Naruto's Jade Crash System

Take the Crash System Chapter 449

At this time, I just said that the Baby of the Baby of the Brake, the Baby Tita, who was tied to the hand, was interrupted by Bazby, and suddenly felt that his face did not hit the return.

Well?! This guy actually looked at me in such eyes?!

It seems that the sharp looks at the sharp eyes. At this time, Bazibi did not pay attention to Babi's words, but the eyes fell on the moment of ignorance, and found that the eyes were knobbed by the four invisible imperial crosswords. And the guy surrounded by the Holy Bing actually dare to use such eyes.

It's a poor guy ... it is estimated that it is already frightened. "_ Yin

As a member of the Trinity of the IMF, a member of the Sky Cross, the personality, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, and If the fire is on the top, the face is suddenly changed,. Wait!!

Clear knife ?! Your guy is God?!

When I recognized the flow blade in my hand, if the fire was a blade, Bathbi suddenly locked the appearance of this appearance as a big guy.


grim Reaper?!

I heard the word that I spit in the mouth, not just the Cangdu next to him, and the Bangbima Babi and Minaton were also mad.

How can God appear in an invisible empire ._Nush to pass the soul of the gods, the god of the gods, has already found us ?!


Your Majesty has not fully recovered the force.

It's trouble waiting for the millennium to open it in advance ??

I have been hiding hiding in the shadow of the soul of the soul, once the death of the Lin Biao found that the battle will have to break out in advance, and the invisible imperial people in the event immediately thought of the worst possible. .

Sorry ... I think you misunderstood.....

Seeing the invisible imperial people in front of me, it seems to misunderstand their identity, and it seems that people's livestock have been unhappy, and I am not the death of Lin Jin Ting. ... this is my knife is me ...

Just explaining the words, I haven't finished it, and I suddenly won the sharp eyes.

Don't talk nonsense ... No matter how you kill this death again! Let's find it to see the surroundings.

Move blood!!

The fierce breeze whistling, the voice of Bazibi was also scattered in the air, and he only saw that the whole person had instantly appeared in front of the moment, the fist in his hand broke out violent to extreme power.

The speed is really fast. ...

In the previous sea, some people have never seen anyone can explode so speed, and the heart is gently sigh, it is a higher world. ...

Between the short z, the blind eye of the left eye is instantly seeing the Bazibibi in front of him directly injecting the spirit into his own blood vessels, which greatly enhances the damage of the body. It is specifically to improve invisible. The technology of the fighting ability of the Empire is one-one blood !!

Reincarnation !!!

In the eyes, it is necessary to use the Barzi hit to the blushing of the bloodless, and when the moment is suddenly, it will disappear in the original place.

Hand !!.

Outbreaking, the masters have greatly improved their own physical attacks ((BGBO strength and destructive power, seeing a punch to kill this visit, the spirit of the Touring, the death of the invisible Empire, Bishi suddenly saw In the moment, I disappeared in front of him, I couldn't help but face an emblem. This is ...

Armed color blessing, shake gas !!!

The dark top armed colored blesses seem to have the same layer of the stomach. In the hands of the moment, it will extend in the hands of the moment. It appears in the moment after Bazibi, he suddenly fell!

The strength of the flesh is absolutely suspicious. I saw that Bazibi was in the snow, and the exaggerated power was directly blowing a huge deep pit to the snow at the foot!

Good strength!

This man has at least the battle of the captain of the dead!!

Seeing an instant to successfully counterattacking the members of the invisible Empire Cross Knights to the ground, and the eyes surrounded by all the intangible imperialism began to lift.

It was actually silently silently silently silently sneaked into the invisible Empire ... The Bangbi Love Tower, Minina and Cangdu suddenly wrinkled.

This is the moment of death.

Endless snowflakes mixed with dust and gradually scattered. I saw that the midst of Bayzibi in front of the people in front of the people gradually came out. Not to ... why it feels more like a virtual role.

After you have a punch, you can still stand up.

Looking at the Bazibi that gradually came out from the deep pit, he wore the spirit of injection into his body, and it was proud of his own week. It seems that the power level of this world is more imagined. It is necessary to be higher.

It is clear that it is the dead ... but there is such an exaggerated power ... I have to break the defense of the static blood packing ...

I saw that Bayzby, who came out from the deep pit, stared at the moment in front of her eyes, and the body was fleeting, and the mouth was shocked.

Silent blood is directly injected into the bloodline, greatly enhances the flesh defense, but does not use blood-blood clothing while using a blood-filled.

Hello ... You don't work alone.!

I saw the Bazibi who hated himself. At this time, Bangbi's bonus smiled in love tower.

Chapter 6, a finger (ask for reward and automatic)

Dead Money Chapter 6, a finger (ask for reward and automatic)

Can a joke?! Quot;

On the side of the Bangbang, the laughter of the prostitute was angry, and I saw that the whole person hopped like a rooster.

You are gave me a good! Give guys like this. ...

I saw the furious Bazibi with a black glove of the right hand quickly finger a flash next to the flash, and the face showed an incomparable expression. I only need to use a finger !!

Dealing with me just enough to use a finger?

Wen said that there was a shameless face, and then the moon was laughing. It was only a smooth smile in the blue blush. It experienced the world of two secondary yuan, and no one dared to pay in the future. He said this.

Good two as you wish. ...

Looking at the arrogant Bazibi in front of him, the moment is proud of his own, a pair of Zhan Lan Xiaoxue's red monster, the eyes of the gods are overlooking him, and the laughter on the face is gradually hidden. Then I Use a finger to solve you ...

This hateful look

Feeling this kind of eyes that despise everything, and the kind of the kind of the kind of the kind of the one who is not covered by him, and the face of Bazi is overcast.

Suit fire !!

Bang !!

I saw the Baybby of Bayi directly exhibited the ability of the Holy writing, saving the burning high temperature over the foot, struggling to the ground, and suddenly boundless flame bursts directly evaporated around the snow, formed A huge flame matrix.

A little broken. ....

Burning the burning wind that broke out in front of the Bayzby, I felt the senior skills of any world in front of the world, and the flash of my eyes stared at the front of the Bayzibi in front of him. The face is hungry.

My holy writing is h '

The whole person is born in a huge flame matrix, Bazibi is arrogant, and the right hand finger wearing black gloves is aligned with the moment in front of it. Symbolic ability is burning (Heat) ... my flame Temperature Just, the head of the squadron, the head of the god of the spirit of the spirit of the spirit, can be able to

Alien ....

You still don't plan to liberate your chop knife?! Death?!

Even the fire blade is the flame of the fire.!

Wen said that the swordsmanship Huihui Huihui, can be used with the flame of the flow blade, indicating that the flame temperature in front of the front of the front of the sun reaches at least more than 6,000 degrees, which is indeed a powerful opponent.

Liberate my chop knife?! No need _ :.

I feel that the powerful strength in front of the eyes. When I was watching, I was watching. The left eye's reincarnation entered the endless bright light, and the moment was launched to disappear.

Come to second

It is so fast !! See the instantaneous way of this unambiguous and eloquency, and Bozi, which has been all guards, is also shocked.

Rummish ._ Catch you !!.

Feeling the fluctuation of the air behind the air, the full body muscles tangled to the ultimate Bathbian's most basic ability to destroy their most basic skills.

Flying feet!!

This is the skill of the fast-moving movement. In the field of view of the left eyelid of the God, I saw the Bayzby through the spirit of the spirit, and the spirit of the spirit in the atmosphere was concentrated at his feet, control the spirit of the foot. Have his own body in an instant to the distance from the distance.

So happy movement. "This is the gentleman of the gentle demonstration of the dead, and the unique mobile method is free.

Just used the appearance of the appearance of the transient movement in Bazibi, in an instant, the Bazibi in front of the moment, I opened the distance from the foot of the flying and myself, and I couldn't help but sigh. It is a higher world. __ This movement speed The world and the One of the One Piece can reach the second _. '

Second _

In this way, I didn't think about it.

Between the electro-optic stone, Barzi just used a flying feet to get from the moment, and the left eye, the blue light flashed, and once again launched it, it disappeared in the original place.

· ... seeking flowers

Next moment, the figure of the moment appeared again in the vision of the invisible Empire, I saw him have across the long space distance between the two people, and the whole person appeared in front of Bazibi.

Such speed ... how is it?!

Just applying a raid of hay to the moment, Bazi's figure was once again ghost, and the heart was completely shocked, 'This is really a moment.! ".

The Soul Trendy, the second quad leader, who is called 'instantity, the night of the four colors, can not reach this level?!

What is this guy who is sacred?!

Not only to fight in Barzi, I saw the ghost speed showing in the moment, even the members of the three other Impangle Cross Knights around the battle were shocked.

FT fire refers to 1 !!

Seeing instantaneous appearance in the moment before yourself, Bazibi immediately responded to the power of his own holy writing.

The extremely burning high-temperature spirit is accumulated in his own right earners, followed by the moment in front of the moment to shoot a stagnant inflammatory pillar, with extremely devastating high temperatures to run through the body!

In the original, in the invisible empire, the first attack of the corpse of the city, Bayzibi is exerting this trick to kill the squad of the Sanliang team, the deputy team leader.

go to hell!!.

The eyes of death locking in front of them, Bazibi scorpion screams, the right hand's index finger burst, the fire, the fire, the fire, the fire, the fire, the whole white snow.

Distant in the palace of ice.

This force is ...

Barzi is fighting with anyone. ....

A thin and high breeding is destroyed by himself, wearing a snow-white destruction, with golden long hair and blue eyes, the five senses are fine but the eyes are indifferent, and there is no extra table on the face.

Chapter 7 This. Death is a bit strong (seeking rewards and automatic)

Dead Money Chapter 7. This is a bit strong (seeking reward and automatic)

Back in the snow.

Good come!! '

In the eyes, the destroyed fire column shot from the right hand index referred to the flash of the flash, and opened a long hair of the moment, and the long hair of the moment is a grand junction.

Diamond star dust !!!

In the eyes of Barzibi, the brakes have gradually extended their right hand fingers.

Suddenly all air condensed, surpassing the absolute zero-scale frozen force instantly formed a white light-like shock wave sprayed from the right hand finger, such as snowflakes, as can be frozen and smash the stars Red crumbs.

. ~ ~

The freezing sound of the molar.

Among the surrounding eyes of the invisible Empire, in front of the eyes, the whole time and space in the 21 seems to be frozen by flash.

The white light of the flash is shocked, and it is possible to cover the destroyed inflammatory pillar released by Bazi right hand. I saw the whole tenthole column released by Bazibi to frozen a white ice crystal.

I saw all hot flame-made ice crystals, and R is broken and broken into the snow into the powder-shaped ice crystal particles, as if the snow wrapped in the whole silver case has been covered with a dazzling crystal, appears to appear Universal.

But at this time, this beautiful dream scene is obviously only able to bring infinite shock and surprises to people in all invisible empire.

Flame. ... is frozen ....

I saw that Bazi is completely stunned in the original place. Some people who don't dare to watch everything happened in front of me, and I looked at all the flames of frozen frozen in front of myself. My flame was actually being How is it possible to freeze this. ...

Sure enough, I don't expect my expect.