The huge sound echoes the whole 'white soil. Bardi.

I saw it from the perspective of the outside, I saw the 'Baltine Island, Bardi's entire huge revolutionary military conference building, actually in an instant, was completely smashed, and it was flat.

Rumbler ...

The dust of the sky is splashing, and only the figure of the moment, the body of the brakes is not dyed quietly from the endless ruins, and the blue blood is gently glanced around the world. Weak small pirates and revolution


"I am evil! Do you actually kill them all ?!"

At this time, I hanged a lot of blood, shocked, and shocked, I was shocked, and the countless soldiers in my entire revolutionary troops were killed, and I suddenly surprised again. The anger came out.

'The death ... What is the second thing to do now.

The demon king Anbrio Ivanje has also struggled from a broken gravel rubble, and after receiving the violent shock of the moment of the moment, he only felt the five organs in his body as if it was reversed. Looking at myself in front of it

The instant is completely full of revolutionary military bases, and it is cold and dobility in the heart.

"This is just a small punishment for you ...

The calm floating in the ruins of the whole revolutionary army swept around the rest of the revolutionary army and the pirates around him, and the expression on the face was degraded and holy, in (Norol) this disaster. It is like a messenger who is like a day.

Life will drop the penalty.

"I am evil! You kill all of them!" I still said this !! "

Such a bloody excitement, I don't have to go back and also know that it is definitely the world's original protagonist straw road. I saw him in the absence of the ruins from the back of the moment. I'm angry.

"Talence, I'm going to let you have so many times, you still don't know the second

Listening to the grass hatred and excited shouting, the face of the handsome face is unable to smile, but the temperature among the blue blood color is suddenly cooled.

Chapter 294 Tragic Luffy (ask for rewards and automatic)

The miserable road flying (seeking rewards and automatic)

Day and don't take it,

Everything can no longer be two

I saw that the nerve big bar is not afraid of life and death, and then challenges her majesty. The flash of the moment is finally gradually cold. The round of the right eye is in the eye.

Round looks · Vientiane Tianxiang !!!

I saw it slowly, and gently reached out to the grass hat behind the defeat, flying the palm of the palm, and suddenly a huge giant gravitated spray!

"What is eraser? !!"

I saw that I was looking forward to the way to show the rubber machine gun in the moment, and the huge gravity of the body is unable to resist, and he took him into the position of the moment.

With the huge gravitation of God's reincarnation, the relaxed road flying, and hold his neck and mentioned his entire man.

"Lu Fei !! 'I saw the road flying into the moment, and one hand held the neck mentioned the air. In addition to the people of the straw cap, Dragon Sa Bo also suddenly watched.

, 'Is evil two,' is in the hands, Lu Fei finds that he doesn't have the hand, and his face of the nerve strip is finally burst.

"I will let me open the road !!"

After all, it was a bi-life father of Lu Fei. He saw his son's road to fly, and the neck was in the middle of the neck. The dragon couldn't help but screamed.

". A . It seems that someone is boss to be angry ...

Just at the island of Balti. The atmosphere is in the ruins of the Bardi Revolutionary Army base, and a little yin and yang is abrupt in the ear of all people in the field.

"Your move is a bit slower"

The throat of the straw road flying in one hand will raise his whole person in his hand, and he heard that people 's voice has no change, and the head does not return to the sound.

'Death surgeon Trafalga Luo!' Thunder, Ai Ni Road! 'Killing weapon Rob Road! And. Emperor, Baya Hancuk._ .:'

All revolutionary soldiers and pirates in the whole piece (BGFI) were looking back, I saw Ai Ni Road and Luo there and had Luqi and the moment of the women's world's first beauty 'Emperor Hancu gram back. There are countless god imperial military soldiers to gradually

Going, suddenly everyone's face became pale.

The god Empire has sent so many combat power and the force.

Is it all we have to die today?

Suddenly I saw so many top brains and countless troops stepped into the 'Balti. Baldi, Sunday, the color of the dead gray spread on all the revolutionary army and the pirates.

" II is not our movement slow,.

After I heard the moment, I saw that Luoshan's reach out of his own index finger, and smiled, '. It is a motion too fast. "

"Do you want us to solve all them all boss ,.

Obviously, more than a personality active Luo, the calm and calm killing weapon, the whole person is more calm, there is no extra nonsense, and there is no one in front of the revolutionary army around him, and the sinking, please show the brake.

"No, I'm looking at it next to you.

I didn't want to reject Luqi's proposal, and the blue blood red eyes gradually put on his hands in front of his hands, and the corner of his mouth gradually got a brutal smile. "Since the war after the war I haven't been there for a long time.

Shot ...

"Just as an activity activity, the bones are also good:. '

I saw that the left eye was suddenly suddenly broke out when the left eye was suddenly burst into a bright blue light, a burst of endless Lift slightly.

Renovation of eyes, repulsive!!!

The face of the face is to suffocate the road. Suddenly I have seen my eyes in front of my eyes, I'm going to make a lot of bright light, the slender and the eldest pool of the eldest, and there is no out of the scabbard. Occurred a heart palpitations

The crisis suddenly floats from the bottom of the road that never afraid of death.

With the unsabricated sword in the hands of the moment, suddenly, suddenly, there is only a natural disaster that I have seen in front of the revolutionary army base, and the air is distorted.

An eye-catching voice blade is shunning in the hands of the fire, and only all all of the two people between the two people have been bent into distorted shapes by this huge repulsion. In the hands of the flash, if the fire is flicked

A strange passage that was bent by strong repulsiveness.

Only in an instant, the rubber fruit capabilities thrown in the hands of the flash whole people were blocked by this sword. It seems that the shell is like a shell. The powerful wind is almost swept the whole 'Barbal Island. Baldi, let All people in the field can't open their own


"Road 2nd ...

After the dust, the Solaon and Ututu in the surrounding straw thieves were all stunned. He saw the whole personnel made a flashing meteor was flashed by a sword. Lu Fei, my heart is tricking, he is worried about him.

The little child ... will not be killed in this way ...

, 'This guy second actually gives Lu Fei ...

Seeing an emergence of an emergence, I destroyed the revolutionary army base killed so many people, but also let my son road flew completely in his own horizons and death, and the face is full of shadow. Zhang Yurus face.

"Now the second world is finally quiet ...

If the fire in your hand, if the fire is like playing the baseball, he fleszes the road to the whole 'white soil island. Bardi brother, looking quietly at the pirates of the pirates at your feet, the mouth of the mouth, the mouth of the mouth Turning to face has become completely getting iron blue

The leader of the mission.

Chapter 295 shot (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 295 Shooting (seeking rewards and automatic)

Great channel.

The revolutionary army's base is the island of Baisu, Bardi.

"I really thought that you are the protagonist, I don't dare to kill you ... fat noise kid ._ .: '

It seems like playing baseball, flying like a baseball, like a baseball, flying from 'Baltine, Bardi brother, flying out, ear.


The whole 'white soil island. All the revolutionary army on Bardi, all the revolutionary army and the grasshad thieves have seen the road to flying, and they were killed, and suddenly angry.


In particular, Lu Fei's biological father revolutionary army leader, and the worship of Lu Fei, Sudu, suddenly returned to the eyes of the eyes, the gods of the moment, had to spurt out angry flames.

". A . A ... You don't look at me with such terrible eyes, I am not good ... less

A person is alone in the ruins of the revolutionary army, feels countless betting around himself, and the moment seems innocently shrugged, the expression is helpless, it is obviously there is no apology, " That straw hat is small

I at least gave me three opportunities for the two, who made him still cherish his life.

"Betty, you actually give Lu Fei ...

The first shot is not Dragon and Sa Bo, but the three knives of the straw hat pirates, who once wanted to learn the sword in the East Sea to learn the Sword's' World of Warcraft Roboya, as a straw hat. The companion he can't sit down like this, it is attached to his captain.

That abuse.

Three knives, anis, three thousand people!!

I saw the three-knife swordsman Sauon, the mouth of the mouth, the mouth bite and the road, the left hand, the right hand held a sharp knife, the whole humanity made a sharp whirlwind appeared in the moment, it is like Warcraft is in general eyes

To the unprecedented colors, holding three knives are like a windmill, and the gesture of the windmill is usually rotated toward the moment.

"Good eyes seem to have improved.., '

I saw that Soron's three toojuki quickly scored the air into the air, and when she had to smash the chopping, a pale and slender finger seems to be reached out. The center point of his three sharp knives

"But the little ghost of the three knives. ... If you still have this point of extent. .... The first big sword spots in the world, the throne is getting more and more distant ...

A pair of blue blood-colored I am not aware of the idea of ​​appreciation


"Just use a finger. I blocked my three knives."! "

Solon is incredible to watch the moment in front of him, just reach a finger, to resist the three knives of the three knives and three thousand worlds that have made their efforts, and only see him, and the face has made all the faces. The three sharpness of the strength of the strength is still

It is difficult to deposit, and some collapse is like a low voice, '. What can I joke! How is this possible ?! "

It is clear that it is so desperately trying to practice two

I have made so much ...

Why is my swords like a ridiculous toy in front of him??

Just in the heart of the heart crazy in the heart, the feet wearing a gorgeous boots were unlimited in front of his eyes, and they immediately cut off all the unwilling and struggle in his heart.

I saw that the moment of stretching a finger and slammed the three knives of the Solaron, and the seemingly casual kick will go out like the Sauon cannon. "Good little child. ... Although the strength is still not enough ...

A breathing between breathing will fly out, and the moment is gently reached, and the dark gorgeous coat coat is not existed. "But there is a guy who has the kind of eye." Future Act will definitely not simple ...

Ask for flowers, ',', ',', '

"Solaron !! It is evil.

Character blood believes in the peers to the peers, and the Solaron is also blooming in an instant, and suddenly throws down the cigarette butt on his mouth, the whole person has made a dark phantom.

Devil's feet first grade meat!!

The burning temperature in the air, I saw the mountain gure of the top of the head to the top of the moment, and crazy spinning the kicking of his body, making his entire left foot burned a hot flame, high heat generated strong kick Hit the sixth

The iron block can also kick, even the opponent's bones can be burnt!

"Feeding the second now I am in depth, the enemy camp is surrounded by the revolutionary army.

In front of me, the slight kick, the moment of flash silver, the moment is soft and smiled, and the mountains are their own old friends. The back of the red feet, Zhe Pu cares, and there is no intention to see the mountains. Can you accompany you without idle work?

Children play! "

A dull collision is fried in the voids in front of you.

Don't say that there are people around, even the mountains can not be seen, how to shoot, and how to hit him.

Zhengzhi, the migrant feet, only feeling a fierce pain between the blink, and the whole person is black, and it is stunned by the whole person.

Just picked up the Hardcore of the Hattle Mission, just at this time, the moment of the moment was slightly condensed, and the left eye was returned to the future picture.