Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 459 of Hueding Crack System

I saw the captain of the two teams blocked. The whole person's delicate figure instantly appeared in front of the moment, and the heroic opened a mouthful of stomach to stop the way.

Or Xing Jun?) You will pick it up.?

The short hair of the broken bangs, the short hair, a pair of dark scorpions, is rarely staring at the moment in front of him, and it seems that he is in detailing his handsome flawless face.

Thank you for your hairy?. Branda.

Detail the bee in front of him, watching her pretty little face, the heart is dark, her belly, she is not a silky side, but the handsome face is not a puree, but not a laugh: I have been planning in my heart.?

No more thinking about it.?

Obviously, the strength of this strength is very strong, and the newcomer that is impeccable, and the broken trick seems to have some unsatisfactory to continue to lobby.

Really don't you consider? Thank you for your good MR broken bee captain?

The purpose of the moment is to enter the high-rise of A Spirit in the fastest speed, contacting the mysterious mysterious mysterious mystery of the whole corpse, in fact, there is no interest in joining the thirteen teams in joining the jewel.

Let's talk about it next time ?? My friend came over.

The exacerbated opening of the excitement happened to the flies in front of him, and the deep eyes of the moment were gently turned. He fell to the distance to waving the Thursday of him, and he took the foot from the broken bee.

Slow! Wait a minute!!

Seeing the moment, the broken bee eyes were cold, and I immediately put out the moment to stop the moment and stopped it again. Unfortunately, I didn't think about it.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

However, when the figure of the bee appeared again, she was stunned, and she didn't have an instant figure in front of her.

When she went back to look, the figure of the moment has spanned the long distance, as if it is a real transient, the peach, which is in the distance.

This is also.? Instantly?!

The bee can't believe in your own eyes.

I have been. I'm afraid of her sister '. She is the same as the first team of Unable to capture.

This guy.?

Really just a posture that just graduated.

You are really too powerful !! '

At this time, the wicked peach in the distance has gone out of the figure of the two people, and the Western Peach is both excited and worship.


Some funny looks at my own, I'm going to walk almost can't stop the egg peach, and I am thinking that she is excited and worship. She is much more cute than the image among the original.


A pair of looks of the big eyes and hate and staring in the two people, the two people who smiled and smiled. The lake in the proud attributes took the feet, the seemingly slender calf The explosive force contains directly crushed the ground.

Killing the industry is? In addition to the 'that person'. Also, no one dares to ignore me.

Braneta 3.4?

At this time, the black shadow flashed, it is the member of the secret team she led, and she is only a college student who has just graduated? You don't seem to be like this?

shut up?

I haven't waited for my hand, and the bee will be wuh. I can show the break of ninety-eleventh.? What is the faster movement of my transient?

This guy is not as simple as you think?

The dark scorpion is deeply staring at the direction of the moment and the elderly Tao, 'There is always one? He will fall into my hand?

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Chapter 28, Tunnean, Winter Lad (seeking rewards and automatic)

Dead, Chapter 28, Supan Valley, Winter Lad (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 28 Day Valley Winter Lang (seeking rewards and automatic).

You actually graduated from the Central Institute for half a year .__. '

Walking on ancient ancient ancient Touring a long-lasting, the Thursday is still like the birds, and the pure big eyes are constantly keeping the stars look up at the moment.

This is simply ._Taji is more powerful than Xiao Shiro

This kind of worship admires the second _

I didn't expect to move from the blue dyed to my body .__

Feeling the worship of the abstinement of the faminger and looking up, the heart is silent in the heart.

The two have said that there is a laugh and continue to travel on the road to the corpse, the footsteps in the moment, but the footsteps of the moment are awkward, and the Tomssen peach is intiminated.

Come out!

I have already seen you!

The calm stopped, the blue blood red eyes looked at an old big tree before his eyes, in front of his left eye, no one can hide his trail.

As a result of graduating from the Central Institute, I have just learned from the Central Institute.

As the moment is calm, it is a bit stable but the child is sound, and the white figure gradually flashes from the ancient uncle in front of the moment and the esson.

It can be found that the track of the Thirteen team leader of the A Ling Ting Tingyan is .__. '.

Sure enough, what is ordinary death? What is your identity ??.

After the appearance of his own body, I saw a white spurs in front of her eyes, but the body was short but wearing a deceased and white captain, and a pair of ice green eyes stared at the moment in front of the moment.

And yesterday's bait? Is it what you put??

Day Google Winter Lang ?!

Seeing the way to track yourself and the Mostentian peach is now in the figure, and I'm proud of my brow. At a glance, I recognized this white hair.

Little Lishiro ?!

How can you be you ?! "

When I saw the appearance of people, I was shouting when I was ambiguous, and I didn't expect to track myself and the moment, it was a small partner from Xiao Jizhu Ma.

Urine, peach! Go away from him !!.

I saw my own guard and secretly loved, I have a laugh, and there is a dazzling in the winter, and the gods are in a hurry, and the opening is low, and this guy is very problematic!!

What are you talking about, Xiao Shiro?! Heart is our brother!

Although it is a small partner of Yimei Horse, I saw the Tulu Valley Winter Lang actually didn't doubt it in the moment, and Mri Pexos was still unhappy to dump his mouth.

Yesterday's bait can be him?! Obviously he protects so many graduation students !! "

So how kerst intuition and insight.?

Actually doubt it on my body?

I watched a little appreciation of my eyes, and the gods of the whole corpse were got well.

Although yesterday's bait is released, it is difficult to release it, but it is no wonder that the original Zhongzhun Winter Lang can mind M secret discovery of blue-dyed conspiracy and spider silk.

Don't be silly 7! The urine isas !!.

Seeing the eggs in front of the eyes, it is still a new moment, and there is a good time, and the winter Shirton is anxious, and the level of spiritual talents have seven-level spiritual talents.? Half year People? How can such a guy may have no names in the corpse?!

Moreover, I have been investigated?

The ice-green eyes stared at the moment in front of the eyes, and the Summon and the Sakura, I saw the day of the Facultane Winter Silang.

There is no such person in the total 320 districts of the Slim Street !!

The soul street will have soul birth every day.

Actually, I have already started investigating my identity. It is really a small ghost. I am gently sigh in my heart, but the handsome face is still explained.

So many people inside ?? You can't always be a good one.

These explanations?

Obviously, I have already begun to completely suspect that I'm doing the Identity of the Identity I don't believe in the moment, and the whole people are stretched into an extreme.

Or wait for you to catch you? Let's go to the center of the 46th room !!.


The voice of the Tongshi Lang Lang almost stayed in place, and only his whole person has instantly disappeared.

Little Try Lang! Don't !!.

Seeing the Sutra Valley Winter Lang suddenly shot, the Synchon of the moment was shocked when he was picked up.

As a vice captain of the A Spirit KT, she is of course very clear, and the captain of the Ten team represents any concept. It is definitely not a moment that has just graduated. The death of death can be resistant to 947.


Seeing the dayglass of the Tulu Winter Shir, the instant instant disappeared in front of his eyes, and the bottom of the right eye, the blood of the golden monster, and the black hooked the jade, and the tone in the mouth was unfamed.

It is worthy of being a rare genius that is rare to see in a hundred years of gods.

Bunch of hand! Heart !!.

At the same time, at the same time, while the Macquard of the Supreme Facial Valley, there was a moment of icy in the moment, and the blasting of the money was specially avoided in the moment!

Is it?.

I think you still look at you yourself? Love the mature little ghost?

In the nervous eyes of the Tomson, it is necessary to be born in front of the day, the day of the day, the rumor, the earth, but there is still no change, but some degraded itself. The mouth.


In the hands of the ice round, the Skille Winter Pill is suddenly shocked, because he found that the long sword in his hand can no longer hand out half a minute!

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Chapter 29 Ghost Road Coat (ask for reward and automatic)

Just on this ancient Tong Tong, the highest in the center of the corpse, the Synno peach was surprised to hold his mouth.

I saw the front of the moment, the six-way light is not more dazzling, as if I can't escape the jail of the birth, the dead root into the body of the Tongfang Lishi, completely blocked him all the whole body Action.

this is._:.

It is unbearable to look at the six-way eyeliner who has bloomed in the air, and the action of the daffitarity of the day.

The sixty-one six sticks of the tits.

It seems that the opening of the idea in the day of the day, the souvenir winter lion, the clouds and light moment, calm and whisper, said this ghostatic name.

Singing to abandon the exhibition of the 110th.

At this moment, the Synchon of the moment is already surprised to Zhangcheng 'A type, and the power has also reached the level of the captain's action ._:

Can be evil: This is possible .__. '

Some unbelievable look at the moment in front of you, and the Supreme Facial Tongshi is biting attempting to break away from the high-end prostitutes of the body.