Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 437, Chapter 437

Desert treasure knife!!

Just at this time, the situation in the field is mutated!

Suddenly there is more than the Buddha, there is no endless yellow sand flying, suddenly forming a huge sand blade, and the strong power of the whole land suddenly fell toward his back!

Tear. One 050-

If you don't break, you will have a bridemown, which is broken, two sides of the double sneak attack, and then blooms a fascinating blood, a huge wound that deeply saw the bones appeared in the back of Dover,!

"Is it two but you are too big, more than two Buddha Langmingchi,.

Hold the incomparably painful pain, Dover Minggui turned back, only to see the king's seven Wuhai, the sand crocodile, Crokdal mouth with big cigar, wearing a poisonous gold hook arm A huge yellow sand blade, a standard bad face

Hanging a fierce smile.

'Sand crocodile, Crokdal! Why you !? "

Looking back, I sneaked my own Crokdal, Dover, Du Langming, was completely ignited, but a strong guess of his heart, "Is it. You are also two

"Hey ..." Dead to the rush, there are so many ... Obviously Crokdal is not going to make more Buddha Langming people to understand.


Du Langming, who was hit by Klockdal, saw the sand crocodile, dared to put himself in the eyes, and his face was suddenly flashed on his face.

With his strength, it is more than enough to be able to defeat immediately, but the self-insurance is absolutely more than enough, but at this time, the sneak attack of the two consecutive three will have some tricks, and the Duolan brother suddenly Poured one

Strong bitterness.

Frango gun!!

In the quiet, the ground on the foot of Dome Langming is suddenly has a life, which suddenly formed a huge long gun, and it's a shot of him!

Empty road!!

Notice that this squatted, the FRON DVRON GRANDON GTInnon, gently waved his fingers, using the line fruit to release the line to the naked eye, tied the clouds, and pulled himself in the air. Avoid the shadow of this feet

Great long gun.

, 'Moon Mount Molia! Actually, even you ...

There is a shock and dangerous and dangerous blow to this shadow huge fire, I saw the expression on the Duolan brother's face on the half-air, and some can't believe in the eyes. At your feet, this face is pale.

Great tall man.

The fatal raid of the three royal seven Wuhai has made him a strong crisis in his heart. Although they can only count the gods of the same gods, they suddenly suffered such a series of betrayal sneak attacks. He has a grass

The feeling of wood soldiers.

Black knife, dissipate!!

At this time, During the "Dover" The ability to use the line of fruit pulled himself into the half-air. He is exapplying the ability of the devil fruit awakening to reverse the situation in front of him. The air in front of the eyes suddenly blooms. A huge huge

Emerald green chop!

Five-color line!!

Suddenly, there was such a strong huge sword to smash, and under the oppression of death, the Buddha's posture was placed in his hand in his hand, and suddenly headed by the huge green sword in front of him. Five sharp transparent thin silk


A slight metal hits the sound.

I saw the transparent fine silk thread of the five-way cutting of all objects in the hands of the Françozy brother.


I haven't come to make any resistance, and a huge wound suddenly blooms in front of the Moon Moon of Dome, and directly takes the breath of his life.

'Eagle, Joracill Michac 2

In the martyrdom of this unparalleled sword, he saw that the eyes of the eyes were like the eagle, the man was slowly recovered, and the black knife, the night, after night, During the Duangming brother completely Unbelievable has a big eyes.

"As the strongest sword wrap. You two actually ...

With a strong unwilling and death, the big hundred pirates of the Tianlong people are born. Don Quixote Du Langming is like a broken kite and falls in the ground, always closed forever. I got my own eyes, a pair of iconic dark solar ink

The mirror fell next to his body and refracted the glory of the sun. "The guys who are bought are actually waiting for me to shoot ...

The cold and unfair kills a lingering sword, killing Dome after Dome, slowly recovered the 'black knife in his hand. Night,' eagle, Miho Kick whole people have broken down. Refused in indifference and lonely outside the thousands of miles.

"What is good for crying ...

Although everyone is now the god imperial magic, it is obviously facing the emperor of the eagle eye, and the sand crocodile Klock Dar is not a good temper, and some dissatisfaction is ridden, '. If we don't shoot ... Call that it is so easy

One blow to kill more Buddha Langming ...

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Chapter 283, the last five old stars (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 283 Last Five Eldest Stars (seeking rewards and automatic)

"what did you say?!"

After a sword killed Dover, suddenly heard the cold ridicule of Crokdal, and the eagle eye grabbed suddenly grabbed himself 'black knife. Night cutting handle, like the eyes of the eagle set I sent a fierce radiant.

"Do you want to become a dead crocodile ?!"

"Hey ... I can't stand it is that you have a self-righteous face.

In the face of the fatal threat of the eagle eye, although it is not his opponent, the character is quite Liang Wei, who is quite liang, immediately raised the sand in his hands, and staring at the eagle eye hopker in front of him. .

I have to play the two people, but I am very flat into the middle of the two people.

"Don't make trouble, everyone is doing things in the court"

I saw a tall blue skin fish people very flatly opened their own arms, and one left and one left the eagle eye hooded and the Klock Darr. Shen Sheng advised: "Now this is a critical juncture ~ two What is going on, BOSS will be very unhappy ~: '


It seems that this sentence has played a role, and the eagle eye hooded can not help but open the 'black knife, night, and the fierce of Klock Darr is gradually eased.

The eyes were quietly glanced at the moment of the central battlefield, and found that his gaze seems to be able to measure the war around him. Suddenly, it immediately laundavled his neck to start unfinished work in his hand.

'Wang Xia Qihai 2 "

I have the distant Klock Dar and Eagle Eye Hawk, they have all four of the Fang Dynasties, all of which look in the eyes, the long-haired five old stars in front of the Central Battlefield, empty and card The shocked table mouth is completely blocked.

"All is yours ?!"

how can that be?!.

Emperor. BACHHHUK is a woman in an instant, so it is understanding that the king's seven Wuhai will understand, 'Haimen, and it is a member of the Sun Piece of the Sun. Those who have an instant can also understand.

But this is a special moonlight, Molia and a sand crocodile, Crowdal has a 'eagle eye, when did Miho actually be a person of the god Empire?!

Why did their world governments and Navy ?!

How many cards do you have not used in the body?

The deep eyes stared at the moment in front of him, and there was a desolate in the heart, from the situation in front of the battlefield, he had no longer see the hope of victory.

"You have not eligible to see my bottom card. In short ...

Ignore my long-haired five old stars, empty and card, their bets, their bets on their face, it is like an ears from the demon gods from myths, quietly floating in the void of the Central Battlefield, overlooking They spit out in three mouths

Fact, '. From today.

, 'But you don't have to worry about the two pirates, will also be ended by me ...

The heart has already made a full plan, and the body covers the armed tantgestera and semi-finished, and the inexpensive eyes of Zhan Lan Zhanzhi seems to have seen soon.

"The Arono Empire. ... will be the only forces of the world!"


The goal of this madman is to control the entire world.

Quietly stared at the moment in front of you, heard the moment to say the next plan and arrangement of his god Empire, long-haired five old stars and empty and Capotton time shock.

"Empty two cards, I will give you two"

At this time, I have been quiet and silent, I have been silent, and I suddenly disappeared into an invisible air at this time. Taking an unimaginable speed toward the distant sky speed plunder go with.

"The descendants of the World Government and Creators cannot be discontinued here ...

Five old stars actually two

Just escape?!

Ask for flowers ·· ...

The remaining empty and Kapu in the Central Battlefield, simply unable to believe their eyes.

In this World Government and the Navy, we join hands to fight against the ultimate battle of the moment, the world's highest leaders, five old stars, actually back their comrades, escaped ?!

"The two bile class two simply find it !!"

The blue blood red scorpion is condensed with a long-haired five old star that is invisible, and the beautiful face is suddenly flashing. In his eyes, I would rather respect the enemy of the war, can't help this. A fleeler who is back to the comrades.

Round looks · Vientiane Tianxiang !!!

In the eyes of empty and Kapu, I saw the moment in front of their eyes quickly extended their arms. Zhang opened his palms and empty spaces, and the sky in the sky, the blood color in the right eye The demon is shining.

"Can be evil.

Walking the invisible air, the long-haired five old stars are going to see, and they will succeed from the battlefield of the Navy to fly into the boundless sky. Suddenly, a lot of huge huge gravitation suddenly sets his body. shape.

"I am the world government and the world's aristocratic last hope !!!"

The powerful gravitationalism that was attracted by the odds of the inenseed air was involved in the body of the intangible air, flying in the Central Battlefield of the Navy, and suddenly broke out the most unsolvering roar in the heart of the five old stars.

Da Jade vacant gun!!

The eyes were killed by the flash of killing, and the figure was attracted to the past, and the heart felt the strong fatal murder of the long-haired Five Star suddenly launched the strongest power of his demon. Form a ring

Huge circle.


When the air suddenly broke out a burst of rural cyunge.

When the air between the five old stars and the moment, it was strongly compressed to produce a substantial change!

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Chapter 284 War ended (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 284, Chapter 284 (ask for reward and automatic)

Long-haired five old stars, this full-standby air gun, the huge exceeded everyone's imagination, and even locked the half of the navy's battlefield under the feet into the scope of his destruction.

"The World Government's 800-year rule is ended from you !!"

The long-haired five old stars who were born back in front of themselves were stunned, and they looked at the horror giant air guns out in his hand. The eyes of the blue blood of the flash gradually gradually settled to a freezing point.

Laser punishment !!!

In the final eye of the long-haired five old stars, the moment should look up with the clouds like him!

Suddenly all air condense, surpassing the absolute zero-scale freezing force instantly formed a white light, the impact "42 zero" waves, the same as snowflakes, as well as the stars. Fantasy. Beautiful.

However, the destruction temperature contained in and the moment of the moment is too crushing, which is very frozen and pulverized from the destruction of the Nether.

"Good drift clip, this is the dust of the star Chen ...

Everyone in the battlefield of the Navy, everyone can't help but raise their heads. Looking up at this beautiful light, the eyes are almost occupied by this white light, and they can't help but flash a same thought.

During this dreamy move, it is as if it is not dead but a sublimation.

In fact, it is just a moment.

The white light-like shock wave shot in the moment is frozen and smashed the giant air gun in front of him.