Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chape 466 Chapter 466

After all, there was a huge movement in the Lingling Ting, and there was a flying drop of the captain, which is already within the rest of their duties.


The ghosts are a team.

"Vice ghost long ..."

"Xeiru Road is actually ... being killed ..."

"A low-level ghost is actually displayed in the power ..."

There were hundreds of ghosts in the scene, all of them widened their eyes, and unbelievable looked at the Tongtian thunder pillars bursned from the bottom index finger in the moment, and directly killed their vice ghosts.


Under the increase in the Bible of the Night Bible, the flash of his horrible spirit is fully committed to the four-way crossing, and the vice ghost is full of Changxia Road.

As if it seems to be like a fireman, it is gently blowing his right hand finger finger fingertips.

The handsome face of the moment is gently smiled, and the profound doubles glanced at all the ghosts in the scene, and the little voice spread throughout the ghosts.

"From today ... I am the chief of the ghosts, the ghosts, ..." Your ghost road is long ... "

At the moment, there was an out of the scene, and there were all ghosts in the scene, and hundreds of ghosts were all inserted.

From the beginning of the midst of the central forty-six rooms held in the hands, the ghosts between Wuzhong, who had just been and the vice ghost, Changxia Road, and the horror ghosts showed that they have been fully in front of them. Established an indestructible image.

Flip-flops ...

At this time, there is a lot of footsteps in the whole ghosts in the ghosts and unsatisfactory power.

"What happened here ?!"

"Why is the junior of the ghosts, is destroyed ?!"

The noisy voice came, I saw that the death of the thirteen of the Yutong thirteen teams came in.

"Heart! It turns out here?!"

When several eyes of the dead suddenly recognized the moment in front of him, the mouth was swallied by hundreds of ghosts.

"See the death of the sacred sacred ... Do you know how serious crimes you have committed ..."

Among the surroundings of countless death gods, a big uncle dressed in pink kimono gradually came out, a pair of faint eyes, staring at the moment in front of them.

In the tone, it seems that it is not easy to notice, after all, there is never seen in the history of the whole corpse, is the captain of the Eight Fan team.

"Attacking the captain of the thirteen teams of the Yutong ... privately invaded the spiritual Tin, now destroying the results of the ghost Tong Tong, enter the ghosts ... hurry to stop !!"


At the moment, I took a smell of play with a shackles of the blue blood red, looking at Jingle Spring Water in front of countless death gods.

"The Jingle Captain of the Eight Funcing is ... The testimony of hundreds of ghosts here is ... I am defeated in the ghosts, and I am defeated the former deputy ghost Road Changxia Road."

"So ... Now I am already the ghost of the ghosts of the neighborhood, the ghost, the ghosts, the new ghost road ...


Wen Yan Yue Chunshui suddenly made his eyes, unbelievable looked at the moment in front of him. "The spiritual pressure of Wuzhou, who has just been giggling, disappears ... Is you killing him ?!"

.......... Seeking flowers .........

"The ghost just who is going through the sky is he released ..."

Not only is Jingle Chunshui, all of the dead gods are all shocked, only the vice captain of the Signature Book Eight Function, Yishen is gently pair of glasses on his nose, and the quiet and bright scorpion flashed. Rapport.

"A newcomer saw that the gods killed the ghosts in the ghosts in the ghosts.!"

Just as everyone has been shocked, immersed in an instant, and the death of the past, killing the amazing facts of Wuzhou, Changxia Road in the ghost, the ghost road.

"There is no problem in ghosts ..."


"But you have previously attacked the Dafu Captain ... Later, I invaded the Yuling Ting and killed the vice ghost ..."

A calm vicissitudes suddenly passed into the ear of all people in the scene, and a large group of powerful deaths rushed to the scene. A whispering whispering but the horrible old man was coming out, and the spirit of Jing is tight. Staring at the moment.

"Waiting for your is 'uninterrupted' Hell and double-prostitute ..."

"Captain !!"

"Yamamoto Captain !!"

Seeing this full body revealing a small man hired a mountain, a stern, an amazing horror, and all the dead gods surrounded, and all the ghosts around the moment.

Not only, followed by the head of the 13th team of the Yutong thirteen team, Liu Wei, the country, rushed to the country, and his side of the bee, the dead wood white, the float of the squadron and the village, etc. team leader.


At the same time, I followed all the people in the ghost Tong, and I also had a wicked peach. I saw her gentle and simple face. At this moment, I was complicated in front of the moment.

Perhaps the newcomer who didn't understand what I have encountered in the world ...

It's just that the appearance is like it ...

(Blue Dyed Fudge Sister ... Blue Dyeing Right ... Haha input method is stupid, unclear, sorry, everyone)

Chapter 37 confrontation (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 37 confrontation (seeking rewards and automatic)

Killing the Xixia Road in the ghost road in the ghost road ...

What is it looking forward to how you will take the next game ...

The blue dyeing of the scene is like a nut-neighbor's big brother, and it is not easy to detect the color of a man who is not easy to detect.

"It seems that everyone is here ..."

After seeing a few of the crops, all the important death of the soul, all the important death of the spiritual court rushed, listened to the words of the old man in front of the old man in the old man, and there was some laugh and laugh.

"Turn me into the 'uninterrupted' hell and punish the penalty ... I think it should not be so serious, the leader of the mountains ..."

On the other hand, the flash of the blue-blue deep blight red monster did not think of all the dead gods in the scene.

"Seven Sixteen" good guys ...