This is regarded as the captain of so many Ling Ting, if you don't have anything ...

I have aware of the attitude of the watch, all the people who have an endless empty, and suddenly all the dead faces have flashed anger.

Only quietly standing on the blue staples on the side of the right side, if there is no smile, if so, if you play, you should die, you have to die, there are so many spirits of the spirits. Let's ...

"Hey ... is a newcomer who is unruly ..."

"Since you can defeat the guy in Musashi, Xia Da Road ... I will be very hurting in your body.!"

The wild and low voice sounded, and only the face of the eleventh team with the black eye mask. The captain of the wood sword eight a pair of wild beasts were dead and stared at the moment.

"This kind of beast is averaged ..."

I feel that I am thinking that I have been staring at the beast that has been walked. It is not intentionally, but I am interested, I hope to the old wood sword around the old man in front of you.

"You should be the sword eight of the generation of the eleven team ?!"

Sword pressure! !

Who knows that the sound of the chop has just fallen, and the more wood sword in front of you has already blasted the sword!

A golden violent sword pressed the spirit of the air and suddenly hit the moment in front of him.

"It's really uncomfortable, the wild beast ..."

In the face of such violent swords in front of you, there is a bit helpless and gently shake your head.

Although the left-eyed God has already predicted the attack on the front of the army sword in front of the eyes, but in the face of the violent truth response he followed, the moment is still slightly stunned.

Renovation of eyes! ! !

It seems that it is a moment that sets well in advance, almost in front of the wood sword eight mad swords to arrive in an instant.

The figure of the moment suddenly disappeared in the original place, and the swords of the swords and eight striking were suddenly lost, destroying a house next to the ghosts.

"Good speed !!"

I saw the moment of disappearing in front of my eyes, and all the death captains in the scene were not shocked.

"Is this a moment ... or the four maple family '?!"

"That is ... is this trick !!"

Seeing the moment, the bee standing on the old man standing around the old man suddenly opened his own pair, and she was too profound for the moment of this trick.

"More wood! After you !!"

At this time, the old head copper version of the cane in a crutches was screaming. In addition to hiding the strength of the blue dye, he first discovered the trace of the moment.

"Good action ... in my body ..."

There is no need to remind the old man's old man, there is a more keenly fighting than the beast, as if you smell the crisis that is transferred during the meditation.

I saw that the sword of the sword turned and turned around, I saw the move behind myself, and he did not wear a one-eyed pupil that was worn in the black eye mask suddenly spread.

"Cross 96 · One knife cremation !!!"

In the eyes of everyone who returned to the eyes, I saw that there was no signs and suddenly appeared in the moment after the army sword.

The black and white mysterious nest of the slender body is flying around. All the spirits among the air are suddenly crazy, even singing and abandoning the highest level of 96th.

"that is?!"

"Singing to abandon the sacrifice of the 96th, how can this ?!"

I suddenly saw the move at the moment and the mad riots in front of the air, I recognized the ghosts showing this moment, and I suddenly changed my face at all the captain of all the Yulin Ting, even if I was afraid of the old man. ...

"More wood! Go it soon! You will be dead !!"

At this time, the only one and more wood swords in the thirteen team of the Yutong Thirteen team, the four team leader, the frenzy, the original gentle and peaceful face suddenly changed, and the mouth exclaimed in the mouth.

Everything is too late ...

Bang! ! !

The horrible red flame suddenly illuminates the entire sky of the soul of the soul of the soul.

It seems like a hydrogen bomb explosion, only a huge sharp blade flame, suddenly slamming from the air in front of everyone.

Even if you sing the ghosts that I have abandoned, the top ghost is still an explosion, this top ghost is still an explosion of the horror of the entire Tieling Tie, which is still a five-fold power increase. .

The homes in front of all spirits were destroyed in a moment, and the horror ghosts showed the exhibition of the exhibited, as if there was a hugeness of the shackles, and all the things in front of everyone were all.

"This ghost ..."

"I actually sing to abandon the exhibition of a knife cremation ... that is the 96th, the rules ..."

Endlessness in front of me is exhausted, everyone puts down the sleeves of their own shadows.

Only the signature book eyes are all in the ghosts, all the homes are all in the top of this top, the top ghosts are completely destroyed into powder, and the surface of the dark, the captain of the eleven teams, the captain, the army, the eight, no known Trace.

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Chapter 38 Calculate Captain (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 38 Calculate Captain (seeking rewards and automatic)

"More wood leader"

"It will not be dead"

Everyone looked around to search for more wood swords, but did not see his traces.

"Due to the flying pressure disappeared"

I found that I have already felt the spiritual pressure of more wood swords, and I floated on the face of a quiet face.

"Singing to abandon the 96th, the ghost, the ghost, still can't reach this power,"

It is completely unbelievable to see a flash of light and light, and it is clear that the orbit skills of the trek skills are in the face of the original cold look, and the eyes are deeply depressed.

"But a knife cremation is the body that needs a burnt body. The ban is no such thing as the body of the body or sacrificed."

"Waiting for your ghost to reach this level"

I read the shock and turbulence next to the dead wood, singing to abandoning the instantity of the top-level ghost, seeming to have a slight little thing, and the profound eyes gently glanced at the dead wood.

"Will you understand why I don't need a medium in ninety-six ramps."