Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 433 of Hueding Crack System

Six-style, brother, knew,!!

Entering the patronic form of the patron form, the month and shaving in the foot of the foot, the whole person is illusion into a dark and yellow phantom, and the speed of the flesh is difficult to capture suddenly rush to the green.

Ice military knife!!

In the face of such a rapid and fast lady, I feel that this kind of physical technology is very strong, and the green is not very decisively use the ability to use the frozen fruit to create a ice-blade army to grasp the ice. The limb is in the hands of the limb, and I will welcome it.

"Weibull! Come with me !!"

Seeing Luqi and Ai Ni, I found my own opponent. At the eyes of Trafalga Luo, I also burned the throne of the bears, as if I like a tank giant, I was directly in Gabur. Direction towards the generals of the gods and green cattle

Live the past.

"Is 'Death Surgeon Temple Rafalga Luo and' White Beard II, Edward Weibull, you are careful, rattan ...

Luo said it, but I saw Wigbur's so huge pieces of the rich monsters, and the human meat tank of a rolling battlefield was attacked. The new Navy's gods did not help but quit a wire. The cold sweat is open to the side reminder

Vine Tiger.

Room !!

"Two monster-level folk masters selected from the two world recruits ...

I saw that Luo, who had just been still far away, and smile suddenly showed the ability of Superman's surgical fruit. When I changed the big head of Weibull to the front of the big bullion and green cattle, "the rattan smiled and green cattle I have long thought of (bgcj) you

Two ._. Less


Suddenly I only felt that I was a shadow of myself, and the green cattle raised his hand only to see the body of the mountain. The Wig Haguan hanging hanged chestnuts. It has already appeared in front of him and the rattan, huge The knife is actually in the air

Waving a rumbling sound, a knife is moving toward them! "Damn ...

On the occasion of the green cattle, the rattan around him had instantly took out the cane knife in his hand, and wrapped around the dark armed woman, and the sword took the sword to catch the violent hit in Weibull.

"This power ...

The knife in the hand hit the swallow in front of the Wigbier, and the monster war wrinkled with the blind eyebrows of the vine tiger.

Under the difficulty of Weible, I saw the entire ground at the Big Tiger and the green cattle suddenly blown away, and a huge pit appeared at their triple.

"Weibull is a two" two ".

Seeing the general vine tiger, he didn't break the anti-fighting in Weibur, and there was a laughter of the grandfather in the distance, and then suddenly shot the surgical fruits of the surgical fruit to replace themselves to them. Among the battle.

At all the high-end power, all the opponents were all opposed. At this time, the 100,000 god Empire army in the door opened by Bruno has also been completed.

"Kill !!!"

"Killing the World Government! Kill the Navy's part !!" "Long live the Empire !!"

What is the concept of 100,000 god ancient army soldiers, I only see the 100,000 god empire, a magnificent huge wave, as if it seems like a raging tide, which is constantly moving toward hundreds of thousands of naval soldiers and the world government. Slim.

"We are the navy of justice! Never lose to the arms of the god Empire !!"

"The name of the world government! Give me !!"

After all, the naval soldiers who occupied the majority of the world and the main standing, and the number of people have the advantage of the world government, and the gods of the gods of the Imperial army were swayed.

The battlefield is like a giant meat grinder. The two armies have collided with the battle of the iron and blood, and countless debris and sparks.

Chapter 274, Reproduction (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 274, Reproduction (seeking rewards and automatic)

Central battlefield.

In the air in front of the air, there was a wave of fluctuations, and the form of long-haired five old stars suddenly condensed.

, 'I don't think it is actually used to use this method to bring the army of the entire god Empire to the Navy.

With a blood stain, I finally embarked over the moment of the moment of the moment, the long-haired five old star of the whole wheel of the moment, and the eyes of the numbness were deeply glanced at Bruno, "The ability of the fruit" First, the ability of the Justic Island CP9

Bar 2, '

"Yes.. Your world government does not pay attention to talent two"

Listening to the long hair of the five old stars, the mouth of the moment is a lot of mocking and squatting. "Then I have to take them into the two,.

If he didn't remember the wrong, after the defeat of the Justic Island, because the CP9's chief Stendam was afraid of being punished, put all the crimes in Luchi and Bruno, making Luqi And Cariefat, one group of people

The champion of the World Government.

Now, Luqi and Cariefa and Bruno have embarked on a completely different fate and road under their involvement, and Lu Shen became the power of the top seven Wuhai, Carrya became his woman and Secretary, Bruno's ability is also

Full play and application.

, ' ,'

Dragling the body of the wolf, I saw a blond blonde five old stars to show six months and shaved to the central battlefield, and the eyes were deeply stared at the moment of the spleen and away from all Spleen. "No matter you have Many. Today, this war is derived ...

"Because I am confronted is this whole world, the power !!"


Wen said that the shackles of the shackles were slightly stabbed, and they were stared at the front of the blonde five old stars. At the moment, they shook their heads, '. No two, you are wrong,.

Unless I don't want to win, no one can lose !! "

I heard the kind of unbendable confidence contained in the moment, at this time, I rushed back to the Central Battlefield, staring at the body shape in front of my eyes, '. I will take my hand. Since it has been saved by you.

"The war that will only be 10 defeatings is really no longer going on ...

'Kapu. ... If you can't think so, you will say it from your mouth ...

I heard the truth of the card, and I almost picked out, and the blue-blue scorpion gradually turned to him. "Do you know. From you, you will start from you to the moment."

'The World Government and your navy are destined to smoke! Yun! Cloud!


When I heard the moment, I looked at the bottom of myself in my own body. The case suddenly shocked, my face was frightened, not because of the words said, but because of the moment, I will always be young and handsome. Posage, '. Your look. ... for

What didn't change in a decade? "


Why did his appearance change?

On the words of the card, this time I came to the empty space around the card. He had already sent it to his fierce eyes and dead staring at the moment in front of him. He looked at him that there was no change in the young Junxiu appearance. The whole person suddenly can't help but stop.

From the time of twenty years ago, there was a moment in the O'Jara Island destroyed the Navy, until now has passed the whole twenty years.

I have passed the change of vicissitudes, and I've been in the middle age of the current elderly, but the moment in front of the year is still the first time they first meet, as if time this No one can

The resistance weapon has completely lost its role.

"Always young? How can it be!"

It seems that the five old stars who are in the world government's highest leaders of Tianlong people, "Do you make the capacity of the surgical fruit not an old surgery ??This is impossible!!"

· ...... seeking flowers ...

The ability to surgical fruit is clear. Death surgeon Trafalga Luo Roh is two

As if to determine the idea in his own heart, three five old stars do not have a sound look at Roir who is working with Weibur, and sees the suspicion of all the people who are using the surgical fruit capabilities. Suddenly become more


If it is not an old surgery, two

How to explain that the young appearance is always in front of it.

"Some things will never have the answer to the second" two "

Have three five old stars, empty and card five people surrounded in the middle, feel that they didn't understand and suspicion, the mysterious face on the handsome face, said softly: '. I intend to make this war very End the second, '

"Senli Vientiane. ... is ash ...

"Vientiane everything ... all is dust.

I saw the flash of my own eyes. When I got up in my hands, I used to pick up the firing. If you are like a sigh, you will never read the olive language of the flow blade.

"What do he want to do ?!"

Listening to the ancient .................................

Just at this time.

Everyone suddenly all people feel that their breathing is hysteresis, and the surrounding air is unlimited to a temperature that is unable to breathe.

Fire blade, FP-solution, fire is too knife !!!

Bang !!

A sound of sounding sounds.

I saw the battlefield that was originally blocked by the flash of fire, and the fire scallions of the fire changer, and all flame bursts were disappeared.

One symbolizes the smoke of the destruction and ash, raising from the fire blade if the fire is slow.

Chapter 275 Chapter Heroes (ask for rewards and automatic)

Pirate Chapter 275 Chapter Heroes (ask for reward and automatic)

"All the dry two water is all taken away."

At the moment, I suddenly opened the shape of the fire, if the fire, the fire is too knife, this time the entire Navy's central battlefield is the nearest five old star and Kapu and empty, and began to feel the shortcomings of their breathing. It seems surrounding air

All the moisture of all the water is pulled, and the sound of the wind is issued in the throat!

I saw that in the hands of it seems that there is fire, but it is unexpectedly silent at this moment.

At all the top masters in the scene, all of them looked at the original boundless flames in front of them, all were absorbed into the blade of the fire in the hands of the fire.

A crystal smashing from the destruction and ash is slowly raised from the flow blade, and the "Twenth Third, '," One Thousands of Millions of Temperature suddenly causes a burst of distortion.

, 'Fire all disappeared, two he did ...

At this time, the original group in the Central Battlefield wasted the five old stars, Kapu and empty, and suddenly made a bitter battle. The look was unbailed to stare in the hands of the moment.

Although the horror hot flame burst disappeared two

But the dead blade of direct caverns in the hands of the dead, but brought all the crisis of more horrible suffocation.

The fire is too knife · East · Rising Sun Blade !!!


I saw all the boundless flame bursts in the air, after the fire, after the fire, the fire is too hot, and all objects are all horrified to the ultimate temperature ablation.

The fire in the hands of the moment is gently on the ground, and the ground under the foot is now scratched, and the ground is completely erased when the ground of the battlefield is suddenly erased.

I all the flame heat of each of the fires is all concentrated in the tip. It does not combust to the burst, but the findings will be removed without a trace, this is the flash of fire, and the fire is too fire.

"All from him is far away !!"

At this time, I suddenly saw that the horror of the fire is too knife. The horror of the horror, even the earth under his feet, and the squad of the five old stars suddenly contracted, and suddenly the sound reminded others.

"Even the temperature increased to this point, if he was hit by him, the sword was hit.

I saw a five old star glasses next to a sharp eyes dead staring at the fire in the hands of the moment, as if watching a monster who can choose people at any time, '. We will have no bones !! "

One thousand five million flames.

Although the fire in the hands of this moment did not release any flame and burst, almost all the tempered moisture and unlimited temperatures, all of them were uncommon.

X solution finally completed two "

Finally completed the fire of the fire, the moment is like increasingly destroyed the gods, and the blade of the world is too disabled. He stepped by step towards the three five old stars before the eye. I saw the fear between my eyes.

It seems that it is shocked by the body that is incomparably horrible, I saw that the face in the current battlefield in front of the battlefield is lightly dragging the fire. It is gradually walking towards three five old stars. Three five old stars in front of me It turned out to be stepped back. "If my flow blade is like a fire, it is equivalent to the temperature of six thousand degrees in the surface of the sun.

Holding the horrible of your hand is like a nuclear bomb that is going to break out, I am going to have a destroyed nuclear bomb. The shackage of the blue blood red scorpion looks at the three five old stars who have gradually retreat to the anti-defense, and the mouth gradually raises a strange Smile, "So now it

The flame is equivalent to the temperature of the sun's core is 10 million ...