Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 443 of Hueding Cracks

, the original atmosphere is quiet and secret, the ruins of the Bardi Revolutionary Army base, suddenly sounded a roaring roaring.

I haven't had time to go back, and the air behind it suddenly was separated, a parcel covered the dark armed tall domineering dragon claw suddenly posed the moment of heart!

Chapter 296 Dragon's Strength (ask for reward and automatic)

Pirates Chapter 296 Dragon's Strength (seeking rewards and automatic)

Armed color domineering · Dragon's claw!!

The dark armed colors cover the packaged dragon claws, the air is like a split, and the pure body movement actually made a good violent dragon in the void.

This dark armed tall domineering dragon claw seems to be able to use pure power to smash this world of all-inbalanced powerful claws, flashing on the metal general mystery under the shine of Huang Hui Day.

"Do you finally don't help it? Dragon ...

Capturing the insight into such a violent blow, the heart is slightly sighing, and the blue blood red is a mysterious Guanghua.

The same is the dragon claw box, but it is clear that the leader of the revolutionary army is exhibited, '14 zero ", and the Dragon's Dragon Claw boxing of Sa Bo is seen in the kingdom of Alabastan. It has made a real violent dragon, which can make

Crush this world all the hardest substances in your own claws.


If there is no accident, the dragon suddenly launched this rider, it is possible to completely tear the goal in front of you. However, in this time, there is a sudden sound of the dragon.

Some crisp sounds sounded, as if it seems like two metal materials in the air, rubbing a blazing spark.

Armed color domineering · Right gasification !!!

After all, the opponent is the world's most fierce criminal that once makes the world government. In the face of this minimum, the four emperor's opponents cannot be relaxed.

In the pupil of Dragon, he saw that he had to go through the armed torrent hardening dragon's claw to hit the moon and Manyu, but the top-level black-level armed tap-ranking, like to have life, instantly covered Spreadful

Whole arm.

I saw the brach of the top-level militant domineering, which was only a dark magistan, and the distance between the spatial blossoms appeared in his eyes, and the death of the death was armed. Harded dragon's claw!

not good:._

Feeling the horror giant, the bang of the bursts, Joong suddenly felt his wrist pain, clearly saw that the armed colors covered in his hand was actually gently crushed!

A strong crisis and palpitations suddenly broke out in the heart of the dragon, and the end-war response will make the Dragon to make the whole body to make adjustments.

A battle like a bomb explosion is full of the ruins of the entire 'Barland's Island. The ruins of the Bardi Revolutionary Army base.

In the surrounding eyes of all people, I pulled the dragon's armed tanta, the top armed colored domineering momentum covered his right foot, and a shocking tick was suddenly in the dragon. Rage bloom!

I saw that under the huge force of the prehistoric behemoth, the air surrounded by the front of the eyes made a burst of , the flames of the unimblered anglar layer.

"Yes, I can live in this way ...

Under the silence of all people, the moment is staring at themselves to use the elbow knee to cover the armed colors domineering, desperately dead to resist the dragon who is a violent kick, and the brow is slightly.

I can't believe two

This is what monster level power.

Show the dragon hook claws in the dragon claw to resist the dragon in the moment, feel the power of the volcano, the volcanic violent force in the legs in front of the leg, almost a blood to vomit!

'No matter, I won't let you easily get the whole world.

After the death of the teeth, the violent volume in front of him, only the dragon tried to the legendary murderous and died of the fierce eyes of the dragon, and the face of the young handsome, and he built everything in the world. Hegemony will

And ambition, "Your god Empire and the past the world government have no difference between the difference between the two"

, 'Should say .... Your god Empire is more terrible than the past world government, which is the power of this world.! "

Shake people bow, dark thunder!!

I saw that the dragon was burst into roar, suddenly a layer of familiar homes suddenly broke out from his body, and the field of intangible Weng Road suddenly cage 7 the ruins of the entire revolutionary army. ...

Bang !!!

Under the field of dragons, there was a violent buzz in the air around the air, and the big sound of the T-Di-earth power shocked all the people around him, familiar with countless dark colors. Lightning Thunder bombards


It turned out that the tyrants were able to use this.

Seeing the dragon in front of me, the fierce fierce tyrant domineering, feeling that the endless dark lightning around the body is striking, the moment is bright, the top of the dragon is a domineering way to make him a Nap

New feel.

"In addition to the dead of the One Piece, the world, the world, the world, the most domineering should be you and red, Xiangx, ...

In the face of the dragon, the dragon is so huge, the world of domineering, the flash of 1.5 noble silver, the long hair is surprised by countless dark thunder, but the blue eyes are silent, the corner is calm Ball out of several cold


"But the two light is not enough to see these !!"

Void Keyway · God speed !!!

The sound of the moment is scattered in the air, and the surrounding time and space seems to fall into a pause.

I saw the side of the boundless dark torch lightning around the body, and the moment I had already prepared in my heart did not refund. If the fire in the hand, if the fire is hiking, it makes a counterflow waterfall, just in just a short moment. Killing a fierce sword


Chapter 297 Domineering disputes (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 297 Domineering Dispute (seeking rewards and automatic)

In the eyes of everyone shocking, the huge vast swordscent of the moment were like a dark crescent, and the sound barrier was also constantly tearing the air around the moment, and the moment will be spread all over the Dragon Body. All of them have become two


Yu Wei did not even decrease, the sword of the sword was smashed into the sky, and the air of the air is directly opened, and a long scar and trajectory are drawn on the sky.

It is the top-level big sword, the level can be smashed! Drake energy!!

"The sky is all being opened ?! '. The whole' white soil island. All the revolutionary soldiers around Bardi is completely shocked by all the revolutionary soldiers and the pirates, and the scenes seen in front of them are completely shocking The soul of all of them!

If it is not seen today, they simply think that it is impossible to think, this world is actually able to open the invisible sky in this world.

"It turned out that the sword was broken.!"

When I saw the flow blade in my hand, I broke all the violent Lei Zi lightning, and I opened my top Qiang Wang's domineering, the killing of the killing, the dragon, the high-hitting heart completely precipitated. Go down.

Shake people, mad!!

Not only the dark violent light M lightning, seeing the powerful sword in the moment, the unruly thunderric, the teeth are bite, and the whole body is dominated by the top of the world, the invisible panor is time. Once again, mysterious

Magic power.


The violent violent violent routine, suddenly a game of golden crushed is a sudden shape of the wind, and only a violent destruction of a violent, and the powerful power of the murder is in the moment. Suddenly bloom!

, 'This world.

At the same time, there is no destruction of the destruction of the unveiled of the torn air to the air. The quiet face did not have any changes, but only the blue eyes of the blue and red monsters were flashed.

, 'Let you also see some of my domineering !! "

Overlord, domineering, overweight!!!

Booming a sound boss !!

In the eyes of the surrounding people, there is a madness from the moment from the moment.

The whole of the entire 'Bald Island, the land of the ruins of the Bardi Revolutionary Army base, the elongated dust and gravel in the surrounding ruins seem to have a life in the wind!

"This is this?!"

Suddenly I saw the horrible spiritual momentum that broke out in the moment, I felt that it was more than himself more vitamous overlord color desire to cover, and the dragon's fierce face has emerged as a shocking look, "his tyrant Domineering

Also reached this point of second and his domineering is actually two, '


The rest of the words did not say, but at this moment, he was obviously in the heart of this incomparable horror!

Although the strength and domineering of the moment, I have already reported to him, but if I don't see my own eyes, I will not believe that some people in this world can cultivate the tyrant to be more than him. One Piece

Roger is more powerful!

Rumbler ...

At this time, when everyone was shocked, this time suddenly came back to a shock.

I saw the coverage of this pounds that broke out around the moment, the whole 'white soil's island. The ruins of the Bardi Revolutionary Army base, actually started the clouds and smashed the clouds, a burst of violent The moment and thunder lightning in front of you and

Dragon is raging between the two people.

Two ticks

Not only the thunder lightning, there is M-style, in the entire 'Baltine Island, Bardi Can't confuse a letter, in front of their space, there is a rainstorm, and the wind is mixed. It's completely created with thunder.

The scene of the birthday.

I wore a dark gorgeous coat coat standing in front of the unbelievable dragon, under this environment of this unfunctional electricity, the sound of the rain, and the moment in front of it seems to be a bolder who kills from the Jedi, as if At any time, you can dominate the birth of others.

Hey !!!

Between the flyback, in the clouds, the extension of the talents of the talents, the dragon forming the substantive overlord domineering field is like glazing. It is generally broken. The surroundings are all dismissal.

"Uh, ...

Your own condensation into a substantive overlord rocking area is a more powerful overweight territory, Dragon is suddenly squatting three steps, almost a blood sprayed out.

In this contestation of this domineering and domineering, the leader of the Revolutionary Army defeated.

Strongly endured a moon, the moon, the dragon is slamming the ground behind him, and suddenly stopped his body.

Armed colors and clouds!!

In the face of this unprecedented terrorist opponent, the first floor is almost as well as the high-grade-black armed pair of paint, which has been covered with his whole body, and the index finger and middle finger and middle fingers of the extreme strength. Nony

The spacing between the middle fingers is separated, the unknown finger and the little finger bend together, the thumb is slightly curved, and the gesture of two three dragon claws!

Dragon King's moment !!

With the power of torn everything, I saw that the whole person was wholeheartedly covered by exquisite militant, and there was a faint approval, and there was a dark fierce dragon. I was in invisible. A pair of death behind, broke out

Sa Bo is more fierce, the power is suddenly attacked!

Chapter 298 is destroyed (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirate Chapter 298 is destroyed (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Hey ...

In the deep bore of the blind eye and the round of the gods of the gods, the Dragon's Dragon, and a dark fierce Dragon, who came to him, and the moment of junxiao. Ded out, "then I will let

What do you know is what the real end of the day !! "

As the sound of the moment, the dragon and evil complexes who were shot in front of him, seeing all the air around the sky and constantly boiling.

In the eyes of the dragon, I saw the unclear black airflow surrounded by countless paint, and the top-level armed colors were gradually integrated with each other.

Anti-eye is formed to form a darkness of the endless dragon, and the breath of destroying everything is covered in the moment, and the strong power will fly around all the objects around all. In this ruin

The dust and ashes are rolled up in the sky.