See the darkness of the foot is about to spread to the foot of the moment, and the slender flow blade in the hands of the moment is instantaneous.

At a very short moment, the heavens and the earth were sprayed out, and the fatal high temperature combustion of six thousand degrees was twisted around the entire space around, and the boundless momentum of the moment was extremely sleek.

· ...... seeking flowers ...

A flawless sword gathered a flashlight clonted throughout the darkness of the city unlimited hell, suddenly the whole space only had such a flammous color, and the dead reflected in the pupil of everyone.

Did you here?

My ambition has not been realized.

The boldly hot flaming radiance is hot, and the black beard Tiqi is bleak, and there is a strong in the life and death crisis.

The boundless red hot burst is like a hydrogen-bomb, and the wrapped flames of swallowing to cover the entire space where the black beard Tiqi is located.

Black Beattich finally only felt that his body was burning, as if the space around him suddenly quickly bloomed a eternal sun, the flame temperature was burned, and his body inch was disintegrated.

In the end, the entire man completely made a black flying as a sword under the moment, and the sky was floating.

"Black Beat Tiji guy. ... Is it completely disappeared in this world?

The inflammatory burst of burst, looked at the blade of the flash of the fire, a sword, a gray black beard Tiqi, the sound of the Esmouth next to the huge prisoner only he can hear, '. Sa Qi II Your hatred finally reported ...


Just when everything was knotted, suddenly the entire promotion of the city's infinite hell sounded a lot of footsteps.

, 'Today's promotion city is very lively. Wind. It's so many guests,'

, 'So, how do you come in?

The dull voice sounded, and everyone fell back to God. I saw a side of the two sharp corners hanging a pair of demon. It's like Satan. The tall man took a bunch of promotion. The prison came to infinite hell.

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Chapter 260 Second Secretary of the Rain (ask for reward and automatic)

The pirates Chapter 260 Second Secrets of the rain, reward, and automatic)

"Is Magellan. A!"

, 'Deep sea big prison promotes the urban Director, the strongest man in prison! "

"Soon! There is still rain! When did he come out? !!"

After seeing the two sharp keys behind this head, the tall man hung is like Satan, with a bunch of urban prison came to the final layer of unlimited hell, and all the murderers surrounded. Sound sound.

In addition to this shape, the high man of the demon Satan is promoted, and a group of pushing the urban prison in the hat, plugging a pilot cap, a hood, a hood, a hood, a hood, holding a hood in his hand. sharp

Too knife.

It is a deep sea big prison to promote the city's original ward, but "427. It is because of macrolism often kills the prisoner, and is divided by Magellan pro-hand to judge the rain of the rain.

"The movement is too big, I finally attracted Magellan to attract Magellan, and he actually led the rain.

At all huge prisoners around the time, all the fierce prisoners who were dead were deadly stared at the two men who have just emerged. The deep sea big prison has been a "title of the iron wall, the iron wall,".

"Is Magellan and Yu Zhi Li Li ...

After a sword put the black beard Tiqi, the moment was standing quietly at the place where Magellan took a group of promotion of the urban prison and the rain, and the whole unlimited hell was blocked. After a hint of look, for these two

Guys are still very impressive.

Magellan, deep sea big prison promotes the demander of the city, and the strongest man promoted the city, the superman is toxic and poisonous, and the strength is almost the general of the Navy. It is a very powerful man.

Tree, the rain, has super-strong swordsmanship, strength and Magellan, and the desire of murderous desires often causes prisoners who promote the city so they are committed to death, and the original is a member of the Black Beard. "Your group of bastards! Actually made this unlimited hell into this look !!"

With large groups, the jail group will take the whole sixth floor unlimited prison, the responsible Mzhelun, a full-eyed ignorant hell, and suddenly furiously. "Magellan, you put it out, I am fighting for the fight.

At this time, the eyes of a cigar shot in the eyes of the hooded the eyes of the eyes, and the eyes were dead, and they looked at the most prominent moment, '. Let me see if there is any People worth killing !! "

Just when everyone has not reacted, the sword of the snow clip is like a cold star in the starry sky. When the moment, the middle distance has arrived in the moment, arrived in front of the moment.

"The strongest person here is you ?!"

It seems that I feel that the powerful breath on the moment and other people are different, I saw the bloodthirsty battle of the rain, and the second generation of the two generations of the two generations of the second generation of the ghosts were out of the sheath. before.

I showed the strength of the far-growing people, it is a super rain of the sword!

"Wait, I left! The guy is two, '

The first time I noticed the shot of the rain. At this time, Mi Zhelan saw a clear appearance after the appearance of the moment, recognizing the status of the moment, could not help but stop the rain.

But it is obvious that it is too late.

I saw the Ling Sian Shanmang, which was in front of his rapidly, and the blushing of the blue deep and bloody monsters were also circulated. The speed of the rain is re-emergence, the sword is no longer possible to escape the foresee of the blind eye of the moment. The dynamics of the future and God of God


Void Keyway · Falling New Star !!!

It seems like ancient times, I have just born in the sky, and the radiance is full of infinity swords.

In the face of the rare and sharp swords of the rain, I saw the flow of the moment in the hands of the moment. If I didn't even use the top armed colors, I killed the strength of the big sword. This sword of this star is ...

"What is this cut ?!"

No one is able to describe the light of the moment, the moment of being killed, and the eyes of everyone in the unlimited hell seem to be attached to this gorgeous sword.

I saw that the throne of the murder of the moment suddenly broke out the light of Jiuyi, the tangible sword was overflowed to break all the things around, and a sound like a metal fracture sounded.

Next second.

Everyone in front of him, the sword was scattered, and I saw it. I saw that the whole person has appeared behind the rain, and the firing in the hands of the firk is slowly returned to the sword.


As the flow blade in the hands of the flash, if the fire is completely returned into the sword , the rain behind the rain suddenly spurted out a blindfog, a huge wound bloomed in him.

"Su Sword 2"

I saw that the rain in the mouth, I have already fallen in the ground, and my face is in a sense of unbelievable look, I am looking at the second generation of the second generation of my hands in front of my hands. ' Some of the swordsman in the world have reached this place.


A dramatic metal riche sounded throughout the city unlimited hell.

The sword blade in the sky is crazy, and finally inserted into all the grounds in front of all the people in front of all the people in front of the world.

"Well. .... Second generations

The fluttering black coat coat gradually fell, and the slender figure of the moment was standing behind the rain. When the god didn't concentrate on the death of the sword sheath, if the mouth is light, "no I am going to break! "

Although the swordstemed by Yuzhihi is extremely strong, it is obviously not the opponent of the big sword to wrap the peak.

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Chapter 261 Magellan (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 261 Magellan (seeking rewards and automatic)

"The two of the two swordsmith super rainy rain."

From the trees of the rain, the whole process of the rain is less than a second, and all the fierce prisoners who have promoted the city in unlimited hell are all stunned, and the moment, the moment, the moment, the moment, and the moment. The rain is still, all the faces are all

It's hard to cover the color, 'I am defeated by him.

When the rain is still a deep sea big prison, the bloodthirsty war is often caused by prisoners who promote the city. The powerful strength and super-strong swords have erected a wide range of pretensioning the city.

Today, all the fierce prisoners in the unlimited hell were in the eyes of the rain, and they were killed in this moment, which undoubtedly a huge violent impact on the inner concern for everyone.

"This death"

I didn't have time to stop the rain, I have fallen in the hands of the moment, watching a group of people behind himself have been in the middle of the prison, Magellen, I can't help but sleep.

Originally, it is still risks that this guy will be able to increase the power to prevent this turmoil. I didn't expect that the 16 guys had impulsive shot, and I was now in a moment.

At the same time, while the mind is angry and helpless, it is also improving the moment in the heart, although 'eternal, moment is already like a thunder, but I saw him a sword, I got my strength, I was close to my own rain. Stay, Magellan is still still

I feel a unpleasant shock.


Suddenly, the flash frowned gently, and the air around him suddenly made him aware of a variety of silk.

"It is. Eternal, I seem to have I have been aware of two, '

Capturing a variety of changes in the shadowless face in front of the moment, I saw that the body is high, like the devil's Magellan. "I am a drug that has a superman poisonous fruit ability, even my breathing air Have a poisonous attribute !! "

Poisonous cloud

I saw that the poisonous fruit power in front of Magellan released the poisonous gas on the whole body, and the five senses that touched the body of the body will gradually disappear.

'Ah, this is the poisonous gas of Magellan,'

"I can't feel my breath !!"

With the outbreak of the poisonous gas on Magellan in front of Magellan, I only see the entire unlimited hell. There are already countless fierce prisoners, and the hands and death of their own throat, and the poison of Magellan gradually lost. Whole body

The five senses.

"Distinguishment of the poison of the five senses that spread in the air?

I went to a fierce prisoner in the unlimited prison in the unlimited gain, and the moment, the ability to spread in the air was the most troublesome. He still doesn't matter, but behind him. Hancark and Es are very

Can be homoked.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

I saw the blushing of the left eye of the moment, the blue light, the blue light, the whole person turned into a light smoke ghost, and the ghosts were generally around Hancock and Es.

"Since Na Na is here, I is already saved, and I have no need to stay here. I have been wasting.

Every corner of the entire deep sea big prison has been attached to the city, and there is no discovery of Na's drop. At the moment, I will now go to the Navy to fight them directly. "Go directly to the Navy. !!"

Just when I was in the moment, when I left Hancock and Ice, my eyes suddenly swayed!

Tox !!

I saw a purple venom splash in the air in front of the three people, and the Magellan's tall body was in front of this special venom path. It was sliding into the moment in front of the moment and Hancark Es.

"Never can't let you leave !!"

As the Director of this deep sea big prison, it has a very powerful Mzhelam that looks at the moment to take an important prisoner Ace, and suddenly roar, the whole person sprinkles into the front of them. .


The tall figure is still standing, and Magellan has launched the ability of toxic fruit to release three huge purple dragons from their body. One but touch these purple huge poison dragons, goals Will immediately get toxins into a beach

Concentrated water is the powerful move of Magellan poisonous fruit!

"I'm seeing that you are so loyal to the copy, you don't know how to cherish it."

Looking at the top three of the eyes to swallow everything purple, the purple, the mouth is so cold, and the bottom of the right eye is in the eye.

Round looks · must be able to be!!!

Seeing the three purple high purple dragons that Magellan released, they should be swallowed with the triputo and Hancark Es, and I saw the wheel of the right eye and the end of the pound. A dark color barrier.

Near 417

I saw three purple highly toxic dragons with strong corrosion capabilities. They were blacked and black, and they made a sound of strong corrosion. But it is never possible to break through the defense of the moment.

,'what is this?!"

I saw my best-made strong killing, I was able to block the moment, and Magellan looked up at my eyes, and I found out that I had bungle-free Ah, I found my own mind.

I haven't waited for Magellan to respond, and I rang in front of him.

I saw the paint black school constructed in front of her eyes as if there was no weight and quality, and the fist in the hand was very incredible. It was like a city wall in Magellan.


How big is the force of Saso? Mamrlen only feels that the whole person seems to be like a whole sea train, and a huge power will directly sell him, and wear unlimited. There are countless heavy bigger prison in hell.