Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 439 of Hueding Crack System

"We also go too, this world is going to become a day ...

The white beard has deeply read the Navy's battlefield on the sea, as if I saw the movie in the Central Battlefield, the appearance of the world, and sighed in the mouth.

"I don't know the sea of ​​the new era."

"Whether there is also a boat that can carry my party in this old era.

Navy's battlefield.

"White beard and red hair have been retired?"

Standing in the Central Battlefield, God's reincarnation saw the departure of the White Beard One Piece and the Red-haired One Piece, and there was countless god imperial army who was cleaning the battlefield in front of him. He gently smashed his own. The corner of the mouth, 'This time, although the war won two

But those hundreds and revolutionary soldiers have not been able to come over, they are really regrettable.

"Next," I have handled the 'Baoren Camino.

Looking at the top war in front of this and the original, there is a smart light flashing in the scorpion of the blue blood, "I resolved the revolutionary army of the new world. What can't start

"Let the army of the god Empire to the whole world ... this way ...

Looking at the almost the battlefield that has been cleaned by the army Empire army, there are countless naval soldiers who have been prepared by the Arbor Empire, and the world government is elite, and the heart is ready to do a good intention, "the system gives me 'dominance Current world,

You can complete the second, '

The heart is a big idea, gently on the foot, in the eyes of the entire Navy's battlefield, the whole person flew up, then the left eye of the blind eye was locked in the long-distance sea. It disappeared in the void.

When I arrived at the moment.

The giant Haiwang, the god of the god Empire, the Haiwang, the White Star Princess Calls the giant Haiwang class that has put the beast One Piece to the edge of a huge island.

"You can not only have so much. Pluto Ren. There are so many giant sea princes, '

Being step by step in front of the Pluto Fleet and many giant sea princes, the sideline between the island, and the heavy Gengqi suddenly sloped with his face.

"Is there one of the three ancient weapons. Is the Haiwang in his hand ??

"This look, you can be more wolf when you face me when you face me ...

At this time, a strange and familiar voice took a ridicule and degrade, and all the smoked penetrated all the smoke passed into the ears of the beast, '. Bai Camino two,.

'. Eternal, moment ?! "

It was forced to go to the edge of the island. The beast Case, suddenly heard this strange and familiar voice, the tall burly body is full of body, a heart is instantaneous.

Chapter 287, Thara, Thane (seeking rewards and automatic)

Thair Roll 287 Thane (ask for reward and automatic)

I suddenly turned over.

I saw that the familiar slender body has been quietly sailed in the sky, the silver is white, and there is a one-sided blue deep and blood red monster. Irself.

,. Eternal. Moment ...

From the teeth, the name is squeezed out, and the dream will not forget this man in this life. How many nights have been the name of his life.


A violent beast suddenly roaring from Thara's giants, broke out of the spoken sound visible to the eye.

I saw that Kamado didn't want to suddenly suddenly suddenly skyrocket, the whole person instantly entered the state of the animal, the devil fruit awakened, and the whole body broke out of a fierce and very wild and beast, a pair of crazy beasts The deadlock is locked.

The figure in front of the blind is.

"You still can't love your mouth as before. Thara ...

It seems that you are not the world's strongest creature in front of you, and the beast is only a cute kitten. I saw the moment, I like a smile, the whole person is a lightly drifting fallen leaves falling to the boat of the 100th beast. 'But don't worry ~.

How long have you been screaming? "Because I am so fast, I will solve you two.

It seems that there seems to be like a leisurely stepped on the pirate boat in the Baorence, the eye is slightly smashed. Ignore my eyes-in-the-spotty crazy beast. Gently glanced at the meditation behind him

The king ship is quietly opened: "You all take it first, I will give it to me ...

"Yes! Your Majesty !!"

In an instant, the original group surrounded the entire Baorence Festival of the 100th Mission, and the countless giant sea princes were gradually sneak into the sea.

"What do you mean?!"

When you see the moment, let all the WANG warships and giant sea princes, the expression of the beast face in Kaido is slight, and then the face is suddenly anger, '. Is it looking for me? ?! "

Even if it was defeated in the hands of the moment, Today's Thara is still the three emperor hundred thiefs in the world's sea, and it is still the most stronger creature that makes everyone sorrowful. In the face of the opponent who wants to defeat himself. How can he want to defeat? Accommodation

This shouldered it at him?!

"I have never really seen you. ... Faced with the weak, you are very prestige ...

There is no extra nonsense, in the eyes of everyone, the handsome hands are gently slammed, and the perfect faces of Junxiu are filming, '. While using various methods all day try to try to commit suicide. But face You look more than the real death


"Deconduous and arrogant, two, this is your two Thara !!"

With the sound of the moment, all the air around it began to continue to boil, and the body around the body was crazy around the black airflow, and the top-level armed colors were gradually integrated with each other.

Anti-eye is formed to form a darkness of the endless dragon, and the breath of destroying everything is covered in the moment, and the strong power will fly around all the objects around all. Roll up the sky

Dust and ashes.

"It's this trick. ... no two"

Making a dream, I can't forget that this trick is like a general body, and Thael who entered the devil fruit awakens suddenly saw it. At this moment, the whole body was covered with a dark-raised armed torque, the end of the day, the Dragon covered, the ferocious violation Buddhism

Among the pupils suddenly contracted.

I saw that Kamado, the face of the murderous beast, I can't help but blindly, I have a strong crisis in an instant.

"Such body ... and once compared. .... Said it becomes stronger ...

A pair of madly chaotic beasts stared at the eyes of the paint black, and looked at the top-level armed torrents covered by the Dragon, "actually put it." Armed tall domain cultivation to such a shape


,dawn,. two

· ... seeking flowers

, 'What is this ?! How can we be his opponent ?! "

The endless airflow that was in the moment was constantly pushing out. At this time, the face of all the people in the thief in the 100th beasts is full of frightening, and the power of this devastating force. How did they have seen it?

"Well. ... Thaed ...

The whole huge paint black-armed colored domineering, the end of the day, the whole body, the shackles of the blue, the half-class, the half-the beast, the demon fruit awakened, and the mouth raised a Jangdo's cold smile, in the mouth Silicon spit out the words



It seems that there is a moment of the surrounded by the extremely destroyed power to swallow, the sound of the flash is not conveyed to their ear, and only all the air around the moment suddenly blows, smashing the entire 100 beasts. All objects.

I saw a whole humanity made a halopolon that swallowed everything, spanning the space between two people.

, 'It's a speed that this is so fast to keep up with it ?! "

Kahake's death has widened his eyes, and the terrorist muscles and armed colors under the whole body will become a piece!

Thaedo's heavy frightening is very looked at the darkness of the darkness in front of his eyes, and even the thoughts of struggle have not yet produced, it is found that the entire space and light around you are twisted by the speed and strength of the moment. The animal in the eyes

Crazy spread, "The whole space and light are all distorted, '

In the face of this tapered, the paint-black-armed colored domineering Two

Chapter 288 Battrand (ask for reward and automatic)

Pirates 288 chapter Baoren's shudes (seeking rewards and automatic)


As if there is thousands of bombs, the sound taken together.

I saw the paint black-torque-torrential torque in the moment, the last day of the Dragon, and in an instant swallowed all the people of the artificial demon in all the beasts of the 100th, and they were in front of them. Chemols of demon fruit awakens

On the body, he directly enveloped him.

Rumbler ...

There are countless shocks of deafening, and the whole sea is shocked.

All everyone in the battlefield of the Navy, couldn't help but be eye-catching with the scene of the sky, looking at the black armed colors of the paint and black armed colors on the high sea, and the rampant dominating Three emperors of the world's sea

Many people have joined the island behind.

The original island of peace and peace, and suddenly suffered from innocent disasters.

"Hamare, he actually two,.

"Fast! In the past, supported the Hamare !!"

I didn't have the opportunity to see their captains. I was in this instant, and all the people of the 100 beasts were all boiled. The war is temporarily manipulating all the hundred pirates under the feet. Tard closer to the island


"Don't kill two, two"

I saw the whole as if I was in an ancient beast, and there was no fog flying between the fog flying. If the fog flying, if the shackles were hidden, the blue blood red scorpion penetrated all the obstacles directly in the dying Thara, "I know

The attack should not be enough to completely kill you in the world's strongest creature, vitality

"Cough two vomiting. ", I

The wolf's paralysis fell in the endless gravel ruins, and Thaedo suddenly vomited a blood.

I saw Thara's weakness, struggling to try it in the gravel, and opened the animal's demon fruit awakened state, his burly and strong surpassing human rough moon, the horror of the moon, the whole depression.

If the normal human beings have been killed in this level of trauma, it has already died hundreds of times, but with the full transcendence of the human body and the horrible vitality of the horrible vitality.

Yunnawa should be all shattered.

Struggling to open his own crazy chaos, with the body's instinctive imperial instinct and burst of unparalleled pain, Kaido's heart shattered how many bones were smashed by this hit.

"Sure enough, it is not dead. It is not in the past ten years.

The left eye and blue gods penetrated all the shortcomings in front of them, and the moment was clearly seen at this moment. At the moment, the mouth was sighing, and it was also in the heart of Thara's strong and horrible vitality. feeling suprised.

Bang !!

Suddenly, I saw that the endless dust filling and fog suddenly condensed before the moment, suddenly countless confused rocks, a burly crazy animal shadow suddenly shot out!

Hundred beast bite!!

I saw that the end of the moment, the end of the label is completely grown into the island, the countless boulder, the moment, and the N gap of him broke out the madman's beast power, instantly seized the opportunity from the endless dust fog The gravel is out of gravel.

A whole, the left arm is smashed under the wrapped in the paint black-armed colors, and suddenly hits the moment in front of him, the air surrounded by the power of Thara's murder, the suffering of the painful I .

When there is time, I saw that Kamare's paint blazing armed colored domineering, the head was turned into a variety of mad I wild beasts in the air, and did not have to grow up with a giant mouth to the moment.

Obviously, this world is not only a person in the moment, since the defeat in the hands of the flash, 'Baockery is more than ten years ago, he also has a great progress.

Round retraction · gods!!!

Seeing that Thara's armed tap of domineering, a hit of the beast is about to hit the moment in front of him. He suddenly found out that his attack and the moment were forcibly separated from the end of the world.

Bang !!!

The deafening sound came out, I saw a shocking force of the sharpness, suddenly broke out in the moment of the body, instantly, all the offensive around him, all the ground and ruins, all the objects all bombard out

A huge pit on the ground under the foot is constantly spreading. ".'what is this?!"

Feeling the pounds of sculgage coming from my eyes, the face of Thaedo's pupil is slightly shrinking, and suddenly I feel that my whole body covers the bombing of the militant domineering, just like hitting it. An invisible screen of one layer is difficult to resist

Obtain, it is completely difficult.

Putic to this part of ...