Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 444, Chapter 444

,'what is this?!"

I haven't reacted what happened in front of him.

Seeing the dragon king of the hand bombarded, it was not arrived at the end of the moment, and the endless violent gas flow was climbed. When the fierce eyes, the pupil suddenly contracted, the whole film was branded with mysterious rhombus. I can't afford it.

Layer is a strong crisis, and a strong crisis began.

"Black Dragon 2 This is also armed for domineering ?!"

I saw the lacquer black sales, the last day of the paint, and the Lenovo of the Dragon, but soon he tasted a different breath, '. Not a top armed color Is gas and super strong body integration?

"What happened ?! What is it ?!"

Directly was continuously pushed away by the endless air flow of the body, this time the whole 'Baldion Island, the face of everyone in the Ruins of the Bardi Revolutionary Army is full of stunning color, and this power begins out. Don't say it, I have never heard it.

heard about it!

"This second is the real end of the dragon !!"

At the moment of the whole huge paint black, the whole body covered by the end of the dragon, the blue-colored double-dupid kills locks the front of the eye, and the corner of the mouth gradually raised the inexplicable smile, "exhaust death." !Long!!"


The whole time in front of the people seems to have paused. The sound of the fall is still not conveyed to their ear. I saw that all the air around the moment suddenly flew, and the whole personnel made a last day of death. Instantly cross and dragon

The spatial distance between.

"What is this speed ?!"

The Dragon has widened his fierce eyes.

The horror is very looked at the paint black armed colors that have been instantly appeared in the end of the day, and Dragon wants to struggle to get out of this, but it is stunned to discover the entire space and light around himself. The speed and strength of the light. Twisted, in the mouth

Unbelievable muttered: "The whole space and the light ..." turned out to be twisted.

"Want to escape? I give up ...

"This trick is absolutely unable to avoid!"

It seems to have seen the idea in the heart of the dragon. At this moment, the sound is now unable to follow the movement of the moment, but through the top level, the sound is still salary, but the sound is still like Hong Zhong Da, is in the heart of the dragon!

In the face of this tapered and destroyed tensile, the mystery, the mysterious diamond pattern, the mysterious diamond pattern, completely fixed ...

As if there is thousands of bombs, the sound of detonated, all people can't help but hold their body.

At the moment, the paint black and last day, the destruction of all the weighing, instantly, in front of the whole body package covers the exquisite militant dominated dragon, and ruined the death of the whole person to swallow him.

Rumbler ...

There are countless vibration-deafening sounds, as if everyone is in front of the whole piece of Barb Island, Bardi's land began to collapse.

Countless fast splashes of gravel are enough to let a normal hundred pirates, and the wind climbing is almost flying out of all people.

'Is this the power brought by the body? ... although it is BOSS

After all the hard winds and dust gradually sprinkled, put down the hands of everyone in front of them, and the face of the two people in Luo and Ai Ni, "But this is not too exaggerated." two"

, 'Dragon ?! "

Skating the endless tailor and dust, all the revolutionary soldiers in the whole ruins are desperately looking forward to looking for the dragon.


At this time, the first Sa Bo first discovered the trace of the dragon. He saw the state of the dragon. He couldn't help but exclaimed.

I saw the distant gap in the distance, the dragon tried to die in a deep inlaid inlaid, all the exquisite militant militant tabs were broken, and the Yunnang is a horror. The pit is depressed in, and it is caught.

State of death.

"Actually, two dragons have become such a"

When I saw the moment, I actually made the invincible dragon in the minds of the revolutionary army. Suddenly. People demon king Anbrio Ivanov depressed all the horror in their hearts, and the whole humanization made a flash of light. .

"I gave him a sigh of two Inei Road."

From the end of the day, the endless black airflow came out, and the moment I went to the gap of the Dragon, the 'man demon king Anbrio Ivi Wanji, the opening of the open mouth:'. You go Grab the dragon ... Guan Jinli Empire ...

Chapter 299 Instant (seeking rewards and automatic)

Pirates 299 chapter instant (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Yes! BOSS !!"

I heard the moment of the moment, the end of the Aii Road, and then the reaction came over and she raised her laugh. "This kind of little thing ... I will give it to me !!"


Looking at the direction of the "man demon king Anbrio Ivankov, I saw the fastest Aii Road in the middle of the Iron Empire outside the moment, and the next, the next, the next, the light, the whole personnel A blue Lei Qi shot in the direction of the dragon

Go out.


In the air around the moment, a blue electric light threshing was flashing again. I saw Ai Ni Road has come back, and a dying man is in hand, it is the leader of the revolutionary army that is falling into the dead. ·Long.

"Although I don't know what the meaning of you. D'

The deep eyes have fallen into the dragon in the hands of the Aii Road. The eyebrows on the other side of the flashy face gently, if they thought, "But since I chose to make two pairs of two in my hand. Don't want to be good.: 853 "

"You can let the dragon open !!"

At this time, I saw the leader of their revolutionary army in the hand of the god Empire, 'Man Demon King Anbrio Ivojo ran back from the gray face of the gray, standing to Sa Bo and Kella, etc. A group of revolutionary army's side.

Only all the revolutionary soldiers in the ruins gathered together, and they gathered at the flash and the Ai Ni Road, but she was in the moment, such as Tianwei's strength, and she did not dare to take her hand.


At this time, the flash of the moment is gently, the left eye is full of flowers, and the eyes suddenly turned to the ruins of the other side, including. Super New Star, a large group of pirates.

"Where do you want to go ?!"

Seeing this big group of pirates at this moment, there is a slight lift of some playing flavors.

"Worse two or this horrible monster found ...

I suddenly heard the sound of the flash, and I saw the other side of the ruins. I was trying to flee this one of the big group of piresses, and all were stiff.

'Run! This monster will help us all !! "

At this time, one of the famous thief suddenly shouted, it seems to be reminded by his discourse, suddenly all the pirates around him slammed four towards the island of Ba Tsui. Baldi Coast side go with.

This is the one who has not finished this, all the people's eyes suddenly flashed a slightly smoldering knife, as if it was a little sparkling cold star in the darkness of the dark, fleeting.

"Your nonsense is a bit ... less

A calm voice seems to be self-speaking. In the eyes of everyone, I saw I didn't know when I had already appeared in this pirate, I like the whole gods, I'm going to enjoy the grade in my hand. Fire, slowly insert it into

The sword is amazed.

"Gathering to the Revolutionary Army base to try to combine my Shen Luo Empire, I want to live out the 'Bald's Island, Bardi's Two is really an idiotic dream ...

Some slight sounds sounded, I saw a fresh red blood line after the extra one behind him and his back, and there was a fresh red blood line. After rapid spread, I finally spurted the blood fog, the whole person as if I was pumping out of the bones.


"This is dead ... this terrible monster. (BGFI)

Next to the top-level battle crew of this One of the thiefs, the top-level battle crew, super new star. Kill Wu. Kiralen's movement did not see it, I saw the fighter in my side, and the heart was in the heart. Yu suddenly went down.

Squi M !!

Seeing that this horrible magic of the horror suddenly appeared to kill the pirates, it was shocked and angry. Kill Wu people. Kirarton waves the sharp sickle of his hands on the upper hand of the device with a double wind. The moment is quickly smashed!

Reincarnation · God is going to be!!!

In Kira, there is a bit of horror, look at the sharp sickle of his hands, but only see the blush of the blue eyes in front of him, suddenly, the endless light, the gods of the eyes It was urged to the ultimate, the whole person

Suddenly disappeared in the air.

In the midst of the moment, in the moment of the unlimited number of times, the whole piece 'of the island of Baldi. It seems that there is a faintly unique figure in the rapid shuttle.

In the absence of the absolute speed of the space, everything around it seems to be all still.

When the Kira is a little stepping, when I saw the figure of the moment, I found that he had already standing behind his own body, slowly returning the slenderness of his hands into the swim.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

In the Nira un confidently, he saw almost all the pirates around. One, one, all like a sculpture, is generally on the ground, and there is a wound between the throat between the throat after the whole body, and the nose has completely lost the symbol.

Life breathing.

"What kind of speed is two, '

Super new star hundred thief 'Kill Wu, Kira almost horrible, widened his eyes, is a very incredible scene in front of his eyes and flash is fast, but suddenly feels some slight leakage of his throat. , Can't help but have a sense of consciousness

I lived in my neck, and a horrible thought is the last time in his mind, '. I am also.,'

Just in the moment, if the flow blade in his hand was completely classified into the sword sheath, he slammed his neck's super new star 'killing Wu. The Kirley also covered the bloody smell that spilled in his mouth. A bright red blood fog sprayed from his carotid

Among the air, the whole person turned into a body falling, and the eyes under the mask remains still in the unbelievable eyes.

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Pirates Chapter 300 Solved (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Bald Island, Bardi.

At this moment, the ruins of the revolutionary army are silent.

When I saw the moment, all the pirates around lost their lives, like sculptures generally fell into a piece, and all surviving several super new stars in the ruins of the revolutionary army were difficult to cover.

Seeing and the same pirates all in the blink of a moment, he died in the sword of the moment, and all the remaining super new stars in the ruins suddenly revealed the color.

At the beginning of the mouth, a brutal and disdainful smile, the blue eyes were slightly, saw a few pirates at this time 'super new star, the face has become a good color color, even the legs start Unnatural jitter.

"Is it afraid? Just now, do you have to fight me with the revolutionary army ?!"

The irony voice seems to completely tear the surroundings of these orders of the pirates that are not tasty, which are talled above the top of the top, and completely exposes all the fears and Under the sun.

"Why is it tremble now ?!"

Seeing the surrounding group, it is impossible to cross the sea. It is called the 'extremely evil generation, the pihydress super newcomer' super new star, the warrose is sloppy in his own power, and the silent laugh is shaking. Shake your head, the expression is much disdainful.


Seeing that many pirates actually have a breathing time in the hands of a breath, but I was killed. I saw the super new star from the empty island. Urgi's calm face is on the lips. The face is shaking. Because the inner extreme fear is unnatural twisted

The song is, '. I have killed them all in one instant.'

They all have a hundred million super new people with a super new person, and they will continue to have a headache in their existence. Now this' eternal, moment in front of it is like a chicken. Force's baby is general, only the shake of trembling I shake.

That's the strongest, between the world, two

It's just that the distance is general distance.

All the thieves in the ruins of the revolutionary army stopped their own footsteps, and the death of this horrible is like a man who is like death. It is also a shadow called death. The group beam U cruel the hearts of the pirates.

"Kira !!"

See the strongest cadres of our pirates', killing I elsewood, the foundation was instantaneous, and Kiddi finally couldn't help the roaring roaring.


I saw that Kidd, who was confracted by anger, reached out his left hand, in his abilities, and all the metal weapons and objects on many hundred pirates on the ground were surrounded by the abundance of magnet. His hand is formed

A huge metal arm!

"go to hell!!"

Kidd, who broke out the ability of the magnet, and the body shape, the figure, the huge metal arm suddenly rushed to the moment.

Wipe, explosion!!