Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Crash System Chapter 423

"There is news to bring me ??"

A pair of blue blood-colored double-stop, this must be sent to the white appearance. It seems that there is a gentle old man. It is a little curious to raise his own brows, ourselves and 'Pluto, Ravelin no feelings, did not expect him Put your attention today

Self, 'Sharu, Silbaz Ravely, do you want to tell me what bad news ?? "

" "

I saw it. Pluto. Rally, a fast-powerful armed colored domineering kicks the big green cattle and slammed the Boxer of the green cattle and slammed him, some slightly smoldering, but the spiritual side of the face is over the glasses. Jing, 'World Government and Navy

This department has now started layout to deal with you.

"The layout is to deal with me ?? Hahahaha 2"

I heard a mistake, and suddenly I suddenly made a series of unstoppable laughs. "I met the first time ... You should not tell me such a message?"

"The World Government and the Navy want to deal with me, not a one or two days.

The laughter gradually converges, I saw the smile on the face, and the corner of the mouth was gently out of the disdainful radians, and the blue blood red eyes were like mockery. The general dive is the big thunder and green cattle, 'For so long Have you succeeded once ?! "

I feel that I'm going to sweep the sword, and all everyone in the scene has been silent, and the words I have said in the moment seem to be arrogant, but in fact, there is no one can refute.

In this way, the world government and the Navy's part of the whole world are placed in the eyes, and they will look at the whole sea in the world. It must only have 'eternal, moment.

, 'No, moment, this time is not the same ...

Who knows this time 'Pluto. Rally silently shook his head, the fierce looks with a different look, watching his eyes, the tone is low,' This World Government and the Naval Department have to deal with you .... The whole preparation for several years

Time to do a good time to prepare the Water, I can't watch you and your god empire, I will die, I will wait for the death of the death ...

I saw that Pluto, Rayly voice was calm and firm, although he has been alive, but he is not only proficient in swordsmanship and three domineering, but even in the original in the original, the wind is stripped to the daughter island. Undoubtedly the strength is still in one

At extremely powerful stages, the Navy Hero 'iron fist, Kapu is called the legendary man,'. Maybe some news has not passed the second but I have received intelligence between the special way.

"What intelligence ??"

Seeing the eyes. Pluto, Rayly is so seriously tone, and the moment gradually wrinkled his own brows. It has reached the top-level, and it will feel a bad thing in the world.

"The youngest colors named Na, named Nna ... is your little love?"

'Pluto, Rayly slightly, it seems to continue to say: "I got a reliable intelligence. I have been suspended by the Navy. I have been deducted by the Navy. I'm not very different. I am not very Two clearly.

"Tuna is stagnant ?!"

Suddenly I heard that Rally said that the whole man was hysterested, the blood red eyes suddenly turned, and the air on the whole island was simply precipitated. ......

This guy's momentum ...

It's too horrible.

At the moment of the moment of mind, there is a volatility that is emitted in the invisible, and suddenly everyone will feel that he is like a drifting in the violent sea. It is always in the next second. Danger.

Even even the Navy's governor, the vine tiger and green cattle are no exception.

"This momentum ...

I saw that the leader of the original station is quietly standing on the side. Under the influence of the momentum of the prison, I can't help but hold the knife in my hand, I am in my heart. "Our Navy should Is this an enemy in the face?

No bottom.

"Na ... this stubborn fool ...

Although there is no threat to the World Government and the Navy in the eyes, it is still inevitably complained that 2.0 Na is firmly insisted on the stupid girl, and it is a good luck and funny. Tell her to let her return

I have been in the Navy, I have been detained by the Navy. '

I don't have this on my mouth, but in fact, I also know two.

At the end of the return, it is because Tina will have the relationship with himself, and it will be charged by the navy, so no matter how the biggest culprit is still two

It seems that I am pitted you, and the two of the two sighs in the heart.

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Chapter 251 Go (ask for reward and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 251 Go (ask for reward and automatic)

'Don't worry too much ._ ... Na will not have something ... less

It seems that I have become a complicated thoughts in my heart, and I'm just holding the city and burned into the moment, the mouth, the mouth, and how to say that she is also a minority level of the Navy.

I heard the soft comfort of Hancark, and the heart was soft in a warm face. In fact, his heart was not too worried, just as Hancark said, Na is a raceful generals of the Navy. Large influence, no matter what accountability

Need to have a lot of procedures and processes, and at least any problems will occur at least one half.

"Maybe the Navy should want to take your two relationships to do the article, you can't say that no one knows it.

Looking at the whole body, the whole body is in front of the horror, but there is no too much change in the face. The fierce eyes of Ragery glasses 16 are also flanged, who can't guess the true thoughts in his heart, ' No matter how it is said that two obvious traps

The well is that the blind is also seen. The two characters like you have no reason to plant it in order to plant a woman. "

"Oh ... You don't have to say, 'Pluto, Rayry ... less

At a glance, I guess it in front of it. The idea and intention in the heart of the Raylee, the moment I lost my mouth, and the flawless eyebrow is still the gentleness and gas, "My woman, I naturally won't let She appears any difference in pool, I said it is the sea.

The military's second part is that Tianwang Laozi also moved my woman !! "

, '9A, the world government dares to move her hair, I will let them die. If the Navy is dare to touch her, I will let them destroy !! "" The mouth hangs the smile of mastering everything, the moment is in the moment. It is generally infected with a dedicated plague.

Everyone present.

, 'I really envy the Tiña.:.

Also attached to Xiaobao's four seas infected, Hancark's somewhat stunned with a perfect side face, deeply fascinated by his spleen away from the heart of the world, and suddenly there were some absurd envy. Tuna in the circle, "

If there is one day, Hancark is also trapped.

,. Eternal, moment this guy

And this time, a pair of brunette's eyes are quietly inclusing among the pirates 'supernova, and the sneak is staring at the moment of not far away. I saw the character of the checkered rudeness like a pure man' answer. Joe Eli · Bunnee, but Bai Zhe's cheeks slightly red

Some of the hearts of the heart, "It's a fascinating man.:.

Since the sea, she has never seen a man who has such a prideful discouraged like a flash in the sea. This makes the people who have never put their men in the hearts of the people.

"Since I have to play two, I will play a big two."

But I suddenly learned the news of the Na Navy's part of the Department of Na, and I went to listen to the ideas and thoughts in the hearts of the people in the heart. The blue blood red double-pupil suddenly came to see how to puncture the horizon of the horizon, '. This world is commissioned by the World Government

It is already enough for more than 800 years. ... It's time to change a master !! "

"Thank you for bringing the news. This kind of human condition I will remember the second king, Ravely, '

After the voice falls, the eyes of the moment have passed the Navy of the Navy of the Army, and the green cattle, and the 'Pluto, Rayry and many hundred thieves' good star, directly turned to the back, "We go, Hancuk "Where am I going now?"

After seeing the moment to turn around, Hancark behind him also suddenly immediately moved his own long white-legged legs, and suddenly he kept in the pace of the moment.

, 'Deep sea big prison, Di Pelton, push into the city.,'

The sinking said that a place name, the eyes of the flash of blue blood are locked on the pounds of the majestic ship in the shore, and gently reached out to the slim waist of Hancark. The next two people disappeared in the original place.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

Not only the moment of flash and Hancark disappeared in the original place. Under the continuous coming of the moment, in the lazy eyes of all people in the No. 29 of the Shampo Plant, the next second, I saw it originally stopped on the shore. Pluto also disappeared.

No one understands what is the principle, so that such a huge warship disappears.

But the only thing that can be understood is, 'eternal, moment this man is like a mystery by the beginning, no one knows how much of him, and no one knows what demon fruits he eat.

Did you get away?

That strong monster

Seeing that I finally took Hancark, it was like a general compression that was like a big mountain. Everyone on the whole island was like a feeling of surrounding 147 air. I only felt my breathing. It has become smooth.

"Hey ... Have you went to the deep sea?

The fierce double eyes are quietly sent to the brakes and the leave of Hancark. 'Pluto. Rayly's face reveals as if it is a mysterious smile,'. This time the world government and the Navy seem to be a stunned back. '

"Perhaps the World Government's rule for this world will also end the end of the world.

In the heart, the thoughts are flying, and finally, for a strange emotion, "the blank history finally reappeared in the world., '

The guy of Xu Ming left. _. What should we do now ...

After seeing the disappearance of Hancark, this time, the big green cattle did not have a sound to the side of the rattan, staring at the eyes. Pluto, Rayry.

"I want to think about the Wan Wang, Ruth ... You go to deal with those 'super new stars,:'

The eyes of the vine tiger are in the heart, but naturally know the Pluto in front of you, Rally is not a good role.

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Chapter 252 Wind (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 252 Wind (ask for reward and automatic)

,. Eternal, the moment, there is natural, Warring States Marshal and Naval Hero Cap, Mr. Caupi will deal with ...

When I finish, the general passed the cane knife in his hand, and he was firmly smashed in front of the 'Pluto, Rressry.

"Today, you don't have to go to the second old man, you can play this old man to play.

Even in the legendary 'Pluto, Rayle also arrived at the slow etching of the years, it is okay to pay for a navy, but in the face of the two navy general, Rayry can't help but feel a powerful pressure, gradually drawn out. Your sharp sword

"Super New Star after yourself," "Do you have these little guys not todped ?!"

"Remember to bring the straw hat on the ground !!"

Rayle's voice, as if it touched a subtle balance in the field, I saw that the big green cattle suddenly disappeared from the same place, and the way to take all the pirates who were escaped.

I saw the death of Pluto, and Rayy said, the sharp sword in his hand suddenly finished, and suddenly stopped the road to the general green cattle again.

The palm of the two men and the swords have wrapped strong armed high, and the shocking wars broke out on the No. 29 of this shampoo.

Just in the shampoine island, Raylery and the new Navy general the vine tiger green cattle broke out.

A new Navy's part.

A fierce dispute is in the office of the Navy Marshal Warring States.

"Warring States! You give me an explanation! Why do you want to stop Tuna ?! What is wrong ?!"

I saw Kapu station in front of the Warring States Office desk, and the hands of the hands and dead, on the work desk in front of the Warring States, the white eyebrows and bearded, the anger, the eyes of their old comrades, '. And there is still walking news Have you deserved her?! Are you crazy? -

, 'Don't you so excited Qip 2,'

Looking at the Kapu, who was spent loudly in front of him, although the Warring States had already happened, but she still felt a bit helpless headache, 'This is only the fog we put out, and it is a very safe and one less.

, 'Fog? Is it ?? "

I heard the explanation of the good words of the Warring States, and the whole talents in the whole talents were gradually calm, and the heart rushed up a ridiculous guess.

, 'Yes, this is the meaning of five old stars. ...

The Warring States have some helplessness, in fact, he is not very much in favor of the world government to arrange such strategies, but the opponent is the powerful enemy of the moment, the world government and the Navy who have been defeated will have to make this policy, "mainly In order to want to

The guy on the moment is a hook to see what kind of reaction he will ...

"Hey ... if he is willing to hook in order to save ... Is it just right?"

However, in the face of the interpretation of the Warring States, Kapu did not buy, the spiritual face showed a ridicule look, "When did the Navy begin to justice, I should use this despicable means to do things?"

Listening to the eyes of Katapa filled with ridicule, the Warring States did not refute, but they fell into a deep silence. In fact, he also felt unprecedented confusion in this matter.

The World Government and the Navy's part

Can you still stand in justice?

". Cap ...

After a long time, the Warring States finally sighed a sigh of relief, gazing at the cards in front of his life, 'Occasionally, you must stand on the position of the Navy Marshal and the highest leaders of the World Government. _ and his god empire

It's too big to give the World Government and our Navy.