Naruto's Jade Crash System

Nangui Crack System Chapter 460

Thursing ... I said this guy is absolutely problem ... You hurry away!!

, in Lion, one 'moment. "_.'

Some people look at the moment in front of them and the daygurous winter boiler, and the monks pego all people in the original place.

It is obvious that she can't be a stupid when the vice captain of the Yutong Thirteen team.

It can be graduated from the Senior High School of the Institute for half a year. Yesterday, the high-grade of the high-grade of the 91st No.9 is now, and now I will show the sixty-one tornado seal the action of a dead captain, no matter how to see There is too much to explain too much in front of the moment.

Only the feelings built between the half-year and in the moment, let her have a doubt that she is in a hidden child, which is caused by her natural and simple personality.

The blue dye in the original actions is like this, the moment at this moment is like it.

Damn: '"

Seeing the eggs of the peach next to the moment, the six sticks of the whole body were blocked by the six sticks in the sun, and the body was in a hurry, and there was a powerful and unparalleled spiritual pressure.

Never let him hurt the Thursday !!

Added on the frost, ice tall fading!!!

I saw the ice pulley, the ice pulley, the ice pulley, the gentleman, the sudden faint spokes, the moment, and the Synno Petron felt that the temperature in the air was rapidly reduced to a freezing point.

The most shocked thing is that the empty space in the corpse begins to gradually fall into the snowflakes.

It is the most powerful ability of the ice vermiculum pill from it. It is said that everything in the empty space is given.

This is the strongest chip knife ball with ice and snow ...

Looking at the Japanese Faculty Winter Lang, the eyes of the day, the eyes of the moment, fell to the tail of the knife in his hand, and the tail of the iron tail had a ice dragon tail, and some disdainted his own mouth.

But if you think that you can deal with me just use, it is so ridiculous. ....

Binding seventy-five · five pillars !!!

The sound of the moment, I saw him sing again, and broke out the sharpness of the majestic horrible in her body, showing a higher-level ghost!

Boom !!!

The deafening roar sounds.

I saw that the moment of singing and gotting the ghost, suddenly had five huge iron columns in the sky, and the head and the limbs of the Tongshi Lang in the life of the day.

Another high-rise?!

The Japanese Valley Winter Lang in the beginning of the state is almost eyeballs. It was originally going to break the sixth sticks, and the whole person suddenly was fixed in the original place.

, in Lang !!.

When I saw the Japanese Google, I was once again burned, I was once again suppressed, I was in the original place, and I suddenly surveyed the sound of the peach.

Can be evil ... I am the captain of the Ten team ...

It seems that the eyes of the Synchon's peach are stabbed, and I only see the spiritual pressure on the Supreme Facial Valley Winter Lang in the beginning of the state.

How can I fall here? !!.


I was stimulated by my eyes and the peach peach, I saw the spiritual traces of the Supreme Facultane Winter Lang, who directly struggled to all the bunches of all ghosts. The whole person completely entered him that is not very mature. Strict formation.

A huge frost dragon suddenly appeared, and a pair of ice is surrounded behind the Japanese Facial Valley Winshi, the lotus formed by the twelve ice cubes floated behind him.

All the air around it seems to be frozen, the ice and snow is the strongest sickle to bring the cold in the world to the cold in the world.

9 o'clock, I didn't see it wrong. ....

Because the age is too small ... Your understanding should not be mature.

Ignore the huge ice cream of the circle in front of my eyes, and I stood a pair of blue blood red stares stared at the twelve of the 12th tablets that were deep (Wang Wang Zhao), which was deeply fucked behind the day.

It's ok…

After entering the form of ice mesen, I saw the tone of the top day of the top day, the talents were as if cooled down, and a pair of ice green scorpions stared at the moment in front of the moment.

I will solve you before the twelve ice crystals. ....

Seeing that you should have finished explanation in your hand.

The huge frost dragon is quietly circled. The double-knit double-knit double-tone will bring the Japanese Facial Valley Winter Lang to the half space, and the cold eyes gradually fall into the hands of the luxurious nightclub in the hands of the Bible.

9 don't plan to use it ... then you are ready to fall here !! '

Chapter 30 is the strongest in the ice? (Ask for reward and automatic)

"If you just deal with a person who doesn't twist your mature little ghost ..."

I heard the next day, Go Dongshiro said in the twelve ice crystals after him, and the moment is not angry. The power is just a naughty devil in front of him.

"I think it should not be used to use the level of the knife. Ba ..."

Dragon is!!

I usually hate someone to treat him as a small ghost, and then I can't endure the words of the moment, and directly exploit the cold and pond of the whole body ice air after I understand.

I saw a lot of ice cubes in the air in the air around the day, formed a huge cross-shaped ice, and the ice tall ball in the hand was standing in the body.

With the huge cross-shaped ice of the huge body around him, the Tongshi Lang whole people crushed the surrounding air in the air, directly to the moment of the feet.

No ... still can't. ...

In the eyes of the Tomssen peach, facing the huge cross-shaped ice of the East Lisho, in front of the emperor, and the brakes 620- that shook his head.

After all, because of the restrictions of the body, the Tonggu Dongshiro during this period is not able to show the complete understanding, this level of strength is indeed unable to make it out of the moment.

If this is the strongest problem with so-called ice and snow

In the sigh, I saw a layer of Kangzheng's light in the flash of the blue blood red. So today, let's go !! "

Blood color is extremely cold!!!

In the Japanese Facial Valley, the Winter Lang suddenly widened in the green scorpion.

It is like the midst of the red lotus hell to the world.

A shake beyond the absolute zero to the cold frost, spread from the whole body of the moment, driven by the temperature of this horror extremely cold freezing.

It has been in the cold to completely feel that the body is cold, and the Synchronous Nationality has an illusion. They feel that the time between the time and space around himself seems to slow down.