Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 438, Chapter 438

The destruction of the propierity of the Aurora is covered with light's mentality, and the five old stars have stopped moving each cell.

Under this tricky, I saw that the long hair of the five old stars were all frozen and turned into a fridge, and it was like the stars of debris. "Everything is over 2"

After a blow, the long-haired five old star finally finalized the fridge in front of his eyes. He gradually lifted the half of his body, and the top armed colors were dominated. This piece is fluttering

Delicious fragrance, as if it is like it, it feels cold and lonely.

"The last five old star. I also died in his hand."

This war. ...

Is there any need to be hit?

"Do you think it is necessary for the battlefield to play again?"

The top-level viewing is heard from the common voice of Kapu and the empty two people. The handsome face is not moving, and the eyes are gently glanced at the distance and the warring of the war. It's like a fall

The devil is induced by in front of Kapu and empty, "Look at your old man's war country. He can't help it ...

"The final war is I won two,.

Running in the moment, the empty and the two people are looking at the battlefields in the distance. I saw the warm clothes that were summoned in the moment. Under the characteristics of the unscrupulous, the Warring States is only difficult to take only one by oneself. It has already shown the defeat of the wolf.

That is turned, then look around the entire battlefield.

The Peaceist troops were completely destroyed. The four general-level top-level power was fully suppressed, and the generals and other navy's generals were almost slaughtered by Hancock and other seven Wuhai, while the grassroots naval soldiers and World Government

The army is suppressed by the strong army of the Aroni Empire.

Even if the combination of the two people, even if it is added together, it is impossible to be the opponent in front of the eyes. After all of the five old stars are dead, they are already the highest leaders of the World Government. But this time is now from

No one is not seen in this war.

"Now surrendering, I can give you a born road, '

At a glance, I saw the confusion and struggle in the eyes of the card, and I went to the last pass A, 'negative, I will kill you all. "

"Now the two of the fate of the two people will pay in your hand.

The deep eyes of the moment were falling in front of the eyes. After being killed by himself, the flight as the world government is the world's government, the whole world government is actually the highest controller. ......

"Empty Second Tell me your choice 2"

As a tip soldier, it is very easy to refuse the choice of the moment, but it is empty to watch the firm Kapu, and the Warring States that are difficult to support the farmers, and then sweeping a thousands of world governments around him. And Navy soldiers, empty

Suddenly hesitated.

"My patience is limited:. Less

I saw the empty psychological struggle in front of him, I suddenly improved my tone, and the deep scorpion came to the sharp edge, '. It seems that you are going to bring the lives and you of everyone here. Two tries to the world government

The political power and the ugly face of the Tianlong people were loyal to the second.

Finally, I thought of so many people around him, I thought of the ugly face of the Tianlong people, and then I thought 1.3 to the five old stars who had just escaped, and finally the moment, became the last straw against the camel, and crushed the last one in the hollow. Strove.

"I ... and the highest leader of the World Government, '

The flashing gaze finally completely firmly firmly, and only the continuous struggle of the empty, finally made the final decision, and the burning stared at this uncomfortable figure.

'Representing the World Government and Navy Part II announced the surrender II,'

The empty voice, but the word is not spread throughout the battlefield, everyone is in his heart, stopped the battle in his hand.

Chapter 285 of the power of the sea king (seeking rewards and automatic)

Pirates 285 Chapter Haiwang's power (seeking rewards and automatic)

World Government. ...

And the Navy announced the surrender ??

All the entire navy's battlefield is quiet, and the news that the annual decline is spread throughout the battlefield, all of the fights in all men have paid down.

'Gay he is handsome.

Seeing that this unscrupulous warfare, this unscrupulous wear is reversed, the Warring States also stopped the domineering shock wave released in his hand, and the wise eyes looked at the empty battle in the Central Battlefield. Complexity look.

Declared surrender?

The five old stars have all been killed. The whole war situation is completely in the god Empire, and it seems that there is no other meaning other than the incremental injury.

Not only the battlefield of the entire Navy, just starting from the moment of the air, the World Government also announced the surrender, all the world's eyes are turned here through the image phone.

Empty represents the World Government and the Navy announced the surrender

That is to say that the Second World Government's rule of the world for more than 800 years.

From this moment, both are over ??

At this moment, all of the world all people are in this shocking news.

Since the 20th king jointly established the World Government from 800 years ago, this organization is like a hustle and hustle, which is never climbing, the top of the world, even if it is only the original One of the pirates, only can only borrow Into my world

All the treasures in the world are hidden in Lavdru, to open the big waters, to promote the wind of the world.

However, at this moment, 'eternal, moment and his god empire rely on its own strength, from the front battlefield, the world government and the neighborhood of the two pompellement.


From now on, is the era of the god Empire. ...

For a moment, the whole world is paying attention to the entire government of the entire Navy's head of the world, and the same ideas and ideas are rising in their own heart.

"This war is lost in the world government and the navy.

In the Central Battlefield, after the news of the surrender, the air is complicated, looking at the moment in front of his eyes, looking at the whole body, the whole body wears a inexplicable man, the empty, the most tough The steel bars are also tough

The body is like unloading all the strengths of the whole body.

"It's you win! Heart !!"

A pair of deep monster is looking at the empty and Kapu, who is completely lowered to surrender, and a smile of smiles, the unable to spread from the moment, the screams of the face.

"Hahaha ...

Finally, this evil spirits thoroughly evolved into the crazy laughter of the moment, spread throughout the entire Navy's battlefield, and spread throughout the boundless sea.

"This war is still. Eternal, moment won.., '

The big boat of the beast is floating on the blue sea. Listening to the crazy laughter of the moment has gradually passed to himself, 'Baockery's face is gloomy, crushed the wine glass in his hand, the tyrannical eyes A burst of blood history and unwillingness.

"Even if you defeated the World Government and Navy, you are not so easy to get the whole world.

Bang !!!

At this time, all the sea at all the sea seems to have suddenly set off a dramatic wave, and several hundred pirates around the Baorence, they were directly overturned to the sea.

"what's going on?!"

Suddenly suffered such a big change, Capton turned his head for four weeks. I saw a huge sea king. I suddenly drilled the water under the sea. A pair of round tables still have a huge horror eyes of the past. Piece

"One pirate?!"

"How can this possible two huge body types ...

I suddenly saw such a huge sea king drilled the water to attack their One Pirates. Thara's fierce face has emerged an incredible expression, '. Why gather in the windless large sea king class suddenly appeared here Attack us ?! "

As if the water flow like the waterfall sounds, the sea at the feet suddenly has been set off a bigger wave.

Brush brush

It seems that the shock of the dislikes to Thara is not enough. I only see the whole beast One Piece Fleet, and even the brush has once again drilled a group of huge sea princes, one is only a huge giant eye to death than the round table. Holding their entire hundred beasts.

'What happened in these two ?! "

See this incomparably horrible scene, Thaedo's beast is completely contracted into a pinhole.

,. Baoren Kaiko, today, you don't have to go ...

At this time, a strange voice suddenly passed from the sea behind the sea, "Your Majesty has arranged us to wait for you more !!"


I heard this unfamiliar voice, Thaedo suddenly turned back, saw a single reminded of the huge fierce giant ship to arrange the neat formation from the far beasts, gradually come to the hundred beasts, and the face Produce a variety of changes (good, good), "this

Some battleships ... is it ...

Although it is better than the exclusive market exclusive

Among the fleets composed of ancient weapons, I saw the leader of the leader, and the grade of the black feather coat was standing the bow, and the pool behind him was a pink and beautiful hair. Beautiful ancient weapon 'sea

Wang, White Star Princess.

These usually only have a giant sea king class that is not in the wind, is a Bai Star who uses yourself to wake up an ancient weapon 'Haiwang. The ability to summon.

Chapter 286, Four Chu Ge (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirates, Chapter 286, four-sided Chu song (seeking rewards and automatic)

"what are you?!"

Seeing the distance from the distance, it is like a crow clown model, with many god Empire, the Empire is saving towards his own beast, and the anger in the hearts of the beast is written in him. .

"Do you dare to talk to Laozi ?!"

, 'It's really full of big pirates.

It is still not close to the 100th beast, the squid, the sorrow of the beast, even if the distance from the sea, the grade can feel the horror moment of the burst of wild , But he is full of oil, just not

I used to smile, '. However, today's task is handed over to us today is that only need to drag your 100 beasts.

Tow us??

I suddenly heard the words of the Kratan, 'Baometrong's face suddenly changed, a strong uneasy suddenly came to his heart.


It seems that 'eternal, instant is not going to let me go.

After the world government and the Navy, I will plan to pack my two -

633 - Boom !!!

Just as the babo, the beast is weak, I saw the fleet fleet of the big sea in front of the sea, and the strongest shelling of the new world was in the new world. This Pluto fleet blooms ancient warfare

The shining of the ship is devastating.

With the ancient weapons' sea king, the Call of Supreme of the White Star, the Baoren One Pirates have suffered an unprecedented strike and unprecedented crisis.

"How do you see it ?!"

At this time, the sea, the huge Mobbi Dicks, which is the large sea, the white beard, is gradually moving toward the Red-haired One Pirate, seeing the Navy's Battlefield, now fully clear and clear situation. White beard towards the opposite red sea

Red-haired incense with thieves.

"What can I see. The Shenlu Empire won the World Government lost two

In the face of the sharp eyes of the Mug Dick, the red-haired Xiangx is helpless, and the BGFC will laugh, 'This is already changed, the fact that I can't change the second,'

On the other hand, I said, I saw the violent sea battle on the other side of the sea, and the red-haired incense was not returned to the head of the Leid Fos at the foot of his own crew. The new world of the new world goes.

,. Bai Camou estimated that the fate of the death of the destroy today may not be the next two, '

When I left, the red-haired incense in the bow was deep and finally looked back at the end of the battlefield of the Navy's battlefield, and the sigh of the heart found that she had not seen the future.

"Roger opened the big waters of the thief to end from the moment, '

"Old second old, we are going?!"

Seeing the red-haired pirates gradually, this time the Malco on the Mobi, I looked at the white beard around him.