Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 455 of Hueding Crack System

Sure enough, you are ... blue dye is back ...

In the moment, the left-eyed gods have penetrated all the obstacles in front of them, and the eyes are close to the highland cliffs from the Excellence of the Excellence of the College of the College, the two. Higher figure.

I have nothing wrong with my recommendation ... Blue Dyele. ...

Distance from the highland of the Things to the Central Institute, the cliff stood on the two slender portals, one of the silver Liuhai short hair, wearing a thirteen team leader, the end of the eye Like the wisdom of the fox, I laughed,. In the spiritual test of the previous time, I met an unprecedented

Level 7 ... This is better than my original test results ...

Never never never? ... don't see it ...

Listening to the discourse of the city of the city, then another brown short hair, a pair of black-frame glasses, a pair of brown double-sorrow men, some don't think it is, and his body wear a white dead god leader.

Ah ... I almost forgot.

Seeing the blue staples, the blue staining is not right, this time, the city's silver seems to be suddenly reacted, and the hidden fox face, the hidden concealed hoby hobs can't touch the true idea of ​​his heart. "Blue Dyeleman, you have tested the strength at the time. If you have to test it out ...

It is most likely to break through the so-called seventh level ....

Maybe ... who knows again ...

I saw that the disguise into a old blue dye, the black-frame glasses are full of wisdom and cold eyes, but they are constantly flashing with sharp brothers, 'But this called the newcomers: Qi Qi's spiritual talent Add this sharp sword to be level ~. '.

It really has a very potential ... Find a chance you and Dongxian have to contact him:.

Obviously, the performance of this newcomer is so dazzling, and the strength of this newcomer has also hooked the interest of the blue dye. It is best to pull him. Into my five Five 390 teams ...

This is ... No problem ...

Always keep a misty, the city, the city, the silver nodded, and then seem to think of what, but the blue dyeleman ... that nine ghost lights ...

Silver. ... I still don't understand this truth so long.

I heard the city of the city of the city of the ghosts. When the blue dye is suddenly chapted, there is a little unpleasant, and the garbage is not used .__ Of course you can discard..

Haha ... is really cold, ruthless __. Blue Dyeleman .__. '

Like a loud mouth, a hob fox face, no one knows what is thinking about the heart of the city, silver,. Then let's go back.

and many more!.

At this time, I saw that the blue stain was suddenly opened, reached out, stopped the movement of the city of the city, the black box glasses, the next pair of wisdom, the sorrow, suddenly staring at the Turkish College The exercise field, the face flashed a mistake and joy.

Interesting ... is really interesting!!

Chapter 19 Silent provocation (seeking rewards and automatic)

Death Silk Chapter 19 Silent provocation (seeking rewards and automatic).


Some things that don't understand the blue staining, the right is so abnormal, and the city pellets are strong to look forward to the distance.

I saw the edge of the Virtue Institute of the Central Institute of Tongyu, who had just peeked, and the mysterious double-nest hook stared at the blue dye, the handsome face of the blue dye. Slowness, it seems to be a silent telling something.

The city's silver and silver are looking carefully. I saw the words of the mouthful of the mouth. He is:

Have you played?

I am with you!

He actually found us?!

The city's silver is full of people, a face of the face that is always hanging in a hypocrisy, suddenly solidified, all of which he saw in front of him completely exceeded his imagination.

Of course, it is also exceeded the imagination of blue and lower.

This guy. What is the sacred?!

City Pills Yinnan suddenly glanced at the blue dye of his own side, and he couldn't help but jump. It is definitely not a simple Central Institute for newcomers as simple as simple ~. '.

Interesting ... this is too interesting !!.

I saw that the blue dyeing around the side suddenly laughed.

From a birth, it is a genius of genius. It has always been lonely because no one can compile with himself. This guy is even secretly cultivating the protagonist Kurosaki, and I hope that the Kurosaki is guarded.

Nowadays, I suddenly saw a guy who thought it was a flag in my own chessboard. I suddenly turned into a change, turned into the top player who would play with him, which made him feel unhappy ??.

Silver! You immediately gave me a real identity of this guy!

Didn't go to the Yuanyuan Institute of Tongyao, I saw that the blue staining is directly, and the face is left. The old good people have long been waters, and it is an indifferent trace to the extreme face. .

I want to know everything about this guy! All everything! .R!.

The resulting blue dyeing of the departure is back, the false pseudo-eyed in the city, the city, the fox, also gradually, and the heart seems to re-understand the name of the moment.

What is your identity?

Who will give this change in the future?

The College of Falunology.

I didn't expect blue staining, the guy's hand stretched so deep.

Silent provocative blue dyeing and city pills, the moment will gradually come to the edge of the playground,. In the Central Institute, there is also a piece of chess everywhere ...

However, since you put the injection to my body ...

The blue-blue deep and bloody monsters have flashed a dangerous light, and the handsome shadow face gradually fits a smile. So. ... When you are really looking forward to your face. What kind of expression is ...

Yan Ji you!

Killing the king !!.

At the moment, when I was in a spiritual game that had just been dyed and the blue dyeing, I came to a soft sound.

When I got back, a gentle and cute smile presented in front of her, and she was because I was worried that I was specially rushing to the Tibetan Tao Tao in the Fortress of the Fortress College.

Congratulations, I am.

You don't know that it is in the previous second, I also provoke the most admired blue dyele leader in your mind.

I heard the congratulations in front of you, the heart was dark, but I saw this gentle and cute smile in front of him. I don't know why I suddenly spurt my heart, this mighty, the blue dye is over, the next use, in the future Will be smashed by blue staining a simple sister.

Just rush your simple and kind ...

No matter what else, no matter what you want to hurt you ...

Thinking of that the Thursing Tao specially ran so far, the Central Institute was cheering for himself. He suddenly made a decision in the heart, anyway, he absolutely this ability.

Ok, don't, let us go back. Thursday.

Collect all my thoughts in your heart, the focal length of the eyes gradually returns to the reality in front of you. Looking at the emerald peach in front of him, this pair looked at his pure and big eyes, let him forget the identity of himself now. The next kids reached out and knead the head of the wicked.

Killing the kill ... you ...

Suddenly, I suddenly made the head and kill, and the Synno pego, the whole person was stunned, and the color of a shackles quickly quickly fell to her full face.

... Sorry. ... Thursday, Sister, I ...

Seeing the peach of the smashing in front of him, I'm a flash, I finally reacted that I played now. Meng Xinkou identity, suddenly somewhat awkward.

No ... okay

How can someone make someone else? I only see that she will have some support for her entire man, and suddenly I have been in this relatives, and my heart is blushing. gradually spread.

But the moment ... You now passed the group testing is already a member of the Campaign. ....

While two people walked out of the Central Institute, she said, while the Synno peach gently put out a sister's shelf, and the moment to talk about it, 'Since you have such excellent sword, you will be able to graduate. People's Tour (DeNo Zhao) Ling Ting Tong 13th team: But you can't be proud of your outstanding talent


You have to learn the ability to go to the ghosts. ... Strive for a long time ...

Thomantian seems to be afraid of the moment, it is proud, the head is taught, 'Little Lishi ... um ... is now the captain of the Ten Tour of the A Ling Ting ... He is the fastest speed from the true center The college graduated and became the youngest death captain in history. ... You can't be too late!!

Knowing it was known. ....

I don't think the appearance is so simple and gentle, the peach is taught, it will be so embarrassed, and I am smiling with an ear to enter one ear.

A high and one short figure, in the sunset, the longer one

Chapter 20, a new loose knife (seeking rewards and automatic)

Dead magic chapter 20th new loose knife (seeking rewards and automatic)

Half year is very fast.

On the world, the empty seat is staring.

Today, the whole sky is gloomy, and it is as if it is a result that it is destined to have a distant abstract abstract.


The nine-year-old Kurosaki is protective, with a striking color hair, and the face is very panicked to look at his mother.

You will go! One house !!.

I saw that the whole body package was in the endless white gli, and all the spiritual power of the Queasaki True, all of them were completely deprived of an invisible force in the midst of the shares.

Seeing this original powerful female destroy, the teacher suddenly was unable to fall, and the big virtual virtual base of the eyes were directly swallowed, and the black cavity disappeared directly in front of the empty space. Among them.


I watched my mother swallowed by this inexplicable monster. The nine-yearned Black Siki is on the ground, and the idleness is gradually coma.

999 years.

Wang You, who is destroyed, Wangyou, Habach, launch - 130-

Among the race, and the same tragedy in the same manner at Shosaki and Shi Tian Rain Dragon, at the same time, we will play together in all parts of the world.

The whole sky is covered with a dense white spirit, all the spiritual power follows a kind of mystery law, followed by a special force in a midst of a special place to return to its original place.

King Wangyou, a priest of the whole-minded martial arts, is over 999. It finally retrieved his strength in this day!!

Corpse Soul, the College of Lingyang.

I always feel that there is something to happen. ....

One pair of blood-red branching off of the deep blue pupil God Soul Society looking gloomy sky, as if to feel vaguely between a major event is being staged elsewhere occur, can not help but murmured. Is it my imagination, or say it ... .

Friends, habage. St. St., and finally started?

Forgetting two startup, start .... Otherwise it is not covered. ....

Gently shake your own brain (BGFE) bag, eliminating all the distractions, the eyes of the moment gradually placed on the shallow top of your hands in front of you.

In this half year of time.

The moment has been assigned by the group test to the sword, and it has been deeply simultaneously studying the rules and tie in the ghosts.

With yourself to surpass everything, the ability to control the ability, plus the learning talent of the world and the help of the collapse system, all of the top of the ghost practice, all over the top, and Binding is completely learned and firmly mastered, and the atrial repression is attached.

Completely abandoned, after all, the moment has more powerful gods and Yang.

If the time, if you know that the ordinary death to learn to practice, hundreds of years, there is no need to fully learn the ghosts that are proficient, and the time is completely learned and proficient in just half a year, it is estimated that it will be scared on the spot.

But if you think about it, you can control the realm of the two worlds and your realm of itself, plus your own floating and system assistance, so quickly control the ghosts are also rational.

Of course, in these half years, there is a more important thing that is finally coming.

! The system detects that the host is the neck of the night, the Bible has reached the bottleneck, break the boundary is successful, and the sacred knife of Jiaoi Hosts will increase to a higher level.

At the moment, I am fully cultivating the shallow moment in my hands, I suddenly pushed the sound of the system, and the whole person couldn't help but

The beginning of the knife is done like this?!

Is there any ghost?!

Is the name of the chopper not needed to get the complete recognition of the knife to get it. The real name?!