Naruto's Jade Crash System

Tier's Crack System Chapter 430

The boundless hot burst and the sword storm point clipped around the entire Navy.

The burst of the burst swordscent and the ghosts of the five old stars, and the two huge pounds of the sword were suddenly hit together, a burst of intangible slender sleeper in front of everyone. In the formation, two extreme big swords hit the light

Nine days of front!

Boom !!!

With the short swordsmanship between the two bones between the two old stars, all the world governments and Navy's highest combat force at the foot of the feet finally asked all the fallen majestic meteorites around the moment. .

One time, the ear of the entire Navy's part is temporarily caught in the state of deafness. The sky is constantly fumiting, and the star is like a star, bombing the sound of shocking the whole world.

It seems that the time is fixed, the entire navy's head is in the sky, and the light and heat burst into this moment, and it took off all people's sight.


It's like all the stars to explode a crushing debris. The huge gravel and rocks generated after countless meteorite frying have fallen into the earth under the foot of everyone.

"Amount of the mouth. A !!!"

A series of screams have formed this purgatory battlefield unique tone. I saw a large number of naval soldiers and the world government's elite unavoidable events or by these intensive gravel and rock blocks, one is not dead.

"This death

Seeing so many falling naval soldiers and the world government else, the Warring States in the Warring States in the Warring States, and the sputum broke out in the scorpion.

At the moment, 'from your seizure, you should think about this consequence !! "

The last moment of the foot, the big meteorite suddenly pulled the people under the foot. It was like a natural god who would fall to the people. The silver is not open, and the top of the sound is like a sound, the sound is like Hong Zhong. Lu is generally

Navy's head of everyone blooms.

"Hey, don't be too unhorseful !!"

I heard that the voice of the Babo is like a Vicoon, I am in my heart, my face is like a long-term long-haired five old star, and the long-term white beard is blown. It is suddenly fierce.

Air gun !!

I saw that the long-haired five old stars suddenly became like an invisible air. At the top of the sky, the top of the sky was turned on and the huge meteorite hands with the air, suddenly the 480 moment, the Bruno side only felt all the surroundings. Air is

Condensation lock, the whole body moves.

It seems that there is a disaster that can't see it. There is no trace of killing or energy, and the air gun in the hands of the long hair is standing, and all the air in front of the top of the people suddenly condense, forming a steel. Castable

High pressure air gun.

With strong strong, there is no short-on-gynean meteorgite under the foot of the Brake and Bruo, and the huge meteorite in the sky in the sky in the sky in the sky. Soundtrack.

"Is it solved?

All the people in the entire Navy were deadly stared at the sky. This huge meteorite was bombarded by long-haired five old stars, and the face was just exposed on the face suddenly solidified.

'Give you hope that you are desperate ... this is interesting nothing ... less

All everyone only heard the sound of the moment is like a burst of Van Yin once again resounded their hearts, and suddenly his face suddenly changed.

Chapter 267 Dating everything (ask for reward and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 267 Clear Distinguished (ask for reward and automatic)

Renovation of eyes · !!!

I saw the moment when I was in the sky. The left eye gods were gently surged. Suddenly in the eyes of everyone, the huge meteorite in the sky, suddenly began to integrate each other. the trend of.

The whole earth was shaken, and I saw the huge meteorite after the broken eyes. Under the handling of the blind eye of the moment, it was even condensed into a magnificent greaty, like a memorable monument. Standing in the Navy's part

"What is this ...

I opened my eyes, and the Warring States shockedly looked at this battlefield in front of the battlefield, as if they were able to insert a huge look of the clouds, even more than the giants of their own Navy.

"Can we really defeat such guys ...

Especially the highest war of the highest power of the Navy, completely concealed the color of your face, just asked the five old stars to fight the huge meteorite, now actually changed to this ear. It is difficult to deal with guys.

"What's wrong? The expression on your face seems to be full of fear ...

Some sidelines sounded, and only see the random bunch of hands on the very unparalleled grandimate, the black coat coat, the long hair of the silver and white flying dance, the perfectness is not like the face of human face, a pair of blue blood red color double pupil With a god of relief

The rhyme is overlooking everyone at the foot.

"Let go of Na 2 or otherwise ...

"Next year today is the sacrifice of everyone ... I said to do it ...

A silence.

Although the opponent is only one person, although it took only a Bruno to be around, this kind of tens of thousands of navy, such as the end of the day, the end of the navy, and took the soul of all people in the scene.

"Hey! Kill that! You won't be a lot to think that you can deal with us 100,000 people here?" ,,! "

When I saw the morale of the morale, a breath was once again being suppressed and the speech was suppressed to the extreme, 'Steel bones were cold, and the eyes were dead, and the moment of huge magnificent appearance. Said.

Between words, empty obviously ignored Bruno around the moment.

"You still have no longer grow up. ... less

Wen said that the sharp eyes penetrated the distance between hundreds of meters in the middle, and there was a gentleness in the air before everyone, and the tone was mocked, and you won't think that this is the soil. Can the chicken woven can deal with me? "

Everyone in the entire Navy has heard of the moment to describe them as the earth's dog, and suddenly rishes his face, but it is not dare to surrounded by the unfolded gentle in the moment.

At this time, I saw the moment in front of myself. I saw that I was touched and an angry nna, and the two eyes were unable to stop the overwhelming. I said that I have already sistered it. "I know what it is here." People must deal with

You. ... Why do you still have to appear. ... clear this is the mistake of Nna.

I shouldn't have a expectation for such a navy.

"This stupid woman ...

The top-level sees IA is clearly listened to the cry of Na's heart. Some distressed is funny, quietly focused on the feet, and then crying in the criminal station, the juna, soft saying: "Don't cry" Tina. Soon I will take you back home,.

In the moment, the short-skinned honey is suddenly touched, and there is a nerve in the scene. I saw the Warring States Card Pu on the punishment station and the air three people formed a triangular formation, dead Blocking the moment any possible possible

The corner of Tina is.

"2" two "

At this time, I saw that the red dog did not sound until the three Navy's generals, and the eyes were gloomy, staring at the top of this huge grandimate, and the face of the darkness was also covered with an instant. If the blade burns the wound

"Na is the sinner of the Navy, I will never let you ...

In the eyes of everyone widened, the geeks of the red dog have not been finished, and the whole person is instant to become a red hot magma.

I saw that when I said in the red dog, the huge magnolia was suddenly waved at my huge right leg. Although I didn't have armed colored domineering but so huge volume. The whole person is scattered

A group of hot magma, splashed out.

'Where do you talk? Saskaski ... less

After stepping the huge magnificent statue of the feet, I will play the red dog to a magma. I am disdainful to raise my mouth. Although the Navy's general is in the sea, it is a fear of everyone. There is no eligibility in front of him.



Just made a headbird, I was burned into a downtown. I saw a red face on the dark face after the red dog. Obviously the personality has suffered great insults.

"Don't be too arrogant! Today, just stay here! Your god Empire will naturally not attach it to (Queen) broken !!" Seeing the moment, it is obviously not in the eyes, at the foot The blonde five old stars are slightly frowned, and they will open their mouths.


"Is it? .... Since you have to war, I will give you a war. ....

See all the highest war of the world's highest level and the highest war of the world, all of them are here, and suddenly shot, "Let the final facts will talk !!"

Warming · !!!

Under the phenomenon of the huge frozen force in the body, the frozen force in the air is condensed, and the grace of a layer of vacuum multi-layer ice wall forms a huge rocky god, a dozens of meters. Long wide ice knife appears in rocky statue

In the hands.

Chapter 268 rescues Dunan (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 268 of the One Pirate, rescue Dun Na (ask for reward and automatic)

"It's coming! Everyone is careful !!"

The whole god is alert to the war country of the moment, and seeing such a big move between the moment, and suddenly she drinks a whole body of the whole person.

However, everyone is surprised that the huge wear

What are he doing ?!

No matter the death of Na,?!

For a while, everyone is a little.

"The death of the death is spread !!"

After a strong psychological struggle, the Warring States next to everyone entered the big Buddha form of everyone, the huge body Jinguang four shots, the golden domineering shock wave slammed in the hand, the murderer shock wave, the head, the squad Below

The huge fist suddenly burst into brush. "This kid is crazy."

At this time, the time, when the Warring States, the big gods of the battle, the big god of the ice, the big gods, and instantly showed a skilled no 660-compared six-mite sharest as a black arc with a black arc. Na will open a criminal station.

I saw that Kapu had just left Tina left. Huge frozen gods smashed the golden giant Buddha Warring States smashed the entire prostitute. Everyone between all people were scattered.

At this time, a dull impact sounded, and the change suddenly happened.

I saw that the Jagan's shaving, the Jagan is rumored to take the prisoner, and the whole person quickly arrived at the extreme movement but suddenly!

It seems that suddenly hit a wall of visible walls, I saw that the stomach of the Kapu eyes rushed to the whole person was suddenly caught, and the giant force that could not see the naked eye suddenly felt in his stomach, and the whole person Bombard out.

What happened??

At this time, I was originally taken from the prisoner of the criminal station, I can't understand my shear, and I looked at this sudden change in front of him.

"" (BGFD)

I saw the success of myself, and I took the Kapu to intercept Tina, standing on the huge ice, the bottom of the moment, I pulled a smile.

Yes, in a moment, he applied his right-eyed wheel to the eye, the prison, the shadow used the wheel tomb world, and the shadow of the Wheel Tomb directly flew the card and successfully intercepted Tina, with the left eye The god of the blind eye pre-all all the battle changes

Escape his eyes.


Seeing this suddenly happened, three five old stars will respond immediately, and immediately change, "is the attack !!"

Six-style · razor!!

The first reaction of Blonde Five Elders, and the teeth suddenly broke out all the strength. The whole personnel made a dark arc. In the air, the transients were generally blinking in Tina. In front of.

However, the movement of the five old stars in the next second, and suddenly stopped his eyes, and suddenly he opened his eyes.

Because in the moment I have just replaced the shadow of the wheel of Na, I stood the expression of the blonde five old stars in front of the mouth of the mouth.

Tuna is so embarrassing this ??

I looked at this situation in front of this situation, all people surrounded around, under the global control of this line of clouds, everyone felt that their reaction was like a puppet that was operated by an invisible big hand.

"Damn ...

Life is still!!

At this time, the nearest blonde five old stars in the moment instantly entered the status of the six-style oyster life. The whole person transit is generally fantastic, and each figure has exhibited the body six-style. Amo.

Six-style ortho · six gods!!

I saw that the blonde five old stars were in the state of life, and they showed their different six six-style physical technology, including the hell feet and the devil's gun, this absolute powerful killing, blinking Between the moment, I will kill in front of my eyes.

Shocking the killing of Haoyu!