Naruto's Jade Crash System

Target Crack System Chapter 464

At this time, Xixia Road, who was originally silent, suddenly stopped in front of the moment, and the eyes of the Jingshi were dead staring at the moment in front of him. I have heard of your name two _. '.

Unprecedented seven-level spiritual talents. Just graduated from the Great Bureau of Legusics:.

It is indeed a dedicated genius ._ but young people.

It seems that there are several deeds after the moment, the story after the moment of the corpse is, and I saw this strength than the vice ghost of the 13th team of the Zhang Hua, the Dao Zhi Road, the mud 903 eyes, deep and unparalleled.

You have just graduated from the Central Institute for graduation, and I want to come to the ghosts to serve as a gifted position .__. '.

Is the ambition?

A sharp speech was tied to fight, and the power of the midstate forty-six room in the moment was minimized. If you have to say that the vice ghost Changxia Road, Wuzhou is a powerful figure.

For more than a decade of deputy ghosts, if you don't have any interest, you will use his strength, soon, the ghosts in the future.

The result suddenly ran out such a first-graduation, the death of the death, the inexplicably held a copy of the 46th room, saying that he should be a ghost, the ghost, how to make Xia Da Road How to tolerate??.

To serve as a big ghost ._ Not only need long experience and accumulation .__. '

It seems that I have been able to eat, I am young, Xia Da Road Wu's face squats out of the coupon, and it is necessary to make strong ghost strength to convince all ghosts ._ :.

Chapter 34 Ghosts (seeking rewards and automatic)

I don't want to talk nonsense. ...

Said so much. ... You don't want to say that my ghost is not enough to serve the public.

The result did not answer the Xixia Road in front of him. The words were finished. He was impatient and gently put on the hand, and the ghost n tricks in front of him will escape his eyes.

I remember ... I have to become the captain of the 13th team of the Yutong ....

One of the ways is to witness the two hundred players. ... With the captain's winning, it will succeed as the captain ...

The sharp eyes glanced at hundreds of ghosts in the scene. Henced to make his own chin, the blue blood red double barely stared at the deputy ghost in front of him.

We are the same ... Directly come to a ghost.

The anti-person is a new ghost ... lost people ... or die or roll !!.

In the mouth, I spit out of the fierce and decided words and resounded through the whole ghost. The atmosphere of the entire scene was suddenly excited to a height of the sword.

Sure enough ...

I saw the moment in front of my words directly put forward the ghosts, and the martial arts that was in the middle of Xia Da Road, secretly smiled, this is the result of his heart.

Kid, this can be the ghost you put forward by yourself ...

I saw that Xia Da Road was deeply smile, and the eyes of the Jingshi were not hidden. The ghosts stared at the hands of the moment were appointed. I hope that you will follow your commitment ... put your hands The appointment is given to me.

Want that the ghosts in my hand have been appointed for a long time ...

I saw the two eyes of Xixia Road in front of you stared at this big ghost, and I expected some play to raise my mouth.

The ghost of the dead gods is hit by the master, I hope you don't let me be too disappointed.


I heard the dialogue between the moment and the vice ghosts were mousse in Wuzhou, and hundreds of ghosts were all sponsored. They gave them two vast air.

Is it alone?

In fact, I don't care all together. ...

It seems that the midst of the general contribution of the Xia Da Road in front of him, and it seems that the fierce atmosphere in front of the eyes is not heavy enough, and once again, the fire is poured on the fire.

Let's go together? Haha!

Sure enough, I heard the words heard in the moment, not only hundreds of ghosts around the eagle, even the Xixia Road, which was deep in front of the city, was also anger.

I have never seen like you don't know the dead boy !!.


With the sudden outbreak of Xixiao's heart, I saw all the squaders of the leaders of the team.

The powerful spread suddenly turned off all the dust around the ground, the air in the air was riot, and the whole body was smashed in the Xia Da Road in the white spirit. The deep eyes of the deep eyes were locked. .

Today, he has decided not to let go of this unknown talented kid ...

Very nice eyes ...

Feeling the violent murderous machine contained in the eyes of Musashi in the eyes of Xia Da Road, but the handsome and innocent face, but the smile of the taste was filled. Since you are a rare ghost being mastered. Then let you let you know what is True ghost!!

It's coming with the disaster of neopes! The Bible of the Night!!

As the moment, I suddenly missed the Chinese Bible, and the radiance of the black and white suddenly flooded the whole ghost.

Among the eyes of everyone, I saw the original luxury shame in the hands of the moment suddenly distorted, turned into a black and white light group.

what is that?!

Is his sickle?!

I saw the unclear nest of the Bible.

Suddenly a half-black half-white Xuanao is like having its own spirituality and life. Turning with his own book pages, surrounded by the moment, there is a flying around the moment. The book page is faint to reveal the above The mysterious deeper text can be understood.

I have never seen this shape of this form ...

Suddenly I saw that I was so distinctive, I'm smashing the brother of Xiangshu Road, Huixiao.

Although I don't know what's the ability to suffer from the sickness of the brakes, I have a constant and heart-fashioned feeling in his heart.

One monarch! The mask of flesh, Vientiane, the wings are flying, the crown of people! The wall of the fire is in the middle of the lotus, waiting for the fire in the fire. ...

Just at the surrounding ghosts, all the ghosts were gottle in the gorgeous blessings of the Bible, and a deep and long sigh spit out in the mouth of Xia Da Road Wu.

Broken 73 · Shuanglian Fire !! "

When the flaming of the fire, the whole ghosts were illuminated, and the violent high-temperature bursts were sprayed from Musashi in Xia Da Road. In order to test the power of the brakes and increase the power of the ghost, he used the singer. The way the ghost is present.

Under the strength of the captain level, the high (Li Nuo) broke out from the hands of the Wusi in the Xia Da Road, and the power of the distraction of other deaths, The two group bursts of violent flames cover the whole space in front of the moment.


There is no exciting roar and ruthlessness, as if it is just a simple greeting after a meal, a senior ghost name is spanked out from the moment.