Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 457 of Huang Caravan System

Even if it is the whole body of the whole corpse, the famous genius of the gods, the dead, the moon, the dead, the city, the city, and the time to graduate is far more than the moment.

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Looking at the guiding teacher who walked around himself, the moment is a smile, looking for the strength and talent of yourself, the guiding teacher in this class is really trying to do his best, so it will not be too hard to be too hard.

What borders are imaginary. ... What graduation assessment. ... just a child's game ... 'IB is not thinking about it, the flash is like the horizon of the sword.

Speaking ... I came to this world for half a year ...

I have never seen the real virtuality is what is the long. ...

Chapter 23 captain's attention (seeking rewards and automatic)

Death, Chapter 23, Captain (seeking rewards and automatic)

The next day, two Qing Chen, confused.

The team of a team is carrying out a routine meeting.

From the team leader Yama Liu A, he hosted this meeting, all the captains of the 13th team of Zhang Ting, attended the meeting.

In addition to the captain of the Thirteen team of Jingsan, follow the captain's deputy captain, listening to this meeting.

Everyone is coming very early today.

Some words that are not interested in the world, the long hair of the brown emblem is tied to a horses, and the big wakes of a pink flower, and the squad leader Jingle Chunshi looked at the people present in front of him.


If you don't leave, you have interrupted the gentless words of one of your loved ones, and I saw a team leader Yamamoto will will will will will will will will be a crutches. team leader.

Today, I will call all the seats .__. Mainly to discuss a team member added about the 13th team of Yutong. One

The big summons have been summoned all of the 16 people.

Is it to discuss this small thing?

I heard the Yamamoto Yuan Liu A. the country said, the content of the meeting today, in addition to the blue staining and the championship and the mortar East Immortal, there is a face of men's own wood, Sunday everyone I can't help but turn over a white eye.

It is a period of time.

In addition to the event that the captain who happened more than 100 years ago, there was no shortage of the incident and the blue dye incident, and the invisible empire did not float. The virtual ring was also killed by the soul of the corpse. Death suppression, like the long-term peace of the dead water is not exempted to bring a slack.

Duty ... Speaking in _. '

A white long hair, the face of the thirteen team of the face, the face of the twenty-three teams, seems to suddenly record this special day tomorrow,. Tomorrow is a new year's graduation of the new Central Institute. What about it ._

When I heard the words of the float, a pair of squad leader, a pair of blue squaders, a blue-staple squad leader, and suddenly did not have a glimpse of the city.

It is not just what is the purpose, it is to understand the city of blue dye, keep the silver smile, and open a laughter.

Have you heard about the captain of the seat?. Finished, the city's silver also glanced at the captain of each of the venues.

The moment is then .__. '

I heard the name of the silence of the slogan, Junxiu's face is like a thousand years of cold ice, a constant six team leader is gently turned into, some can not understand the city's flux, I have heard ... but it seems to be Halftured half a year. __. Why did the city pills suddenly mention this new home?

Oh ._Fenghoe Captain, you have some unknown _ :..

At this time, I saw a smile on the face of the blue dye, and I took the topic. According to I know. "This name is a child's birthday ._. Yesterday successfully applied for advance graduation two_.'.

If you don't have to be covered ... Ming clearly clear the king of the world's degree of graduation assessment ... will appear in his name.


Just at this time.

The head of the team leader Mountain, Liu A. The crutches in the heavy country is suddenly on the ground, and suddenly his foot is immediately cracking.

It's just a monk!

I saw that all the white mountains, the sun, the heavy country beard, GO, the terrorist gantry that did not experience the flow of flows, as if it seems like a mountain, high, and I have admitted to the school for half a year. ?!

What did he make a good thing to become a calm of death?!

The people who have created the Central Leading Academy of the College were the Shan Ben Li Zhai, and the delegation of the elderly, and the dean of the current Central Institute, the kid, the kid ?! Why? Will approve such a ridiculous thing!!

Spray .__. Apply for graduation in just half a year: ._. '

It seems that this is not so warm enough, and the blue dye is back to the atmosphere to the scene. This can be more than the day of the day, the Dafu captain and the city of the city .... also has the dead wood captain _ ._:


The old-fashioned mountain old man is sinking, and the lips of the white beard are gently, 'I hope that his level has reached the level of graduation! Otherwise, it is also a person who is dead in the border! !

In a strange atmosphere, this routine meeting ended.

I said ... the captain of the dead wood.

After the break, walk in the side of the dead wood, I saw the two team captain and the secretary of the secretary of the secret, the first minute 533 Team Xing Jun, the head of the horses, the smile, the smile,. The graduation test of the Implicit College of the Border You should go to watch it ~ _ ".

The boring farce of arrogant, I don't think there is any need to watch it before watching _. '

I heard the words of the bee, and the twenty-eighth generation of the four major aristocrats of the corpse, the dead wood Bar is like the cold face of the iceberg, revealed an indifferent outside the rejection.

Is it? "I don't think so, I think it is second _. '

The short hair of Qi Helhi, combed the river ancient hair, the petite bee wearing a dead desire to show the neck back, the pretty small face is brighter, the mouth is arrogant, the mouth is aunt A smile of evil spirits. An unprecedented seven-level spiritual talents ._Bahal is more than you and the narain that is also a nasty fox.

Higher level ....

It's really expecting. If he successfully passed the imperative graduation assessment of this clear border. ....

Put him into my two teams or Xing Jun .... It is also a good choice. ...

Chapter 24's Borderless (seeking rewards and automatic)

Dead, Chapter 24, the virtual (seeking reward and automatic)

Next day.

In the morning, the graduation assessment of the Great Central Institute in the early morning was officially launched.

In the army of the grand troops leading to the border of the corpse border, the figure of the head of the head is in this.

Soon ... is the guy. ...

In the population of graduation gifted, some of the high-year students who have taken a few decades and even nearly a hundred years in the Central Institute, and I recognized the moment of appearance of the temperament in their crowd.

Ji Yugui Institute for half a year ... I applied for graduation with us.

Half a year?! It's really not self ... I have to have a limit of the high hand!

I saw some of these seniors who participated in the graduation assessment, looking at the fantastic outstanding moment in the crowd, watching his perfect sideways like sculpture.

It is not necessarily ... I heard that the guy has reached an unprecedented seventh level in the spiritual test of the school. ...

Of course, there are also some kinds of college students who are optimistic about the moment, which makes a completely different,. The higher level of the Germans and the midranges of the Nikko ... I would like to have a simple role. ....

And I heard that he defeated the Jiu Guan Langer that successfully graduated in the first group, and the super sword was smashed .... I saw this high-year-old school student some mysterious opening said.

Hey ... like this empty newcomer. ...

Some people didn't think of it. After all, I had a graduation for a long time. This is not a thing worthy of a good thing for everyone. I hope that he will see the real virtuality. Don't diaper, two ~ don't drag our The hind leg is good two 'uniform.

It can be moved out in the boundary of the corpse border ... The highest level I want to have only those IQ with the wild beasts.

The top-level viewing 0 gas will surround all the people. All of the voirs and the discussion are all in the ear, but they don't think I am, and my current mind is completely in other places.

It seems that Yakkas and Watotod have the existence of the level ... Only have the opportunity to see it later. ....

It is expected that the imaginary assessment of the border of the border is impossible to see the top of the top, and the moment is a bit of interest, but the blue blood red eyes have issued a inexplicable feng.

This boring assessment. ... still let it end in advance ...

The border of the corpse.

And the bustling of the center of the corpse, unlike the soul street situated with countless buildings and the people, the border of the corpse border is almost inch of the grass.

And sometimes, there will be countless months in the Huanes, and the evil soul of the mask wearing a mask is fade.

But obviously, today is the last day of these swims in the boundary of the border of the corpse, when the Graduate School of the College of China has arrived, he suddenly launched a large-scale battle.

The whole of the grass is not a ridiculous border, and these are full of these trainees and the fight of the virtual battle.

The swords of the swords were flashed, and one of the people who saw the death of the gods showed the instant, turned into a vain and flying in front of the virtual movement. Occasionally, there was a burst of ghosts from time to time, and came out of huge Blasting sound.

It's really boring to the extreme.

The luxurious shame in his hand, a sword, a sword, a sword, a sword, and it couldn't help but lame it. He found that this so-called clear border is not interesting than he imagined.

I didn't even see a Killyan ._ really is more boring than I imagined. "_. '

If the progress is developed in this progress, it is estimated that more than ten minutes. All the virtual will be cleared by this to learn to die, after all, these there is no brain's ordinary virtual virtual, which is always unable to fight this gave team cooperation Examination of death.

At this time, it was steep.

Is this .__ ?!

The original is very happy, the blue blood red scorpion suddenly wrapped in the unique vision of the moment, he saw the air of the ridiculous border in front of him, suddenly spread over a piece of breath. Linger.

A fun ... Who will do it??

If there is no mistake in the moment, the bait should be desirable to destroy the ability to be developed by the ruins for the rabbit, but suddenly appeared at the corpse world at this moment, which could not help but attract a strong interest in the moment.


The sky is like a piece of rag, and it is great to tear.

The black cavity was turned on instantly. First, a huge and unparalleled base of Kili broke his head. A huge eyeball after the white mask came to the earth.

That is. ... Kilian?!

At this time, all the trainees around the moment have also been perceived by the absence of the sky, and suddenly a shocked call.

As if it seems to be excited by everyone, I saw the black cavity in the sky, and I was very torn, and the bait in the air was strongly tempting (Nono good), mix hundreds of ordinary virtual virtual, only Seeing a more than a dozen ecstasy came out from it.

What's going on?! How can I suddenly have so many big virtual?!

Seeing the number of vulnerabilities in the black cavity among the sky, there are even more than a dozen base of the base, and all the scenes of the gods in the border of the whole body are blindd. Layer is quite quite.

These ordinary virtual perhaps they can also fight against retreat, but the number is so many kind of Keyan let them all resist the escape!

It is necessary to know that there is more than 100 imaginary and thirsty virtual mutually swallowing 100 virtual causes to swallow their similarity and produce a spiritual pressure, and will have a base of Kili!

Chapter 2, the ghost road of the moment (the collapse system of fire)

Dead Magnolia Chapter 2 5 At the moment of ghosts (the collapse system of the fire).


I saw that the volume of Baki'an directly slammed the trainee of the Central Institute, the same scene was constantly staged in this ridiculous border.

how so?!'

What will false?! Escape! Now that all of us must die here !!.

Seeing a companion around himself, I was unat by more than a dozen large base, and my hand didn't wake up, I couldn't open the skin, all of them couldn't open. All the trainees will die. The mad mourning.

There are even a few graduate students who have just started from starting, and the frustrate urine suddenly flows from their crime.

Breaking one !!

After sang a long-awaited, a graduation caster once emitted a small shock wave, impact on a huge base of Kili, which was not far away.


The end is not any damage to this huge base, but its hatred and ivolution are all attracted to his body, and seeing this graduation institute is to be swallowed by Killy.

Just at this time -273.