The heavenly ashes of the huge must be sapphused, and it is the power of the earth, and the sword is separated from the sword.

Chapter 280's Battle Tilt (ask for reward and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 280 is tilted (seeking rewards and automatic)

When I saw the blonde five old stars were fixed in front of the horns, and the outdoor half of the moment, and the huge palms were destroyed. The blade of the earth was turned out of the earth, the original ancient wells Long-haired five old star mouth finally broke out

A desperate roar of a heartbreaking.

The numerous layer of air barriers that are desperately desperate are ignorant, and only the whole world is in the middle of the world. It must be Sasone in the hands of this huge long flaming flaming.

Time and space, as if it is fixed in this moment.

One side is an empty space that is inserted into the ground, and the kappy, which is stunned, is also in front of this ejaculation, the knife, the knife, the heavens and the earth.

Will there be a miracle??

No, there is no miracle can happen, and the god of the blind eye of the flash of the left eye will directly see the fate of the death of the blonde five old stars.

Bang !!!

The boundless destroyed burst is directly cracking in void.

With the end of the moment, all the needles of the whole feat of the huge palms, the blade of the huge palm, the huge burst of fire, the huge burst of destruction, is killing, the entire Navy's air is horrified to the ultimate temperature Burning a strange twist, imitation

The Buddha's space made an overwhelming .

A piece of ashes.

The battlefield of the entire Navy, as if everyone paused.

Everyone stopped the movements in their hands, and the eyes were soaring that the whole battlefield center was burned into a fraudless air.

Blonde five old stars, completely under the bottom of this sword into what ashes.

After serving five old stars, today, this final battlefield finally became flying in the hands of the moment.

, 'And two were killed by him, two old stars.

Originally, I would like to struggle to support the supported card, completely unable to stop my footsteps, staying at this full focus of the air, and even the shares don't have the left, the five old stars, the whole person It is in the original place. "Dead two, '

"I still can't stop him ...

I looked at the face of all of them, I once again kill a five old star, and I wiped the endless sorrowful look and completely climbed the long hair five old stars.

In this world, only one of his five old stars have been left.

From this moment, the world government's highest leaders' architecture has been completely famous.

Is it possible to rule the world's 800-year-old government and the Navy?

It is necessary to come from today. Eternal. The hand of this devil is ended.

Four five old stars were all died in the hands of the moment, and the desperate color of the lonely is difficult to support the long-haired five old stars.

And on the other side of the battlefield.

Infinite promotion, avatar golden shiny Buddha's Warring States, using your own strong domineering, hitting the walker, the huge cold, the treasure, the huge cold knife, take the time, take a look at the flash and the five old stars Central battlefield.

"It was killed by him, a five old star, today, today's war.

Watching the current situation in the Central Battlefield, seeing the power of the moment, crushing the five old stars and Kapu and empty hands, avatar, the fight against the golden giant Buddha, deeply wrinkled together.

"Are we derived ?!"

"The death of the two Elderly and empty Zong Shuai are not the guy opponent in the moment ...

And the surrounding of the Central Battlefield, the Navy's general dog and the battle of the Ai Ni Road, the endless gangs, endless red hot magma and violent thunder collision, broke out a fatal high temperature energy and spark.

"Hey, you have time to worry, they ...

Among the high-intensity battles, I saw the red dog in front of the Central Battlefield involved a pair of attention, and Ai Niri grabbed this unprystable opportunity, and suddenly the whole personnel made a violent Blue Thunder.

"It's better to worry about yourself !!"

Sixty million volts Lei Long !!

The boundless Thunder electric light flashes, I saw the Ai ni Road raided the ability to launch my thunder, and reached the three hook jade drums that he knocked his shoulders, and made the lightning you made from the three hooks and jade.

A huge Lei Long, a huge Lei Long, roaring in the void, and the 60 million volts of the voltte the violent trend of the Thunder hell, the moment is swallowed down!

"Two, this long-earned guy, two"

The fighted fighter-away warboard was killed by the Aii Road in front of him, and the red dog under the rush did not help but bite the whole force to resist but the whole person was fired by the Lei Long of Ai Ni. Go out!

"The current situation seems to be very disadvantageous to you.., '

Entering the return of life and cat 233 fruit cheetah's road, foot fast, unparalleled month and shaving, the whole person is illusion into a lightning general black yellow, speed, speed, brilliant infinity frozen frozen Shuttle in the gas, while using words

The opportunity to harass the harassment of Qingxiong and seek breakthroughs.

Obviously than other combatants who only use brute force hard, it is calm. Killing weapons, Luqi will be good at using their own flexible mind, which is often able to fight in the fast-paced battle. I find out the win


, 'This guy is not good to deal with two,'

Listening to the voice of Luqi and the continuous provoking of his inner unfortunate, watching the road in front of the road like a black yellow and unpredictable, even if it is natural, the frozen fruit and the strong strength of the strong, can not help Slightly

Your own eyes, strong pressure on myself.

Although the animal-based cat fruit is not a powerful result, with Luqi's strong body and domineering, it is often able to use the simplest move to crack his frozen ability.


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Chapter 281 Chapter 281 full line (ask for reward and automatic)


I saw another side of Wig and Luo Hui Navy's new general bidelines and green cattle.

Weibur's entire man is turned into a strong meatball player, and the chief of the long six meters is almost shattered in front of the air. A knife will sweep out the generals of the whole green cattle!

In the original, Weibull can combine the Navy's general 'black wrist, all the students of Zemifa kill the Ai Yin and Binz, and the right arm of Ze Ze method, with the power of oneself, the power of one person, 16 white The captain of the beard magic, is called by the yellow oysters

Beautiful as young as young beard.

Although Weibull's power is not really much powerful, it can be described by the Navy's general, obviously his strength is absolutely an extremely horrible level.

"Uh, this stupid power is too horrible ...

The bite and dead resistance to the swallow in Weible in the hands of Weibull, and the Giant's huge force, which is called the monster, can not help but feel squeak.

In particular, with the field of Trafalga Luo surgery, it is simply played the power of Wigabur's horrible strangeness. Every time I controlled Wowbur in Luo, I can just right to the vine tiger and green. Cow is playing powerful

Hit and avoid.

This pair of Luo and Weibull, the power of the outbreak will put the two new Naval, the two new Naval, the highest power of the Green Bull, the battlefield!

We really ...

Can you overcome such guys?

The wolf fled from the deep pit, and she stood next to Kapu and Long-haired five old stars. She looked up with her eyes before the whole body, the paint black semi-finished, and the moment of the flame, the heart of the flame, one in the heart dismal.

"This guy has completely unbearable ... order II."

I looked at the flash of a sword to kill blonde five old stars into a virtual, and the card's face was also completely covered with helpless colors.

I saw the moment in front of my eyes, and the whole body covered the top armed torque, a pair of Zhan Lan Xiaoxue's red monster, and the white-white long-haired, the white long-haired, the whole, the whole must be affailed. As if the illusory style

On the body, the uninterrupted revealed out of all people suffocate.

It's hard to be like human two

I looked at the moment in the eyes of half the middle of the world, so the idea flashed all the people's mind.

"Give up. ... Don't make it again to resist two"

Junxiu's innocent face is covered with the top armed colors.

, 'This war, you have been completely lost !! "

"Hey ... now talking about it is good!"

Deadly resisting the eyes of the sun, the sun and the moon tide are constantly invaded, and the principle of losing is not marked, I saw the low sinking in the mouth.

"Don't come the last minute ... no one can lay the final winner !!"

"is it…

It seems that the blade of the destruction of the destruction of the eyes of the eyes, the blade of the destruction of the moment is too knife, and a few kings who are not working in the battlefield.

"You look at it again. Empty two"

, 'Five old stars have been killed? The two seem to develop according to this situation ...

I only see a pink feather coat, the ability to use the line fruit seems to be less than the god Empire army and the naval soldier and the world government's elite killing, the word Duolan, I don't I am free to slaughter people.

Horse, 'It seems that the world government and the Navy's part are not' eternal, moment and gorge's opponent ...

It seems that today's two

Is there a chance to find 'eternal, this guy report an arrow?

I glanced over the center of the Central Battlefield, like the devil in the world. Five old stars and Kapu and empty moment. I feel the unbeatable to high force on the moment, Du Langming's dark sunglasses under the eyes. Flashing a touch of hate

Although the heart is unbearable for more than ten years ago, this situation is not compromised in the situation, and the DVRMAN, and it is reasonable to deprecate the hatred in his heart.

Five thousand tiles !!

At this time, Dover, the heart suddenly had a crisis, and he saw the sneak attack from him.

Looking back, I saw the king of the high blue skin, the seven Wuhai 'sea, the sea, the sea, is very flat, and is full of exquisite fishman, and the box is in the hands of the fighters to break the air. The straight hook hit his heart!

Spider's nest!!

I saw that the Hai Xia, a lot of Buddha, behind the sneak attack, turned around to swall the left hand to the front side of the spider silk, and instantly used the ability to use the superman line fruit to build a huge spider. The net, the light is easy to block, very flat

Fish man's karate raid.

(Novol) has to be said, in the Queen's Seven Wuhai, the strength of Dover Mingge will definitely count the number of two, unlimited approximate the leadership of the Navy.

Not only have millions of people who have the opportunity to wake up, but even the power of demon fruit awakening, especially in the hands of the moment, after ten years ago, after being humiliated, it is painful. Shamished years of Dover

The strength of this period has exceeded him in the top of the war.

'Hey. .... Yaoshi, very flat .... You can't help but do it ...

It seems that I have already predicted that I will hit the attack. I saw that the Francumbhan easily blocked the very flat attack, she started a burst of traffic on his face of the devil's body.

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Chapter 282 During the Du Langming Brother (ask for reward and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 282, Du Langming, Dinner (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Oh, two Buddha, two, '

Using the fishman's karate, a strong punch is easily blocked by Dover, I saw that the fish people were very flat, "the old man is not willing to attack behind ... But today you can't escape death. The next "" "The same is that the Queen Seven Wuhai is still not

If you let the old man get out of you !! "

" ..." said that I am idiot ?! "

It is easy to release a large number of spider's web, and it is easy to stop being a very flat strong fishman's karate, and the face of Dome, "you have a smile." You fish people Island is now the site of the god Empire

Don't I know that you are eternal. Is there a person ?! "