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Chapter 432 of Hueding Crack System

Chapter 271 Wang to the king (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 271 Wang to Wang (ask for reward and automatic)

All of the entire Navy's part of the Navy has widened their eyes, watching an armed unique god imperial army soldier with war-unique smoke, from the Bruo's space, the tide of the tide is constantly moving out. .

, 'This quantity has not avoided too much ...

In the air of the Navy's naval in front of the Navy's empty space, it seems that the magic is constantly increasingly has a more and more god imperial army soldiers, and the countless naval soldiers around me and the world government are very difficult to swallow their own. Delivery.

"Damn. Do he bring the army of the entire god Empire ?!"

Seeing that tens of thousands of military soldiers who have come up with at least 10,000 people have been filled with the entire navy of the far away, the five old star are sinking, and they will not be calm, '. No one Let him release more force !! "

"We !!"


Almost the sound of the five old stars is also spread in the air. I saw that he raised his hand. It seems that the huge sword of the whole world is smashed. He is accompanied by countless almost naked eye visible soul evil spirits. Hit it out.

Then I saw the five old stars, the whole person was suddenly a white lightning. I saw his entire person tightly followed the huge sword with himself. Sharp, no big fast knife, the beginning of the ghost

It is going to go out to the position where the position in Bunno is located.

Six-style, brother, knew,!!

Almost at the same time, the blonde five old stars also cooperated with the five old stars, and the six-style physical technology that got into the air stepped out of a dark arc, transient, generally brushing the army of the god Empire. .

Three five old stars, in a moment of martial arts, five old stars and blonde five elderstuss, long-haired five old stars quietly chemically invisible air, disappearing in the same place.

Zhengyuan Source continued to summon the moment of countless god imperial army, God's reincarnation of the eyes of the three five old stars, in the face of this huge incomparably, the sword, the sword, the sword, the sword Hit, the scorpion of the blue blood is suddenly


Dragon is firefully, pine!!!

A sword in the top of the top, I saw the flashless flame sword with a blazing flame sword.

It seems like a destroying everything, burning all things to all things into a piece of ashes, suddenly impacting the soul of the squad of five old stars.

There is no unusual sword to fight the kind of golden iron, and the flame dragon roll and martial arts of the moment, the squatting of the five old stars, after the collision, the time will send a violent explosion.

Countless black gray ash dust raises in the air, I saw the five elders and the ground under the foot of the feet were burned by the high temperature burst into black ashes.

I have almost reached the moment of the big sword. When I have a high temperature of the flow blade, if the flow blade is too high, it is easy to destroy the full hit of the martial art.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

Just in the moment's burst sword gathered to destroy the five old star soul swordscent, the whole disappeared in the original place.

In the next second, the dull impact suddenly resounded through the battlefield of the entire Navy.

I saw that there was an instant to span countless distances in an instant, appeared in the center of the two sentences.

If the flow blade in your hand, the fire is suppressed in the five old stars, the unparalleled criticism is from the ghost, and the spark of the infinity of the Yao Yao.

Armed colored horses and helmets !!!

At the same time, a layer of dark top armed tone is like a magical sound of the magic. It is generally covered on the right foot of the moment, a powerful kick seems to be a nuclear bomb that is detonated in the air. Energy and hot A suddenly leads to blond hair

Five old stars of hell feet.

Air knife!!

Just in the moment, I saw the gap between the five old stars and the blonde five old stars. I saw that the air in the top of the three men's head suddenly fluctuated. I saw Changfa Five Laosteos suddenly condensed the body raising hands to shape it. One handle of the real air blade, the brake under the body

That suddenly took a knife!

Round looks · Tomb in turn !!!

I saw the wheel of the right eye in the moment, I suddenly flashed the light of a layer of blood. It seems to pass the eyes.

The front vacation saw another mysterious world.

Suddenly, in front of the air flashed the strange body shadow, but did not fluctuate in the real world.

This is a familiar feeling!!

Nowadays, I have a long-haired five old star, which is a long-haired hair, and suddenly captures the mystery without the mystery without 740 ratio, and suddenly flashes a strong palpitations!

Long-haired five-old Star, who once and the moment, will never forget this deadly feel. The subconscious battle will make his conditional reflection to instantly make a group of air.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of boring clips sounded, and only the long-haired five old stars who had just turned into a group of air had a series of combos on the neutral mysterious wheeled shadow.

"Ox, ... why elements can't immunize this invisible attack,.

I have no time to break how many bones on my body, and I have an unimaginable pain that suddenly invades the long body of Long-haired five old stars. I saw a incredible in the face of his original numb machinery. Emotive, student, round, tomb, is empty

I have made it out in the form of gas.

"Is it ...

Long-haired five old star guess is not wrong. If someone can observe through the field of view, it will find that there will be a wrapped in front of the tomb shadow to cover a layer of armed colors.

Chapter 272 is suppressed (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 272, Chapter 272 (seeking rewards and automatic)


"Vomit !!"

The dull impact sounds again, and the long-haired five old stars will never have a blood and vomiting.

Obviously, the number of mysterious rounds in front of the air did not plan to let him, invisibly caused a series of strikes to long-haired five old stars.

Air wall !!

It seems to feel that in front of the empty space, it is spread, and the long-haired five old stars hit by the round of the tomb shadow urging all the strength of the devil fruit. In the extremely short instant, in front of him Made a lot of transparent empty

Air wall.

With the crisp sound, I saw the countless layer of transparent air walls that had just made before the long hair five old stars. Immediately as a transparent glass was knocked down, it was a layer of a layer of the road of several wheels. Continuously break the collapse.

"Air! Cap! Can't live !!"

At this time, the other side, biting his teeth and died, and the top of the top armed ticking blonde five old stars, I found that I felt that I can't resist the endless giant strength, and I suddenly broke out between the mouth between the mouth. roar.

At the same time, I saw the flow blade in the hands of the brakes. If you use it, you only see him in the hands of the first generation of the first generation, the five old stars only feel a sharp distance, and the whole person suddenly was suddenly attached. The sword flew out!

The far-duty of a shiny golden Golden Buddha's Warring States in the power of the power is turned to life and death, this time can be eligible to join the moment and the five old stars, this is only empty and card. .

Box, iron!!

The first reaction of Kapu, just in the martyrdom of five old stars, the whole body covered with dark armed colors, the whole person, the whole person, has also applied to month and shaving, like a rapid The cheetah appeared in the moment of moment

The shells of the top battleship than the Navy must be fiercely countless iron boxing with a fierce spirit.

Steel bone · Milk block!!

However, Bugu's attack is faster in front of the moment, it is now the world's government's leader 'steel bones.

A dark arc is unable to capture at a naked eye. It spans all the distances in the middle. It has been a deadly slightly bend in the air. The empty imitation of the Buddha is generally arrived in the moment, and suddenly hit. Out.

The body's six-mock in the Navy has been cultivated by him to the pure, and his burly and strong body has made this series of fast-moving actions, as if it is like a cotton without weight.

After launching the iron blocks in the naval six-style, the head of the black-filled-black-neat-fired wrapped in the empty hand shines with the metal's general luster, which is more difficult than the steel bar. Steel bars become flour!

"This is interesting! -

Two five old stars in a moment, empty plus cardp, four at least the four emperor, the full-scale master, the hits of the top of the top, the unloaded blocked, which is enough to make this world's desperate oppression Force, let the moment to raise their mouths


Round retraction · gods!!!

A big shock, sudden, suddenly broke out with the body of the moment, instantly, all the attacks and ground around him, all all the objects bombarded, and a round huge pit on the ground under the foot. Do not


'Is this trick 2,'

Feeling the pounds of sculgage from his own eyes, the empty eyes were slightly, and suddenly he felt that he had to show the fist of the armed colored weng after the naval six iron block, just like hitting a layer. The repulsive barrier is difficult to enter.

In the face of the gods of the moment, I saw the empty body of the dark exquisite militant-torn, the hands of the hands were killed, and he had eaten this question. He won't be. Stupid, then go to the brakes with your own body

The god of the gods.

"You are smarter. Empty ...

Note that the move made at this moment, the eyes of the blue blood red eyes also flashed a slight surprise, it seems that it can achieve this level, no one will be the use of brutality Hi: ._

"But I have to eat ash in front of me !! '. See the reaction of the four top strong people in front of you, and the pupil in the right eye in the right eye suddenly increased.

Under the moment of flashback of the right eye, I saw that the entire ground under the moment was disappeared, and the empty and card, the two five old stars only felt the whole body, and the three people were instantly attached. Pang Dats flew out.

A huge unparalleled round pit appeared at the foot of the moment, under which the center of the entire navy's battlefield was completely smoldering under this shocking and shocking shock, and it was a vacuum area.

After the gods excluded everything around himself, he gently stretched his arms, and waited for a vacuum in the Central Battlefield. At this moment, it seems like it seems like it is like it. Is a controlled everything

Almighty God!

'Go to support the five old stars and empty handshakers !! "

Just in the moment and the five old stars and empty cards, they broke out in the Central Battlefield (So Zhao), and the red dog in the four Naval's generals saw the four top battles of the world government and the Navy. The force is suppressed by the moment, and I am sinking.


Only the screwdriver is just falling. When I just rolled the rock pulver, I was in the Central Battlefield. When I was a black violent, I suddenly hit it.

The violent Lei Zi and the hot magma suddenly hit together, and the endless light and hot, the dead intercepted the support of the red dog. "Redua Saskaski two, '

I saw a message of lightning, Ai Ni Road suddenly appeared in front of the red dog and the rest of the three generals, "I don't think you still don't want to go."

Chapter 273 is fully engaged in war (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 273, Chapter 273, full of war (seeking rewards and automatic)

" , Ai Ni Road. ..., '

When the red dog raised the violent thunder of the Ai Ni Road when the army was killed, and he was stunned three steps on the occasion of a hurry. He stared at this man with a headscarf naked man, Sound, "" The recent name is uploaded in the sea

It's a sleeper.:. But I didn't expect you to be the people of the god Empire.

"No one can let BOSS no one can enemies.

Feeling the eyes of poor red dog in front of the red dog, Ai Ni Road didn't matter shrugged, the sump of pure gold in his hand gently refers to the red dog in front of you, and the top of the golden defender is infinite, and "" You! The general dog of the Navy! No

Let me be disappointed !! "" "I will let the navy absolutely sanctions you second.

Without excess nonsense, the red dog directly made two high temperature magma of the two groups, suddenly rushed.

Rattling fruit VS magma fruit, the arrest of the Ai Ni Road and the red hot magma of the red dog suddenly collided together.

"You are the ability of the frozen fruit, the general of the Navy's generals ...

And one 510 is another side of the green, it is stopped by the foot and shaped as a dark arc, and the black hat, and the black hat is equipped with a stable and cold look. There is also a kind of cool, 'I have always heard that your big


,. Killing weapon Rob Road

Staring at the Sixth of the Sixth Sixth Sixty Road, the expression of the body's six-style, and the expression of the Qingyi face gradually woven, replaced with a look of interest, "said that it is the most important in CP9 in Justice Island. Strong ... I am also very curious, why do you want to judge?

Out of the World Government to join the god Empire ...

, 'This question is still waiting for you to answer you after the defeat.

After all, the opponent is called the highest power of the Navy. Lu Qi also dares to be very good. Decisive use of armed torrential hardening his own hands, the whole person's full body muscles have entered cats and cat fruits.