It seems to respond to the words spit in the mouth, and suddenly a huge transparent defense barrier appears between the two people in Musashun, Xia Da Road.

It is like the people who are in general, all the violent bursts released by Wuwu, and all the violent bursts released in the eyes of Xia Da Road were blocked. This is the transparent defensive barrier isolated on the other side.

Chapter 35's Ability of Eternal Night Bible (seeking rewards and automatic)

Singing to abandon the instant to release the Binding of the 80th.

One-third of the power also completely blocked me to sing the ghosts showing the exhibition of siguring ?! How is this possible?!

It's so good to stand in the same place, and the handsome face is like a smile, and there is a transparent invisible, but the unfair defensive barrier is separated from the eyes. Wu Bin's shocked face.

Not only is him, all ghosts around the scene are all stunned.


Your expression seems to be a bit surprised ...

All the expressions surrounded by all the ghosts around the ghosts in the face were all incident. The mouth of the mouth gradually raised,. Forgot to tell you a clear ... My Cavernant's nest of the Bible is very good. simple.…

It is possible to improve the power of five times the release of the ghosts ... and you can sing all. ....

Can use words to let all enemies in front of you are desperate, this is the unsatisfactory thing that has always been pleasantly pleasantly pleasing to a moment. If you understand ... you can improve the power of ten times the release of the release ... and do not reduce the power while singing all ...

The sound of the moment is not big.

However, the shock content revealed in his words, but it has been in the scene that there are people who are dead.

Such a bad knife. ...

How can there be such a chopper ...

Unbelievable and widened his eyes, only the throat of Musashi in Xia Da Road seems to be caught by the chicken bones, and it is shocked to come.

Perhaps the ability of this Eternal Night Bible can also be accepted by the world, but the ability of the Eternal Night Bible, which is disclosed, is just like a way to shock everyone's mind.

On the basis of the beginning, it is necessary to fully improve the power of ten times the release of the ghost, and sing all the effort will not reduce the power. ...

Then what kind of power will he just release ?! Do you hit the entire swimming court ?! Moreover, this guy's ghost itself is powerful.

Among the whole ghosts, everyone can't find a language to describe such a cutting knife, which is simply tailored to these ghosts.

Unfortunately, the soul of the squad is born together ...

The deep eyes took a touch of incomplete yearning and desire, Xia Da Road, the eyes of Musashi, stared at the eyes of the flying night, and if I could get such a cutter. ....

Collapse your tail and pity ...

I was observed that Xixiao, Musashi, who was very long for greed, and the mouth of the moment gradually gone, "If the defensive ghost is still not very powerful, the power of the Bible is also able to reflect the power of the Night Bible. ...


It seems that the movement of the moment will be made by the moment, and the face of Xia Da Road in front of the eyes, the face is mad, and the strong spiritual pressure is full.

The 91,000 hand of the rules !!.

Although the situation in front of the situation in the situation in the situation of Xia Da Road, there is no time to sing the ghost, but after all, the ghost of the captain is the master, and it actually sings directly to the top-level break of the ninety-first level.

I saw that Xia Da Road, Wuzhou raised his hand, and there were countless powerless blasting lights when the air suddenly bombarded to the moment ((BGDH), and the deputy ghosts were full!

Broken six Thirteen Thunder !!!

Under the strengthening and growth of the Eternal Night Bible, the moment does not need to be burnt to sing the signs. In the face of the ghosts of the top of Musashun, Xia Da Road, the moment is just raised, and it will release the gentle violent Thunder O.

Although singing to abandoning the ghost, only one-third of the power, but under the power of the Eternal Night Bible, the ghost released by the moment was stunned by the power of all people.


I saw the blasting Thunder cannon exhibited in the moment, roaring in the air, giving all people into the vibration loudtling, infinite shining lightning light brightened everyone's eyes.

Deputy ghosts were long. ...

Xeon Road adults. ...

The endless shining violent belief is gradually scattered. All the ghosts have gradually recovered their own visuals, but they have been looking around and their eyes, but they can't find any traces about Wushou, Xia Da Road.

It is difficult to suffer. ...

Vice ghosts were already a terrible speculation that r is in the heart of all ghosts.

Here, he is still dead ...

i sells the guess and ideas in all the people in the hearts. The words spit in the moment have given them hope, and then they will bring them endless despair.

But ... he is really going to die.

At a moment, I have been in the martial arts of Musago Ghost, the Xia Da Road, sang to abandon the blink of blink of blinking, and the madness of the wolf did not escape the eyes.

Broken four white thunder!!!

I saw the blind eye of the left eye to see the eyes of the eyes, and firmly locked the "Xixia Road, which was very distant, desperately escaping.

It is like a cold-killed machinery, and the moment is gently extended his own index finger. A ghost that has a ghost that has a ghost, but suddenly in the hands of the moment, there is a power that transcends all of their people's imagination!

There is between the occasion, almost all the swing people, suddenly raised their head.

I saw a very strong Tongtian Thunder sprayed from the ghosts, as if a thunder's blade of the money was generally rosted throughout the A Ling Ting.

An original powerful spiritual pressure, the sound is falling

Chapter 36 is over (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 36 is over (ask for reward and automatic)

"That is……"

"Ghost ..."

Almost all the dead gods in the spirit of the gods, all raised their own heads, and shocked the Tongtian Thunder collaps in the top of the head.

"There is a captain's level of flying down ..."

In addition, the death of all the death of the Tongling Tin is, which is obviously able to feel the flying pressure of a captain is quickly dissipating.

This means that there is a team-level person died in the battle that I have just broke out.

"It is the direction of the ghosts! Fast !!"

Not only is the death of the dead god of the Shu Na, and even several dead captains are also alarmed.