Naruto's Jade Crash System

Target Crack System Chapter 451

Obviously, the 92 exploitation of the Bazibi exhibited the hot hell has made the moment, and it has made the moment to go to the thoughts and sigh. I saw the flash of lightly, and the stomach was blocked. The twelve lacked black-seeking jade is floating. It seems that there is a spiritual life, and when I fly, I opened a piece of darkness.

Yu shield!

what is this?!'

When I saw the mysterious black shroud before the appearance of the appearance of the appearance, Bazibi suddenly opened her eyes.

Under the eyes of everyone, I saw the destroyed burst of Bazibi, the destruction of the fire, but they were directly evaporated, but they were completely annihilated by the paint black mysterious shield in front of them. IX is in the air!

how can that be?!.

When my flame is turned off by him completely?!

I watched the scene where I could not use the constant explanation in front of you. Barzby is completely stunned, not just that he evens next to the Baby Loveta and Minina also stunned.

Although I hate Batz is a big, a big, but the companion, a companion of the II Empire Cross Knight, and the strength of the Baby Loveta is still completely affirmed.

But now, I have seen the strongest killing of Bazibi after the formation of the Holy Holy Master, and the mysterious guy in front of him is so low-handed and easy to block, next to Babi Eita and Minina. I can't stand again.

Bunch !!

I saw that Bangbi Eita instantly shot, and there were countless groups in the air.

It is the power of the saint e, which is the power of crit. Bangbi Eita will become all substances (Nuo good) into a burst, these bloom white spirits burst not only unable to defend, but also destructive Quite amazing.

Flying feet!!

At this time, there is a holy text P, which has a very powerful (Power), a big breasts, and a girl Mi Nina instantly applied the flying feet. The moment moved the general appearance of the moment, the fist in the hands contained The ordinary people can't imagine the monsters to fight towards the moment!

I just talk to me. '

Now you will cut the knife. - Your woman is so good. ....

There is a pifflement of Bazibi, and there is also a spirit of Babi Ericsson's spirits and Minina terror strange boxing, but there is still a bang's flavor.

Chapter 10, Iron Iron (seeking rewards and automatic)

Dead Magnolia Chapter 10, Spirit of God (seeking rewards and automatic)

Among the pupils that are suddenly contracted around everyone.

I saw it softly and immediately moved her own paint black. The jade nature A was moved to the other side of the body, and she suddenly blocked the countless spirit of Babi Ai Tower burst.


When the ground next to the moment, a strong unparalleled explosion was produced, and it sang the sky and dust.

However, the Baby's Bunbi appeared to be a pretty face, but she became a white, because she saw all the spirits burst of all the hits in the moment, all the mysterious paint black shields were all swallowed. She usually destroys the spirit of amazing, unable to defend, unable to be produced, and it is completely resistant to the moment.

A dull collision sounded, and the shock wave of a circle of naked eyes fled around all covered snow.

I saw another hand of the other hand to open the palm, and I died grabbed the head of the Terriet of Terrorism.

Actually, only one hand blocked two ~ how could it be. ...

It is Mitan's gentle and calm, and a pretty face is not banned.

She has a holy text P, symbolizes that ordinary people are difficult to have a huge force of the imagination, just one hand can pick up a whole building, how can they be so taking a short-handed hand ?? .

It's really a bit unimaginable .... As you have such a lovely girl, there is such a huge power.

In the first hand, Minina Yeng Yun's horror, the moment is in the heart, but if there is no such thing as a big breast in the previous Minana Hungar, the handsome face has emerged. A sputum smile.

I think this should be a proportion of your month.


I am sitting in front of my eyes, I am smiling and laughing, and I caught my hand. Listening to him, I spent a lot of Month Yong, and the gentle and calm Min Nitaton were flying cheeks, the pretty face of Bai Zhe Pink like her color.

Not right ... You don't have a flesh ?! '

But very quickly, Minina felt that it was tightly holding his own fi, that is really in the same touch, and she has changed her face. You are not dead?! '.

If I have not remembered something. ... From the first, I told you that I am not a dead. ...

Looking at Minina, I was close to Tiena, I saw that her face was laminated at the moment, and I had some ignorant my mouth.

He is not a dead ...

I heard the dialogue between the two of the two people in front of the moment, and the Bayzby next to the Bay was completely rushed.

This guy is not a dead god

And I have entered the invisible empire with my flesh ...

What monster he is?!

As a desiration of an invisible empire, everyone knows a common sense: if it is not to enter the invisible empire in the A spatial gap that is huge to an unpredictable, is enough to press any person's body to crush!

But this mysterious guy is two ~

I have a forcibly broken space with my own flesh to sneak into their invisible empire??

Steel claw blade!!

When everyone in the entire field was shocked, they were suddenly smashed in the bottomless pit that was blown out before they were not far away.

The head is on the top of the push-up star, but the back is a pair of rhombuses, the high-level concentrated spirits, the rays formed by the spirit, and it is just that I have just been attached to the Eighty God. !

I saw a row of bright red blood stains in his mouth, opened the form of a holy body, and the whole person was turned into the body of the knife and guns. He took a sharp claw blade formed by destruction but cross-crossing. At this moment!

It's really a soul, no scatter ... Your ability is that the steel body is never destroyed? ...

The deadly raid to capture the steel of the steel, and the moment is launched in the mouth of Minina, but it suddenly came into the cool light in the scorpion.

Then I will let you disappear in this world !!.

Damage !!!

Between Minina, Minina, smashed the eyes, and the pupils around everyone, the twelve paint black mystery surrounded by the body, and flying in the hands of the moment.

I formed a rod of the embarrassment black, like a stick, the rod, like a gun-napkon, and the two paragraphs of the head symbolized with the moon, representing the creation and yin and yang, revealed a vast atmosphere .

I haven't seen the old man for a long time.

The blue blood red scorpion emblem gave an eye of his hand, the paint black cane damaged the gods, and felt that the horror of the horror, but familiar with the very familiarity, and the face of Jun Xiu Bai Zhe can not help but smile.

Reincarnation !!!

When the figure of the moment appeared again, everyone was shocked by their eyes.

Especially the steel of the steel, a pair of eyes full, the original silent and quiet face is full of expressions that can't believe it.

I saw that the use of the moment appeared in front of him, and the paint of the paint and her mouthped a huge cavity in his Yund!

How can this possible ... My body is never yorn. ...

Even the sick of the dead god can't hurt me ...

The face is clear, and in the eyes of the eyes of all people, I saw the Iron Empire's Star Cross Knights Knight Steel Cang's body in the air inch, as if it is like it The snow that is melted by the sun, turns into a flying gray, and the whole person completely dissipates in the air.

It's like this person never appeared in this world. ...

Chapter 11, the reinforcements come (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 11 of Dead Mandarin comes (seeking reward and automatic).

Really ....

Obviously, I just came to the world less than half an hour ... I actually made me have achieved this extent ...

Using the singer of the singer of the singer of the singer of the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, singer, Why should this? Why do you have a good friendship?

With him at this moment, he opened the temples of the gods of God.

No. ...

Cangdu has disappeared ?! I have already felt that he did not exist ....

I watched the pain of the steel of the steel and killed the gun of the gun. The surrounding invisible empire all four could not find any traces about Cangdu.

what have you done?!.

The shocked Bazibi stared at the eyes of the gods, and the look on the face was so awkward.

Do you refer to your companion?

It seems to see the nozzle color of all of the immigrants in the invisible empire, the mouth of the mouth is emblem, and the perfect face of Junxiu is in the moment, and he can't say it. He was essay. ...

The goal hit by my arms .... I will completely disappear in this world ... I have never seen the same

Complete erase?!

I heard the interpretation of the Pasta, the expression on the face of the invisible empire around the invisible empire changed, how can there be such an abnormal weapon in this world??

Erasing all the traces that have existed in this world

The awareness of all people could not be confident, and the mouth of the mouth is gently touched, the blue and blood red and the red eyes flashed with deep inexplicable look, 'I said that there will be existed ... I said that I don't exist. disappear….

9 o'clock, I am willing to go ... I can even make him completely disappear in your memory ...

Ability to reality and dream, control the virtual and true.

This is the ability of the blind eye and God of God to go to the eye.

After listening to the words heard in the moment, the whole cold and fierce, the silence of death.

How can there be such a force in the world?

All people are in the face of the whole person's throat as if the entire person's throat is like being caught by the chicken bones, and it is already the field of God. How can people like to touch such a force ... wide.

What is the field of God?

I heard the desperation of Bayzby to my own shooting, the moment is unable to gently, 'You have to think so.

From each angle. ...

9, the ability of the gun is indeed the category of the gods.

Never hit this weapon. ....

The eyes of the eyes were staring at the horrible weapons in front of the eyes, and the face of the invisible empire all revealed the color of the bold and frightened. It seems that the next hit of the moment is to remove themselves from this world.

Otherwise ... we have disappeared from this world. ...

I have never heard of this world in the world. A master like you. ....

A pair of pink eyes tightly staring at this strength and his appearance, a confronty man, a pair of big breasts at the Hungarian Hungar in the moon.

Death one.

So. - Who are you ??

My name is not to tell you in the morning. - Two interesting ladies. ...

Silver white sparkling long hair is no wind, hand holding dark cactus damage to the gods, the new twelve mysteries around you are quietly floating, and the eyes of a pair of zone of blue blood are in front of themselves. The big breast girl in the famous pink waves Minina, and the cheerful brunette next to it.

Girl Bangbi Bi Bodhi.

· ... seeking flowers.

The moment is there. "_. '

Recalling that the self-introduction of the moment, Minina and Bangbi did not decrease in love, deeply remembered this name.

Happy time is always short ... It seems that your companions are all come ...

Suddenly, the moment said that a sentence made all the people in the scene felt a mist.

What is the thinking ... Kill 9 The Minina, proud of the proud of yourself, and she didn't feel the arrival of her companions.

Holy arity!!

At this time, it seems that especially in order to verify the words of the moment, I saw a lot of flying out of the snow from the moment of the world, and suddenly fidelic out of the endless lingerie!

How can he know?!