It is only on the ground.

Chapter 262 destroys the promotion of the city (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 262, Chapter 262, destroyed the city (seeking rewards and automatic)

'' .... ''

Magellan, who was able to fly in a punch, struggled from the ruins, and the pain of the whole body spread slowly as if all his bones were smashed.

This man is as strong as people's legend. ...

It is not his opponent at all.

Holding the pain of his body, a bloody blood slowly hangs from Magellan's amount, gradually blurred his eyes, and only see the roughness of the moon, and the air is in front of the air. Continuously through the endless poor


"There is no way, I can use that trick"

The eyes of death staring at the far-sighted energy giants, and Magellan's heart is in a full and consciousness, regardless of their lives in their own roar, the whole number of poisonous fruits, '. Even if it is Out of life ...

Let you take away a prisoner !! "

Toxic soldiers · Hell trial !!

One time, it seems that the air in the city is unlimited in the city is boiling, and a highly toxic gas and a sputum that are constantly bubbling are ever.

I saw Magellan released a huge and extremely poisonous sampan giant from their own body. It was different from the purple poison that he usually released. This huge highly toxic skeleton giant is full of special bright red. Toxic formation. Anything

The contact of the quality will be accepted by the infection, and all erosion will be acounted. Everyone will gradually spread until death.

This is the strongest move of Magellan, and there is no one in the city of the whole sea.

In the huge vision of the round of the right eye, Magellan released the huge highly tohabated sage, and the surrounded space, the air in all people, the floor and the wall were all being He assimaculates the poisonous

The conductor, it is fierce.

"Very good move.

Although this kind of Magellan, which is not careful to live in front of his position, it also appreciates his strong strength, but it has no extra mind now, but it will play with him. "If you put it in us, I will definitely revenue graton During the empire

I am sorry, I am a little time now, '

Reincarnation · The most important must be able to be able to!!!

The voice of the moment is just ahead, the right eye, the blood red monster, the end of the end of the eye is endless, and the endless dilute is urgently reminded.

Just as Magellan and some survived top prisoners are not very understood in the meaning of the words of the moment, I saw the blacks around the body of the body in front of the Boldness, and the energy flames suddenly skyrocked.

It turned between the whole body of the war armor, and the hundred-meter energy giants of the super long martial law broke the sky, and he directly broke the level of the deep sea big prison layer. He has always been the most The underlying Level6 unlimited hell directly grinds the top

Layer Levell Red Lotus Hell.

"So I wish you a good luck, Mr. Second Director and Mr. Verde.

It's a big matter that I stand in front of you in front of you, watching it is much more than the full body, and the body is like a might of the realism from the heavens. The style destroyed the entire deep sea big prison to promote the city

The unspeakable face of the moment is a little degraded.

"What is this second,.

The horror ignorant hundreds of meters huge talents standing in their eyes, the scene of Magellan and survived a few top prisoners in the survival, the scene of their eyes is completely surpassing them. Cognitive power.

I saw that Magellan released the huge highly toxao skeleton culled to the moment to release the best, as if a small mourning hit is the same as a big tree, it can't afford it. Ding point of the spray.

'Hancock Eric, two stopped two,'

At this time, the whole person was wrapped in the moment of the extremely afforded in front of the diamond crystals, and the two of the two people were also wrapped in the opposite. The round of the gods in the right eye is infinite, and it is crazy.

It seems that the momentum of the moment, the most underfinitely in the mouth of Magellan blooms out of desperate roar.

With the manipulation of the moment, this is a huge giant giant giant that is more than everyone imagined. It suddenly exhibited his own cover, and the entire deep sea big prison pushed the city because Pelton instant was destroyed. .


I saw that the moment, the huge extremely poor active polar, Zuo can launch the banding behind the sky, and it is naturally destroyed through the entire deep sea big prison. Suddenly everyone only feels the endless high-pressure sea madness, the next second is very I lost my consciousness.

'This is the power of God ...

Brake wrapped in a huge extremely large-scale must be partially isolated, all of the high-pressure sea water in the outside world, looked at the full-scale deep sea big prison under his feet, and pushed the city because Pelton, (Qian Zhao) Ess On the heart, Miralen, they silently

While it is amazed, it is worthwhile to be able to think of the most affected by yourself.

"How many powerful power in his body did not show it ...

I am actually able to be instantaneous

Save the deep sea big prison to promote the world's largest world's first big prison, '. If it is not a moment of Mr., I can't escape this deep sea in this life.


Pushing the city due to Pelton 2

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Chapter 263 Each partner clouds (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 263 parties cloud movement (seeking rewards and automatic)

New Navy.


The phone on the desk has just sounded, and it is getting up in the war of the whole gods.

"Warring States Marshal .... Yongheng, moment appeared in deep sea big prison to promote the city due to Pellton ... less

I only heard the line of the newspaper war war in the phone, as if I have just experienced a last day-like cataval, "saved the Potkas. Es II, and also destroyed the entire promotion city ...

"Do you destroy the promotion city?

It seems that I have already expected this news, I heard the report of this champion, the Warring States seems to have heard a signal, and the mouth is slightly smoldering: "Well, I know, you also inform the world government and five Old star ...

"Publish Tina's news ... After finishing, the Warring States cut off the call.

Also rescued the blood of the One Piece.

After hanging down the phone, the Warring States long sighs, and the wise eyes flashed and far-reaching, 'But now is not tangled, it is time ._ ... The most important thing is now. .... This war is over.

"Walking Capu 2 Wars should start ...

867 I have done all preparations and deployed Warring States got up and hit the white naval mangrai uniforms hung on the sofa, deeply glanced in this one of the naval jackets that he almost wearing a big life, and the language is long and long. "Maybe this is me

The last time wearing this dress side by side ...

"Walking old man 20, '

At this time, I stood in front of the Marshal Office window, gazing, stifisting with the entire naval ignition of the entire Navy, and the top battleship of countless naval, and a piece of heart.

I don't know if this trip is over.

Whether the navy will still exist

Soon, three days of time turning over.

For some people, the waiting for these three days seems to be suffering from three years.

Just three days ago, the Navy's part issued a warning and news alarmed the whole world.

Former Navy's Major General Tina is changing the enemy forces, sells the world government and the Navy's interests, and the tartr pirates have caused the Navy's ten warships to be destroyed a series of charges such as the naval soldiers and other crimes. Three

After the day, the new Navy is openly performed.

This news was released, and suddenly vibrated the whole world sea. All glance people sniffed from this news.

The Navy's colors will 'black, Na Na's emperor's emperor' eternal, , about this big sea, there are many people who know that the Navy suddenly speaks in the Naval Branch, 'Eternal, What is the reaction?

Is this publicly sentenced to his face? This is the problem that everyone is concerned about everyone in the world.

New world.

Drifting on the Babi Dicks of the Beno Sea.

The naval girlfriend of this kid is going to be decided by the public office? "

I looked at the news that the news depicted on the newspaper and the photo of a big one. The white beard suddenly sighed, 'This is not good news. Wind ... Take the child's personality,.

"Is this the World Government and the Navy to fight for a battle ...

'Who let the guy communicate so much girlfriend.

At this time, the Malco next to the white beard is a bit of a gloating, but the expression will become serious, '. But the old man. ... The World Government and the Navy help guys don't give the face, I'm don't want to? "

"First, look at it again. ... In the case of the child's personality (BGFH) and strength, I am afraid that I don't need us at all.. '. White beard is deep, and there is still a medical treatment. Gas pipe.

New world.

A island that is not far from the country.

"Liang Hahaha ... eternal, the woman's woman is actually resigned by the Navy ?!" After reading the newspapers in his hand, 'Baomeo, Mado huge mouth suddenly broke out a series of laughter .

But then I thought of the unprecedented defeat for more than a year ago, and Thara's fierce eyes suddenly issued an injured wild beast to have a harm and crazy.

He will not forget this life. When you have a single horses, it seems like playing a general killing of all the crew, and even chasing him in the first half of the great navigation, let him have all accumulated prestige. All of the confidence

It was destroyed until it took a long time he finally recovered.

"So Tharma two about this public office, don't you ?? 'At this time, a person who made a demon of the devil's demon. He is the screamed 500 people in the hundred beasts. one of.

'Go! Of course! How can I miss it in such a lively ?! "

It seems that it has foreseen the feelings of the pain on the face, and the faces of Herdo were burned by high temperature, and suddenly the excited twisted out of the fierce expression, "there is also the Duolan brother. Guys should also be called by the Navy.

To inform him. "


I have given me ten years ago.

This time I will definitely pay it back ...

The One Pirates of the Three Emperor Red Piece Rad Fos is riding wind on the wind in the waters of the new world.

"What is this? The Navy Major Tina will be publicly punished?"

Looking at the newspapers on the hand, the red-haired Xiangks deeply frowned, apparently this news glanced to see a Hongmen feast of the world government and the navy.

But the problem is two

Is the guy in the moment to go to a banquet?

"Let's go to Becman, we will go to the Navy's part!! ', Baining slightly, red-haired Xiangxon is open to let this Bakeman turn the bow.

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Chapter 264 Opening (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 264 War Opening (ask for reward and automatic)

I hope that the storm that blows the world has passed.

The times are still the big one of our familiarity.

At the foot of the Leid Fos, the bow is moving in the direction of the new Navy. The sea breeze can't blow the red-haired incense. Now this crazy and uncontrollable situation has made him I can't see the future.

It is flat that this war is a god Empire or the World Government Navy. The ending will not be what he wants to see, and it is a big patersery era that is now the red-haired fragrance really wants.