Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 424, Chapter 424

"We are also unable to come out that this is only once this one is only once.

I saw that there was a cloud between the Warring States Yunyu, but it could only mention all the patience and his old friend Warring States to continue to guarantee. "After the last war passed, I was the most important navigation. Young 14 Enron


Is this only once?

I heard the warranty of the Warring States, and Kapu gradually sat down. Suddenly I found that my life and death in front of my life is so unfamiliar.

Warring States.

Once some things are can't look back, they can't turn back.: ._

'Celile you ...

It seems that he has a complete collapse of many years of justice, and only the card is a bit weakly relying on the chair. It has long sighed and said that his last question, "But do we really want to do this?"

"After the guy is completely irritated, we are very difficult to expect.

"The guy is terrible, of course, no one is more clear than us ...

Listening to the worry in Kapu, in fact, this is also concerned in the hearts of the Warring States, but the look of his face is generally firm, "But now the situation in front of the world has not retired. Must have a back water

Battle II, '

"Win two we can eliminate all the chaos of this big sea ...

"Losing. This world will belong to. Eternal. ( )

Silently listened to all the words of the Warring States, the gaze of Kapu passed through the window of the office, and looked at the naval who was drilling outside the campus.

Do we really win?

I hope the truth is really so.

Promote the city, because Pelton.

The world's first largest prison, which has never been able to escape so far (because the introductory of the moment of the moment of the moment of the moment is not being entered into the city), and the location of the great navigation road is about 100 meters.

I saw a huge architectural alley like a high tower, standing in this endless deep seabed, surrounded by countless huge sea princes, forming a natural indestructible barrier.

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Chapter 253 Deep China Prison (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 253 Deep Sea Major (seeking rewards and automatic)

Promoting the world's world's world's world's world's world, not only is situated in the deep sea with natural high-pressure seawater and sea king double natural barrier, and the security of security is very strict, and the imprisonment of prison is some heavy criminals. .

Not only have a variety of monsters and visual phones, and the prison is more parking than the number of Navy's top battleship, so that the promotion of the city has quot; copper wall iron wall quot; name, whether from outside or internal, do not

I want to have anyone to escape or invade.

Promoting the city and the Navy's part and the Justic Island have a triangular confrontation shape, and there is a huge vortex stream between the three, depending on the huge gate of the 'justice. " If you don't open the door, you can only take swirls.

Turn, ordinary ace verses can only detour. When entering the door, it is a windless belt. The Navy has a new shipbuilding technology so it can freely sail in the windless belt.

And apply to enter the big prison q to wear the sea-staple stone handcuffs and pass through physical examination to ensure that any criminals are not lost.

However, today, this copper wall is indestructible. In addition, all 093 a huge incomparable sea king suddenly seems to be like a ghost, and there have been four times.


A buzzing dark flow seems to be like a tidal in the bottom of the deep sea, I saw a huge disharmony, the darkness, like the demon of the demon from myth, and fanned behind himself. The wings of the film are in

Siders in the deep sea.

All of the navy defense outside is as if it seems to be in shape. It doesn't notice that such a huge giant giant has quietly sneaked into this deep sea big prison.

"Na, I can't use too much time, '

I saw the bottom of the deep sea, with Hancark with Hancark, both of them were covered in this very poor, and the slow attack of any high pressure sea water outside. , 'Mouth foot, I can take you home ...

Looking at the past, the city is getting closer. In Perden, the darkness of the paint must be a mysterious color of the blue blood red, the mysterious color.

"Don't worry too much, I will not be dangerous now ...

The tightly attached hopes in his arms, Hancark a pair of beautiful eyes reflected in the deep sea big prison in front of him, and the moment of soft opening width 4L.

"Na Na will never have something to have, but the world government and the navy have completely provoked my anger.

Behind the softness of Hancark around him, but there is still a red hot flame in the flash of blue blood red as if there is a strong burning, and the mouth is firmly decided to give the world. The government and the navy are completely sentenced.

death penalty.

'Whether the World Government is still a Navy, I want them all the smoke! Well! Cloud! Scattered

In fact, this time, this time, I think it is true that I am too first inward, because this CHA is about to open the top war, according to the original inertial moment, I think of the naval, the target, the goal of dealing with the Navy is still white beard.

In the subconscious, it didn't realize that because of his arrival, there have been too many changes in the earth, compared to the four emperors of the new world, they are currently the world's governments and Navy's largest enemies and Threat.

So even if there is no reaction in the brakes, the development of the plot has been completely walked and the original road is more different than the original, and now I am the only protagonist that is going to open.

"It's time. _ Second first go in and see ifina is not held here ....

I saw that the deep sea big prison pushed the city. It was completely exposed to his own horizons. When the moment, he looked at the top of his own in vitro, the left eye's blind eye was launched to shuttle together with Hancark around him. The space is transiently moved.

At the moment, I can now don't want to use the most important to destroy this deep sea big prison. In 10, it is bad.

In the moment, I took Hancark to enter the promotion city a few minutes.

"Here is to promote the city, the second defense is also very lax.

In the fifth floor of the underground, a homogeneous passenger is running quickly, and a rough sound is a little proud of the ocean.

"Don't care too much. Second, today, we can sneak into the city.

At this time, I saw a black hair was launched on a headscarf, but I opened my moon to open my moon, and the huge milky middle-aged middle-aged man said: "Yes Because the world government and the navy must deal with '

Eternal, moment and god Empire, I recently put the vast majority of the troops and attention in the New Navy ...

It is a gang of horses in the Black Beard One Piece, nor does it know where the black beard Tiqi is from where the news knows that the Navy has recently withdraws all the force and energy from the deep sea big prison to promote the city. , Just as the original

Run to the promotion city to try to find a new crew.

'Downtown King. Pietr Pivaro,' Water Bucket, Basti Job, 'Huge Warriol. San Juan Diwo is also Cathenna Tibo, these are our invitation. Become a partner's goal ... I can make up for the vacancies of Oka and Bagas.

It seems that he is about to grow up, and it feels nearly a step away from his final goal, and the big face of Black Beat Tiqi is always looking forward to the smile, '. These most dangerous The heavy impress should be held in the last

Six layers of infinity hellies, our movements must be almost, '

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Chapter 254 Unlimited Hell (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 254 Unlimited Hell (seeking rewards and automatic)

At the other side.

The deep sea big prison promotes the top sixth level unlimited hell in the city, everywhere is a spacious and huge prisoner.

"I am unhappy two inheritance of the people of the devil.

I saw that I was defeated by black beard Tiqi, which was handed over to the Navy's part, and now I was detained in this big brigade. The hands of the hands were buckled with the Handcuffs made from the sea. : '. I really disappointed everyone's period


Because of your own own and your own risk, I didn't listen to everyone's persuasion, and I will have a happeal to chase the black beat Tiqi.

But did not think that this guy hides the strong power, and the dark fruit capability of restraining all the devil's ability, but also defeated himself to hand over to the Navy, but the strong frustration seems to be a wave of tide water. Constantly

The inner heart of the Es is eager.

At this time, Es suddenly opened his eyes, and his face was unbelievable.

Because in this deep sea in the world, he suddenly heard a familiar voice, and one would not like to appear here.

"Here is the deep sea big prison to promote the city because Pelton,.

In a long in the deep hallway, a male and a female two slender voice is slowly getting close, the woman's voice is crisp, and 'I heard that it is the most dangerous and dangerous community in the world, it seems to be in the world. I didn't see too many guards.

"It should be that most of the guards here are transferred to the Navy's part there ...

The man's voice is deep and ethereal, and the perfect body contour is gradually clear in the incredible eyes of Es, '. After all, I will not be enough for my tooth.

:: " ...

Alce's hysteresis, overdone, but whispered how to vomit the name of the person in his throat, only the eyes of yourself is full of shocking eyes

"I haven't seen you for a long time. ... Ace kid.

Some of the sounds of taste are gradually sounded in this empty corridor, a pair of Zhan Lan Shen Xiaoximuns is shining in the darkness. "Seeing that you are so happy, I seem happily.. "

It's fun to play your sister!!

I heard the tuyor of this taste, and Es was crazy in her heart.

However, at this moment, I heard the familiar sound in this infinite hell who won't be super life, and the tears of Es were almost got out.

If you turn to your mouth, you will become: '. Brake 2 Mr. 2 Do you come to save me? "

'Who has so many idle works, I'm going to save you here, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, II,'

When I heard the Ice, I turned a white eye, and the handsome face started a disdainful expression. "I just come here to find Tina 2 Broken way to see you ...

" I know that I am not good, '

Looking at the appearance of the eyes, the appearance of this pair is unpaired, and Esqiang is in his heart and wants to kill his urge. The young face started a smile, "I will let me come out. Mr. Bill ...

I still want to tease this kid, but I think of entering the promotion of the city, I didn't see the figure of Na, I didn't have so much leisurely.

I saw that the voice of the Aies had not yet dropped. The frozen of the ice in the embarrassment of the ice is suddenly launched, and there was a little breath in the mouth, and there was a bit surprised in Es, and suddenly a white ray. Instant flashing to the double hand double

Handcuffs above the feet.

The slight frozen sound sounded, and only the huge prisoners in the Escher feet were connected to the huge prison in front of them. All of them were all frozen in the unit of the most small atomic particles. One place.

"Wow hahaha ... This damn sea stone handcuffs finally solved.

Ask for flowers, ',', '

After being taken from the sea-owned stone handcuffs on your hands, Eston felt that the strength of his body gradually came back, couldn't help but laugh, '. Thank you. Ampha !! "

The laughter of the Essen, suddenly attracted the entire visit to all people in the city's sixth floor infinite hell, which can be held here, all of which are the most dangerous and fierce criminals in the world.

"That. Fire, Es II have been released ?!"

"How is this possible ?! Who is the two people ?! Can you enter here ?!"

I saw that Es was so easy to save it, and all the extremely dangerous people who were surrounded by all the original dead deprecated were shocked.

"The friend! I will put me out! I will give you the biggest treasure in the world !!"

"Come! Come and put it out of Laozi! Otherwise, I will let you look better !!"

When all the most dangerous heavy hits in the unlimited hell were reacted, all kinds of crying suddenly had ears, spreading in this empty unlimited hell.

"Du fuck made me up !!!"

Weng Wang color domineering, shake, territory!!!

Bang! Xia 9 thunder collided with a general roar! It's like an infinite peony in the terrorist gas field in the world, and the entire promotion city is unlimited, which is shrouded in all the fierce prisoners.

The mood is not a very beautiful moment. I heard these fierce prisoners' rumors, and suddenly opened the overwhelm domain to let them close their mouths.

What is this level of tyrants domineering.

Feel the horror of the horrible gas field in front of the moment, all the most ferocious criminals in all the world in the whole world are all cold, even the atmosphere does not call a bite.

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Chapter 255 is ready to fight (ask for reward and automatic)