Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 458 of Hueding Crack System

Go down ... Let me come ...

Looking at the eyes of this time, this is so weak, and there is no choice of shocking his head, and the whole person will sweep him behind him.

You two,.

The whole person was smashed into the back, and this was to see the gods of the gods, but they wanted their own eyes and saw their unforgettable scenes.

Broken six Thirteen · Thunder !!!.

I saw this huge big virtual base, which is a huge big virtual base, raising his hand, is a violent pound thunder blasting. It is actually singing and discarding directly to release the sixty-third!

Although I used a sing to give up, I will release the ghost, and the power is only one-third of the ghost. However, in the moment of the vast horrible spirit, this pound The thunder blasting of the violent violently has directly killed the huge base of Kili!

Moreover, Yu Wei is not limited, and the moment that sangs to the release of the release of the release of the release of this Kilian, and there will be directly killing a base of the Kiyan in the distance.

: "Singing to abandon the exhibition of the ghosts of the 63th.

Also directly killed two big virtual base ... such a power.

What did I see? !!.

When I saw the moment, I sailed to give up and released such a high ghost, and the power was so huge and kill two big virtual, and all the graduation creatures of the entire ridiculous border were all stunned. .

The little fare of my dementia has been shocked.

At this time, I found that my two big virtual companions were instantly spiked. Suddenly all the ordinary virtual and the FIQ security department surrounded, Zhang opened her sharp claw teeth toward the position of their people in the moment. .

A group of wild wild ... _. '

Almost all ordinary virtual and Kili scientific frenzy in front of you have formed a picture of all the scenes around the gods, and I don't think about my mouth.

Thousands of hands, you can't touch the dimension, you can't reflect the sky shooter, the way of spilling, , " The sky through the sky, the big wheel, the gray turret, the introduction to the distance, ... ...

Among everyone shocked, even the eyes of BGAJ, I saw a series of melodious signs, and the mysterious spell spread in the entire air surrounded by everyone.

Broken ninety one thousand hands !!!

Quickly sang over the 91st number of people in the whole corpse, I saw that there were hundreds of ordinary emotions and more than a dozen big virtual, and raised their hands. Directly played thousands of !

Light, endless destruction light suddenly comes on the ground of this original grass, the ridiculous border .__

Antique road from the border of the corpse of thousands of meters away.

... Demon Captain: ._. '

I saw the two team leader with a pretty little face hanging on a smile, looking at the Six team leader of the galloping to himself, "You don't say it?"

"Leisure ... Go see if you do ... I don't pay attention to the coconuts of the bee, and the mortgage of the dead wood is universally.


At this time, the emblem of the dead wood suddenly wrinkled. He snaned in the air in front of him smelling the different ordinary smells, the original cold format was almost changed. This smell is.

Worse! It is a bait!! Not only him, the other captains next to it have already detected the parent-made plenty of air in front of the air, suddenly the face is mad, "the action is coming! Those Central Institute The students are all dangerous !!.

I saw that all the team captains on the ancient road and the deputy captain were all instantaneous and turned into the original place.

this is…

When all the captains and vice captains rushed to the border, they all widened their eyes, and they were there.

Boom !!!

A series of deafening explosions sounded.

I saw a white long flying dance in front of the wild border, wearing a young man in the hospital, but the body is far more often, and raising his hand release endless destruction of the light, producing a dramatic explosion power directly There are hundreds of ordinary imaginary and more than a dozen big virtual bases in front of them, and they have killed the people. ...

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Dead Money Chapter 26 puts a pass (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 26 puts a pass (ask for reward and automatic)

QUOT; 9 + 1 ghosts were quot ;.

And this power?

Some can't believe in everything in front of my eyes, watching the hundreds of ordinary emotions and more than a dozen big virtual fancy in front of them, and the ghosts have been killed into the gluten flour, and the seven team captain took the village. Under the unexpected head cover, there was a deep and shocking voice.

Such a high-level ghost.?

Such a powerful power.?

It turned out to release it from the gesture of a Central Institute.

Who is the college student?

Some shocks, some are somewhat awkward, and the village has turned around the tall and burly people, and the eyes of the inquiry look at the head of the people next to himself.

Suspension of the industry.?

Standing in the blue dyeing, the monoth peach, the monety, looking at the fierce, unfamiliar, unbearable, unbailed, Huihui Zhang opened his mouth, she found it every time. The performance exceeds her awareness of him.

It is so powerful.?,.

The 90th is so higher, don't say that the vice captain level, even the captain of the 13th team of the entire Tian Hui also can master the number of people.

Is that the moment?

The eyes of the stunned hook stared at the figure of the moment, and the two team captains the sake of the sake of the sorrow, and the sharp tongue I gave a little bit of his lips. No Thinking of it is a foreign country that is more than the ice, the ice, and the outstanding guy:

When I stared at the eyes, this is the year of breeding of Jun Xiu's face and a silver and white noble and long. I raised the hand to release the powerful ghost, and I can't roll over the dark eyes of the lace orientation. I am shocked.

Does the 91th?

What is it interesting?

At all the people who were shocked in the moment were shocked, this time, a calm blue dye, the eyes under the black box glasses flashed a fierce.

There is no sound and the other side of the city, the silver is paid to the eye, and each other has seen the deep hise of the opponent's eyes.

It seems that the casualties of this session have been controlled.

Seeing all of the graduation ghosts, under the moment of powerful ghosts, the casualties were not particularly ignorant, and all the death captains and the deputy captains were released.

So? Just the bait?

At this time, I saw that the minimum genius of the captain of the Thirteen team, the captain of the ten teams, the Dafang Shanno Wumo, glanced at all everyone, the white thorn guess, the next pair of ice green scorpions The color of suspicion is suspicious.

Who is released??

Who is it?

The top-level video is accurate to capture all the death captains and the vice captain at the moment of arrogance. At the moment, some disdain raises their mouths, the blue-blue deep and red monsters are directly glanced in the distance. Blue dye is ignored.

Oh? Is it found? "

The mysterious deep eyes of the moment were like a sharp sword, and the emblem was stabbed his cheek. The blue dye and the right and gentle appearance, the next pair of eyes gradually squatted, and not afraid. Direct Welcome the eyes of the moment.

this is.?

I just had a look at the flash, and the blue staining and the face was observed. I was suddenly condensed.

Between, his sights in front of his eyes have changed their singular changes.

The sky is red jade, and it is black.

He felt that he would like to come to the battlefield of the Blood Sea, the sky is bloody, the earth is black, and the tired white bones are all over the past, and it is a dragon from the Taikoo flood.

All the bodies around it are the snacks after it's meals, they are alone in front of it, and they are once again, until countless silk eating:

What is the spirit space?

Anhui emblem bite the teeth, which was originally able to break out such a spiritual cage with blue dyeing strength, but he suddenly shocked his own full body, and it was embedded in a huge nail, and he killed himself. This is the ridiculous horror spirit world ~.

Ask for flowers ··· ??

I don't know how long it takes.

Blue Dyeleman?!

Blue Dyele Captain? We should go back _ :..

Suddenly many familiar sounds surrounded, he finally gradually recovered his collapses back to reality.

One of the hearts of the heart, I finally broke the blue dyeing of the strange spirit space, I saw the fox face of the city, silver fox, the fox face and the Jiu Dicard team, who had a dark blind face.

Blue dye, the venue is suddenly sweeping, surprised to find that it is not only the people around you and the vice captain around him, even all the trainees of the whole border in front of the world, I don't know when I have already went. Infloor.

The graduation assessment of the Great Central Institute has ended.

I saw that the city's silver seemingly the opening of the city reminded the blue dye in front of the eyes, a stack of hypocrisy, the eyes of the fox face, but revealed the essence of a suspicion, "everyone gone We should also go back to the blue dyeleman,

What happened just now?

I have never seen blue dyeing this.

I just saw the blue dyeing, if I was not worried that this is a blue dyeing and trap, the city's silver is even alone, but I can't help him, but I remembered that the man's horror him was hard to stand.

All people have gone?!

I heard the blue dye, and then I won a shocking look at the eyes of his black box glasses. The gentle and handsome face was completely gloomy.

With his strength, he was placed.

Is it in the moment.?

I remember:

Silver. What is the result of the last time you go to check?

With the powerful strength and mind of blue dye, the whole person quickly returned to the posture of all the pairs of control, and glanced deeply glanced at the city's silver silver. It seems that he has just passed the flash. Killing machine.

Chapter 27 Corps Soul Vibration (ask for reward and automatic)

Dead magazine chapter 27, corpse, vibration (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 27 Dead Soul Vibration (ask for reward and automatic)


Just now didn't shoot:.

Seeing the sharp eyes of blue dyeing in front of you, the city's silver heart is cold, and you are secretly, you will have the impulse of your own heart.

Before do not crack the blue dye, you will not be able to urge it. Otherwise, everything is in the heart, and the city pellet silver heart is secret.

Previously, according to the blue dyeleman, your lottery? I went to investigate the information of the moment. "_. '

Quasi-hidden city pills quickly cover up their hearts, the fox face is full of sinister snakes, and the smile is looking at the blue stains around you. No news related to him? This person It seems like it appends in the heart of the corpse. '.

Can't find anything about him. Five sessions.

The gentle expression on the face has waters, and he is a whispering blue and blue, and the eyes are flashing, and it seems that it has been a very considerable thinking. The opponent one. '

Next day.

At the moment, the results of the Qiqi Testrian test seven levels entered the Central Institute, successfully graduated in half a year, refreshed the previous descendants of the records of the previous mall, silver and the dayglass, and thoroughly sensation. The whole body of the corpse.

This is a very popular news, and even in the ear of the highest judicial organs in the center of the highest judicial organs in the center of the corpse.

For a while, almost all people of the whole person, the eyes of all people, all the people of the moment, everyone expects the strongest college students in the history of the Central Institute to choose to join the 13th team Which team.

Even the major captains of the Thirteen San Fan teams have thrown their own olive branches towards the moment. After all, there is such a natural death, no one will be interested.

The College of Fantasy, the gate.

What is the moment: ._. '

Just succeeded in all things from the Central Institute, I have already graduated from all the eyes of all the gods that are looking forward to the Great Central Institute, but they have been stopped by a small slim figure at the gate. .

How about joining my two teams??