Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 450 of Hueding Crack System

Routing the hand, frozen the hot flame of all V, looked at the front of the Bazibi, and the corner of the mouth pulled a simple emblem, "if I If you haven't remembered ... You are all consisting of molecules. ....

And my freezes. It can use the atoms that make up all things to frozen !!.

Frozen atom?!

How can there be such a force that transcends common sense?!

The voice of the moment is lonely on this silence, including the face of the face of the invisible empire.

Since I said a finger solves you ...

The dark gorgeous coat coat flutters among the cool winds, and the moment is gently falling on the ground, and the blue blood of the blue color reflects that the shocked face in front of Bayzby. The corner of the mouth ran out Smile.

I will never use the second !!.


The surrounding Babi Eita and Minina and Cang have suddenly hear the words spit out in the mouth, the stunned heart suddenly shock, I saw the Cangdu, which came to come together next to the whole man, the whole person The vain is blasted!

One of the gods!!

But obviously, Cangdu's movements will not follow the speed of the flash, and only see the dark gorgeous coat coat fluttering between the air. The whole person has been in the moment to catch up with the whole force to show the shoes. Bazibi.

I saw the flash of my right hand, and I was like a full-length force of the horror frozen of the ice river universe. The right hand's index finger is like the extreme cold power of the land, and the eyes are. Bazi is gently sound!

Ah, ah! My hand !!.

With the email of the right hand index finger, Bazhabby, who died in his eyes, held his shoulders of his right half, although the ice is cold to the ultimate frozen, which has made him less than half a pain, But his mouth is still still can't help but explode.

With the enthusiasm of Bazabi, the sound of the white thunder, I saw him dying, covering his shoulders on the right, the whole right hand's stomach is completely flashing frozen, all the spirits The composition of the cells stopped moving.

A slamming, Bishi's whole right stomach completely pulverized the sky, the fridge, sprinkled on the silver-filled thunder ...

This death: ._. '.

Barzby guy is really defeated by him?!

Looking at Bazibi, which is in front of the stomach, all of the people around the invisible empire will take place.

The knight representative of the star cross knight team representing their intangible Empire's highest level, defeated by this mysterious man using a finger ??

Is it true that the death of the corpse is really so strong?

Snake !!

At the same time, at the same time, when I just defeated Bazibi, I suddenly sounded in the next time.

I saw a black hair man who was silent. Cang Cheng has already used the flying feet of the martial art. I appeared in an instant. I launched my own saint I, which is the power of Iron. Manipulating a lot of spirits will be all-ended into the knife and guns, but even the death of the dead

Unable to hurt his body.

Cang also held his hands and placed his own chest. The accumulation of a large amount of spiritual pressure was in the moment, and there was a shame of the giant snake, and the power is enough to sell the iron.


Don't say it is steel. __ !!.

The wheel of the right eye is 3.6. The dark eye is black and the jade is rotated. All the movements of Cangdu whole people have slowed on the field.

Eighty god air hit !!!

It seems that the hit of the Ci believers, the moment has already accounted for the ultrafinal burst!

At a time, the time and space seems to stop, all the people around the invisible empire seem to have a quite color in front of the world, and all the scenes around them are all hidden. It seems that there is only a flash of it. This countless huge vacuum boxing.

From another time and space name, there is no compassionate, a boxing of the boxing, from this moment, starting to bloom in this world!

Chapter 8 is destroying the Holy Branch (seeking rewards and automatic)

Death, Chapter 8, destroyed, but the division (seeking reward and automatic)

What is this ?! Is the God of God ?!

How can death of the god of the dead might reach this power?!

Among the eyes of all the intangible imperial people who are shocked, there are countless vacuum fists between the air between the appearance of Cangdu, the air between Cangdu. Every trial is like from The punch of the King of the Tianshi.

Every punch that bombards the sky with a shake of the world, forming a perfect pattern of all living plants, and the huge snake shaped pounds that Cangdu bombards out are inserted.


It is clear that there are countless and deafening roots, but it is biased in an instant, and the shock sound formed is almost shocked by the earmuffs in the scene.

Between the moment, all of Cangdu is full of vignetted in countless air heads.

Cangdu's whole person searched by the shells into the ground.

Almost a little lost, Cangdu, there is no more than 16 pneps to open your eyes. The destruction of the crisis is exhibited, but the defense form of the defense is blurred in the moment. He can't move a finger. There is a bone that has its own body being placed into the illusion of the powder.

It seems that the eighty gods that use spiritual power is more powerful. ...

I saw the eighty gods that came out in their hands and farewell, and the face of Bai Zhe's face emblem was one, and the taste smiled.

The dust is exhausted.

Everyone is dead, staring at the huge deep pit, which is not seen in front of their eyes, has become numbly.

The guy of Cangdu. ... will not be killed.

Seeing that Cang is so cultivated, Bayzby feels that he is blurred in the right stomach in the moment, it seems to be so painful.

Let's take a shot together ... this guy is absolutely not a simple figure ...

Some heavy sounds sounded. Two invisible imperial crossword next to this time, members of the members of the Angita and Minina have not seen the mood of the play, and the face of the good face is a piece of dignified color.

Obviously, the strength of the appearance of the moment is completely exceeded by their imagination.

Although they are not very pairs of roads with Barth, there is a very strict military rule in the Star Cross Knights of the IMU. Anyone who cannot complete the task or in the battle, will be in the death penalty (in the original The younger brother of the twins are not enemy, and the name of the friend is dead, and I Cangdu will lose to the day.

Valley and Dongshi, finally died in Rain). After all, it is an organization's companion who is all obligated to jointly and deal with this mysterious death.

Don't worry about it !!.

But at this time, Bazibi in front of the moment suddenly reached out to the Bundabi Eita and Minina's shots, staring at the moment of the eyes of the moment, burning the war of the bears.

This guy is my opponent!!

Bazibi ... Your guy ...

The Bangbimi, who is doing, is suddenly stopped by Bazibi, and the mouvet looks at him, and the heart is a bit, and the heart will play a guess, 'Is it ??

Are you marking ?! In the intravailed you have been allowed to use it in the intangible empire. ... Month has measured the idea of ​​Bazibi in front of you, next to Baby Eitton.

Destroy, the teacher finished the sacred body!!

However, Bangbi loveta has not been finished. At the moment, I saw that the spirit of the Bishi air suddenly concentrated!


As if the endless spiritual spirit suddenly aggregates Babi in front of the moment, the violent spirit is turning out a strong wind, and fly around all the snow around the whole snow.

I can't have so much dad!

It is rare to encounter such a strong opponent. I must defeat this guy ....

Even if I was sentenced, I have nothing to say !!.

Bazibi's face flares on the face of firm and traceful look, there is a pentagon star of the push-up star, and a pair of long stick-shaped high-concentrated spirits formed..

This is ... destroying the fingertorian finishes.

Quiet stare at the Bayzibi before the eyes of the whole person, and the moment of the moment, the blot of the moment, the moment, the whole body is highly concentrated, and the infinite spirit is similar to the spirit of death, breaking the face. The returning blade is a completely liberated state of the strength of the strength of high-strength destruction.

It's a good character. ....

Even if it is punished, I must defeat me ...

It is not easy to understand the color of the Babi, which is not easy to detect.

Betting ... Who do you say, is there a place?!

The personality is very clear, especially taboo others to make fun of his hairstyle and aesthetic taste of Bazibi, hear the whole person jumped when he heard the words, and the eyes were exaggerated.

Your guy is gave me a good show. ....

Calm down, I opened the destroyed division, but I was solemnly staring at the moment in front of my eyes. The strength of this death has just won his calmers.

Once I make this trick, I can burn you into ashes between one breath:.

Hot hell!!

The voice of Bazibi fell, suddenly broke out in the air in front of the moment, a blazing and high temperature that did not have the same day!

I saw that Bazibi in front of him accumulated the extremely burning high temperature spirit to all the five fingers of his left hand, and suddenly appeared in the moment to shoot the powerful stagnant swat-shaped flame, and the destruction of the disadacter to twist the burst Ability to burn anything falling in the front of Barzby to the ashes.

Chapter 9 God's Lixia (seeking rewards and automatic)

Dead Money Chapter 9 God's Six Data (ask for reward and automatic)

Strong flame. ...

In the case of the destruction of the destroyed burst of Bayzby, the air is not arrived in the moment. All the water in the air has been quickly evaporated. It is stronger to install this level.

I have been eager for strong enemies. In addition to the other two second-pronged world, in addition to Chakra, the ancestors of the ancestors, there is no one to give him this feeling.

Obviously, the horror power to show it completely to the battle of Bazi, I saw him directly strengthening the flame heat of one of his right hand, directly arrived out of the flame heat of the left hand five fingers, and burst into the moment. The strongest kill!

I haven't used this state for a long time. ....

Feeling the strength of Babi, who entered the holy body, the body of the Holy Society, the blood in the body seems to have can't help but boil, and the blue blood of the blue blood suddenly issued an infinite fence.

Since it is a higher world ... then let me revisit it again !!.

God's six model !!!


In the eyes of all people around the invisible empire, they seemed to see the air around the moment suddenly fell.

The surrounding space begins to shock, the powerful airflow is easy to blow all the snow floating in the air, forming a circle of dust in the moment, seems to have some kind of mystery law.

I saw that the endless black horror in the instant was sprayed out. It seems like a wolf to smoke, and it is almost dyed the color of the whole snow, and the whole earth is infected.

His spiritual pressure ...

Such a spiritual pressure ... really exists?!

How can someone have such a spiritual pressure? '"?

After the system's perfect match, the moment is used to start the road to rebirth and yin and yang, which use this world's spiritual pressure. This horrible black and influenza is directly scared to have all the destructions around the invisible empire. division!

Including the Sanzi and Baby Loveta next to them, the three powerful incomparable Intangle Cross Legion Knights, all of them have dementia, their own mouth, the horror retreats can't come.

Good powerful pond. ...

Who has entered my intangible empire ?__. '

At the moment, the shocking ponders broke out after the Shenxiao mode, and it seemed to be alarmed that a horrible presence of a horrible existence muttered in the dark.

Among the entire space, it is full of black ponders that exudes the horror atmosphere.

After opening the six-way pattern of God, I have a white cactus that prints countless black mysterious hook jade.

After the silver, the long hair roots flew out after the brain, the air of the 12 lacquer black, quietly floating around the moment.

Among them, all people staying with a night, not far from the spirit of the gods, the silver is full of wind, and the feet are out of the ground.


The system is really powerful: ._. '

In the moment of entering God's six-way mode, the perfect to suffocate the disappearing face is now in his own body's change, and the fullness of the fullness has grown up his mouth. 'Thinking of using the firing is really perfect. This form: ._. '

Seeking jade!!!