Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 461 of the Crash System

I saw it gently under the feet. In this time, the whole person slowed down (BGAB), the whole person gently jumped into the front of the Dansan Valley Dongshiro.

: ._

Endless freeze-breaking sounds.

With the closeness of the moment, the Tonggang Lishi suddenly looked at the ice of the fear of the fence, and was frozen by the piece of frozen and finally completely disintegrated.

The ultra-red roller flyer made of ice-made ice is frozen.!

A completely unimaginable thought, sponsors all over the mind of the day Goog Dongshiro, the cold and stubborn faces seem to be freeze.


Dansong Valley Dongshiro instantly feels his neck emblem. I saw a hand with a hand and gently rushing his neck and fell to the ground.

The little ghost did not kill himself, so it was not intended to kill him, so it was not going to kill him.

The power of the blood color is very cold, does not show it to the ultimate, and the endless horror frozen is gradually dissipated.

When Synnen seized, he felt that his breathing was smooth, and the time the time of time and space surrounded was also as if it recovered.

However, the Tongdong Shiro, who saw him, has been held in the middle of the neck, and the Synchon could not help but shouted out,.! Don't !! '.

Rest assured! I didn't plan to kill him !!.

The top-level eye-catching, he heard the idea of ​​the Synchon, and didn't wait for her to open it.

Obvious ... How can this world be more than the ice-made ice-based ice capabilities. ....

I was tightly hitting the throat, a cold and faceless two-purple daygur voted, and the green scorpion filld the appearance.

It is never possible to break the bracelet as the stomach as if refined steel cast.

Danshe Valley Dongshiro finally couldn't help but suffocate, and the money in the hands of Qian Li was directly stabbed toward the body.

Ice spirit !!!

The rice balls of the Tonglun Dongshi Lang have just thorns, the prophet's ineffective inexhaustible force explosives.

In the sight of the Synno peach, I saw that the whole people were frozen, and the whole person was frozen in a huge ice.

As a sculpture is usually frozen, it is covered with crystal clear glass, and it is shocked, including his ice-green scorpion, and it is frozen in an ice.

Adults, children don't intervene ...

After the sun, Dongshi Lang, the whole person is frozen in the ice, and the whole criterion is standing in the same place, and the work created by himself. The mouth of the moment is hanging on the mouth.

"You will give me a good reflection here ... Old Futang Captain ..."

" ... you ..."

Looking at the moment of the eviction of the evil, the Mostenon's peach found that he did not know this breeding in front of him, even if she was in simple wood, it has also reacted.

Can 16 so much attention to defeating a team leader, his true identity may be as simple as a dead god, even if he beat the dead captain is the youngest day in the 13th of the Yutong 13 Tanggu Dongshiro.

Don't worry ... He won't have a danger of life ...

I was found that there was a complicated mind in the hearts of Synchon, and I was sigh in my heart.

Thursday Sister ... Some things ... I will give you an explanation after I will have a chance.

After that, I didn't look at her again. I didn't go back to the direction of the important magnificent Jun Ling in front of the eye.


Who is you. ...

What is the purpose of entering the Touring Tong. ...

Looked at the day of the day, I was completely frozen in a huge ice, and the mood of the peach, the mood of the peach, can't calm down.

Chapter 31 Manchester City Wind and rain (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Who is fighting two.

Just in the moment of the Japanese Facultane Winter Shiren in the moment, the strong spiritual pressure leading to the ancient road of the Touring Tour, attracted all the lying lying.

"It's snowing ... this is ..."

Looking at the snow in the front of the sky, I suddenly became a lot of death, "This is the understanding of the Dafu captain ..." What happened ... "

"It actually requires captain to dispatch the level of understanding"

It is recognized that this is the effect of the day the day, the winter, the gerbera pill, and the face of all people, "Is it difficult to have an enemy into the corpse? ... fast !!"

One time between.

In addition to the team members of the Tentuncation, even the captains of the other of the three teams of the Tongutong were also alarmed, and they were bluntly plundered into the direction of the farther in the distance.

This ... What happened here?!

When the team members of the Ten teams rushed to the scene, they looked at the crocink of the scene, and the whole person was frozen in front of the daffitarity of the Japanese Valley Winter Lang in a huge transparent ice. Living.

Dafu captain ?! "

I saw that my captain was frozen in a huge ice, this seems to be a sexy girl wearing a black dead golden big breasts.

She is the vice team of the Ten team, Matsumin, a chaos, is the Sanban team leader, silver, silver, silver, silver, is to take advantage of her city, silver, hidden under the blue staining, so long, waiting for her to revenge.


All the team members surrounded by all the teams took out their own war knives, go up and try to open the eyes, the ice frozen, the huge ice of the dayflakes.

As a result, all people desperately discovered that their sickle did not open their huge ice, and they could only look at their captains were frozen in it.

What happened here ?! "

At this time, a few of the empty spaces of the people were flashing. He is the captain of the Eight Fan team Jingle Chunshui, with his own deputy captain, Qixu, and a dead god team.

I rushed to the scene, the appearance of the appearance of the world is still in the actual heart, the uncle, the uncle, the big uncle, the eyes, the eyes glanced behind the scene.

Looking at the Sutrain Winter Lad Lang, who was frozen in front of the ice, and suddenly frozen his own week, 'Have the strongest ice and snow of the corpse, the Skille Captain Duzzle Captain It is actually frozen? Once '.

The vice minister of the Thursing Messen is the eyes of Jingle Chunshui, directly falling next to the Synchon who is still looking at the direction of the moment.

Yes ._ . "_. '