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Target Crack System Chapter 425

Chapter 255 is ready to fight (seeking rewards and automatic)

Deep sea big prison promotes the city.

In the end, the sixth level infinite hell, all of them are all the most powerful and most dangerous people in the world.

However, at this moment, these originally brought the world of Guolai, who were all made of all the oyster pendants, on the ground, and the intensive sweat on her face seems to be spilled on the floor.

Even some of the years have been detained for many years of physical recession, plus the championship of the sea floor, directly fainted directly because it is unable to blasphemy.

"so horrible!"

What is this guy ?! "

"What jokes, the two acts, let us all the world-class champions have all the two" two two three. "In this dark sea, the deep sea big prison in the dark, the ultimate underground is unlimited, I only see one A major criminals who can call the wind in the world, all of which have worried their bodies like a dead dog.

One face is filled with unbelievable expressions.

"How can I get out of the guy who suddenly takes out?!"

I saw a huge brigger in the infinite hell, but even the pair of black beards, the patriarch, the patriarch, Pitriva, Piyte Pivato, 'Wine Bucket, Basti Joert , 'Huge warship, San Juan Dioli also has the most fierce female pirate in history

Several strong and unborn top criminals such as Lenna Tibo, all were blocked in the floor of the overweight territory.

"Wait ... I ... I recognize this guy ... less

Different from other major criminals who have been put into the city in unlimited hell, I saw that I have just been entered into the fierce thief who can't get in the city for a few years. The San Juan wolf is a bit awkward. Funny big face, all of them

It is a fear of the appearance.

He. He is a. Eternal, moment

I saw the 'huge battleship. San Juan wolf snorted tones with infinite fear, the original funny and funny big face began to distort it because they were afraid.

,. Sen, ? "?"

I heard the name of the huge battleship. San Juan, the name, has been held in the promotion of the city's infinite hell, how many years, the moon is the king. Pietr Pivato's death is attached. The IS domain is pressed on the floor, and the serious face is in this time.

Hold him. "One of these people who have been in promoting the city in unlimited hell, I don't know how many years, I can't imagine.

Obviously, these people who have been joined to promote the city's infinite hell for many years and the outside world is not the same. It is just about promoting the city's few years. The wolf is naturally like a thunder, no one is more than him. More clearly understand this name

The meaning of the representative of the word, I saw that his tone was unbeatable: 'One of the men who even ended the world government and the navy ...

"How many years have never seen the world, I have appeared such a horrible guy.

I heard the explanation of San Juan and wolf, all of the world's top championships were all fascinated by the great figure outside the not far.

There was no psychological activity that was detained in the fierce criminals in the prison. After they shut their mouths, they finally put their attention in front of themselves. St.

"I'm you were associated with the promotion of the city.

A pair of blue blood red eyes stared at him in front of it as a flying bird, Ace, and the moment, I asked my most concerned: 'Have you seen Tina was also closed here? "

,. Black Dress, Na? "

I heard the question of the moment, Alice thoughtful, but shook his head, "Since I was put into advance, I was temporarily there, no other people were passed.

Na Na is not to be transferred into the city?

Got Alce's answer, the heart suddenly tight, but immediately released it quickly. ......

Maybe it's too bad to think too.

This seems that nna should only be temporarily suspended in the Ministry of Naval, but did not be invested in the deep sea big prison to advance the city.

Thinking of this, the deep light of the blue blood red, the deep light is full of static flow, and it makes a decision in his heart.

, 'Hancark, you will contact Golden Lion now ...

Delinking all his thoughts, the face is calm from the mouth and changed the decision of this world, ', I gave them three days to convene all the military power of the Arono Empire for two or three days later I want the World Government and Navy. Thoroughly from this world


"I have to play. Second, our sure is a one-time play !!"

It seems to find a pleasant pleasure. I saw a smile of Bai Zhejun Xiu's face filled with demon. The laughter of the devil was mad and destroyed. The content of the flow of the flow was released. People in the city unlimited hell are falling into

The shocked mud can be pulled.

He. What I just said, '

"What did I heard? He 4.7 says he wants the world government and the Navy to completely disappear from this world?"

In this quiet and suffocating, there is countless, unlimited, in the moment, the sound of the moment seems to be like a heavy bomb, hit it into the soul of the scene, shocking all of them.

The second kill the second killed, is it so big?

Obviously, Es also was also blocked by this crazy domineering. I saw him somewhat dry Baba's sneer and wiped his sweat on his forehead.

Although it is so crazy, but with Es's understanding of this man in front of him, he will not think that the moment is joking.

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Chapter 256 Unlucky Black Beard (ask for reward and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 256 Unlucky Black Beard (ask for reward and automatic)

New World, Shen Luo Empire.


Golden lion siki's office is jumping up, and the Golden Lion History directly reached out, grabbing it, put it in his ear.

"Hey, this is a golden lion.

The Golden Lion Siki is still wearing a relaxed kimono. It is still the appearance of the outstast house, but the fierce look and the constant momentum of the body are reminding everyone around him, he Always are the legend

Flying skypi.

"Mr. History? II I am Hancark ...

Just picking up the phone, Golden Lion Siston suddenly heard the voice of Hancark, "I am now pushing into the city because of Pelton, I am going to push the city. Calling all the soldiers of coordination of the Arigin Empire within the day

Forces ... Less "this time we have to make a breakdown of the Navy with the World Government.

Is it going to start?!

Then the afternoon, the sun, and the sun, the sun, the sun, and suddenly heard the war signal passed by Hancark, and suddenly the 16 people had a fierce boring double eye into a sharp ray.

This name is. Conquer the world.

Did you have to uncover the last answer?

After cutting off the phone from Hancark, the Golden Lion Schpenton took out the door of the whole person's wind and fire, and passed the laminated corridor, came to the big warfare command hall.

Looking at the huge factory in the distance of a god star, a batch version of the bulk version of the bulk version that was continuously processed is patented, and the Golden Lion's History's black face suddenly turned out an incomparable confidence.

"Ai Ni Road, Luo, Weibull, Luqi, you are all ready to do it ...

I have a maximum of the highest level of the god Empire to convene a conference hall, and the Golden Lion Schiki is immediately prepared, "War ._ To start ._. Less

"Is it finally begun ?!" As the first battle of the gods, the first excited Liang Liang, the first excited Liang Liang, the first excited Liang Liang, is coming, "I can't wait to go to Qinghai's largest The stage !! "

"Shout. .... Have you eradicated war ...

Unlike the battle of the fight, Trafalga Luo learned that the whole person appeared to be more calm after the horn of the war, '. But this is the convening of Wang Xiaqi Wuhai '... The guy of Duolan has begun to appear ~' '

, 'This time I have to fight this bastard. _. Factory but I want to at least the sea rogue, the guitary word Doloming brother is still unsperibly clenched with the wild swirl in his hands.

"Luqi's second is already issued ordered. The second requires us to collect all the strength of all the god empire within three days ...

Quietly looked at the reactions in the conference hall, the Golden lion siki fell to the body of Luohu Lu, who has been quiet and indifferent, 'This Bruo's fruit capabilities will send a lot of use. ... this matter Give you it ._. Less

"Well, I know ...

I heard the reminder of the Golden Lion History, the quiet road nodded, took the lead out of the conference hall to arrange and arrange before the war. "With the war of the god Empire and the strength of the force, the two of the kings, the king, the Queen, who took the service,"

After a long time pre-war, the Golden Lion Siki finally took a long breath, and the fierce eyes were condensed with the wattleship and vessels of the wandering, the wandering, the waders and vessels, which were not intentional. Mutter yourself: 'This one

Waiting for the two war, even if you want to mind, it will be a very difficult thing ...

At this time, the deep sea big prison pushed into the city unlimited hell.

In the moment of flash, Hancark is talking to the god Empire.

A group of some people who are expected to be expected have entered this to promote the last layer of the city, falling into all the perspective of everyone.

'Boss, we have arrived here, the sixth floor of the city, the sixth floor of the city, two,'

I saw the guards who have just killed the neighboring navy reside in the deep sea big prisons to promote the city, and a group of people in the Black Beard One Piece finally broke into the space in the unlimited hell.

The devil patrol, Rafot is talking about his own scorpion, but found that the captain of the captain around him has been in the original place, '. All the companions you have to find are here. Mistake? Boss ?? "

" ...

After stepping into the sixth floor of the promotion city, I saw that the black beard Tiqi suddenly opened his eyes, staring at the deep walkway in the deep walk in the far-sighted body. In the past, the rough tone of the past was actually due to the moment.

Some modifications for the heart of the heart, '. Why will this terrible guy appear here ?! "

, 'Marshall. Tiji. ... "

Before all people show that the black beards of the thief group arrived, the blind eye of the left eye has been noticed in the eyes of the black beard, and a group of people in the city is also in the city.

A pair of blue blood red doubles cross a long and deep walkway, the lock is locked in the black beard Tiji just stepped into the black beard, and he read the frightening and fear of his rough face. I have a demon

The smile, '. Your guy is really not lucky. Wind. I can hit me two in this deep sea prison.


How can I encounter this terrible monster in such a place?

After the blind eye and God of the gods and the round of the gods, after the eyes of God, after the black beard Tiqi suddenly felt that their entire heart seems to be sinking into the boundless sea.

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Chapter 257, Union, Black Beard, Pirates (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 257, Union, Black Bearded One Piece (seeking reward and automatic)

"Tiqi ?!"

"It is a bastard !!"

It is the so-called enemies to see the red eyes. At this time, I suddenly saw that the black beard Tiqi entered the unlimited hell of promoting the city, and the Eson, which was just released, was blocked. Blazing flames.

fire punch!!

No two words, I saw the first eye of the black husband Tiqi, and Es launched the ability to burn the fruit. The whole body broke out the burning flame, and the whole dark infinity hell was, and I want to take the whole person. Out.

At this time, it seems that a flame sounded by the sound of cold water.

I saw a big hand without signing on the shoulders of Es, and more exaggerated is that the flames of his whole body have been extinguished by this hand, making the whole person in the original place.

"I have already eaten such a big loss ...

It is an instant that seems to have a precipitation of the impulse, I only see the look of Bai Zhejun's face, and whispered to the Ace, '. How is your kid's character ?! "

"But Mr. Two Tiqi, the guy"

The whole person was smashed by the dead, and the Esteen is unwillingly staring at the black beard Tiqi, which is another paragraph in the distance, and the hate in the eyes of the eyes, almost makes the substantive flame.

"Don't worry, you can meet me so much, you can meet me today ...

I saw that the old anger and hatred at this moment, the moment is not a smile, and the black beard in the far-sighted reflection is already a dead. People, '. So his destiny has

Decided ._ 'II

"Hohae 2 is Es.."

At this time, from the other end of the long dark corridor, the black beard Tiji seemingly refreshing laughter, clearly feeling that the ice is like a deceased, and only the black beard Tiqi is strong. Heart's infinite spread

Fear, the rough face is hard to squeeze out a smile, '. You can be so lucky. ... I have been saved by Mr. I am.