Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 431 of the Crash System

"Good !!"

When the one hand, I'm just in the waist of Na's fiber waist, and I'm still in the future, I suddenly faced the blonde five old stars so shocking the killing of the blonde. The blue blood of the blue blood did not help but lit.

Eighty god air hit !!!

I saw a flash of Tina slim, the left eye and blue mysterious God blinks, and there is a very vast breath of the ancient ancestors, and the other hand is suddenly reached light. Like the front blow.

All the air between the sudden space between the five old stars suddenly were excluded, and there were countless vacuum fists between tangible and invisible in space. It seems like a God from heaven

Wang Zhiquan, every trick has a hitting the hegemony of the world, the six-style ultimate oysters of blonde five old stars.

Eighty gods air hit VS six-style oyster, six gods!!!

Obviously there were countless vibration and deafening rings, but they made a sound in an instant, and the shocking sound formed almost had to shock the eardrum in the field.

I saw that in the moment of the original body, the eighty god air hit, this is the attack of all the unscrupulous boxing of everything, and the three-star, the blonde five old stars, the blonde five old stars. Ultimate Aiqiu Shenqi Festival defeated

Inch tile.

not good!!

I was almost in the Holy Land Mary Qiaoa, the blonde five star, who had been killed, lived, and felt that the whole person was in an unparalleled attack. It is like a rainy rain. The boat swaying, always

There is a faded bone, and I suddenly made a sense of strong palpitations.

Chapter 269 True War (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 269 Real War (seeking rewards and automatic)


I only feel that the whole body has a sudden pain, and a bloody smell between the nose is poured out. The blonde five old stars were suddenly hitting all the offensive. The whole person was hungry. Shooting, directly wearing the entire crushing punishment

Everything happens too fast!

When everyone looked at the blonde five old stars, it was only when the whole person was like the arrow. This was only able to react, from the moment of exercise the powerful clothes, and the destruction of the criminal station, to Taku Interchange position of Tuni and Tomb Shadow

Going to the five Elder Star and the blonde, all this only happened between the moment.

If you don't have God's reincarnation and God's round, this kind of look that surpass everything is, and ordinary people can't do this battle to control everything.

High pressure air explosion!!

Just a record of the eighty gods, the flying gold sent five old stars. When I was a flash, I found that the air suddenly exploded a group of air suddenly stunned to form a violent explosion. I saw long hair five old stars. The whole personnel made a group of intangible empty

It is quietly appearing in the top of the head of the moment and Na, and I played my own violent kill.

The sword of the disaster!!

It is not only the high-pressure air explosion over the top of the head, and there is a thunderous thunder with a blood, and it seems that all the souls of all the bad luck and disasters have brought the sword, and suddenly in the air. Grievances

It is just that the five old stars have never used the beginning of the beginning of the ghost!

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

The awareness of the long-haired five old stars and the five old stars are so fierce, the moment is not moving, the left eye will be in the eyes of infinity, and the blue light is hidden, just in the two stocks. In an instant, I disappeared in the original place.

Bang !!!

I saw that the high-pressure air explosion of Changfa Five old stars directly took the ground to the ground in the moment, and the soul of the five old stars had torn the whole land under the feet.

Have you hit?

Still ... ~

While dying stared at the dust fog, the dust fog flying in front of him, and observed the movement around himself, no one in the whole department of the Navy dared to have a big idea.

After all, it has also been a person who is unfortunate in the battle, and now it has become a history of the history.

"Be careful! Behind you !!"

At this time, I Zheng Zheng Gao Gully Buddha and the Warming · Donkey to the Warring States, suddenly taking the empty reminding all everyone in the field.

The voice reminded by the Warring States, and everyone suddenly returned to God. I saw that I didn't know when I took Na and even Bruno appeared in the shore behind them.

, "Let's go with me! Just kill them anyone! Even the five rankings !!"

The traces of the three people in the moment and Tina were found. Under the call of several Navy's senior generals, the Naval soldiers of the entire Navy's naval and the world government are elite as if the tide is generally emerging in the distance of the distance.

Under such a huge-scale sea tactics, the whole land of the entire Navy seems to be shaking, countless footsteps and shouting, which are a straight-grade momentum, this is the war of war.

, 'What is the role of this level of two people?

Seeing hundreds of thousands of naval soldiers and the world government of hundreds of thousands of people in front of me, the unbreakable formation is coming towards themselves.

Shake the king color, shake the territor!!!


In the entire Navy's own disturbed eyes, there was a sudden outbreak from the moment of inexplicably.

When the entire Navy's ground, all the turtles were all tilted, and the countless naval soldiers and the world government of the three people were stacked, and the world government was elite, which was suddenly pulled out. A row of rows

Full of dizziness.

· ... seeking flowers ...

The mixture of wind and thundering electric flash is completely turned into the end of the territory of the end of the scene, and even the soldiers who directly brought the front row directly become an idiots who lost their thoughts!

"How can I be two of his'. It actually grows to this point ...

Also owned by the king's qualifications, Kaoji Qiqi, shocked, and suddenly, he suddenly opened his mouth, "I gave me a broken! The number of people didn't work at all !!"

"Hey, don't worry ...

Looking at all the naval soldiers and the world government all over the countryside were shocked by their horses, they cleared a absolute vacuum area, and the angle of the moment gradually raised a smile of the Senior.

"The world's top war is now just starting !!"

"Bruno !! '. At the moment, I showed my head to Bruno.

"Yes! BOSS!"

Get the illustrated moment, Bruo around us, I nodded, gently went to the moment before I launched the ability of the superman door fruit.

Air opening!!

I saw a black suit, Bruno went to the moment, and reached out suddenly opened a round door in front of the air, and it was revealed that the scene in the Arono Empire can be seen. God of love

The Robet army soldier appeared in it.

What are he doing ?!

The five old stars in the distance, the Warring States and Kapu have time, suddenly see the mysterious space of Bruno opened in the air, and I can't solve my brow.

However, when all of them saw the scenes of this space of this space opened by Bruno, all the faces of all people in the entire Navy's part were colors.

(Don't eat flowers don't want to reward, I wish you all a happy May Labor Festival in advance!

Chapter 270 summoned the army (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 270, Chapter 270, summoning the army (seeking reward and automatic)

New Navy's base.

Tens of thousands of naval soldiers and the world government are far from the moment of flashing on the coast and Tina and Bruno, and the scene is very funny.

But there is no one in the field, there is no one in the moment, I can laugh.

"Haha! BOSS! Is it finally going to fight !!"

Suddenly, everyone heard a arrogant laughter in the entire atmosphere of the Navy's Base, "Great! I have been waiting for it for a long time !!"

This is here!!!

I saw "Three-three-zero violent electric light, light, suddenly, suddenly a man's figure made a blue Lei Qi lightning moment from Bruno's space in the door.

, !! "

White headscarf, golden scepter, naked upper body, when you look at the appearance of the people, I saw that the first face brush of the red dog was overjoyed. For this in the sea, it has been rewarded in the sea. Baile's general-level master, he looks

I recognized the identity of Ai Ni Road.

"BOSS! The 100,000 army of the god Empire has all been assembled! Wait for you !!"

At this time, a dark radians quickly flashed from the door of Bruno, quietly smart, and black suit with Bruno, Hedu is Rob Road.

"This guy is also here.., '

Noting that the emergence of Luqi, at this time, the king of the Navy soldier army and the world government's elite back-end, the 'sand crocodile, and the crocodile, the fierce eyes of Klock Darn flashed a inexplicable feng.

Running the voice of the road, the body huge and powerful Edward Weibier, the head of the winter horses holding the wilderness of Trafalga Luo, and even there is an appearance of the world, the world is the world's first Beauty Hancark one by one in Bruno

The door is coming out of the door.

'Death Surgeon Temple Raffarga Luo. ... A White Beard II, Edward Webur, one of the seven Wuhai, Qi Dynasty, Emperor, Baya Hancuk. There is also that Judi Island CP9 The strongest in 800 years, sentenced the world government directly under the secret spy newspaper CP9

. Killing weapon Rob Road 2, '

Looking at a powerful master from the distance of the Bruo's space in the distance, standing in the big name between the brilliance between the big bidelike and green cattle, 'is one Tough guy, a few,

"The Capital Capability is the second of the Navy and the Arono Empire II, '

Deep staring at the space of the space opened by Bruno, and the empty in the ancient face can not help but have a heavy pressure. Is all the combat power of the I Bayono Empire summoned? two,'

, 'The guy who is still a golden lion, the guy does not seem to have two or no matter what is even more difficult.

Empty guess is not wrong, but in addition to the Golden Lion History and Cariefa Robin and other part of the demon fruit power, they stayed outside the god Empire's guards, this time, this time, all the gods, all the gods, all the gods, all the war and force All brought to the Navy


"Tuna has been saved?

I saw that Hancark appeared in the door of Bruno's space. Immediately moved his legs to the front of Bai Zhe's legs to the side of the moment, and the whole Navy's part of the entire Navy is facing the whole Navy. Battle and force.

"You are ... Emperor, Baya Hancuk !!"

In the moment, Tina took a look at Hancark's identity. The two of them were the youngest colors of the Navy's part, a Queen, who had worked with the Navy of the World Government, of course, mutual recognition each other.

"After the war has passed, we will talk about the second". The most important thing in front of you is to deal with these enemies ... Hancark has not told Tina, but a pair of shears

Military army. ......

"Five old stars, empty, Warring States Kapu ... Although the world government and the Navy have many people,.

At this time, a pair of blue blood-colored scorpions are full of five old stars and empty and Warring States cards their wonderful looks, but they will gradually raise their mouths, "But this time I brought There are also many people.. "

"What do he want to do ?!"

The words that are quietly told in the mouth, the sound penetrates any hinders that have passed the incident in the ear of the entire Navy's part, and the five old stars and empty and the Warring States Cap have a few hearts. A extremely uneasy palpitations.

"All give me! My army !!"

It seems that they have verified their disturbance, I saw that I suddenly opened my hands and slammed, as if it was a king who embraced the world, the whole person was full of all-in-one, a master of the world.

"Long live gratuism!" Long live you !! "

It seems to hear the call of the moment, and a hundred thousand people can explode, the sound of the tsunami sounds suddenly vibrate the air of the entire Navy, as if it is never stopped, the ancient rhodies generally from the door of the Bruo, Pulling out.

7 '. Not good! I'm so happy !! "

I suddenly heard such a large number of voices, and the three five old stars on the distance were suddenly changed, and the five old stars were in the first time.

"No ... I'm too late. .... Less

Suddenly, the long-haired long-haired long-haired long white beard, the long-haired white beard, gently fuse, and it is rare to show a variety of human fluctuations.

Flip-flops ....

A neat pace is rising, and suddenly the whole land of the entire navy begins to vibrate.