Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 440 of Hueding Cracks

The sound of the spoken human ear film sounded.

The face of Hamant's half-beast was blocked on his eyes. I saw the bass of beasts that she bombarded in their hands and suddenly hit the god of the gods that broke out. It is like a comet impact on a layer of atmospheric barriers. Unpaired light but no


"I have almost forgot that you haven't seen my gods, I'm talking about Zhao's."

Shen Zhi's round of his eyes and showed that Shen Luo Tian's repulsion was blocked. After the kortham in front of his eyes, the mouth of the moment was slightly smile, and suddenly increased the output of his gods.

'Give me back !! "

Under the infinite unreasonable mountains, the illegitilization of the tsunami, only the entire The whole person is instantaneous in an instant

It is expensive to fly.

A huge incomparable round pit is constantly spreading on the sea. I only see the entire huge islands are burning under the bottom of the sea, completely disappearing from the map.

Chapter 289 End of the End of the Act (ask for reward and automatic)

Pirates 289 Chapter 28, the final prelude (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Hamare !!"

"It's too exaggerated, then the big island is actually in a moment ...

Just rushing to the shore of the island, I want to leave the embossing of the beasts of the hundred people who have a demon of the beasts, and I saw that Kamado was blocked by the shells. The entire island in front of them was instantly in front of them. A blow to the sea. shocked

It's just like a loss of your own soul, I have made my mouth.

I saw the huge gratiarian Tianzheng instantly destroyed the entire large island. The huge sea water is only seen in the moment, and the hands are quietly floating in the air, as if it is a penalty from God. God.

"What kind of power can be evil?

I feel that my whole body's armed torch is destroyed by the god of the gods. It was originally hitting a heavy place to feel that there is no place in the whole body. It is not in pain. The whole person seems to be like a meteor.

"Already not ending, Thaed 2"

Quietly float in the blue sea, the deep-color double-color double-colored double firmly locked the far-faced sea, like the meteor, one 387 flying, the beast, the bottom of the right eye The eyes of the shocking of Xiangyu were exploding.

"With your beast, the thief group, let the stars !!"

Round looks · Braz star !!!

I saw the wheel of the god of the right eye into the eye, showing an oysterism that creates the world.

In the eyes of everyone, they extended out, and a dark and unlimited mysterious light ball gradually flew out from the moment, fluttering into all the top of all the heads.

It seems that the whole world has shocked, and the entire Azure House where everyone has begun to tremble.

Under the moment of . . ,,,,,.,,,

The endless sea in the sea begins to be traged, turned into a piece of shocking counterflow waterfall, constantly rising to the high altitude, endless blue seawater began to full space in front of everyone.

It seems that the whole sea is blowing out, and countless seawas among the sea, all of them are pulled in the air, a huge ice star. It is gradually formed.

"Hey. Aku. The sea is all sucking !!"

"What is this ?!"

The whole hundred beasts, all of the people, the demon fruit power, all butt situated on the shipboard, feel the huge 'Mercury, the huge' Mercury under the top sky, and tract it.

Not only the beast, the thief group, at this moment, the god Empire on the Pluto fleet is also looked at the top of the horizontal sky. "His Majesty, he bought a planet with seawater. two,.

"Say! What is that !?"

"The big sea actually appeared so big planet ?!"

No matter what this, all the people in the Yuan Dynasty's battlefield also noticed the shocking scenes of their own, and the eyes were deadly locked with the huge blue planet of the rushing of the sea, "Really Dove you tell me this is not doing

Dream ...

"Feeding, I said that BOSS is too exaggerated ...

She only standing on a piece of Luo, Witbur, Ai Ni, and the embarrassment of her elbow pushed the Ai ni Road next to him. The eyes were full of shock and embarrassing, '. Deal with' 100 Beebera is necessary to get (bgde) so shocking scene ...

, 'Group, then he:.

Empty with the Kapu Warring States to stand side by side, sharp eyes stared at the scene created in the past, the heavy tone is more comparative, 'How many base cards do not appear.,'

Such strength ...

Even if our entire world government and the navy are embarrassed, they can't escape the destiny.

Looking at the huge rumored blue stars in the sea, the card and the Warring States in the heart of the country, and they saw helplessness on the opponent's face at the same time. "what is this?!!"

Unlike the other people around you, the whole person is pulled into the sky, and the stars are constantly involved in the high-altitude, looking at the huge huge 'Mercury in the top sky, and the beast face is completely The stream has aggloned the color, in the mouth

The eruption of hysteria has a desperate roar of the whole sea.

However, it is obvious that it will be released by the explosive star. This is more than the will of the pounds that will not be shifted because of the will of the beast, and only the world, the world, the world's strongest creature. , With the entire hundred beasts

Hundreds of people who have a demon fruit power is desperate, and uniform is inhaled in the huge ice star in the sky.


Among the scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented high-pressure seawater, the eggs of the beast and hundreds of people have bored countless high-pressure seawater, and the demon fruit power is born by the sea. Abandon the fear of fear of the fear of the sea, let them

All people have lost their consciousness and completely sink into boundless darkness.

Everything is caught in a dark silence.

"everything is over…

Quietly focused on the eyes of the eyes. The beasts along with the entire hundred beasts, all gradually pulled into the sky star formed by the high-altitude sea, and the blind eye and the round of the gods shine at the same time. Inexplicable brilliance, no one can go

Test him at this moment.

,. Baoren Kaiko, you are the era of the end of this big pirate era.

The mind is steep, and all all all all have a sigh.

After the life of the 100th beasts, the Pluto Fleet of the Aronou Empire at the foot gradually disappeared in the sea.

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Chapter 290 of the Pirates (seeking rewards and automatic)

"The world's strongest creature, Baockery ... and the whole hundred beasts

"All are killed by him ...

When everything is returning to the silence, everyone has stretched their necks on the battlefield of the Navy, and looked at the sea blue planet hung in the sky in the sky.

,. Eternal, moment of power is really a strong strong

"This kind of power ... is simply like dreaming ... less

Looking at the ability of the 'Baoren Capedo, also with hundreds of the beast sea thieves, and the hundred pirates of dozens of thousands of beasts of the thieves in the moment. The ice star is quiet, so it seems that it is frozen in blue.

The specimens of the color crystal ball, all of the people all witnessed all over the sea, all of them.

In front of this kind of great power of this, everyone can feel that they are small as if they are like a floor ant, everyone is self-dangerous in front of the fertile.

"Luqi, Ai Ni Road, Luo Er, '

With the Pluto Fleet of the Shenluo, I came to the front of the Navy's battlefield, and the blue-blue double glance glanced at himself to stand in the road and Ai Ni Road and the Luo them. 'Here Give you a few ...

All of the people of the Navy have allocated it. Don't let me down.

"Yes! BOSS !!"

I heard the Listening and Allegation, Luqi and Ai Ni Road suddenly nodded.

, 'There are you ... empty, Warring States, Cap ... less

Looking forward to the task to Luqi and Ai Ni Road, the deep eyes turned to the empty and war country card, the tone seems to be free, but the eyes of the eyes flashed from time to time, but let them everyone I don't dare to look straight, "Since I have already submitted

Drop the agreement, I don't let me see some unpleasant things, I have seen some unpleasant things.

"Otherwise, the result will be the second" you don't want to see.


I heard the tone of the moment, if there is no hitting, and the sharpization is the essence of the essence, the air and the Warring States card is suddenly low, "Since it has been surrendered After returning to the god Empire, we will naturally

Jurisdiction is constrained in your own part. ..., '

I tape ...

The top-level view is domineering and accurately grasping the idea of ​​all the people in front of him. He didn't listen to the awareness of a trace of orbiting, and the moment is finally satisfied. He said to Hancark and Vina.

"Then let's go back to Shen Luo Empire, Hancick Dun Sina. ... Robin and Cariefa are still waiting for our news ...

All the people or complicated, or respectful, or a fanatic eyes of the entire Navy's battlefield, the moment of the entire god empire gradually went away in the blue sky.

"Empty handshake, Warring States Marshal, Mr. Cap, isn't we like this ...

After seeing the moment, I finally took all the people left, I have been in the head to the tail, I have been swallowing the red dog Sagaski, who is full of flames, and finally can't help out.

"We represent how the world government and the naval two can be succumbed to. Eternal, moment and Shen Luo Empire's obscenees ?!"

It has been a long-awaited red dog Saski, which has the absolute justice of the World Government and the Navy's distortions, will never hold back, some anger is staring at the empty and Warring States card, three people in front of him. In the eyes of the eyes

Unpaired disappointment.

He has always implemented the Navy, which is absolutely just that he can't accept the whole world government and the naval all in the power of the moment.

"what did you say?!"

"Do you have a kind and say it ?!"

The red dog contains deep irritability, I don't consciously improve my tone. This time I suddenly attracted the attention of everyone around the Arono Empire, and all people were all eye-catching.

·, ', Two fresh flowers ·,', ',', ''

"You will only play the red dog of magma! It seems that you have different opinions on the absolute majesty of Your Majesty. A?! '. I saw the most popular Aii Road in the character. The blue violent thunder, the eyes are dead and dead

Red dog.

In addition to Ai Ni Road, Luo, there is still Luo, and all the soldiers of Wigbur and all the other gong Empire are not good.

"Live mouth! Sakaski !!"

Suddenly heard the emotions of the red dog around, I felt that everyone around the Arono Empire had a poor look, and the empty face suddenly turned, and the mouth was opened.


The red dog is sinking, and it is done to struggle to defecate. At this time, it is interrupted by the Warring States in the side.

"Enough! Don't say Saskaski!"

I realized that the words of the red dog said that the words of the red dog will be willing to trigger. At this time, the face of the Warring States is also overcast. I looked at the neutral neutral god imperial soldiers, and suddenly opened their sorrows. 'Don't because you

The impulse and stubbornly killed the world government, so many soldiers !! "

The two-level battle of the two four emperors of the head and the Warring States, and the red dog was flashing, and the eyes around it were observed. So many god empire her eyes stared. I have to put all my heart. Unwilling and anger all swallowed back

In the belly.

It seems that you want to complete the World Government and Navy's guys to fully end into the god Empire.

It takes a period of time to run in one.

Stormy and calm Luqi Silent Silent Status Standing, I've seen all the expressions and emotions on all the gods and the world government and the naval all their faces, and they thought secretly.

Chapter 291 Revolutionary Army (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 291 Revolutionary Army Based (seeking rewards and automatic)