Naruto's Jade Crash System

Take the Crack System Chapter 463

How can we wear it with such a ridiculous thing! You are just a district, a disappearance of death ...

I don't have an instance of my fracture, I have an exit, and all the sages and judges in front of the eyes are immediately blowing the husband, as if I hear the world's ridiculous condition.

It's ok…

Seeing that a group of people in front of the group and the trial officer was so fierce, and the moment did not laugh at it, and the corner of the mouth gynin rolled.

I will be tareered with you soon.

What?! Guard ?! Come on !!.

There is an angry and sorrow, and suddenly all the sages and the judges in the 46th room of the Central Central are gradually quiet.

Among the eyes of all of them wide, they will gradually emerges as a blood red corrugated and black hook jade. Everyone is completely trapped in an instant. The hypnosis is controlled by the hypnotics.

There is no thing in the world to have a long time.

Sure enough, the body of the corpse has also been decayed and degraded. "_. The right is completely controlled in the old things in such a helie, the old, the hands of the chicken _ two

A full hypnosis controlled all the sages and judges of the Central Forty-six rooms, and the appearance of the handsome and wow. If I am the blue dye in the original, I will also Will all slaughter these rotted horses ~ _. '

But the spin is suddenly laughing again, but it is because of this ... I have the machine that is not a two _. '

Almost all the dead gods outside the swimming court are searched.

The corpse is the world, and you will be in the spirit.

A technical development team in the Thirteen teams in the Yanding Third team has some similar teams.

In the door, you can practice the ghosts from 1.8 everywhere, and sometimes there will be one or two powerful breaks or prostitutes from time to time.

Here is the team of the ghosts in the corpse, the ghost is the midst of the ghosts, which specializes in using the ghost homework, specializing in the task of opening the communication, opening up, and sealing the battle.

The organization is strict, the division of labor is clear, and the skill is diverse.

Who is it? Someone is immersed in our junior!!

Today, the ghost of the corpse is clearly welcomed a special guest. I just entered the ghost people's team of ghosts, and suddenly, I suddenly caused everyone. Ivful.

Chapter 33 Ghosts (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Here is ...".

"The corpse conviction confuses the leadership of the spirit" ... "

A completely strange and deep figure suddenly resounded through the whole ghosts.

I saw a young man wearing a dark gorgeous coat coat from the gate, gradually moved from the gate, and the silver-white long hair was slightly sprinkled in the air. Powerful to a bit of suffocation.

who are you?!

Here is the team of swingling ghosts! Go out !!.

I saw a strange youth to break their ghosts, and I entered their ghost's team, and all the ghosts in the whole team were surrounded.

Why do people encounter today? '

One is so unfriendly ._ ". '

The blue blood red scorpion stared at the top of the top of the ghosts who stopped their way, and the hands were standing, and the back of the back is in the back of the world.

I am a prosperous ghost all the public.

At this time, it seems that he didn't feel the powerful momentum in the moment. He walked out of a brunette man in a full-colored middle-aged man, and his eyes were staring at the eyes. This is a random guest.

Who are you? Why do you want to be a ghost?

The current deputy ghost is long??

Looking at the middle-aged man who appeared in front of his eyes, it was a little surprised to raise his own brows, and the heart was secretly thinking. '.

The original ghost was long and the Lling Tiezhai and the vice ghost have a Xi Zhaoba. The junction is now in the world. One member in the army is .__. '.

I didn't expect to be in this hundred years ._a Ling Ting also appointed a deputy ghost: ._. '

The blue blood red eyes are finely looked at the middle-aged middle-aged man of the body. The left eye of the left eye is going to see the spirit of his body, and the team leader of the thirteen teams is different.

It turned out to be the upper aristocracy of the four major aristocrats of the corpse world .... _. '

At the glance, I recognized the identity of this middle-aged man in front of him. I didn't smile. The sharp eyes glanced at hundreds of ghosts in the scene. I didn't say my own hidden.

My name is the moment. "" The command of the central 46th room came to the ghosts to serve as the ghost. .__. '.

This is my appointment. One. '

On the other hand, I also put a book from my own clothes from my own clothes, presented in front of all everyone.

Of course, this appointment is used in the moment. Unconventional means. "

Central 46 rooms in the book?!

The ghost is long?! How is this possible?!

Why didn't we receive such a notice at all?!

I heard the amazing words spit out in the mouth, I saw the 246th room of the Central 46 room presenting in his hand, and hundreds of ghosts were all boiled.

What is lie?! You are definitely fake this appointment?!

At this time, in the ghosts in front of the eyes, a ghost jumped out to question the authenticity of the book in the hands of the moment.

The former ghosts and the vice ghosts have been in the rising iron, and there is a full vacation for more than 100 years since the Xi Lingti and the Zhaoba. Ghost's hearts.

For the unfamiliar moment in front of you. The behavior of airborne, all the ghosts will naturally show the emotions of the contradiction and exclusion.

Ha ha._:.

In the face of everyone's question, the clouds are light and smile, gently Yang, the appointment of the appointment in his hand, the highest judicial organs of the corpse, the appointment of the 46th room of the central 46th room .... Do you dare to question???


Deadly staring at the appointment in the hands of the moment, everyone is in a moment.

Although there is no one in the private city, no one will be a centered old room, but it is undeniable that this is the intention of the old guy is still the center of the whole corpse. Even if the thirteenth team of the Yutan cannot An objection to their orders.

What is it ?__. '