Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 452 of Hueding Crack System

Why didn't we be aware of companions ?!

Seeing this moment, this seems to be unknown in general, and all the people in the invisible empire were suspicious between the invisible empire.

Solden file. ...

I saw that the paint black cactus cums were gently spurred in his hand. When you move the raid in the distance, this countless spiritual gentle is all erased, and it is resolved into a virtual.

At this time, in the field of view, you can have clearly seen it, and there are ten invisible imperial destructions in the unfair snow, but they are driving the foot of the foot.

Have a lot of people ... I think there is no way today to play with you. ....

When I saw the desiration of so many Impangible Empire, I made an expression of I was afraid of, and there was a strong interest in the elegant face.

I just came to this world ... I haven't appreciated this interesting world.

Chapter 12 Leaves (seeking rewards and automatic)

Dead Money Chapter 12 leaves (seeking rewards and automatic).

Since the world of the invisible empire is in the shadow of the Jun Ling of the corpse world ...

The blue-blue scorpion is quietly condensed with the void of the invisible empire, and the sharp eyes of the flash seems to be the air in front of the eyes. I saw another huge world behind this world. I murmured in my mouth, 'So this If you must definitely don't have a problem ...

What is he wants?!

At all the invisible empire, everyone is more dignified, all of which look at this powerful mysterious man in front of him.

Reincarnation !!

Just when all the invisible imperial people were puzzled, the blindthrough of the left eye was fully remarkable, and the death of death stared at the endless void, and if they were looking for. What is the original fundamental in three zero There is no thing that doesn't exist.

found it!!.

Soon, after some kind of search, I finally found my heart in the mysterious space in front of my heart, I finally saw another everywhere in front of the space in front of my heart. Flooding the Tower Pavilion seems to be like ancient Japan's world, it seems to be far away.

Super hook now in the Impangible Empire World.

After locking the space in the void, I immediately launched the endless terrorism in the body, and the pupil of the left eyelid of God was extremely volatilized.

In the next second, everyone in all the intangible empires has grown their eyes.

I saw that the original calm void is observed, and I have opened a space to pass in the moment. In the other end of this space, I am in the world where I am sitting at the ancient street of the pavilion, and now. There is a distinct contrast in the no-white.

That is._".'

The Bangbi Ericsson and Minina have a big pair of beautiful eyes, unbelievable eyes stare at the mysterious space channel opened in front of the moment, and see that this space is behind him. The world exists.

That is the body of the corpse?!!

What happened to him .... All of the invisible empires are completely unable to understand, why can this mysterious guys open to come and come and come and come and come and come and come and come and come to the neighborhood and an invisible empire?

This death: ". '

At this time, Bazibi on the flash seems to be the first reaction. He repeatedly understood the movement of the moment, and the whole person suddenly made a short-term foot to shoot out.

Can't let him leave!!

Don't don't have to measure the kid __. '

Capturing this time Baybby took his own mouth, it was unfortunately, and the horror of his mouth was unpredictable. When the horror of the body suddenly spurt his own eyes.

You should actually have you glance, I am not available here, I will play two _. '

Reincarnation, unlimited gravity !!!

Bang !!!

No one understands what happens, as if a invisible terrorist disaster falls from the sky!

All of the invisible Empire saw that he was in the whole white, and all were crushed. A unimaginable pound gravity applied to each of them, as if the whole body of the whole body was raised. There are countless times!

Of passenger two ~

The surrounded by the moment is a piece, I saw that all the people in the scene were pressed against the horror gravity of this traveled, and everyone who died in the ground, even a finger could not lift it. From!

In the moment, use the spiritual pressure to start the gravitation of God's reincarnation.

Shake all the thunders.


What exactly is this?!.

Originally, it is just a fast and close to the moment, and it is suddenly applied to the body by this horrible gravity, and suddenly it is directly embarrassing on the ground, only one hand stomach Deadly supporting his body, and his face is filled with unbelievable expressions ....

What is the ability?!

The only thing in the scene can also force your body standing, and there is only two kinds of bonded Bimony Eat Tower and Minina two girls. I only see them and each burst out my powerful strength, deadly resistance Attack infinity gravity applied to himself.


What happened over there ?!.

At this time, the edge of the edge, it has been going to get close to the arrival of the martial arts, surprised to look at the whole piece of in front of it, and crushed by an invisible force.

The day of the day ... I have a goodbye to see you.

I have suffered an eye, I have been infinitely close to the invisible imperial troops in their location. It seems that the sentient beings are in the middle of the air, and finally the taste is glanced at the feet. More than Etai and Minina, 'also have Bangbi Eta and Minina, I am very happy to meet you.

Beautiful lady.

After the voice falls.

At the same time, at the same time in the invisible empire, there are countless attacks arrive, and the moment is in front of the dark space in front of the empty, and the whole person instantly disappears in everyone's eyes.

After the disappearance of the moment, the space was turned off. Everyone slammed into the eyes of this film, as if something didn't have, it was just a dream.

He ran away by him. ...

Almost at the same time, the search for a snow-white destroy, the search for the sectors, rushed to the unique destroyed division.

Who is the opponent? ... Bazi is your arm ??.

This young man with golden long hair and blue eyes saw the statue of Bayzabby at the moment of this moment, exquisite and indifferent five-official emblem, four down, Cangdu ?? .

Chapter 13 enters the corpse world (seeking reward and automatic)

Death, Chapter 13, come into the body of the corpse (ask for reward and automatic).

Rain Glanders !!.

After seeing this A high blonde youth, after the teacher arrived, all the invisible empire around Suddenly, they were rude. Only half of the Bazibi's eyes were unparalleled, staring at the golden development of the appearance before the eyes. Annual destruction but the teacher.

Rain Grassland Haswart One-in-One Imperial Emperor is destroyed from Wang Youha, half-body and close-fitting, is the highest level in the star cross knight group, and the status is equivalent to the imperial first auxiliary in the invisible empire, the status is only Under the friend, Habach is above thousands of people.

Hugo. ...

This moment of Western Bazibi's death, the blonde youth, who is surrounded by all desirators. Memory seems to have returned to the encounter of two teenagers.

Said that we join the star cross knight group together to kill friends. ...

Now you ... what is thinking?

Rain Galan ... Cang Cheng is dead ... This time the Bang is governed by the love tower. All the things that have just happened will be said in detail 16, of course, automatically omitted her before I want to take the moment. For the Holy Bing under his hand, "Tuning 'Some fragment.

A Cang is actually killed. ....

Listening to the Detailed description of the Orthodium, the rain and landscape is still a thousand years of cold ice, only the deep blue eyes are deeply emotional,. Docked the stomach of Bazibi. ... is really a not simple guy who is in the end. ....

Rain Galante ... The mysterious guy seems to go to the corpse world. ....

At this time, a destroyed teacher was coming up, and said to Rain Gran Zong Zong: "Do we want to dispatch the star cross knight group together to the corpse sanctions to sanction him ?! '.

No ... no need ....

I saw the rain Galang Hui Huo put his hand, refused the proposal of this destroy, and the quiet handsome face was in the mastery, 'Listen to your description ... that guy does not seem to be the deadness of the Lin.

Our intangible empire has accumulated a millennium for thousands of years without the need to expose

The blue eyes are quietly flowing, and the rain Gran is finally seen in front of the empty space, and then gently turn away.

Moreover, Your Majesty has awakened ... The Holy Barbed is going to start ... we don't have to wear babies in this special period. ...

Seeing Rain Galan, all the destroyed people around the invisible empire were immediately busy.


Who are you? ...

It is gradually dissipated by the destruction of all the intangible imperial countries, and only the two girls and Bangbi love tower are left in a white, and the eyes are complicated. There is thousands of thoughts in the heart.

The corpse world.

The whole body of the corpse is generally composed of two parts.

First, it is located in the center, and is located by the aristocrats and the death of the gods, which is the location of the famous Yanding Thirteen teams and the central forty-six room.

Second, surrounding the entire central traveling spirit, is the soul street living in all the other soul and the soul, which is equivalent to the ordinary urban and slums in the real city.

The edge of the whole corpse is border, often there will be virtual touch, clearing these boundaries is also part of the responsibility of death.

At this time, at this moment.

Among the southern swing streets of the corpse, the original calm void suddenly distorted was forcibly opened a dark space channel.

It should not be wrong. ....

Ear, a slender figure of a dark gorgeous coat coat from this mysterious space through it, and the silver is slowly fluttering in the air, a pair of blue blood red kings Yi Double eyes around .

It should be the body of the corpse ...

The moment is gently falling on the ground, behind the dark space channel suddenly turned completely, as if there is no general, the moment is looking forward to the space behind himself.

Just in the invisible empire, the lake in the midst of the horrible awakening did not escape his perception, and the hearts of the moment can guess each other.

King of Wang Youhabach

Mirror flower water monthly manipulates the blue dye of five-in-law

The powerful zero team is still mysterious.

This world is really sluvible. ....

The brain has quickly accented a strong opponent, and the moment is tightly holding the flow blade in his hand, and the mouth is gently rising. It seems that the blue blood looks like a fascinating flame. The world with a strong opponent is that he is really eager.

So ... here should be the soul of the soul of the corpse ...

Recover all the flying thoughts. The eyes of the moment fall on the streets on both sides of their eyes, depression, break, see it is not waiting for the building 930

It is ... If you want to be the thirteenth team and the death of the death of the gods, the gods are angry ... The light emblem raises, and it is far away from the most central grand buildings. When I blocked, I recognized it when I got it. The center of the soul is a 9th spot.

I have been walking through two or three streets. The pedestrians on the road will gradually get more, watching the body's appearance of the Hei's gracefulness is insertion, all pedestrians on the soul street have bet their eyes to the moment.

It seems that these are the ordinary residents of the soul street:. There is no spiritual response on the body. ...

At the same time as the pedestrians in the street, the moment is also quietly looked quietly, watching their ordinary or tattered clothes and there is no spiritual force, and thinking about thinking.

I found that the momentum of the momentum of the moment is a substantive look and sweeping, and the pedestrians in the street have been consciously lowered by their own head.

Useful to look at the gods and the momentum, there is also a knife in the hand, it is definitely not the ordinary soul of these flu soul streets.

Chapter 14, Synnion, Seeking and Auto)

Dead Magnolia Chapter 14, Synno (seeking rewards and automatic)

Say ...

I found that all the pedestrians who were blinded around the street were secretly peeking with the flow blade in their hands, and the heart was dark. I thought about the fire with the fire and the Touring Thirteen team team leader Yamamoto Liu M If the fire blade of the country is completely different ... this will not have any dispute ...

In fact, the flow blade from the system lottery is not only different, but the swords are as long as two meters, I believe that if not using the beginning of the way to solve K, even if the old man is standing in front of him, it is estimated that it is fully recognized. Not come out.