Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 434 of Hueding Crack System

, 'One million million degrees ...

After listening to the mouth of the moment, the surrounding five old stars and Kapu and the air were completely horrified, and five of them have found that the horrible temperature in the air is to make their own. Breathing begins to become difficult!

"Well, you are optimistic.

The blue blood red double will have all the horror of the three five old stars in front of him, and the mouth is like a devil, and the eyes gradually fell to the hand-held unparalleled. Service five old stars. ......

"First of all the first death:." It's you !! "


Suddenly I heard the words of the moment of breath, it seems that the king judged the same tone as the death penalty, and suddenly made the five striking efforts in the entire central battlefield.

"Hey ... don't say it. _ ... :.

I saw the flash of my eyes in my own body. I feel that the moment is like a dead god of the dead, and the five old star suddenly took the skin. The next consciousness angered: "You And your god Empire. Foots will eventually stop

This. Less

"Is it two hologa not afraid to tell you two?

At a glance, I saw a fear and uneasiness in the heart of the five old stars. At the moment, the sound of the beautiful face, the suite of the sucking smile was completely a mystery in their eyes, '. I only The left eye can see 4.6 in front of you

World within five seconds ... less

See the future world??

In the moment, I just said that three five old stars, empty and empty and


All stunned, and in the past and the moment, I was able to flash the enemy's picture on the scene of the scene.

It turns out that his eyes

No wonder…_

"Two your future after a second"

I all the five striking faces in front of each of the eyes have all the horrified expressions, and the moment suddenly clears the fire is too hot.

"Just die !!"

Chapter 276 Tiandi Ashes (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 276 Heaven and Earth Ashes (Ask for Restaurant and Auto)

The fire is too knife · North · Tiandi ashes !!!

The blind eye of the left eye is in the eyes of the hole, the bottom of the right eye looks back to the eyes, the five old stars, and directly swayed the fire is too hot in his hand.

No one can describe the sharpness of this sword in the hands.

The eyes of the brakes were firmly locked, and the five old stars suddenly felt that they did not shape themselves. In addition to the other two old stars, there were countless parts of the Navy. Thousands of troops, but at this moment

Trinity feels that he is isolated in another world, come to face the horrible monster in front of you.

, 'Don't be too self-righteous! I am standing on the five old stars above the sentient beings !! "

It seems that the will of death has fallen to his head. When the murder of the murder is completely locked, the five old stars suddenly broke out all their own strength and potential.

Super · ghost!!

It is difficult to imagine the swordsmanship, and the 16 fingers tear all the air in front of the space.

I saw that the martial arts broke out all the war of the whole body, and the first generation of the first generation of the first generation was the strongest sword.

The giant violent swords of the crescent the fierce swords also contains countless souls, the evil spirits, the big sword spots, the perfect combination of the unhappy, the weapon, the perfect combination, broke the power of the ghosts .

"sucker Punch…

In the face of the top of the five old stars, the big ghosts are like, and they feel that the roar of the evil spirits of the evil spirits is generally in the heart. The eyes of the blue blood are slightly condensed. The destruction of the destruction of the hand is too sharp to accelerate.

what is this?!!

In an instant, everyone's thinking of all people in the battlefield of the Navy stagnant.

A flavor of the smart knife that is purely symbolized is that from the hands of the moment, it is as if Changhong is always showled.

It seems that it comes from the ruins of the wilderness to destroy the extreme light, and this seems to be a sword. The knife is touched.

There is no second color between the whole world in front of the people, and the eyes are only in the moment, this wipe is that there is no end.

A sound from the original squeezing is ringing.

I saw that this is the same as the name of this trick, as if the whole world of the trick is ash.

The super ghosts killed by the five old stars, have not yet come and explode, it should have been infinite swords, and the knife that is now in this moment is completely erased into a virtual.

, 'What is this cut ?!! "

The endless fire red ultra-long knife is finally dissipated between the heavens and the earth, all of the entire battlefields put their own blocked arms, and looked at the entire Navy's battlefield in front of the whole navy. The black gully As if they come to her hell

The abyss.

"The whole navy's parties are all cut throughout the world, '

After the whole world, the whole heaven and earth were exhausted, all people didn't look around, I saw the entire Navy's base in front of my eyes, and I was completely burned by two halves.

Not only that, the whole side of the world is also a shade of this sword, and the scar of this sword seems to be never-repair, and the seawater on both sides will be evaporated for a long time.

Not only the Navy's part and the boundless sea, even all the people at the scene look up at the sky, and they will find that their head is on the top of the sky. Sky is torn

In general, there is an indelible day.

, 'People ...

It's hard to draw out from the Yu Wei of the world, the remaining two five old stars in the Central Battlefield, and there are Kapu and empty, and I suddenly find the trail of the five old stars. But I found that it did nothing.

"No need to find it." No one can escape, I am a sword of the ashes ... less

The blade of the destruction of his hand is too knife to stand, seeing their eyes in finding the falling of the five old stars, and the cloud is light and smiled. "He has already flying to smoke ...

In the case of the round of the eyes of the moment, it is certainly clearly seen that it is just that 9, the five old stars are completely cut into a sword by his own earth.


It seems that there is a discourse that the sky is in the sky. At this time, the two cutles of the sky flashed in the sun, and the vomiting is inserted into the ground between everyone.

It is the unparalleled unparalleled knee in the mid-term star. It is a knife that has been in the earth in the moment, and it is completely twisted by a sword.

"You actually put him ?!"

When I saw this, the surrounded initial generation, the surrounding people finally determined what I said, the remaining two five old stars were angry at the same time, and the hearts did not exempt the bunny and the mourns. .

After the volume of the five old stars and the light head bearded, the five old stars finally fell.

As the highest leaders of the world government of the world, standing on the top five old stars of the top of the world's top peaks, and they have been closer to three in the hands of the same man. If it is not the fact that it is in front of everyone, this is simply

It is like a dream that will never wake up.

Month, younger brother!!

Everyone in front of him, and a fierce wind in the brain.

Just when everyone is dead to death, the five old stars have been in the moment, and a sharp arc channel is drawn in the air, and the whole person seems to be transient. After the brain of the moment.

Life is still!!

Six-style, demon rifle!!

I saw that the transients generally appeared after the brain of the moment, the ten fingers of the blonde five old stars did suddenly become soft and elongated as the noodles, in the air of the moment, as if there was no bones as if there was no bones.

(Establishing a flowers and monthly tickets in the beginning of the month, ORZ).

Chapter 277's power gap (seeking rewards and automatic)

Pirates Chapter 277 power gap (seeking rewards and automatic)

The blonde five old stars with hated out have entered the state of the six-style oyster life, which can freely control their body hair or even internal organs, and put the consciousness into the body, freely control himself.

"Desperate! Cap! Empty two"

At the same time as the blonde five old stars launched, the long-haired five old stars floating in the half-air, and the sinking of the cards and empty somewhere around them, and suddenly the whole person turned the intangible air.

"Otherwise, all our people must be buried here ...

Just in the long-haired five old star sounds, it also floated in the moment of Kapu and the empty side. He was facing the top of the head behind the blonde five old stars, suddenly fluctuated in the top of the head.

Vacuum continuous gun!!

I saw the long-haired five old stars in the moment, and the look of the gods, the gods, such as a church, and the hands of the hands were in the moment, and suddenly the air was crazy. The air was crazy. Don't send it out


In the face of the horror opponent of this level, blindly shot will only give yourself killing.

Suddenly, the entire ground where the moment is located is bombarded a huge deep pit.

I saw that the blonde five old stars entered the life of life, each finger of the hands showed numerous guns in an instant, and hundreds of air bullets formed a waterfall as an intensive offensive, and blinking Will be the orientation of the moment

Have a virtual.

"Hit 7 he !!"

The blonde five old stars like an eagle set. The sharp eyes took a fog from countless flying in front of him. The touch of the real thing just now made him convinced that she succeeded in the moment, and suddenly opened.

'Do you have dinner? I have a little bit of power, I can't even feel the pain.

Just the blonde five old stars have not finished, the sound from the endless fluttering fog has made him feel sinking, and the heart is darkly improving.

, 'In order to thank the six-style body skills that you want to enter, I am amazing ...

At the flashless voice, the endless dust distracted, after seeing the scenes, the two five old stars, Kapu and emptying were deeply frowning.

Armed color domineering · Right gasification !!!

Among the eyes of all people, the top-level black-gradened tight-level armed hit is covered in the whole body. This top-level armed high domineering is directly under the moment of the whole body into a dark road. Coffee army, as if

You can resist all attacks in this world, or you can crush all the defenses in the world.

Just now Blonde five old stars like a water silver diarrhea, the endless demon rifle, even the flesh of the brakes can't break through, which can't help but let them feel desperate.

"So the next .... I will let you go with them three !!"

I saw that I didn't move in the same place. With my own flesh and top armed torque hard, I got the blonde five old stars, and some snoring of the darkness, the sound of the sound, the sound of the sound, the sound of the sound .

Nothing is a dull voice.

In the pupil of blonde five elders, the ground under the moment suddenly flew, and the moment was lost in front of him.

The blonde five old stars are shocked, and the bouting is just to show the murder of the paradise painting, but he will bent into a shrimp in the next second, and the rising eyes are almost almost.

I saw the flash of the top armed tall domineering, which was like the martial arts, and did not use the gods of the god. Let everyone reflect the speed of the flesh, directly exceeding the speed of all the human eye captures. Boxing directly

Blonde five old stars's lower abdomen.

Six-style · diamond iron block!!

"Vomit !!"

Even if it is exhibited, the hardness is completely exceeding the body skills of the ordinary six-furnace, and the full body muscles is completely resistant to the hardness of the diamond hardness. It is completely resistant to the giant force that is not fat than the fat, all of which are all The distance from the majestic is straight.

Go, a bloodless can't contain vomiting from his mouth. "'Damn ...

Seeing the speed and strength of the outbreak out of the moment, it was completely exceeded his predecessor. In the half-air, the long hair of countless vacuum guns was uniform, and there was a dark.

Boom! Boom! Boom!.

There are countless cohesive vacuum guns in the hands, and a series of deafening bombing rishes sound.

"This continuous vacuum cannon will be hit down.

I saw the vacuum bombardment of the long-haired five old stars, and the ground that was originally standing directly by him, she bombarded countless deep huge cave.