Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 448, Chapter 448, Collaborational System

Void Keath · Eight knives flashed!!!

It seems to be in order to test the power of this world, and only the endless snow, the body is infinite, and the body is infinite.

If the flow blade in the hand is instantly out of sheath, the naked eye can't capture the sword speed of the turning, and the fierce southern smell is smashed, and the vertical and horizontal staggery suddenly gathered to form a split world. .


It seems like a split sound.

As a sword in the flash, the whole piece of endless white snow was split by an invisible force, and an elongated paint mold was opened.

It is a higher world ... The world's strong intensiveness is woning. ....

Looking at the whole skin in front of him, I can't heal the sword of myself in my own, I can't heal it for a long time, and I am sighed in my heart.

If this is the past Naruto and the One Piece World, the sword that has made all efforts has already opened the void, apparently this higher world quality is far more than the world of experience.

Is this a push-up ... is indeed a higher level than Chakra?

After testing a push-pressure power, the moment of arrogant is standing in the original place, and all the black ponders from all the outbreaks around themselves have returned to their body.

After the default match of the system, the moment to control the power of the Pressure Pressure, to the control of the Ling IT Spirit F, this world believes that there should be no one can be able to with him in addition to the ultimate BOSS. Initially, it is said.

Hey, thank you,! "" Feel the power of the spiritual pressure, I am sincerely thank you.

Every time I cross the new secondary world, the system can automatically match the power of the moment into the current world of power 1.1 system, which is undoubtedly to adapt the fastest speed to accept this world's new force, not anything. Contradictions and conflicts, this is undoubtedly a moment of hiking in the moment.

Given that the host is a member of the Crossler Club, the system automatically attacked the host to cross a lucky draw, and the prize contains various secondary meta skills, props, inheritance and items, etc. in addition to the current world.

In the face of the heart, the system is indifferent, but it began to ask if the moment is using the lottery throughout the new world.

Does the host have now draw a lottery.

Chapter 3 Intangible Empire (seeking rewards and automatic)

Dead Money Chapter 3 Intangible Empire (seeking rewards and automatic).

Another new world lottery ...

I heard the lottery information that the system was pushed, the moment, the heart suddenly raised an unlimited expectation, so far, all of his lucky prices have been a strong anti-day props.

and many more.…

At this time, the moment suddenly stopped the behavior of the system to continue the lucky draw.

Reincarnation of God!!!

Almost not truly open the blind eye passive ability to pre-, no time to replace the scene of the world in the next five seconds, suddenly captured a quick attack after a second.

Holy arity!!

After the moment, all the air in the whole space was torn, and the fierce whistling sound was built.

I saw a heart-shaped gluten, the heart-shaped gluten, which formed by Liezi suddenly scored the void, and the power of infinite power was immediately raised behind the moment when the incredible speed!

Almost a little bit, the prophet's first moment is gently open his body. It is just the advantage of this spiritual gentle and shoulders, the fierce 16 wind blows a few silver hair in the flash.

The heart-shaped arrow formed by this spirit was shot empty. She bombarded the snow that was not far from the moment. She suddenly bombed a huge deep pit and splasted the endless white snow.


After the moment, it was clearly written, and there was a military hat wearing a star cross mark on the snow, and it was full of short skirt military uniforms. Don't worry about the short skirt army. Type badge, a heart-type emblem belt, a pretty girl in black long stockings and boots, some dissatisfied

The corner of the mouth, there is a good time between the eyebrows.

It's really good luck g.

Bundby ... Your shooting ability seems to have declined recently ...

Seeing the companion, the side of this prostitute, the side of the squadron, the short-sleeved buckle, the short sleeve buckle in the waves, set with knee stockings, with pink waves Girl with a pink double eye and a pair of amazing big breasts.

Can be evil. ... Minnie you should know that I didn't care seriously. ....

Although it doesn't matter, this name is a prosthetic girl. At the beginning of indignation, the brutal abuse has trip to do tens of soldiers who follow them.

Your character is really cruel ... This kind of thing is not at least here?

Seeing that this appearance of the appearance of this appearance was started to abuse the surrounding grassroots soldiers. The big breast girl with pink waves suddenly said, it was very much for her own behavior. There is a logist.

What is the relationship? Second, these guys are just the minimum holy tilles of the invisible empire. ....

Obviously, for the persuasion of the companion, this black long-haired privilege did not put it in his heart, and continued to use the weapons in his hands and abused the soldiers under his hand.

This kind of power is destroyed. ...

At this time, I'm looking at the moment of sorrow and avoiding the sacredness of the sacredness. I looked at this team that gradually came to the gendarmer team of myself, but gently wrinkled her brow.

From the screws of this rejuvenation, this ability to taste this capability immediately.

The sacredness is the most common attack method of the death of the dead world, and the spirit of the spirit in the atmosphere is fixed into the shape of the arrow. It can be used to attack the enemy through the bows. Hand projection.

Friends Habo ... Friends Habach ... destroyed the martial arts.

You take the heartbeat with 900 years. ... 90 years, the time awakens Idokes for two 9 years of time recovery power. ... 9 days of time led us to recapture the world ...

I saw this team appeared in the endless gendarmer team, and the Shengxi's national anthem "Sheng Di", "The Emperor of the Emperor", which gradually approached the position of the moment.

Friends Habi?!

King of the teacher?!

Although this gendarmerie team sings melodious, it is still clear from the lyrics to capture several key vocabulary from the lyrics lyrics.

Lenovo's world of ice and snow now, and the girl in the gendarmerous team, the girl who came to him, the moment, the moment, the face, the face was a condensed, this is an invisible empire?!

The system actually passed me directly into the invisible empire of the dead world ... finally understood the world and location of the people at the moment, suddenly speaking for a while in the heart.

who are you?!.

Leading the huge gendarmer team came to the earth in the moment, just in the black hair of the spirit of the spirit, the brunette girl riding a high white horse formed by the spirit of the spirit of the spirit. The raising of your own underbac is worth 400.

With the question of this brunette, dozens of invisible empire sacral groups, who followed, will be surrounded by them, and they raised their own sacred bows to make the sacred bow. .

Well?! Selling is really good, two _. '

Until the holy group of the Ten Intangle Empire was surrounded by the moment, the black long-fashioned girl riding on the white horse immediately saw the picture of the moment, a pair of black scorpions could not help but light.

Handsome and flawless facial features, silver white noble long hair, impeccable perfect body shape ~ _

Well ._ This guy does not seem to have seen it in the invisible empire. ... This is a proud of the arrogance in front of you. The brunette girl looks at the moment in front of himself. .

Just now, we explore this side has a huge spiritual pressure ...

Different from your own companion airtight temper, then the big breast girl with a gentle and calm pink wavy wavy is watching, 'What person is you .... How can I appear in the invisible empire??.

Chapter 4 Stars Cross Knights (seeking rewards and automatic)

Dead, Chapter 4, Star Cross, Knight (seeking reward and automatic)


I haven't seen the guy like this.

Darkness, the mysterious man, the giant i breast girl, long hair, and the pink waves, is a quiet and gentle, and they can't help but feel the appearance of the appearance of the moment.

Really unfriendly greeting method: ._. '

If you don't have something to surround dozens of invisible imperial holy soldiers surrounded by weapons, it seems that there is no worries for their own safety, but burning is interested in appreciation of the beautiful women in front of him. Ask other people's name Before __ should not introduce yourself first .__. Two beautiful lady _

After all, it was continuous control to dominate the two second-year-old world, even if it passed over the world of higher power, there was a good time to be more than ordinary people.

Gu Pao self-hency, it is probably such a sloth.

Surrounded by the knights of the two star cross knights and the holy soldiers of the 50 Intangible Empire. _ Also so leisurely self-so good .__. '

In front of this, the black long-haired petty girl who claimed to be the invisible Empire Cross Knight, seems to be very interested in the moment, and the black eyes are strong, and the fun guy ... I really want to know your Is the heart really calmly calm down like your appearance?

But actually asked such a problem ... Explain that you are absolutely not in the invisible empire.

I heard the body asking myself, and the beautiful girl in front of the black hair was watching Huimo. I am Babi Love apricot Baishta, marriage ... She is Minina Maikaron ._. We are Cavaliers of the Intangible Empire Cross Knights .__. '

As the strongest star cross knight in the Intangible Empire, it is impossible to know that there are people who are identity. The only explanation is that this man is not an invisible empire:..

It turned out to be two.

I heard the petty girl Bangbangbangbian Bangbian, who was in front of the eyes, suddenly realized that it was the destruction of the Death World, I can't think of the system directly to this place.

What about you? Interesting guy tells me your name, "? Bangbi Erict Tower high-spirited, riding on the high white horse, watching it.

I am .__. 'Stunning the Bangbi Love Tower in front of this, this proud and lively and checked and checked delicate girl, the moment is a laugh, and the name is represented:. My name ._ :. is called an instant ...

If it is Babi Ai Bodhi, the Bay, the marriage of Mi Nina McAlon .__

The two of these two beautiful girls can't be treated as ordinary people:.

In the moment, if I thought, I was surrounded by the sacred group of 50 people who took the spirit. If I didn't remember the wrong, these Holy soldiers had a power of ordinary death, if In the submission of the submoticon, there is also an unlimited level of a Safe.

And members of the most powerful star cross knight group as an invisible empire.

Just ... I encountered a member of the most powerful battle of the invisible empire. "_. '

Stared to Babi Eita and Minina, and Mi Nina, the proud of the city, sprinkled his blue blood red, and you can check the first-class level in this world.

It's a unforgettable eyes. ....

Staring at the moment is like a gemstone, the mysterious paradise, Bangbi loved the look more concentrated, 'Give you a chance. _ To do my hand under the hand!

If you don't know how you enhance the god Empire ._ But if you are discovered, you only have a dead road.

I threaten the moment, while the prosthetic bonis also reached out his own tongue i's head and evil, 'So ._. Let me do my hand down ~. I will definitely Take a good one. '

It's really bad to collapse: ._

Looking at my eyes, the appearance of the appearance is indeed a cruel stateful Baby Love Tower, and there is a little speechless to turn a white eye. I really didn't think that I had already spread like this world.

Hello ... Bangbi Ai Bodhi Yin

Just in the moment, when I was thinking about it, I didn't have a man's voice on the endless white earth.

One way ... Can we be used as a two _. '

Everyone is looking forward, I only see another team of Emperor Empire's gendarmerial team slowly came, and one of the leader of the past two years of purple piling head, left ear with screws, right ear Haty earrings, wearing a white army with an invisible empire with black gloves and stomach chapters.

Since people outside are broken into the invisible empire. _ Of course only dead road ...

After led the body, a group of invisible empire is slowly approaching, this one of the young people of Tianpon's head of the year, how can I call you privately?!

It is a nasty guy. .... Bazi two _. '

Seeing this team of the gendarmerous team, Bangbi Eta (Noro Zhao) was annoyed to read this one of the leaders of the head of the head, and the eyes fell to the man around him. There is also ~. Cangdu you have come __. '

I saw that in addition to this named Barzby's two years, he still stood a silent black short hair street year, with slender phoenix, there was a scar on the left lips. I also wear the same intangible imperial white military uniforms as the Bartzby.

At once, there was a member of the four invisible empire's star cross knights.

I saw the two named Bayi and Cangdu's breeding in front of the year, I also added it to the ranks of my own, and the blue blood red scorpion suddenly got gently. I didn't expect to come to this world.

(New World, new support, there are still many worlds to write, small A will speed up the progress).

Chapter 5 is destroying the power of the teacher (seeking rewards and automatic)

Death, Chapter 5, destroying the power of the teacher (seeking rewards and automatic)

I am equal to the strength above the Death Level .__

Impangible Empire Star Cross Knight Group guy ... I hope you don't let me be too disappointed: ._

I am surrounded by the surroundings of many invisible imperial sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred. Fine rays.

There is no need for you to have two multi-tube idle.