Among the new Navy.

The new Navy's base towering wall is full of firepower heavy robin that the World Government's latest firepower, all of the top bators are all neatly arranged on the shore terminal.

Looking around, the entire Navy's base is exhausted, the strongest elite and the world government are elite elite, all of the people's faces are waiting.

In addition to this.

Countless image phones are aligned with the entire new Naval Department, the publicly punishment of Tina and all situations originally broadcast in front of each of the world.

"Hey you said. Eternal. Will it come true?

At this time, a naval soldier looked at the world government of the world, and I didn't know that it was because the weather was hot or tensioned, and it had exiled intensive sweat. "Two things should be wo, I should not be so many people, two" Some difficult swalloweds, obviously this world government is elite confidence, is not as sufficient as he said.

, '

At this time, he said that he looked at the Warring States, Kapu, Air, and Four Naval Branch of the high-rise platform behind him, and even three old stars wearing black suit, this finally returned itself. High hanging heart, '. Even

The god empire really appeared ._. "It is definitely not our opponent ...

The towering devalue.

Tina is still the same as the original pair of shirts, just the handcuffs and chains that have been stained by the sea from the sea. The chain is firmly blocked.

"I really never thought ... The Navy actually fell to the second day.

In the decision, Tina's cold voice took a trace of I's anger, which was also incomparably disappointed, and the eyes were cold and glanced at the Warring States and Kapu, and there were empty and five old stars.

In order to deal with the imperial empire.

Just make things shameless without the bottom line.

Perhaps the second navy has always been a definite justice.

A cold and cold beauty stares on the naval part of this decayed numbness.

In the mind of Na's mind, I have said that I have said.

"Sorry, we are two,.

I found that Na's eyesight, clearly felt that the anger and disappointment contained, Capu couldn't help but whispered his head.

, '

At this time, the five old stars around Kapu are gently snort, "" As long as you can successfully "eternal, moment, the threat of the Empire, the Elimination of the Dai Na is the whole world's savior and the hero of the entire navy" .

'After you will naturally understand our pain,'

After listening to the way, the eyes of Na original flash were slightly bleak.

Will He will save Tria?

As a hierarchical navy, the reason in the mind made her absolutely reluctant to see the moment to jump into this obvious trap in the moment.

But as a normal woman, I don't know why she is deeply awkward, but it is very eager to see it again at this moment.

"I beg you. ... Don't appear two this obvious is a trap ... The ultimate reason is still the impulse you want to see the moment, Q Na is constantly praying in the heart, '. If What surprises appear in the moment ... Tina

I won't forgive myself for a lifetime ....

Ask for flowers, ',', ',', '

Just as the inner heart of Na, I am pleading to praying.

"What is the two ...

Some horrified sounds in the Navy sounded, everyone looked up, and there seems to have a large black object in the horizon in the distance, and is gradually enlarged with an amazing speed.

"this is?!"

"What's going on?! Natural disaster ?!" Suddenly saw such an intercommunications in the distant sky, even the new Navy's general green cattle is also unbearable, so the same scene Let him think of natural natural disasters.

After all, I suddenly saw this shocking scene.

The first idea of ​​normal people will naturally natural disasters.

I saw that the original azure calm sky is in the distance, I don't know when I have already started to have a flush color.

Countless white clouds are rolled away. A huge too ancient meteorite burns a burning flame in the atmosphere. After burning red whole sky, there is an air in the end of the day, as if it is invisible Grand hand manipulating generally lock

The orientation of the new Navy's part of the Navy is settled.

"Don't die, you will see the green cattle ... At this time, there is no lazy look next to the green body of the green cow, and the eyes began to gradually become unpredictable.

"Is this a trip last year ... At this time, the five old stars looked at the vastness of the day, and the eyes under the glasses flanged a sharp feng, so the familiar ending scene, his life will not forget.

I saw the distance on the horizon of the horizon, and the bigger meteorite is on the top of the meteorite, and the silver white long flesh dance is like a fairy. I stand on a black suit with a tall man, combing it like two horn. Hairstyle.

"Ready? Two Bruno 2"

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Chapter 265 Jun is in the world (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 265 Jun Lin Tianxia (ask for reward and automatic)

New Navy.

Today, all the most exciting troops, the top battleship, the top battleship, the most perfect formation of this world, can be absolutely causing any enemies from any angle.

The highest top-level combat configuration has three five old stars, the world government chief, 'steel, empty, navy master, the Warring States, the Navy Heroes' Tie Boxing, the four generals of the Navy, and the king of the temporary convened Down Seven Wuhai, there are still countless naval rights more refundable.

Elite will be in and other senior generals.

Not exaggerated, in front of such a top lineup, even if it is facing two or three four emperors, it is easy to deal with, this is also the first time the World Government and the Navy's first in this 800 years. Enemy, '/, three seven,' O

"Deceived a deceptive ...

However, at this moment, this seeming to destroy the whole world in the sky, some young navals don't know their mouths, and they can't help but must themselves.

Dang !!

"God's strength ...

Looking up at the countless gorgeous meteorite in the distance in the distance, seeing this seemingly fascinated dragonfly, some navy even shocked even the weapons in his hand falling on the ground.

They once thought that the enemy would attack from the sea, and I thought that the enemy would come up from underwater, but never thought that the enemy would actually come in such a shock.

, 'DR is ... is eternal, in the moment ?! "

At this time, a group of kings standing in the back of the Navy's part. The sea, the sea, Dover, Duolan brother, widened the eyes under the sunshine, and he never thought that there would be such a shock in the world. Power of people.

As far as I thought I had a shame of him for more than ten years ago, the character of the trainee is like the Duolan brother's sun ink, and I can't help but I can't help it. It is not forgotten in this life. Dream. "This is the same as the bosso."

At this time, the moonlight, Molia, one of the Queen Seven Wuhai, and looked at the shortcoming of the sky, the meteorite rain, which came to the end, suddenly the mouth raised a secret smile, the eyes did not have a good look. At a glance, a world government

The government and the Navy's high-level war.

" "

With a big cigar, 'sand crocodile, Klkdal's fierce face, a smile, glanced at the end of the stage of the United States, such as the enemy, the top trust of the Naval Partner , 'Mouth is playing the world government.

And all the attention of all the power of the Navy ...

AX Ming That two you are stupid two,.

And at this time, Navy

Always deal with you here. ... Why come over !! "

"It's coming! All members are prepared !!"

The fierce eyes of the glasses have been locked in front of the sky, the meteorite group, which is constantly close to the Navy's part, and the five old stars have gripped their hands in the hands of the unparalleled, the beginning of the first generation, the face is dignified. Since the heart is drinking.

"We have to go up! Warring States! Cap !!"

I feel that the countless falling rain in the front of the sky has not yet slowed the land of the feet. It is like the gentleness of the end of the day, the generic's morale, and the 'steel bones are also awkward. A drink, behind the battle

When the country and Capaton were both alert.

, 'Three five old stars, four naval general, Warring States Cardp also come, it is really luxurious lineup ...

The blue-blue deep and blood red monster is more and more and closer to the Navy of the Navy, which is getting closer to their feet. The ,, , , Grid.

"Don't be afraid of the second, I will save you Na ...

"It's coming! It's going to fall! We are nowhere to escape !!"

I looked at the big meteorite in my top sky, and I haven't landed the endless last day and the airflow has taken away all soldiers and generals of the entire Navy. This is unable to resist the power. all

The soldiers are all trembled.

Meteor volcano!!

Looking at the huge quarterly rain in the sky, it will be fallen, and the screwdriver of the red dog is the first shot.

I saw a high-temperature hot breath suddenly broke out from the barefoot. The whole person's hands were made by the dark red-haired hot rock, and the countless huge meteorite in the top sky bombarded several remembers. A violent boxing, kneading

All power.

The entire space of the top of the people has dyed the rock color, and the huge lava fists formed by countless lava are like the magma of the fireflow rains to continue toward the huge stalls in the height.


Dozens of huge lava fists are constantly burning, flourishing the smoke between countless black and red in the air, passing a pungent atmosphere throughout the space.

Ice Cubes 3.0 - Mouth !!

Holding the whole body, the red dog just moves, and the other side is not willing.

I saw his arm that was burned in a sword in a twine day ago. Now it has replaced the limb of ice, and the ability to start her own frozen fruit suddenly moved towards countless huge meteorites in the sky. It has been huge. Icebird, powerful frost

The way is solid, and all the air of this countless end of the sky is stronger!

"Put Tna is optimistic! This guy has a moment of moving !! '. At this time, the Warring States suddenly reminded everyone around.

Chapter 266 is like not top war (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 266 of the One Piece is similar to not top war (seeking rewards and automatic)

As a opponent, the fight against the country, the Warring States, the ghost, the ghost, no silent movement, is really impressive, so I have to open the mouth again to remind everyone.

Gravity knife · Tiger !!

At this time, I saw the red dog and blue afterstead. The new Navy's head of the leader of the vine tiger was in the hands of the knife. The knife was suddenly scabble. It suddenly fell toward the false big meteorite of the sky. Intangible horizontal gravity.

Domineering shock wave!!

The Warring States next to the people also suddenly entered the big Buddha form of everyone, the huge body golden light four shots, the golden domineering shock waves slammed in the hand, the fierce shock waves were suddenly burst into the sky.

In the face of such a huge stress in the top sky, the general green cattle, the empty and Kaup and the three five old stars have also shot, and the countless huge meteorite in the sky has played a strong one. hit.


At this time, it seems to catch the fightering fightering fleet in front of the scene.

The mid-eyewalk glasses, the eyes of the eyes, the beginning of the hand, the beginning of the ghost, the soul, the soul of the almost naked eye, accompanied by a sword with a wipe, like a sword of the whole world, suddenly chasing the sky The moment on the huge meteorite

I have a powerful blow.

"Well. ... I haven't seen it for more than ten years." Your sword is more refined.:.

The foot of the squid is like the trendy of the fairy, and the blue blood red eyes have a huge shock of this way. It seems that the long hair of Silver and white flying dance is blown away. His perfect face and a cool smile


"But you don't have to have an urgency, I will send you three two five old stars.

Dragon is fireful!!!

The sound of the moment is like VanIne, and the long-term fraction of the slender flow blade in the hand is immediately out of sheath.

At a very short moment, in the hands of the long and narrow sword sheath in the hands, it seems that it was pulled out of a brakes and will pull a full blazing and eternal Big ancient volcano.

When the world is average hot and hot, the hot-fired spray is out. The fatal high temperature combustion of six thousand degrees is distorted around the entire space, and the boundless momentum of the moment is soaked.