This is not built by my soul as the prototype ... I haven't experienced the stage of the name of my soul.

When you think of this, the eyes are bright, and I will send out the light of the expectation. That is to say that I have a prototype with my own soul ... I can also awake a truly and my soul.

However, if you want to get a knife, you must become a dead god.

I thought that I was able to get awakened, I'm going to be my soul, I was now starting to act, and the blood red eyes flashed quietly. I want to be a dead god. I have to go to the real spirit. College ... Learn the ghost of death

, Now the strength of the big sword, the strength of the sword, the sword is completely super supercompanite.

Boxing, that is, the white-playing of the gods, thinking that there is still a smile here, and your body is simply the existence of these dead gods, maybe. The moment of the first Fourth Femaily, the full-opening 'instant is also Playing with yourself.

Walking, the moment of death, although his God's reincarnation has a more powerful moment of moving ability. Above,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, body.

The ghosts of the ghosts, the gods of the gods were under and over, and this moment I felt that I had a good job. After all, the strong ghost was a lot worthy of research, and the ghost and the ghost were dead, destroyed Teachers and ingredients have never had forces.

See it. ... It seems that it is necessary to go to the Central Institute for Tour College. ... you can also take the opportunity to learn about the present age and situation ... ':

After the heart is shattered, the moment is a flash of olville, and the right hand of the right hand is open, and it is a sharp gravitation.

Ah Ming Dynasty. ...

I saw a pedestrian on the street on the street of the roadside, and the body could not help but fly into the moment, and I was caught in my hand.

Don't worry ... I didn't hurt your wins. ...

It is contributed to the passers-by the whole person in his hand, and the moment is calm and looked at him. Tell me ... Where is the location of the Central Institute.

The College of Fine College?!

I heard the question of the moment

Just ...

The battle of the busy battle:. On _ there .... Along this road. _ Close to the biggest building of Junling Ting.

f, thank you ...

After getting the answer you want, the moment is released to let go of this poor passerby, and walk towards the direction of the Central Institute.

It took a dozen minutes.

At the moment, I finally came to a big magnificent architectural school, and the gates of the gate of the Gate wrote a striking 'Zhenyang Institute, and it appeared that there was thousands.

The Central Legend, the corpse of the city, the spirit of the gods, specialized in the place of death, and the church of the ghosts of these skills. Only by the exam here can be a real dead. In nature, there are substantially similar to Ninja schools in the Naruto World, but they don't tend to be as low as Ninja schools.


Just want to plan to go in, suddenly I suddenly saw a dark and cute girl wearing a dead blessing body, I walked over from the gate of the Central Institute, and suddenly recognized her identity. This girl is .... Peach?!'.

Not good, Yu Xi, a little girl ... ,.

The deep eyes suddenly turned, and an idea immediately turned on the heart. "It seems to borrow you.

Midden Tao, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, is a poor girl who has been played by the five team leader, and is a poor girl.

I should look at the dead and decoration on her body ... It should be already a deputy team of the five teams of the 13th team.

Looking at the dead clothing of the peach in the distance, I immediately distinguished her current identity, my mind turned. But I use her like this ... What is the blue dyeing in the original?


Daddy in the future, change her destiny

Let her not be hurt like it is like the original. ...

After the mind decided, the moment of mutant pitched girls directly in the distance passed.

Soon, under the driving of the heart, the two suddenly collided, and the Synnant tremble was exclaimed, and some of the wings that were hit by the high-tech body of the moment.

At the moment (Li Zhao), he went back to God. Looking up and looked at the Thursday Peach. He saw her death A, and the handsome and innocent face showed a panic look. 'For the two sorry, the death of the gods ... I am not Interest ...

I will not be too bad. I have a little embarrassment in my heart.

No. ... It doesn't matter ... Please be careful ...

The soft sound sounded, and the wicked peach looked at this temperament. The clothes were all different for two years with ordinary flu soul street.

I was stared at a girl, and I was a little ' . .. .. . ........ ... . . ... .... . . . . . . ..

Chapter 15 Central Institute (seeking reward and automatic)

Dead, Chapter 15, Central Institute (seeking rewards and automatic)

No ... no news ...

I was awarded this, and the pure scorpion glanced in the moment. I suddenly became a pretty face. You should not be a resident of the soul street ...

Sure enough ...

In the heart, the heart smiled and smiled. Bai Zhe's face was hard to squeeze out an infinitely embarrassing table, and mixed a trace of distress, "Yes. I want to be a dead god. But I don't know how to register and exam. I don't know if I can go through the assessment to enter the Central Institute. One.

You don't have to be too nervous ... If you can't find the Registration of the Chuo Institute of Traditional Chinese, ...

1 Take a sense of intense mood, and the peaches of Synnen can not help but smile and comfort: 'I take you in the past!

It's a cute little angel.

Seeing the sorrowful peach in front of him, I am sighing in an emblem. I suddenly follow her footsteps immediately. As for the fire, I have already been quietly collected by him ...

Otherwise, he is unknown. It is not a person who has a sinister, but he still wants to be mixed into the Central Institute. I am afraid that I will face the whole corpse in the scene.

The Regal of the College of Fantasy.

Thursday! -717-! "

A double building, the entrance test examiner in the registration point of the Central Institute of Fantasy has seen the arrival of the Thursing Tao, and suddenly stands up.

Don't have to be more ceremonial. ... he is this new person who has come to the College of Learning College ...

The gentle edible chick peach is straightforward to sway the etiquette of the test examiner. Suddenly I think I don't know the name of the moment, and the pure scorpion looks to myself. I don't know you. Name ....

My name ...

After listening to the sophomore, I asked my name, I'm a flash of emblem, laughing:. My name is the moment ... Please advise ...

Killing the industry ... is really a good name. ....

I heard the name of the Bounce, I was a peach emblem, and I immediately showed: "If this time you succeed through spiritual test ... Into the Central Institute", I will be your teacher. ...

My name is Mrsi Pexut ... Please advise

Today is great ... Think of the names of the Synnant Peach, although I have already known the names of the Tawn, but I still put the first time I heard the first time.

Now calling my sister as well as it is!

I heard the moment directly called my sister, and the Synchon's face is a red, and the sound of weakness is:. You are first through the spiritual test successfully entered the Central Institute.

Rest assured, Master! I am, it is, the spiritual test can be difficult !! '

Who knows that the title of the Master of the Thursday of the Master of the Synchma, and the face of Jun Xiu's shackles appeared on the controversy.

Spirituality test

The heart shook his head gently, I was afraid of shaking my spiritual violence and scared you. ....

Ok, let's ... then test it first.

Listening to the moment, a sister, a sister, and the seedlings, a young, and a young face, and a red, and quickly urged the past to conduct spiritual tests.

Come here! 'At this time, the Test Examination examiner reached out to the temple.

This is a spiritual ball ... You can put your hand above:.

When I came to the test examiner, I saw him in the moment, a transparent spiritual ball on the front of the body, a total of six levels, the first level is unprinted, the second level spiritual emblem, the third-level ordinary spirit The force is also the qualified line, the four-level excellent spiritual force.

Six levels? There is no higher level?

Hey ... It's a new person who is high. ...

I heard the moment, I saw the superior level of the sixth level, I saw this test examiner's happy,. The corpse world has been in the past millennium ... Just nowadays the mid-term people in the forefront, the city's silver, Japanese Fright, Winter Lisho, etc. Waren, Mr. Li reached the top of the top six levels. ...,

However, his words have not been finished, and the moment in front of you has put your own hand.

I saw the spirit of the spirit of the flash of the hand, but did not explode my real push, four, five, six, the original transparent spiritual ball bloomed in black light, until It has been finally paused at an unprecedented seventh level.

This way ... can you?

After leaving the spiritual ball in his hand, the moment on the test exam in front of his eyes out of his livestock.

This I article

Dead staring at the spiritual ball thrown from the hands of the moment, the test examiner's eyes are almost played out of the eyes.

how can that be?!

The second level of spiritual power .... Kill q, the old churchy peach, the monsoon, and the gentle little face is full of the table that can't believe it, 'How can the little Little Little The sixth level. ...

During the Shannan Winter Lang, ...

I heard the little Lisho lang in the mouth of the Tawshenthus, and the moment is the top ten team leader of the prominent Journey to the Touring, and the categoric teenager is a rare geniors. The original is secretly in love with the wicked peach, but the profound peach has always loved the blue dye.

Killing the industry.

I saw that I went back to the gods, and I looked at my eyes, and I was really genius. ....


Listening to the sigh of the Synno peach, the handsome face was hard to be squeezed out of his face. Surprise look,. In fact, I have been worried before I will fail.

How can you ... You are really a genius !!.

Synnantian Tao is angry with the moment, while two people are gradually walking towards the deep spirit of the Central Institute, leaving only a shocking test examiner standing in place.

Chapter 16 Successful Success (seeking rewards and automatic)

Dead Money Chapter 16 Successful Success (seeking rewards and automatic)

Three days later.

The Institute of Fantasy, some confusing girls.

The guiding teacher of the Great Bureau of the Institute is directly embarrassed, and there is a big voice of the throat:. Today, come in a new student, come in. ...

All of the dead gods are curious to the door, and the handsome face of the moment is boked to the door. Today he also replaced the ordinary students in the black side, but it is still difficult to cover up the temperament of his crane.

My name is an instant ... I started today, I have a classmate, I have to take care ...

After walking on the podium, the calm open is coming.

It's just that he!!

A few days ago, the spiritual test reached the group of the seventh level !!.

At the moment, I opened up, and I suddenly caused a dramatic turn, I obviously about the three-day spiritual test to reach the unprecedented number 7, which has spread throughout the Central Institute, even in the entire AP spirit. There is also a certain communication.

After all, in the spiritual test, the spiritual talent level exceeded the genius of the spirit of the spirit, the three people, the dead wood, the city, the city, although not necessarily, but they were absolutely no ancient people. .

so hot!!

I feel that I can't come, I've seen it. ...

Why is his eyes so special?!

It's just a foul ... The wind is totally different ...

Not only, in addition to the following men's students paying attention to the talents and strengths of the moment, the following female students apparently pay more attention to the full sufficiency of the moment.

It's like angel sculpture, an impeccable perfect body, noble and shining silver white long hair, and a blush of blood redness is double, even wearing ordinary students' black and clothing, it will not hide the outstanding appearance of this outstanding moment.

Perhaps the natural beauty is difficult to give up, saying that this is the case. ...

I only heard the following female students talked about, and even some excited almost fainted. The traces of madness were in their own heart, and they were more handsome. Which is more handsome. ...

Don't smoke ...

People spiritual talent reach the seventh level ... In the future, it is very likely to be the captain of the death of Ling Ting ....