot on the feet.

But that is, such a seemingly ordinary white hair old, an emergence, it is a powerful blow to the new general of the Navy's new generals!

"You ..." said it?! "

I looked at this movement in front of myself. This long-lost familiar feeling made the clown Pakistan whole people were there.

"Pakistan ... I can't think of you or so.:.

Take a smile and coconut in the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes, I saw this seemingly ordinary, but I blocked the white-haired old man under the old man in the old man.

"Thunder ._Rreal Deputy Director ...

I heard the familiar voice among this memory, and the clown Pakistan watched out, never thought of this man in this life.

"Good guy ... I came to the shampoo in the archipelago, I didn't encounter Pluto, Rayley appeared ._. Less

At a glance, I got the identity of this white-haired old man, and I pulled my brow, and Jun Xiu flawless face was suddenly exposed to the look of interest. '. Clown Pakistan is still not this guy really has a so-called ' . Don't become ?? "

· ... seeking flowers ...

"Rally?! Who is this old man ?!"

However, this time was first in Pluto. Rayly rescued a group of pirates. Super new stars did not recognize Rayry's identity, after all, Pluto. Rally has already disappeared for many years, and the one of the one of the one year of the one year of this year is new. One thief is not that clear

Clear, "I blocked the Navy's godcomb ?!"

"I have always rumored. The right hand of the One Piece. Hidden in the shampoo island ...

At this moment, I will fight out, the gods on the face of the green cattle are slightly sinking, using their deepest tone, "I didn't expect it to be the Wan Factory, Rayley., '


I saw Rayly, I pulled the glory of the big green cattle, and the mouth was gently taking, and I said that the vicissitudes said: 'These new pirates are Roger's dream. I can't let these The germination of the big one's thief is like this by you.

Said, 'Pluto, the eyes under Ryrid glasses have no sound, and there is a lot of the road that has been scratched in the past, and I saw the grass hat on the head of the top of the rhoje on his head. Flashing a firm color.

"But today, in addition to this for this boy, two,.

The sharp eyes gradually recovered from Lu Fei. I saw that Rayle's line of sight was in the moment of the unfolden. "I want to look at 'eternal, moment I look at this Since Roger, this big sea is the biggest legend.

"Sure enough. ... more younger than I think ...

The sharp eyes under the glasses stared at the moment, staring at the unopened, and found that it was aware of the real strength, 'Pluto, Rayley finally said, there is a moment that is unexpected. Message.

"However ... Today I have specially came here and there is a bad news to bring you ....

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Chapter 259 Bad News (ask for rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 250 Bad News (ask for reward and automatic)

Shampoo Islands, No. 29 Island.

At this time, the positive quarter, the top of the sky is high, but the atmosphere on the island is a slut cloud IRE.

God's Emperor 'Emperor' Emperor's Emperor's Emperor, the Queen Queen Seven Wuhai 'Emperor, BA Hancark, the new Navy's general, the ghost, the greenery, there is a legendary sea thief, the right hand, Ray, Ray, Ray, A helpless one pirate super newcomer. Super New Star,

Form three times with a distantly atmosphere.

Obviously, at this moment, only the tripartite camp is only one of the stress, but in the moment, the power and momentum of this kind of rushing, whether it is a vine tiger green cattle or Rally and Super stars feel At a pound of pressure

The strength is hovering in your own heart, a few, 'four seven,' It is not too angry.

But this time, 'Pluto, Raylei suddenly brought the news to make the feelings of the moment.