Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 441 of the Capaci Yushu System

Top war ends.

In the next period of time, there is a thing of a thing but unprecedented storm, and completely swept throughout the world.

Since the 20th Kings, 20 kings were jointly established, standing in this world, the world's 800-year world government, the world's international rights, and announced complete dissolution.

Instead, it is. Eternal, moment, only fifteen years of history of the god Empire, completely replacing this hormonia in the Shengdi Mariya, which is located in the peak of Red Soil.

But it is different from the past.

, '/, Five "Rijoia, forming an unprecedented world

Brand new. Holy land, becoming the world's new rights.

After the god Empire replaced and hosted the entire world government became the world's supreme rights center, the original entire navy has also become the violent institution and organization of the Monorai of the god Empire, with the uniqueness of the god Empire.

The army and the Pluto fleet, almost no strong resistance, destroyed all the opposition power, plugging the banner of the god Empire throughout the world's sea.

It is the first to join the World Government's approach kingdom, and other countries that have not joined the World Government and Shen Luo Empire, and the country of the Sword of the National Government, and all the countries of the Sword of the country, but also replaced the banner of the god Empire, although although Above this process

In some cases of symbolic resistance, but under the fire of the armored armored army and the WANG battleship, all the resistance is equivalent to the madness, and they have turned into the magic of the god Empire.

Although all the chaos of the whole world's sea is still spreading, but after three months of the end of the war, I will see the only second emperor in the world in the world. Thief group and the red-haired thief group, three

A long secret negotiation.

No one knows what they have negotiated, but the results after negotiations have caused a sudden in the world's big sea.

The large sea thief white beard Edward New Gate and the red-haired incense announced that their white bearded, the pirates and the red-haired pirates unconditionally added to the magic of the Monarch.

This, the news has been released, and suddenly, he has set off a big wave throughout the world, especially those who are in the sea, and suddenly have a shocking mind by this news, and they have converged their hands and feet.

From now on, in this world, there is no second voice in addition to the Iron Empire in the moment.

If you have to say, it is a revolutionary army that has been silent in the new world.

Since the war, I don't know why I have been in the new world to open the revolutionary thoughts of the World Government, and suddenly the low-key acting in the past, began to capture the country and collect a lot of powerful pirates in the sea.

The Emperor is the second World Government's remarks, and the publicity will overthrow the will of the God of the World.

this day.

The great route, 'Balti Island. Bardi.

Here is the base of the new world's most mysterious revolutionary army.

The World Government will regard the revolutionary military as the largest threat in the world, because its nature is different from the pirates. The general pirate will not take the initiative to attack the government or the Navy, but the revolutionary army will stratemate the regime of overthrowing the country.

The revolutionary army is mysterious. The average person does not know their actions, but the leader of the revolutionary army is Munqi. · Dragon has been recognized by the world, and the government has been identified as "the most ferocious criminal of the world, 'O

The revolutionary army has a strong intelligence network, which can master the incidents from all over the world. For example, in the original actions, a group of crocodiles in the grass hat has been able to learn this news.

And today.

All are the 'Baltine Island of the Central Century Style Building, and the Baldi is surrounded by countless Wan Fleet, which has wanted to flutter the gods, as if it is like a destroyed day. Surround the entire revolutionary army

This camp 'Barbed Island. Bardi brother. ......

I saw the blue sea in the sky. I suddenly saw such a large number of Shen Luo Empire fleet and the army, and suddenly the whole 'Baltine island. The revolutionary army on Bardi Brothers shocked.

I saw a magnificent office building made of yellow mortar, the leader of the revolutionary army in the conference hall, Montage. · Dragon is being promoted and talks with everyone in front of the metropolitan meeting table. "Dragon. ... Take the moment of the god Empire now,.

On the long conference table, I saw a golden wavy blonde Saabo face, and some mysterious men stared at the front of the mysterious man. · Dragon, "Is there anything we need to entangle it?

I heard Sa Bo, I said that I had a short few months in just a few months, and this organization is just a generally replacing the original world government and the navy, and more powerful gestures will continue to the world. Entire meeting

Everyone in the discussion is silent.

" 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

At this time, some hanging geeks sounded in the conference room. I saw a red-haired guess, wearing a dagger and a pistol in the chest, wearing a goggles, wearing a dark red coat, hung on the face Men are sitting on Erlang Legs

Among the conference rooms of the revolutionary army.

It is the pirate 'Super New Star, and Justas Kid, only see the entire revolutionary army, in addition to Munqi. · Dragon and Saab, Kelra and 'people demon king Anbrio Ivankov and. Lightning, Yazun's original people's approach,

There is a ficepie in the costume.

Chapter 292 Empire (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 292 Empire strikes (seeking rewards and automatic)

Take a closer look, it is actually now the most famous pihydress super newcomer in the sea today 'super new star, and the other people who have a famous pirates.

"Youstas Kide's second and dragons please put more expensive!"

I heard that Yuskhide's attitude did not put the leader of their revolutionary army in his eyes. At this time, the revolutionary army at Sa Bo and Kelra is at the core cadres 'people' demon king Anbrio Ivanov. Suddenly used his male and female voice

If it is not the current situation of the god Empire too much, it has completely transcended the world government's control for the entire world's sea. Second, our revolutionary army will not cooperate with you !! "" Everyone is calm. Look at the two 'eternal. The moment and god Empire are not friendly attitude towards you.

In the face of Kidd's unreasonable, at this time, the leader of the revolutionary army did not have anger. I saw his fierce face calmly supported all the revolutionary military drove before the eye. One thief, "In other words, your pirate is now

At the same time as our revolutionary armbook, I didn't want to be finally killed by Shen Luo Empire. I would like a little better !! "

I heard the persuasion and analysis of the dragon, and there were some chaotic conference rooms to be reclaimed.

As a naval hero, the old man, the old man and the straw hat, and created a revolutionary army. · Dragon is absolutely at least the strength of the four emperors, and he is open, and he will control the situation and atmosphere of the entire conference room.

"Well ... I heard the dragon, and the checkered Kidd is somewhat uncomfortable, I didn't say anything.

After all, he is not an idiot. The strength of the dragon is definitely not that he can deal with him now. If the dragon said, it does not reason.

Taking the god Empire now, the world will control the world's pound power. In the first time, even the big piceon thief is white and the red-haired Xiangxians have also compromised to join the magic of the god Empire, for them The pavilion is brave.

Eternal, moment and his god empire are undoubtedly like a highly unacceptable big mountain. All the pirates are all breathless.

"Oh no!!"

"The outer side came from the fleet of many god Empire! We all were surrounded !!"

At this time, when the entire conference room was silent, the soldiers who suddenly a revolutionary army dragged their often tones, and their face rushed into their meeting rooms with incomparable panic disorder.


I suddenly heard such news, all people in the conference room of the entire revolutionary army stood up, and one of the faces did not have the same idle and calm.

Is the hateful guy where the group is coming?! "

I heard the god Empire fleet army surrounded their entire 'Baltine's island. Baldi's news, and other people panic, the expression of the confusion, the nerve still striking road fate, the whole person slammed up, mouth Open the boss, "I

Be sure to fly he and then save Named !! "

I saw that the road was just to rush, and he had been firmly stunned, and he hurt him, and he called, '. What do you do?! "

"Don't impose the road!"

I saw a steady Sa Bo hit the head of the Lu Fei helplessly swaying the head. When I arrived, I didn't have the power of my own resistance, I was abused. There is no one in the field to experience the horror of the moment. , '. If it is true. Yong

Heng, the guy of the moment came over ._ ... You don't rush out, you will find it ...

"We still have time, we must think about it as soon as possible ...

It is worthy of the second chair of the entire revolutionary army. I saw that Sa Bo took a panic about my heart, and I started to have a fight plan.

Just the Saab's combat plan has not finished, this time, the dragon that has been silently closed and silent, but he suddenly opened his eyes, and I sent a sharp ray.

"no need…

"He has come to two"

When you spit out amazing words while you look up and die, you are dead, and the fierce face is dissatisfied with a heavy look.

, 'This kind of alertability and observation ...

At the same time as the voice of the dragon, the voice of the unfamiliar and familiar sound suddenly resounded through the conference room of the entire revolutionary army, and the tone of the tone of the world, "I am really seeing the first time." It is worthy of the world.

The government feels a headache, a man ...


When did you feel quietly close to 540, we have not perpleted two

The sound of the moment has no signs into the ear of every person in the field, and all the people in the conference room of the entire revolutionary army all the people, and the sources of sound looked up.

I only saw when, a mysterious man wearing a dark gorgeous coat coat and quietly appeared in the top of the top of them, even more amazingly that he was very flying in the top of the conference room. On the ceiling of China,

The luxuriant sparkling silver is naturally sprinkled, and the perfect face is a pair of mysterious deep blue blood redness. Dou is quiet. "I first met the two most vicious criminals in the world. Revolution home Munqi · · Dragon II, '

For example, it is generally inverted to stand on the ceiling of the revolutionary military conference room, and there is no restriction on the scene of the scene that is shocked by the scene. The sharp scorpion is looking at the leader of the revolutionary army underself. · Dragon's body, a strange micro

Laughing in the shadowless cheeks of the cheek.

Chapter 293 destroys the revolutionary army (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 293 of the One Piece Destroy the Revolutionary Army (ask for reward and automatic)

'. Eternal, moment ?! "

Everyone suddenly saw this mysterious man inserted into the top ceiling, and everyone suddenly slammed the sound, and she didn't understand his identity.

, 'Group:. "Mr. Mr. ...

Among the people present, only the revolutionary army is a delicate pretty sexy girl Kella, a black scorpion, staring at the top, and the pretty face is full of complex colors.

"This death ..." even is coming so fast ... less

Suddenly I saw the emergence of an instance, I have never seen my own revolutionary military cadres, and the socks are long, and the "man demon king Anbrio Ivankov is tight when they are long.

Ganmen's disabilities!!

I saw it. The demon king Anbrio Ivanov instantly shot, and the high-speed lateral movement produces several and ontology.

"Ivankov! Be careful !!"

Saab, which was easily abused before, and how horror in front of this suddenly appeared in front of him, seeing their own companions. People demon king An Brio Ivanov shot, and suddenly opened their mouths.

Galaxy Wink !!

But it is too late, the strength is powerful. People Demon King Anbrio Ivanov has launched their own kicked skills in the moment of the top ceiling of everyone, and only see him illusion of their own big face. At the same time, we will show it to the moment.


I saw it. People Demon King Anbrio Ivanov, all the big faces of the face are very long, and there is a burst of strong explosion in the air. When I hit the head of the top ceiling, I was standing on the top ceiling. .

The death of this recovery version is not only launched, but also is extremely powerful. He uses this trick in the original, and even hits the king's seven Wuhai's strength top 'tyrants, Basonero Mi bear.

"Good move.

Although this in the revolutionary troops in the revolutionary military conference room, the stockings did not have a woman, and a strange huge face. The demon king Anbrio Ivankaw looked like that, but he saw him so Quickly launched such a powerful attack

Feeling that he was a violent explosive style that was not only set off, it was said to be in the case.

"But you welcome the way ...: '

Seeing. The demon king Anbrio Ivankov countless deaths, the wind wave is going to hit the moment. It seems that there is still a leisurely, it is chatting with them, but at this moment, the moment is in the right eye. Bloody monster

But tightly affecting all the people's heart string, '. Can I like it very much ...

Round retraction · gods!!!

Bang !!!

The sound of the earthquake is out!

I saw a shocking force of a pound, and suddenly, I suddenly broke out in an instant body, starting from the ceiling of the revolutionary military conference room, a huge pit is constantly spreading.

"what is this?!"

Feeling the pounds of sculpture that suddenly shocked down from his eyes, the revolutionary army's leader was masher. · The pupil in the Dragon's eyes suddenly shrinks, and then I saw the powerful fighting power in my own part. 'The countless death of the people released by the demon king Anabulio Ivoje.

The wind wave, just like hitting a layer of incompletely repulsive barrier, it was played out in an instant.

"Then I will clean up some of the milo fish, I will clean up."

With the sound of the flash, in the eyes of all people, the invisible repulsion of the gods in front of the eyes suddenly spread.