Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 462 of Hueding Crash System

The sound of Jingle Spring Water, and the thoughts of the Synnant peach were finally gradually pulled back to the realistic realistic, and the pure face was full of complicated and struggle, but finally said that the fact that I just happened. .

He has just defeated the Dafu captain ... Go to the direction of A. __. '.


That saw the death god defeated the Dafu captain?!

I heard that I was in the truth, and all the dead gods were all stunned, and I immediately broke out, 'How could this ?!.

No one can accept such a fact, but they see it in front of them, and the day of the Facial Valley Dongshiro is indeed frozen here.

And as the identity of the Qingmei Bamboo Horse and the Vice Crak of the Qingmei Horse and Wu Qi, no one will doubt what the Tawn peach is said.

Good guy two _. '

I heard the fact that the Synno peach around him. At this moment, I can't help but lose the god of Huizhou. The mouth is not banned, 'actually defeated the Facultane.

Everyone listened!!

The Graduate School of the College of Falunology, the graduating institutions of the Great Bureau ... attacked the team leader of the Yutan...

Although the appearance looks extremely small, at this time, Jing Le Chunshui also understood the seriousness of the matter, suddenly faced, deep eyes staring quietly at this point to the center of the corpse Ancient Tong.

· ... seeking flowers ... .......

Everyone immediately dispatched the search of theself!

Preliminary Inference This person has at least the dead team long-term strength once it finds that it is discovered to drag him and immediately inform the captain of the major teams !! '

As the Captain of the Thirteen Crash of the Yutong, the singer of the singer of the singer, Jing Le Chunshi, released the order, and someone in the field immediately followed.

Yes! Jingle captain!!

The voice is falling, and all the thirteenth team of all the gods in the event of all the gods of the thirteenth team are now instantaneous, and countless, the shadow disappears.

The corpse is ...

I haven't happened so much for a long time. ....

After seeing all the dead gods to search, Jingle Chunshui looked up at the 0th Ling Ting of the central grandeur in the center of the center of the corpse, as if it was premonced to be unequal, and it would happen.

A Ling Tong, the Central Forty-six room.

Here is the forty sages and six trial officials that are concentrated in the whole world in the world, and it is the highest jurisdiction of the corpse.

Death will accept the trial of the forty-six rooms in the corpse or the sins committed in the world. If the ruling needs to move force, you will use the secret message channel to get the order to the Yutong thirteen team or other implementation forces.

Any judgment that has been made through the Central Forty-six rooms, even the head of the 13th team of the 13th team of Tianmine is not allowed to make an objection.

Just in the moment of defeating the day of the day of the Tour, the city of Military, almost all the deaths in the whole spiritual spirit are searched in the discharging.

At a hidden, wearing a black body, a moving, a silent, a quiet appearance of the highest jurisdiction of the centers of the centers.


It is the central forty-six room that is exhausted by the blue-stained massacre. ... look at this solemn building, .

Chapter 32 Central Forty-six rooms (seeking rewards and automatic)


Here is the 46th chamber of the center! Leisurers, etc. Not well!!

Seeing the appearance of the appearance in front of you, all the dead gods outside the center of the 46th room were deeply awkward.

Round looks · illusion !!!

But soon, all the dead guards all in the door of the entire central 46th room have recovered the silence.

I saw that the wheel of the right eye is in the eyes of the gods. The murderous spiritual power is directly fascinated by all the people in front of God.

Among the illusion of the moment, everyone has never seen the arrival of the moment, and everything in front of me is as calm.

What happened outside ... so noisy ...

Zhuang. Three three seven. In the conference hall of Yan Xiong, the highest sage and six trial officers in the world's talents were undergoing the same meeting as usual.

I don't know ... The corpse is calm for so long .... What happens?

The highest judge is above, a white old man is open, but it can't see a numbness, decay, stubborn atmosphere.

Recently, I heard that the College of Chang Central Institute had a special hospital student in the college and successfully passed the graduation ...

At this time, the highest trial seat, in the 40 sages, a line will be opened on the old man of the wood.

How can this happen to be allowed by graduate?

Sewage is another sage, obviously does not look at the current system of the Soul Soul Central Institute,. Oh. It seems that the system of the Central Institute has also been a big problem. It's time to carry The reform is. One

Just at this time.

It is a pleasure.

My deeds have passed to the ear of the sage and the judge.

A strange voice has a little abrupt appeared in the Central Forty-six room conference hall, which is different from the old voice here, which is young and void.

who are you?!

What is the guard ?! How can I put you in?! '

Seeing the door of the conference hall, a strange figure gradually slowed down toward them, and after seeing the death of the tranquakes wearing in the moment, several sages and trial officials suddenly sonned.

See the death of death? Here is the highest conference hall of the corpse! Go out!!

Really unfriend ...

As if he didn't hear his eyes, the decadent aging guy's scorpion, and there were some disdain and some mercy. Before the eyes, this helped the rushed nobles who were killed in the original.

I am here today. ... mainly in order to let you help me with a place of appointment. ... ,.

Hui Hui raised his slim amount, and the blue blood of the Blue Blood Red is highly overlooking all the sages and judges in front of the eyes. If I have not remembering the wrong thing ... because of the one happened in one hundred years ago ... corpse The ghost was suffered from the ghosts of the public, and the vice ghost was long and the Zhaoya is all kinds of rebellion ...

Now the ghost is a long position should still be vacant ... so I hope that you can appoint me for the new ghost !!.

After opening the door, I saw the goal of myself, and I suddenly died in the 46th chamber.

What are you talking?! Don't give me it!?