, Eternal, moment, 'Fire, Ece, Emperor, Baya Hancark

I have to find a chance to escape. ...

Although the black beard Tiqi's thick face also features a seemingly heroic smile, he has already quietly started to find a breakthrough escape.

If this world can make him a person who is fearful, it is not a white beard, but now in front of it.

In the new world's big sea, he once witnessed the power of the world to show the power of how to be a shocking power, and there was no one in the scene than him more. This seemingly young handsome man is actually contained. how

The power of terror.

Especially in the touch of Mobi Dick, I've left an indelible shadow in the heart of the black beard Tiji, and a seed.

"Hey. ... put away your hypocritical smile ...

In the dark corridor, the moment is quietly staring at the distant black beard Tiqi's face, and the mouth is gently pulling out a smile, the left eye ZHANG Guanghua is clearly flashing. .

Renovation of eyes, repulsive!!!

The voice is falling, in all the eyes of death, the black beard of the black beards in the long-standing corridor is in the same way, and a punch is air attacking.

"M is two"

Suddenly I saw the soable movement, when everyone was in a little confused, a dead fatal crisis suddenly poured a black beard Tiqi's heart. I saw him suddenly opened anxiety: 'All spread!!"

But it is obvious that it is too late.

Suddenly, the entire urban unlimited hell is suddenly invisible natural disasters.

A sudden broke out of the eyes, instantly crushed the whole long walk in front of everyone, and a group of pirates around the black beard Tiji fell together, along with the whole long Deep walkway

Both are bent into distorted shapes by this huge repulsive force, and it has made a ruins of collapse.

A silent.

All the fierce prisoners in the sixth floor of the city, all of the murderous prisoners were shocked, and all the black bearded pirates were smashed together with the wall without signs of eruption.

'Can be evil two, two,.

Relying on the flexible skill to open the black beard Tiqi, which is the empty shot, look back at this time, almost all the companions are all in the moment, and suddenly hurt, suddenly angry hate Bite the teeth.

At this time, a stronger crisis suddenly broke out in the heart of the black beard, because the figure in his sight has disappeared in the position.

"In fact, you plan to escape it when you start this.

, a (obtained) with a little lamold and coconut, like the ghost ghost, generally blowing into the black beard Tiji's ear, making him feel like a ice.

"The little abacus in your heart is fled, but I have this eyes ...

Even the dust mist in the surrounding ruins has not been settled. I saw the figure of the moment, but I have already seen when I appeared in front of the black beard Tiqi.

Armed colored horses and helmets !!!

Along with the sound of the moment, and the black husband Tiqi violently contracted pupils, I saw a leg feet covered with black top armed tall domineering, as if it seems like a devil's teeth generally amplified in front of his eyes.

There is no shortage, and there is no luck.

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Chapter 258 Dark Fruit (ask for reward and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 258 Dark Fruit (seeking rewards and automatic)

In the eyes of all fierce prisoners who pushed the city unlimited hell, the huge fat black beard Tiqi made a round of round shells, flew out of the moment.

Hey! Hey! Hey! ...

Continuous blasting sounds into a piece, only the black beard Tiqi's big body is thoroughly made a round ball, and instantly grinds all the prisoners and walls that promote the city inhuma, and it has been broken.

"Ample mouth is cloudy. A !!!"

In the case of such a violent, as the most mysterious most murderous natural system in the One Piece, it is possible to absorb the damage to the harm but must pay double pain. Black beard Tiqi finally I can't help but feel bad.


"Interesting two actually absorbed my injury ...

After the kick flew out the black beard Tiji, I saw the blindthrough of the left eye of the moment, and the Buddha burned a blue flame. Whether it is a distance, air is still dust, all can't be blocked. His line of sight is firmly locked in the wolf

The unbearable black beard Tiji, the original handsome perfect face has emerged on the devil.

"But withstanding this double pain must make you feel very cool !!"

As a 683-point-made dark fruit, there is a very significant shortcoming that dark fruit capabilities have no attack power, and it is not possible to immune physics attack like other natural systems, but it has another

Ability to absorb the damage, the cost is double pain.

'Your evil you will know the weakness of the dark fruit.

It is poured in the ruins, the wolf is in the black beat Tiqi, although it absorbed the hurt of the moment, but the rapidly powerful attack on the double pain caused to him, so that he was so unbearable, and he suddenly heard the moment. If you say it in your mouth, Black Hu

Ziges suddenly shocked when the heart was shocked.

Round looks · Vientiane Tianxiang !!!

The black beard Tiqi who wants to speak only feels his own shape, an irresistible gravitation suddenly absorbers his big body, quickly pulling the past.

I saw the end of the ruins, I was still in the same way as a leisure, and I took a lot of faster (BGFC), and the other hand, the other hand, to the black beard, Tiqi.

"What is the ability ... Worse !!"

The Vientiane sky in the moment is firmly locked, and the whole huge body is in the middle of the air, and the black beard Tiqi Turkon is changing in the flash of the moment.

The disparators of the smashing, a painless pain suddenly exploded from the black beard Tiqi's belly, and quickly spread his whole body all the limbs.

Sure enough, after the black beard Tiqi was absorbed in front of it, it was a very violent kick, and the steel casting was almost bicking his venue almost brought his field.

Dark energy!!

Holding this unusable dramatic pain, black beard Tige launched the ability of dark fruit, only to see a dark light constantly twisted between two people, will flash all the injuries All are absorbed.

" !!!!!!!"

After absorbing all the damage, I saw the black beard of the black beard of the stomach that was burned into the belly of the black beard, and the eyes were unparalleled. Crazy, '. And ._ ... you finally

I caught the opportunity to brake !! "

Dark clothes!!

There is no signs, suddenly a paint-black curtain that swallows the light is wrapped in the moment, and the whole space has lost all the lights in an instant, and the most original darkness between the heavens and the earth.

"Since you defeat the white beard, I have been very curious about what demon fruit., '

In this dark space of the five fingers, black beard Tiji seems to have a dream to eat a general voice, "So I spent a lot of time to study your deeds and behavior. ... Although I still can't determine you The devil's ability is to


"But I finally waited for this opportunity! Now I have to win your devil's ability!"

It seems that it has been prepared for a long time, and the black beard Tiqi finally seized today's opportunity, showing his secrets of his dark fruit to capture the strength of the white beard superman, "can let one can make some people like You surpass everything, you must

It is the most powerful devil fruit in this world.

"Now this ability is about to be my!" hahaha !! "

A group of lights must be swallowed in the dark space, all people in the infinite hell can't see what happened, only to hear the black beard Tiqi burst into crazy laughter from inside.

But very quickly.

It seems that the throat is suddenly hit by a person, and the black beard Tiqi's voice suddenly stopped!

Just as everyone doesn't understand what happens in front of the dark space in front of you, the whole blackout is suddenly broken!

I only saw the black beard Tiqi, which was still laughing in the first second. The next second, the whole person, the whole person, the whole body, the whole body, the whole body, was brought into dark space, as a sign of a gun, shot into the ground under the foot of everyone. in.

"It seems that you have a lot of hard work in order to deal with me." The voice of ridiculous and falling into the ear of each person in the infinite hell.

I saw that the dark space of the paint black gradually spread, and the bottom of the whole body was blunting, and the blue blood red eyes shines with two distinct charm, watching the dying black beat Tiqi in the ground.

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Chapter 259 destroy (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 259, Chapter 259 (seeking rewards and automatic)


The same thoughts have allocated the minds of unlimited hell in the field in the same time.

"Yes, the second is that this power is simply powerful, so !!"

In the heart, crazy shouting, I have been dead, I'm trying to write black beard Tiji's Es, I saw his hands and died, and gently trembled with excitement. People who can climb black beard Tiki


"Vomia !!"

I saw that the black beard Tiqi, which was burned into the ground, finally couldn't bear the hurt of such a violent, suddenly a blood mixed visceral vomiting.

"How is it possible. ... Why II, '

The pain of the whole body is almost let the black beard Tiqi can't breathe normally. I saw that he was infected with countless blood, and the unbelievable death stared at the moment.

'You want to ask why your dark fruit does not have a role in me,.

I haven't waited for the black beard Tiqi, and I have already said that I have said that he has said that he has said that he is in his heart, and the mouth is outlined, '. If you think I just rely on the devil The ability of the fruit has come to today

"So you can go down hell now to regret it with your captain !!"

Seeing this horrible man seems to have not intended to answer his questions, feel the murderous machine that I advanced in the moment, I saw the black beard Tiqi, who was dying in the ground, and a strong and resentment. ,suddenly

A sudden roar broke out in your mouth.

"I will not die here !!" "" People's dream! Will it end !! "

Dark hole!!

With the outbreak of the black beard Tiqi's overdraft life, I saw him full of upright power of the strongest strength.

In all people are suspected, I saw a darkness of the darkness of the five fingertips.

Seeing the entire ground in the unlimited hell, it was paved on a layer of the most original darkness, as if he was opened with a small black hole in a different period, and the entire ground began to sink.

All things encountered in this dark, all are sinking so that they are completely compressed and smash.

"Ah! The ground is swallowed in!"

"What is these black things ?!"

"Damn! We all have to be swallowed in !!"

The entire infinite hell is gradually being swallowed by black beard Tiqi's dark fruit capabilities, and countless screams are full of screaming.

"Dreams these two words come out from your own people."

The double-blue blood red color is reflected in the darkness of his feet, and the dark beard Tiqi, which burst into a strong survival, and suddenly squatted, '. It is really a fresh and refined. joke.,'

As in the original evaluation, black beat Tiqi confirmed that he did not throw a sense of life at any time, and the king did not awakened the kingdom of domineering, and even the agency was finally defeated. The hand of others.

"Black Beard Marshall. Tiji. ... Do you think you can escape today? II, '

Looking at the black beard Tiqi, the black beard Tiqi, also struggled to make the final struggle, and the moment smashed his head, and the mouth decided his destiny, and sentenced him to death, "gave me forever Here! Your fate has already decided


"Your future is only ._ !!"

What should he do?!

Suddenly I heard the cold discourse into my ears, I feel that the black beard Tiji pupil suddenly spread.

Dragon is fireful!!!