Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 456 of Hueding Crack System

It has undergone the flash of the flashlight, and the light car is used to complete the new supreme knife, but suddenly heard the system directly, I suddenly listened to the real name of my heart. Still still can't help but discriminate.

this is…

As the system pushed, the moment, I suddenly watched the original ordinary ordinary unmoid shallow play, it has completely changed a look.

The slender cross-shaped slender sword, the gorgeous distinguished hand is entangled, and it is a western fine sword!

Silver shining elongated swords with dark gorgeous cruciflicit handles and handlers, the whole weapon looks like it is not a weapon, but a noble and beautiful art, gorgeous unpaid.

Ok ._ .__. '

I looked at my hands in my hands, I'm still stunned, I'm still stunned. The nest of the Bible ._ This is its name. One

The chopped the knife created by my soul is this:..

Sure enough, the sword is like a woman ...

It is impeccable.

Obviously than the appearance of the chop, the ability is the focus of the moment, and the heart is refreshed. Just don't know how this is the ability of the knife. __. '

In fact, in the moment, the power of the power and various anti-sky, this is the ability to add a lot of money, if the ability of the chicken rib is also innocent, but after all, after all the soul is handed out, it is unable to build a knife. Avoid still have a strong expectation for it.

At the moment you are trying to explore this, the Bible of the Bible is specific.

Suddenly the scene in front of my eyes changed, the whole person came to a black and white mysterious space.

Is it the spiritual space of the chop of the knife...


Is my master: ._. '

, ethereal, demon, no one can use words to describe such a sound.

I saw this black and white spiritual space before you. A woman who is a perfect, natural jade, gradually coming to the beginning of the moment, and there is an illusion that I have derived the blessing IM in front of it.

Chapter 21 Eternal Night Bible (ask for reward and automatic)

Death, Chapter 21, Eternal Night Bible (seeking rewards and automatic).


Is my bad knife

Looking at this perfect gorgeous woman in front of him gradually came to his body, there was no obeys the mysterious space around the black and white, and a pair of blue blood red eyes realized death in front of this perfect woman.

Don't know why ...

At the moment, I suddenly felt that this mysterious perfect woman in front of him is actually very similar to yourself, but I am a male who has masculine. And she is a female, she seems like another heterosexual one in this world ~

Don't I have a woman last?!

I can't help but secretly spit myself in my heart, and then the dark beer is a bite. I am a pure man.

Do you think we are very like ??.

One of the souls is connected, and the mysterious perfect woman in front of him seems to have an idea in the heart of the moment. I saw her shello lightly blusted to vomrain. It is very simple ... because I am you ... I am your 'half-length :

Half body, ?? "

At the moment, I was thinking that I have seen this vocabulary in my mind, but my mysterious perfect woman opened again.

All right….

I saw this mysterious woman in front of you seemed to be a bit urgent. I have no time to explain ... I will get on the bus.

Get a car ?? What ghosts?

The sword eyebrow is proud, some is unclear, so look at the mysterious woman in front of him.

Call for the real name ....

You can give the bible of the Bible of the Bible. ...

I didn't pay attention to the strange table of my face. I saw the spirit space in front of the black and white. This mysterious woman opened a large string of deep and longer as rune spells. The general tone of the three delays in the air.

speak English!!.

Listening to the eye, the mysterious woman who claimed to be his "half-length mysterious woman is a big string of deep recurrence. Suddenly a huge 'and the words appear in the smooth 9 heads of the moment.

I hate that you have such abuse of the classical Chinese, I have made me a chicken skin of a place.

Service ... that is good. Bar. ...

Seeing the moment in front of you can't stand your own half-hanging classical Chinese, the mysterious woman in the spiritual space is somewhat awkward, and the perfect face has emerged. Say me. Really name, you will Ability to get my beginning ....

It's not good to talk about it early.

In the mouth, the mood is complaining, and the moment is said to have a knife. The real name ',; very blue blood red eyes look at her,. Eternal Night Bible. This should be yours. True name Fball !!

I suddenly said the name of the family. ...

The mysterious woman in the spiritual space reached out to cover his mouth, and a face is incredible to look at my eyes in front of him. How do you know it?!

It's hard to tell you. ...

Your. The truth is the system tells me? ...

Looking at this smart girl in front of him, I have been weak in my heart, what is gorgeous, high, indifferent, all her protect the color, and the positive personality is her real attribute. ....

Don't talk nonsense.

Some impatient frowned, and the moment directly grabbed the theme. So ... since I said you. The real name, ... that is, I have been able to get you.

Don't you fight with your own chopped knives ... then accept your own chops ??

This setting you saw. ....

The mysterious woman was stunned, using a look at the eyes of the idiot, and immediately smiled, and all things were out of color. Of course, you don't need it! As long as you call me. Truth, I'm, I am you. One.

Then ...

I look forward to our next time P2 to meet the two, my master ...

I still don't wait until the Boot, the sound of the empty spirits is gradually long, I saw the mysterious perfect woman in front of him, and completely dissipated this black and white reversed spiritual world.

·· "· Ask for flowers ····

It is something.

The moment to observe the scene of his eyes change again, and instantly popped up the spiritual space of the chopped knife back to reality.

It turned out to be awakened.

It seems that all this is the main job of me.

In the moment of exiting the spiritual space, the Jun Xiu flawless face flourished with a hint of olvity, of course this. It is easy to just say that I have solved a knife and the collapsed jade system. Ordinary death is simple, it is difficult to get like.

Next ....

Let me see what you are, what is your sick ... My chopper ...

Recovered all the distresses of your heart, the moment on the moment is completely in your hands, the gorgeous beauty as if it seems like an art of the nest, the mouth is soltered to meditate on the oligo.

It's coming with the disaster of neopes! The Bible of the Night!!

Although the is far more than other sings of the knife, it is like the characters in the animation, and it is still a kind of feeling.

The black and white is shining. With the moment of the moment, the ethnopaus of the nest of the Bible, I saw that the gorgeous cross fine sword in the hands suddenly turned into a black and white light group.

what is this?!.

a book?!.

After seeing your neopes, I was completely stunned, and he saw a book in his hand, a half-half-white mystery mystery book.

. ...

Suddenly, I saw the mysterious book between the black and white in the moment, as if she had spiritual and life, and flipped her own bookpage.

Cheerful surroundings are constantly flying around the moment, and the implications of the book page are faintly about the mysterious deeper text that can be understood.

Chapter 22, apply for a graduation (seeking rewards and automatic)

Death, Chapter 22, apply for graduation (seeking rewards and automatic)

this is…

The mystery of the emotico black and white mysterious book in the neopstation of the Night Bible is around himself, and the moment of the flashlight looks clear about the top of the page, can't help Hui Hui, a pair of blue blood.

That is a master who is only a nest of the Bible, he can understand the text, but not only the ability of the Night Bible, but also records the ability of the Eternal Bible, and even above Recently, many corpse souls have not been circulated or have already lost their ghosts.

Capacity of the extremely powerful knife. ....

i sells the one-sided content recorded above the never night, the whole person is in the face, and the table on the face is amazing, 'If the X-solution is completed ... 89 zero, isn't it a moving stool? ...

This is simply mobile humanoid round!

Although the power and diverse capabilities of the hand in the hands now don't care whether there is more than one squeak, it is understood that after the ability of the Bible of the Night, it is still can't help but laugh.

Hahahaha ... is really interesting. ...

It is difficult to have a collapse system to read the idea in my heart ... so I did it like this to have such a wonderful knife ...

I saw a flash of my handsome face. I only revealed a pair of Zhan Lan Xiaoxue's red monster, shining, no mystery, the mysterious whispering. Since it has already got it too There is no need to play home in the Central Institute ...

It's time ... I entered the A Ling Tong. ....

Three days later.

It is impossible! This is too ridiculous!!

The dean of the Great Bureau of Legend looked at the application on his own office, and some unbelievable looked at the guiding teacher and his side of the guiding teacher and his body.

I will never have a consequence in the history of the corpse !!.

I saw that the Dean of the Central Institute made his own head. The beard on the lips was shaking, and there would be a prector's majesty, and if I didn't remember the mistake ... You just have just Into the College for half a year ...

I have seen your information and your group's record record ... The seven-level spiritual talent also relaxed to defeat the high-year segment of the sword of the Jiu Ghost, the sword of the nine ghosts ...

The Dean of the Institute of Fantasy, I thought I thought, I was seriously staring at my eyes. But I have to graduate from the Central Institute to become a trainee. .__. '.

I suggest you still stay in the Central Institute and consolidate __. '

In the eyes, the old man in front of the eyes is very taking, and the ceremony of this day, he doesn't want to see what the pool of him, and only see his tone to easily look at the moment:. Take you The day M believes that the future entered the 13th team will also get a good seat.

It's really the dean of the compiration, second _

No way can only be sorry __

Seeing that the dean of this Central Institute of Lenghe, the dean of the Central Institute is firmly applied so soon, I will apply for graduation in advance, and the heart is gently sigh. The rotation of the gods of the right eye suddenly came into the eyes.

President adults ._ You don't plan to think about it.

In the moment, using his pounds of spiritual power reminded the temper of God's round, quietly staring at the eyes of the Dean of the College, the whispering said somewhat confused.


After all, it was the dean of the Shengyang Institute of Death, which was a spirit of the death of the dead, and saw the bloody monster that was emitted in the right eye. Suddenly, the heart was shocked to explode, but suddenly, the eyes were confused. The whole person completely caught the pupil hypnotics in the moment, and suddenly the mouthmark was soft. Is it: ~ _

In the instant, you are now being able to take the ghosts. ... It is indeed eligible to apply for a graduation. ...

The Pupi, who was easy to use God's round, and the dean of the Central Institute of Fantasy, took over the graduation application he handed in one hand, and the mouth of the mouth is gently, 'Thank you, the gods. Let's go

What happened just now?!

Seeing that the dean of the two people suddenly changed before and after the change, the instructor after the moment was simply a year, and it didn't have anything happened.

I'm going to study the True Central Institute for such a short time ...

Seeing the moment, the instructor behind him stepped out of the moment, and the young face turned a little worried look. Although I understood your anti-strength ... but so long in advance Time application must participate in the graduation internship assessment of all graduates clear borders ... I really didn't

Question: ._. '

You must know that in the history of the soul of the corpse, there has never been able to graduate from the Institute in such a short period of time in such a short period of time.