Naruto's Jade Crash System

Take the Crack System Chapter 445

In the heart, I understand the truth of the lips, seeing the moment in front of you seems to have not planned to let them try to deal with his pirates. I saw this time on the other's' Haiming, Skola Teachman Apri also changed. There are countless instruments, use powerful

The sound wave has created a huge blasting in the air to the moment.

"This death is fighting !!"

At this time, the other side of the pirate super new star. Red flag, X. Drake is under the threat of the death of the horrible death, and has burst out the power of the ancient demon fruits of the animals, and the whole person turned a huge violent. Yuan ancient dinosaur, crushed week

The ground is rushed to the moment.

The 'Red Flag IX Drake, known as the fallen navy, once is the Beihai Navy, and it is also a Navy Major General. Later, because some reason left the Navy, the fall called the pirate to establish Drake One Piece Group, called now, today's pirate super newcomer 'super new


· ... seeking flowers ······ ......

In addition to a few powerful pirates, all surviving pirates around the ruins of the entire revolutionary army are all shot together, and they have built themselves in this' Barth of Baldi. The most powerful kill, in order to kill the moment

Then ask yourself to get a line of life.

Although it is so embarrassing, everyone's heart is very clear.

Their pirates tried together to try to resist the eternal. The moment of overthrowing the god empire, today. Eternal, moment this devil is not possible to let them, so they don't have a person in the heart. psychological.

Not you die

Just die!!

In the case of the break of the boat, the whole battle of the Boat, the whole 'white soil island, the ruins of the Bardi Revolutionary Army base, all surviving hundred pirates' super new star. All of them broke out their own strongest killings, forming a killing The cage from all directions

It's impulse to the moment.

"You are a smile, it is a laugh."

The blue-blue deep and blood red monster is reflected in the four sides of the three squares of the supernovation. The top of the scene, the top of the moment is accurate, and the idea of ​​the idea and thoughts they are in the heart, the young handsome face can not help Outline

A smile that is cold and ridicound.

, 'Of course, is you going to die? Will it be me? "

Ice ring!!!

I saw that I was still moving in the same place, but I suddenly took a burst of ice cold white.

The speed of light is condensed into a huge incomplete ice ring in the air, and the center is suddenly spreading all directions in the field.

Beyond the absolute zero-degree death frost is like the plague general spread, and the world in the eyes of all the people in the eyes are frozen into a white world.

Chapter 301 ends the Age of the Grade (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 301, Chapter 301, Ending the Age of the Grade (seeking rewards and automatic)

Show ice ring.

The moment of the whole 'white soil island. Bardi, completely frozen into eternal ice sculptures.

"What is this second?"

The first is the first Kidd of the Pirate Super New Star. He is unbelieving the eyes of his own eyes. It looks at your entire countless metal to assemble the arm is completely frozen and smashed. Flying danced crocink.

"What happened just happened?! My body ?!"

And the other side. The expression on the face of Haimen, Schkrachman Ap is more incredible, under the white destruction of the big ice ring, only seeing his body and keeps a front impact The action, the legs suddenly made a crushing crocink

The whole person fell to the ground "six thirds, then thoroughly made a frozen powder!

In addition to their two, the whole 'white soil island, all the pirates in Bardi Ge is unbelievable to watch their bodies, and they have become ice sculptures. Some even directly broke into countless crocink, pregnant All unwilling and resentment

Eternal sleep.

all of these.

Because the ice-joked freezing gas of the moment is so fast that the morphological speed of the light is so fast, all of their thinking is temporarily can't keep up with the speed of the body being frozen.

Sticking to the top of the world's Babil Island. Baldi, looked at the humanoid ice sculpture of the cold, and all the revolutionary military cadres around them were all stunned.

"Even all of them were frozen into ice sculptures.

I saw all the rows of the island of Barbard, and I felt the ruins of the revolutionary army base of the White World in front of their eyes, Saburla, and. Wang Anbrio Ivanji, etc.

The group revolutionary military cadres are all rumored.

"If your revolutionary army makes some unsempact resistance ...

The slowly recovered the arm of himself, and the moment is gently spit out of a cold, and the deep eyes are gently glanced at the revolutionary army around him, and the words between the words of the words. These pirates are your own


"It's all dead ...

The whole of the white soil island in the white ice sculpture world. On the Baldi, there is still a thief to survive, I saw a purple, long-haired super star 'connected M female. Joe Eli Bini Looking at everything around you, it seems

I don't understand why she left her survived.

She is just all the pirates just all the pirates, the only person who did not have a moment.

"Why don't you kill me?"

Looking at the moment, it is slowly moving towards yourself, 'I'm afraid, Joe Elison is a little fascinating that this is like the gods like the gods, and asked the doubts in her heart.

, 'Joieli Po Ni back to your hometown ...

In the eyes of all people who are closely eye-catching, the moment is gradually coming to a pretty face, and the tall body is slightly smoking, and the eyes are flawless, look at her, 'mouth does not One thief. ... will not have a pirate in the future.

Career 2 '.

"If the two world governments and Tianlong people are decaying roots

Looking at the front of the eye, Pretty 'picking women. Joe Eli Bini, the low voice is like a Van Yin, I passed into the whole' Baltine Island. Everyone of Bardi Ge, this is more than saying that Po Ni Listen, but also to listen to everyone in the scene, '.

Our pirates are the roots of chaos ...

"Since the world government and Tianlong people are already in the second thing, the source of these turmoil is no longer existed ...

At the moment, it is rare to tell the idea in his heart. The words of the people will make the whole 'white soil island, Bardi is present in the hearts of all people in the venue,'. As for the so-called 'dream gas _ ... One Piece Jay is placed in Lavdru, I will immediately

take out…

"So the reasons for most of this world in the world have been killed by me, so II.

After that, the moment I have determined the fate in front of this whole world, and the deep eyes gradually moved from the Poly, I saw all the people around him ...

Everything is over here !! "

Is the era of the pirates to be ended?

The sound of the moment is not big, but the content contained in the words is like a heavy heart, and the people who have been in the scene are in the hearts of all people, because everyone knows two

This man. ...

There is absolutely two skills to determine this world destiny.

I looked at all the people in front of my words in my words. I suddenly opened my mouth and saved, "Ai Ni Road. ... Luo Er, you have taken all them !!"

, 'Yes! BOSS !! "

I heard the order of the moment, the surrounding Aii Road, Luo Hao Luqi and other gods, the high-level power of the high-rise, the figure disappeared in the same place.

, 'Can let me go! "

In the face of the surrounding surrounding countless god empire, 'people demon king Anbrio Ivanov struggled to struggle, but 2.8 suddenly made by a pair of sea chains, the whole person has lost strength.

, 'The death I will not yield! I will save the dragon !! "

Unlike other revolutionary soldiers who have completely yetful in the endless Qiwei, Sa Bo's rebellion is the most intense, but it is a preliminy on the high-level war of strong god empire such as Ai Ni Road and Luqi. It is also a lonely.


Finally, in the Ai Ni Road, a violent lightning shocking, Sa Bo finally was encredient with the unsatisfactory, and all the revolutionary soldiers were taken up with the Pluto Fleet of the Arona Empire.

Chapter 302 World First Union (seeking rewards and automatic)

One Pirates, Chapter 302, World, World (seeking rewards and automatic)

One year later.

After the Warri Empire's British British Based, the time of Baldi, the time has been in a year.

In this short year, the entire One of the One Piece has undergone changes in the sky.

Since the end of the World Government and the Navy's head, after 800 years of rule, the world's sea, such as the revolutionary army and the pirates, and some of the new world, some of the world's dark forces, etc., the banner of the Aroni Empire thorough

Insert every corner of the whole world.

All the kings and forces have joined the magic of the god Empire, under the absolute power, this world has formed an unprecedented absolute unity.

Especially in six months.

The moment led the countless Pluto fleet of the god Empire, through the entire great route, and the legend of the legend of the pirates, finally arrived at the end of the legend of the great navigation road.

In Lavdru, the Onep161ec [hidden place, where all the pirates yearn for, the final destination, the moment, launched a numerous image phone, in front of the world, the public opened this ultimate mysterious dream Ground


Containment with the Ming Pirace, I hide all the treasures here, I hide all the treasures here, after opening the treasures of Lavdru, the treasures, and I have found all the wealth in this world.

At the same time, the movement of the moment also killed the vast majority of all the hundred pirates in the world, and the final treasure has been taken out, almost all the fighters are children with no family, There is no direction of the vessel.

Do you want to go to the so-called dream, two?

You are not looking for it. Nepiece ...

You are not going to be a Shanghai thief king?

Now, these have become the past bubbles and cloud smoke, the whole Tofera Onepiece's treasure has all fallen into the hands of the moment, and there is a sea for the sea, and there is also a Lei Ji killing the entire god Empire. No one will be stupid. Also on this

Adhere to the sea becoming a pirate.

Almost half a year, the whole world of the sea has become the number of people in the sea, after all, there is no oppression of the government and the navy, and there is no trendy treasure and goals, and the brain has the disease will go out. Go as a pirate.

in this era.

The whole world only has only one voice, which is the highest emperor who dominated the whole world and the sea of ​​the sea, 'eternal, moment, the glory of the Arono Empire, completely shines here throughout the world and the sea.

Great route.

The peak of the Red Soil Continent has passed the top of the headquarters of the headquarters of the Holy Land Mary.

The nine huge gods that symbolize the world's full peaks are quietly suspended, and the largest planet is so large, the volume is almost a large moon.

This huge god star seems to be like a heavenly god king put into this world, and the huge shadow is covered in the top half of the whole piece of great route and the new world.

All sentient beings looked up, and they were therefore the palace of the god Empire. It is also a great god Empire to the Emperor of the Emperor. Eternal, moment. "How? Dragon ...

Standing in the meteorology, there is no pound and unfolded and unfolded, the sharp looks over, the countless top gathering of the palace is overlooked, and the people who have a long live, and the tone of the moment is crying. "Do you obey?"

"Since destroying the World Government, I will change the whole world into this way in just a year.

I heard the moment, I was blocked, and I was branded on a deep-colored cloak on the mysterious pattern. · Dragon gradually came out of the brilliant hall of Sa Bo from the moment, and his face was full of endless feelings and sigh, '. No ace,

Without turmoil, what can I still say. ... During the World Government, the two, you and your god Empire, but he did two.

"I have established a revolutionary armor's initial idea is that the world government's exclusive regime of the world is established in the world. I have all the world I have no survival and fitting. Now you have done it.

The dragon's tone deeply emotioned, but it seems that I thought about it, and my brow wrinkled gently, '. But ...

, 'You are afraid of two,'

Even if you don't apply the top level, I have already wore the idea of ​​the Dragon in the heart of the dragon, and gently raised their mouths. 'This huge god empire will eventually decay. It will become the next more terrible world

Two less than two

Wen Sheng Dragon is silent, and the moment has been said with the concerns and worry in his heart.

Obviously than the world government who has been directly 800 years, this man's 123 and his governor empire, if there is decaying and degradation, it will be more horrible than the World Government.

Listening to the converging of the dragon, there is no loud laugh, but does not speak.