Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 446 of Hueding Crack System

For the moment, conquering the control of this world is just a task and game, since the mission has been completed, the process has experienced.

Perhaps this huge empire will fall and decay in the future, it is no longer important.

It is important that the system released the current world, the mission is complete, becoming the host of Wanjie, and further before again.

Moreover, once the moment is completely dominated by the whole world, he has absolute control forces, no matter what changes in this world, it is also between the moment.

Just like the world's first nigital world, the moment has become the ultimate strength in this world.

The whole world is attributed to one person, and what he said is the rule of this world. ....

Chapter 303 Last Banquet (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 303, Chapter 303, the last banquet (seeking rewards and automatic)

Recovered his thoughts, the moment is gradually returned to the reality in front of the eyes, the eyebrows of Junxiu are slightly raised, and the attention is turned to the golden lion sideline side by the other side of the temple. "What is the dragon people now?"

"Hey. ... since the 19th government and the Navy

It is still the hair of the martyrmony, and the live removal is a throne of the Golden Lion Siki, which is gradually coming from the shadow of the magnificent temple. The dark and evil face is filled with a smile of a madden, "those so-called world Nobleman's winner

The United States lost the umbrella ._ Now, it has become a criminal rat called.

Has been becoming the two mice?

When I heard the Golden Lion History, the face expression of Yun Xiu Bai Zhe did not change, only the blue blood color, which made him can't help but remember the experience of their family.

Perhaps today's so-called world aristocratic dragon people have lost the protection of the World Government and Navy's part of the Navy, and the past Don Quixote Huo's Ancient Sheng, and the crazy blow and retaliation of people have become a tragedy. Bar.

But what is it ...

Tianli cycle report should be unhappy

As the descendant of the so-called Creator, Tianlong people will start to enjoy everything in this world from a birth, and then the nourishment is not sinful, but it is not a sin, but it has developed a dark personality of the Tianlong people. only

It is the true original sin of these Tianlong people.

"Maybe II, this is the best retribution they should have ..., 'Listen to the Golden Lion History report to report the status quo of the dragon people today, and I smiled.

"Yes. ... but tell again ..."

I watched the Golden Lion History and heard that he had always been a long time for those who arrived all the creatures of all creatures around the world.

"At the beginning, you told me to build an unprecedented empire, accepting all the hundred pirates on the sea, bounty hunter, or even the Navy and the revolutionary army two will be in your map. The second is thoroughly mastered

World 2

Looking at the infinite empire and Jiangshan in front of him, I think about it in the moment that he said with him for more than a decade ago, and I saw it clearly in the ear of Golden lion history. I saw that he had an infinite emotion on his dark face. "Although I promised to meet you

Twelve but I didn't think that this day was really realized.

"This is nothing I have to complete such a thing for your world.

In the face of the unlimited emotion of the Golden Lion History, there is not so much sigh. The handsome face is not a soft smile, and everything is in the blue and blue eyes, '. But for me. Conquer The world is just a difficult

The degree is not a big game.

"Conquer the world is just a difficulty is not too big. The second is worth a kid.

Listening to this world, the world is an endless tone. The Golden lion siki couldn't help but smir, but immediately frowned his brow, some disregarded the side face of the moment, '. But you said What does your world mean?

"In the moment! What are you busy there!"

"Hurry up, Your Majesty! The banquet will start now. A !!"

At this time, when the Golden Lion's hostel is the meaning of the meaning of the temper, this time after this is the voice of Yan Yan Yan.

I heard these , , look back, I only see a group of beautiful people, beautiful, beautiful, or cool, or sexual, or pure, I only see a lot of beauty Chunlan Okra All kinds of victory.

It is Robin Hancu Sina, Bai Xing Cariefa and Wei Wei, and even there are many all-in-city, which has just been established in the same relationship.

, 'Everyone is waiting for you, two !! "

I saw the beautiful generous Weiwei wearing a noble white princess skirt blue long hair, laughing F9, like a flower, there are several people in the moment.

"Sorry, I have waited for you to wait ...

And the Golden Lion History, they almost forgot the time, looked at the beautiful and generous Vivi and her in front of her, and I was sorry, I was sorry, I greeted Wei Wei's Willow .

'Go! The dinner of the empire will start now !! "

That night.

In the palace of the Arono Empire, Hua Lana is like.

"Sorry! Let everyone wait !!"

The waiter in front of the banquet hall is luxurious, and the moment is a kind of unique beauty, and the golden lion siki and Dragon and Sa Bo, and the Dragon and Sa Bo. The hall is in the hall.

"His Majesty!!"

"Boss, you are too slow, 7 !!"

"Long live you !!"

I just stepped into the feast hall, and I suddenly broke out a shock.

I saw a straight suit, Luo, Kratan, even silly big Wigbur and habits of naked Ai Ni Road, today like a grand suit, all of them, all of them Zhao Wei) raised the wine glass in his hand.

"La la la la is a little late!"

"Today, the most grand banquet of the empire:" must not be drunk! "

A series of cheerful laughs sounded, I saw that the body is like a giant white beard and a red-haired incense. Especially in the white beard, they lifted their own buckets in their hands. And he has exactly the same white

Moon beard. Son, Wibull.

"No problem, second this night, not drunk !!"

It seems that it is infected by a warm atmosphere in front of him, and it is a smile.

"To the world !! '. Everyone's hiking.

Chapter 304 New Journey (ask for reward and automatic)

Pirates, Chapter 304, new journey (seeking rewards and automatic)

Two mornings in the next day.

When the first sunshine in the morning, the sun was sunny to the Queen Palace, the emperor of the Palace.

Uh, .__. '

The burning sun is sprinkled on the face of the moment, and it will be awake.

They haven't won't wake up? '

The reached out and gently smashed himself because of the headaches and some headache. He looked at the bed of the palace. He looked at a luxurious and spacious bed. He looked at the all-in-city.

This night, the life of the songs, the truth is so much that it will never be intoxunited. __. '

It is the so-called hibiscus account warm, watching his naked naked} body is still sleeping in Hancobin, in the moment, I think I will play the shift last night, the cloud, the cloud, Xiang Feng, Junxiu's face can not help but appear a lot Hard laughing emblem.

Last night, Shen Luo Empire Palace grand banquet party ended, in an instant, a lot of wine and many beautiful people came to Wushan Yunyi, until they all ghed and lined up and went to Quanke.

! The system detected the current world "One Piece", the level of dangerous, the host successfully dominated the current world, got 1000 points ._ :.

Just in the moment, I had a long time in the long rhythm of Wen Dynasty. I haven't heard the system for a long time. There is no sign of sudden incoming mind.


I heard the long-lost system sound in my mind, and I was in the face of Yun Xiu's face. I then suddenly smiled softly.

On the side of the heart, I watched my clothes on my own clothes, walked towards the outer joy of the horses.

Hey. _ Is really sorry .__. '

Although I am sorry, it is obvious that the sound tone in the brain of the moment is like this, but I blew the host, you have a happy life. "_. '

It seems that you don't know how you know yourself ... quot;

Putting on the coat jacket, the moment is gradually walked to the side of the palace, looking at the infinite imperial Jiangshan in front of you, the blue blood red monster double The journey is .__. '.

Answer. ... Unfortunately no rewards. ... (bgbe)

The system affirmed the discourse of the moment, and the sound of the empty spirit sounded in the mind of the moment. "According to the host of the host to the sea to make the world's control ... The system has default to determine that you have successfully dominated the current world ... So Congratulations You are more close to the Lord of Wanjie.

Of course ._Host you can also choose another time to carry out the next world ... No matter how long you have to wait, there is no problem in second _. '.

No:. ~ No need to answer _ ". '

Who knows this time, it shook his head and refused the system's proposal. He looked deeply with Hancark and Robin in the crude palace. Now you can cross _ but in Before going through the next world .__. '.

I am going to look back in the world of the shadow. One

Instead of reminding Hancock and Robin, then farewell, it is not as good as they are sleeping, and when they come back next time, they can't read themselves. Leave.

To go back to the fire in the world, you have no problem.

: ._

As the system sounded in the brain of the moment, I saw that the entire world in front of the world fell into the frozen pause, all lives and things have all stayed at this moment.

Just after this, it seems that the door of a passage is invisible, and the whole personnel have made a refund, disappearing in the air.

Only in the world, all the paused scenery, as if the world will come from the future.

Only in the palace is sleeping, Hancina, who is sleeping, sleeping, is a happy smile, proves that the moment is really sincere.

Naruto world.

Moonline palace in the mountains behind the mountain.

What?! I'm saying that you are going to go?!

On the dining table of the spacious dinner hall, a familiar and long-lost female voice sounded.

Finally returning to the moment, I found that I was sitting at the chairman of my familiar meal, and I was a master in front of my eyes, photographed, Xiaonan, China, the ring tone, the young land, and even Huiye.

A familiar and beautiful face, and the expression of a woman with a doubtful and concerned.

I am joking ...

I saw this familiar face in front of him, and I finally reacted it. I reached myself and scratched myself smile. In fact, I have returned after a long journey !!.

in fact…

I am coming back ~

Looking at this scene of this Wen A and the scene, I looked at the face of Xiaonan, and one of them familiar with concern. He suddenly took a hot, I couldn't help but reach out all of them. Tight hug together.

It's a boring joke ... unlike your style ah. ....

For the inexplicable hugs and moves in the moment, the apeer and the eve of them are touched, they can't help but look at his face.

How do you change your clothes?

At this time, I suddenly found a dark gorgeous coat coat that I had completely turned it all on the table, and I had a double-color double-eyed, and the whole person suddenly hurried.

I. ... The corpse is ever explained.

But ... this looks very handsome. ...

Who knows that I haven't waited for a speech, and the ahead of the eyes and the sacrifice of the siko, with a kind of appreciation and self-disappointment, the burning of the eyes,. It is our moment! It is you just changed Model?

It seems that two ~

Has I have saved the explanation of Kung Fu ...

Looking at the gods in front of them and the eve of the gods, they are gently smirked.

Chapter 1 New World (seeking rewards and automatic)