Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 435 of Hueding Crack System

Round looks · Partial must be able to!!!

, 'This level of attack wants to put me into powder, I'm idling is an idiotic.

Soon, the five old stars have been completely solidified. I saw it under his vacuum. (Hono) hit it, the moment has been wrapped in top armed colors! RA A On the body, it has also covered a layer of dark semi-complete

The body must be armor, his own bombarding, the vacuum, which hits him, there is no such thing as a trace of injury!

'Give birthday party releases the salute is still almost !! "

Vacuum burst sound!

I haven't come yet, and the half of the half-finish that is covered from the foot will come back to God. Long-haired five old stars have taken the time.

I saw that the half of the half of the body built in the feet was that there was no weight and quality, and the huge must have a huge need to be very unbelievable. It is like a wall like a wall. Long-haired five old

The body of the star ...

Chapter 278, full press (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 278 Chapter 278 (seeking rewards and automatic)


Among the eyes of the entire Navy's battlefield, only the huge must be so illusable and unrealistic, but carrying the energy that is incomparable to the enemy's energy. Void.

Long-haired Five Laoxing suddenly only felt that the whole person seems to be like a hit by a huge sea king, and a huge power directly flew out him from the bottom to the top, the top of the top armed colors Domineering power can not make silk

The rebellion, the whole person is exaggerated, and the comet is unparalleled, and the center of the battlefield is rising.

I saw the moment of the moment, I just hit a long-haired five old star, suddenly the air was shocked, I saw the Cap Par, the crowded shaving, the whole person avatar black arc On the side of the moment, and the empty two people

Hit it.

Box, meteorite!!

Under the 'Tiequap, Kapu's large dark armed tall domineering fists, there is a lot of hot flames in the air. At first, 373 look at his huge armed tall domineering fists in his hands actually like a huge meteorite. Holding a powerful power and rest

Flames are in an moment.

It is this trick. He once directly put the first leader of the Babao Water Army, and the taper head of the green pepper's uncorporant, it can be seen that there is no one in the world's sea dare to be ignorant.

Heavy hitting sounds splash.

I saw that the half of the half of the body must be able to open it directly to open it. The huge arms of the arm was firmly held in the palm of the card.

" "

I feel that my armed colored domineering is not a double iron box. It is like a gathered big tree. Looking at the top armed torque, he is a top armed colored domineering, and semi-finger must be able to cover the package. I have already begun in the heart of the heart.

I suspect the identity of my human beings.

This guy is two

It is not human beings at all ...

Steel bone · Milk block!!

Seeing Kapu (BGAB) was stubborn, it was unable to make a dark arc, and the speed of the middle could not capture, instantly spanning all the distances as if transients generally arrived at the moment. In front of it.

After launching the iron block in the naval six-style, the muscle of the whole body was still hard, and the fist in the empty hand was completely painted with black-filled color, shining with the metal, and suddenly headed by a box. Out.

Hey! Hey!

It seems like a metal friction, the sound of the empty, has a little incredible, and has a big eyes.

I saw that I was in my hand, I was wrapped in armed colors. I broke all iron steel boxes. She bombarded half of the half of the out of the out of the moment, and the top armed colors were sagmented. In addition to explosing a series of firefires, Even the defense of the Chunba is unable to


"Even his defense can't break the second.

The steel bone, the empty inner heart is almost broken, and this is cheating, two, two.


Two illusory figures flying quickly.

When I saw Kapu and empty two, I didn't have an opponent. I just bombed the blonde five old stars and long-haired five old stars, and the mouth hanged with a shocking blood rush back. Battlefield support empty and card.

Yu! Boom! Yu!

The big Navy's central battlefield has no number of vibration hits, only to see the moment and two five old stars, and there is no empty and Kapu five people allocated to a light, crazy once again and again. Collide together.

The four weeks were originally used as a navy's battlefield, which was twisted in the five people, and turned the kung fu under the crazy flesh collision, and became rumored. Thoroughly made a powder tile


Five people are fast, the ultimate speed and the unmanned universal unmanually intercepted this ultimate battle.

Half all over the blink of an eye must be shattered and broken the battlefield, suppressed four top-top strikes in front of his eyes to another side of the battlefield, and the violent airflow and strong wind Fly around a pile of another pile


In the battle between the two five old stars, empty and Kapu, the mysterious glory of the gods of the gods and the mysterious glory of the mysterious light, the left-eyed God is often able to expect the enemy in the process of handing. First, predict the movement of the opponent in advance, right

The end of the eyes of the eyes, let him quickly lock the opponent's action accurate attack.

"Can be evil.

"This is not a way to fight the defense of himself.

Although the two five old stars in front of you are the strongest masters in the world today, but in the top of the top of the world, even if the whole must be covered, even the four people Jointed to only passive beat.

The king. Will be the soldiers.

I'm pressed two five old stars, empty and card.

The surrounding god imperial army fights in the war naval and the elite war of hundreds of thousands of people.

Ten years in the gods of the gods in the gods of the Golden Lion under the ruthless whip mall tired of the Golden Lion Day, and then in cooperated with the world's most advanced universal world. Weapon equipment, although the number

It is in a disadvantage, but the situation on the spot is in the predominant of the army of the god Empire.

At this time, the highest power of the Navy's head is difficult, the rattles and green cows are dragged by Weibull and Luo, Luqi and Ai Ni Road.

Although it is difficult to divide the absolute wins, it is obviously that the four still works in the four Navy's generals.

If the war's script is developed in this situation, the ultimate victory must belong to the Arono Empire.

(East, forced flowers, flowers and monthly tickets, ORZ).

Chapter 279, then 5th Star (ask for reward and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 279, then Wu 5th Star (ask for reward and automatic)

At the battlefield of the entire Navy's part, the boiling battle killed the sky has been wearing a round of overseas.

There are countless image phones in the sky to spread the Naval Branch of this world of war, every corner of the world, all people observe the war of the world's destiny in the world.

Just at this time.

The new Navy's part is boundless, quietly, quietly brought a lot of special hundred pirates.

From the banned banner, it is actually the top three hundred pirates in the new world, 'Sanhuang, White Beard One Piece, Red Hair, and Baoren.

"The second thing I haven't used to help us at all.

The hanging german walked to the Malco, who took the eyelid, walked to the Mobi Dick's bow, a pair of dead fish eyes, the god of the gods, the gods of the gods, and the distant naval parties.

The power and the bottom card hidden in the kid, I don't know how to do it now ...

For the world's destiny, the white beard couldn't help but went to the turtle and looked at the world government and naval, white beard that was blocked by the whole navy's battlefield. More sharp than eagle set

Among the eyes of the eyes, the big mouth is sinking, 'It seems that this war has two world governments and navy must be doubtedly ...

Red Fos.

"I really doubt that my eyes have a problem ... Xiangx ...

Standing on the bow of the bow, Bakeman, Bakerman, put down his hands in his hand, smiled and shake his head, "It seems that this war will have the opportunity to do without interception, eternal, flash one People are suppressed to the entire world government and the sea.

Army ... Five old stars have broken a ... "" One person presses the world government and the navy?

I heard the words of the Zhixin Ben Becman in the pirates, and the red-haired Xiang Xi is deeply looking at the Navy of the Navy on the sea. And the situation in which I expected

How emb. ... Although the boundary of the world government is deeply available.

'But this guy is not a monster that can be measured at all. Wind.,'

I have fallen together with the white beard, in the moment, from a certain point of view, no one in this world will know more about the power of him more red, and I only see the red hair and Xiangks use only him. Listed sound is soaked.

"It's just if the god empire wins, the two crazy world will become what it looks like, '

At this moment, the hundred beast is on board.

"What?! The world government and the Navy help guys are all waste ?!"

Unlike the calm pirates of the White Beard One Piece, the hundreds of people on the 100th campers at this moment, the demon fruit power is being trembled at Thara's Thunder.

"It's so many people can't make a 'eternal, moment ?!"

"Is it a person who pressed the world government and the Navy? Is there any strength of all his strength?

Some can't believe in the battlefield of the Navy in the distance, and the death of the Monarch, the death of the god, and the Navy, and the mouth of the Navy has issued a bursting, and the tyrannical eyes are from time to time. The ejaculation symbolizes crazy and destroyed


,'how can that be?!"

, 'Where else is there any other opponent in this world ?! "

, 'Damn ...

"Our four people add together, it is not his opponent ... less

The armed tall domineering reinforced iron fist once again bombarded the moment, and the empty empty eyes of a wolf. Some intimate looks like it seems to be scratched.

A exaggerated huge pothole appeared on the ground in front of everyone.

I saw a cold air. The whole person's strong body instantly was in the huge energy of the moment. It was like a flies like a fly.

· ... seeking flowers ·· ...

"White beards come over?

Half of the whole of the in vitro, Zuo Can a punch will be empty into the ground, the blind eye of the left eye is blue, and the three emperors arrived in the far beast.

"So almost the time, this war is over.

Round looks · Tomb boy !!!

Capturing the surrounding strong Cap and two five old stars, the right eye immersed red mile blirl, the round of God suddenly launched a cooling.

"You can evil, this is this,"

The mysterious tomb shadow of the neutral naked naked in front of the naked eyes flashed, and it was originally desirable to take the gap between the air into the ground. I only felt that my agile figure was suddenly stagnant. , Actually being used by several rounds of tombs

The dead is fixed in the void.

The shadow of the World Tomb World will fix the most flexible blonde five old stars in the field in the field, and suddenly enter the sacrifice of the killing machine.

, Cao 2 "

The whole person was killed by a few rounds of the shadow, and the five old stars were fixed in the void. He saw that the huge palm in front of the moment, and he took the moment of the blade in the hands of the moment. The color suddenly climbed to him frightened


The fire is too knife · North · Tiandi ashes !!!

I saw that I would like to be a blade that I have a flash of illusory palms. The blonde five old stars in front of the eyes are directly sword. !

boom! !

There is a crisis between the crisis, the air barrier manufactured in front of the blonde five old stars seems to be broken.